Vallee Messengers Deception Ummo


Vallee Messengers Deception Ummo


Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos


December   25th   1980


Dr. Jacques Vallée


Palo Alto  ,  California  94301



            Dear  Jacques  and  Janine ,


            Thanks for your kind  “pro-forma”   letter of October 20th  that has arrived  to  Seville  yesterday.                                            


            Just now the urdersigned has read your         Messengers of  Deception  , a rather worrying     account ,  my  admired  Doctor , and a staggering mind-stirring picture of Kafkian mundane affairs  manipulated by   The  Behind.  


            If we vegetate in a world of logic, your dreadful  record of a paracosmic      road-rolling which is molding believes and behaviours  of  Terra  men & women into maybe horribly strange patterns , should break to pieces the ancestral  tranquility of mass population.            




              But needless to say  Dr. Vallée  lives on a  Marxist  planet   ( not , not Karl , but Groucho ) , where un-reason was for millennia the  lubricant of our emotional   transmission-gear box.    You have already fulfilled your  obligation , printing one of the most lucid , upsetting and opportune      descriptions of  apparent ultraterrestrial infernal paranoia ever written in human history.                                       


We regret to remember this , but Messengers   converted  you  into    our  private     El  Bosco ,   a showy , sparkling and sinister  Brueghel  for the putrid kettle of ufology.    But is it a rotten stew , truly ?…..    We are proud you are a  Cartesian , thanks  God , and surely the trees do not prevent  Dr.Vallée to behold the comprehensive  woodMagonian land.     For this forest , my good and clever friend , as you already know , is a queer timber matter.         It is , «merely»  ,  Reality.                     


            Today results obvious that  Creation  as a whole is an infinitely multifaceted operative unit , so   endless complexity    is the first keystone of the rather impossible omniverse      we live in.                                  


            Deception  ostensibly demonstrates you are on the brink of uncovering that  ufology is by no means an end in itself , but simply a charming  device  to  penetrate  Truth.    Pacient victims of vulgar & useless saucer literature hope you                ( just you , «Mr. UFO Pontifex» ) take a step forward in the next decade , in order to explain to the lost  humanity , through your convincing and honest scientific mentality , the genuine whys and wherefores of our accursed and never identified objects , that UFOs are but an  infinitesimal fraction of  The Transcendent     -if we dare attach it any name- , a tempestuous way to approach the authentic scheme of things , some shocking door toward an indescribable but ordained    pandemonium  :  the infinite interconnected net of  differentiated planes , universes and spheres of existence which co-exist purposely  within the bosom of  All.                      


             You are at present , through UFO conceptual window , looking at our wonderful although surrealistic cosmos , with a shy , hesitant and reasonably disconcerted regard.     Nevertheless we trust you.   


            Go ahead! , Jacques.   Venture fearless  to trespass the holy frontier of conventional science , in the long run  perhaps on1y another respected sort of official lunatic fringe.                       


           We realize this is of course a painful challenge for a rationalist mathematician born in the country of    Evarist Galois  and Simone Weil.       But actual solution for flying riddles dilemma lies  beyond  ufo themselves , in some odd transrealm intuited and  baptized by yourself.    If some day Dr. Vallée  decides to jump with his usual intellectual boldness over the terrifying border of his very own Magonia ,   he will finally touch not cruising saucers , but  intentional  force fields who manage them.




              After thirty years of untiringly analyzing physical features and external & apparent activities of elusive aeroforms ,    in  80′  we all need to pass valiently from  the classical  How  to the  Who  and above all to the  Why  of UFOs.                                   


              And you are no doubt , Jacques , allow us to say it again , the most qualified authority in this entire orb of  4000  million souls , in order to reveal to world population the  hard  core  of so far UFO mystery , their  real    nature , origin and purposes.         For are you truly sure  UFOs  are telecommanded by a cryptic human group of powerful and wise            ex-nazis ?.            


              Please consider  Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert  , in their unnoticed study                    Secrets  of  the  UFO  ( a revealing masterpiece unique in UFO bibliography ) , hint the structural keynotes of contactee syndrome , which likely are underlined by the very same vital energy fields which pervade and control the  omniversal  system.                            


              You bear no blinkers , Sir , nor are in want of them.    Therefore simply stop of gazing deceptive UFOs and become a glancer of explanatory  «something»  beyond  ufo barrier. Be sure your vast audience of truthseekers awaits this critical decision for the future of ufology.    Well , what the hell we can expect from you ?.                         




           With regard to the Order of Melchizedecq  you are interested in , here resides a Taruka Taokristos    ( address : «Kosmikatia , Valverde de Júcar ,  ( Cuenca ) , Spain” ) , a blonde Aryan young who claims he is  Machiventa Melchizedecq  , materialized through a physical body some years ago in Tibet.     We have a curious memo in English about his alleged origin and experiences.


             Concerning   The  Urantia  Book , quoted rather superficially on Messengers of Deception ,  we should like say you I have read slow and carefully  ( eight months of study ) its  2097 pages , whose content I think is a deep and highly interesting survey on a multitude of scientific ,  cosmological , historic and theological subject matters.    I am sure you will change your opinion on  Urantia  if merely read the complete work with an unbiased attitude.                                                                      


              Our common Argentinian friend   Adalberto C. Ujvári   came  with his Venusian-shaped  girl friend  Martha  to Spain.    A Sunday of November we went together to the mansion of                       Mr. Rafael Farriols not far from Barcelona , and enjoyed a delightful afternoon seeing the impressive and bulky files of first-hand alleged letters and scientific accounts from  Ummo   agents , several hundreds of pages concerning this attractive and original  «mailing»  contactee case.    I hope some day  Farriols   will publish this astonishing epistolary  Ummiti  novel.    Adalberto and Martha are now at La Javie ( French Alps ) , searching for the purported cavern on which lived for some weeks the Ummo  people , after his first supposed landing in  1950.                                  

             My best regards.   Jacques and  Janine have a good  Andalusian  friend , with UFOs,  and even without our beloved  damned ufos !.   


             With a very terrestrial fraternal affection