Libro «Metaphysical questions»


Metaphysical Questions

Editorial Círculo Rojo

Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos

Publicado en Enero de 2016

What should had been our fate without the men´s ovnivorous yearning for wisdom?. Would we still remain killing one another as in the stone age?. Behind the ins and outs of the humankind upward comings and goings , providentially has behaved the powerful driving force of an innate blessed inquisitiveness. To explore truth that will turn we free starts by bringing up enligthing questions to ourselves. Research breadwinners pierce mysteries of life by means of the carperter´brace of audacious scrutators. On the back of scientific discoveries has always pressing forward almsgiving curiosity , the passion for ascertaining the whys and wherefores in the scheme of things , our deciphering mechanism of intriguing , tortuous and deceptive ways and means of cause and effect. Life is a profit-making obstacle race against the riddles of the unknown that pursue us everywhere. Tout le monde under the sun has argue sometimes the pros and cons of who are human beings , where do we come from , and where are we going. We hold the right of asking for explanations concerning why we are been bringed unto Earth , as well as who and why called into existence ourselves tenant at this strange world , to all appearances absurd , meaningless, nonsensical and chaotic. This book consists of a catalogue of some opportune inquiries bound for the authorities who have sow the seeds and oversee our particular and private tridimensional universe. In the hope the kings of the cosmos condescend to answer our legitimate request of light , capable of making clear the cognitive darkness in which we dampen as half-baked homo (a great deal) insapiens.

[Cover: Gentle feminine artifact. Masterpiece oil painting by the eminent Spanish artist Justo Girón]