Big Spiritual Questions from the Urantia Book


Big Spiritual Questions from the Urantia Book



Brief Summary: A new approach for introducing The Urantia Book to people who are not familiar with it, this workshop is intended for new readers and also for experienced students of the book who might want to present the workshop themselves. It is based on material taken from the book that addresses topics which should be of interest to anyone who is spiritually seeking, such as:
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Title: «Exploring the ‘Big Questions’ —

What is truth?
Is there a Creator?
What is the meaning of good and evil?
Do people really have free will?
What is the purpose of life?
What constitutes spiritual growth?
What is death?
What kind of universe do we live in?
What is the relationship between creation and evolution?
How does personal spirituality relate to institutional

[From Urantia Community Newsletter , April 2012]