Carta apariciones Marianas a W. Christian


Carta apariciones Marianas a W. Christian



Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos



March  20th  1987


Mr.  William Christian , Jr.

Washington , D.C.




Dear William ,




Our fortunately common friend , the sparkling , irrepetible Historian   Nancy Farriss , arrived to Seville a few days ago.     Among  her luggage and towering anthropological papers came your  highly interesting study of  Marian Apparitions  in relation  with the Cold War.     Formidable survey , as well as your  Princeton  former book.


What a mysterious and fascinating phenomenon ,   this weird luminous lady appearing in paranormal terms  more than  21,000  times           ( I do say , yes , twenty one thousands  occasions since XII Century ) before poor , uneducated  children ,  addressing them a simple ,          quasi-oligophrenic  religious  message.


The whys and wherefores of these odd operations of alien  Psychological War ?.

A vast planetary control system , in order to modify ( adapting them to cosmic natural laws ) the  mentality , customs and attitudes of people in a worldwide scale ?.

I begin to suspect that perhaps in almost all the decisive  military battles in the history of Europa a flaming , bizarre  female , the       «Virgin Mary» ( ¿ ) , appeared in a hallucinatory  fashion to one of the warrior leaders , influencing thus the  victory of one of the two opposing armies.

But even more  strange  :  in the course of the battle of Alarcos ( year 1195  ,         Ciudad Real , Spain )   the  «Mother of God»  appeared in front of the Christian caudillo    Alfonso VIII , encouraging his hosts to defeat the foe.     And  at the same time ,  Allah materialized ahead of the Moorish Almohade sultan   Abu Yuçuf Yacub Almansur , heartening him ,  too , to vanquish the infidels , as so it occurred.

I am sure there are many more examples of such a surrealistic  and  un-worldly  intervention for stimulating   both  struggling  enemies.

By the way I have in my files the raw material  for a massive bibliography of our loved & disconcerting  Marian Apparitions ,  one of the most strange , thrilling  and influential persistent series of events in the whole  history of Europe and Spanish-America.

I have also a  collection of several hundreds of old books concerning  Marian Apparitions in Spain.      Maybe some day , if God  and        His famous shining damned  «Mother»  bestow to this  remote friend more spare time ,  I shall write an useful   «Bibliography on Apparitions of the Virgin Mary”.

In the meantime ,  Christian , I hope you will work out more additional  historical surveys about the complex  marianapparitional phenomenology.

If you sometime come to Seville ,         I should like to meet you.     In our town I shall put at your disposal handsome stone and           flesh monumentes , the “pescaíto frito» , our marvellous orange blossom parfuming the spring air, and virgin , less virgin and not the hell at all virgin feminine anthropomorphic streetwalking phenomena ,  as well as some historic archives concerning   Our Lady.


With warmest regards