Documents from the private files of Madame Godelieve Van Overmeire


Documents from   the   private   files of


Madame   Godelieve   Van   Overmeire


         ( Brussels   ,   Belgium )






Brussels, 1st February 2000

My dearest Ignacio,

Our postman did his best because I received already your letter dated from 20th January on Monday, the 24th. A Guinness record!

I know your names are Jewish, but do you know mine too? Overmeire is the big village I was born, the name from the first ancestor is reported in 1310 in the period just after Jews were chased out of some other European countries, and I presume his name was on the list of the people who had to pay for a bit of privileges.. But in my family there are more old Jews: The father of my two first children, a Portuguese named Nunes da Sousa Mello: bingo, three Jewish names! The father of my two younger sons is a «Lejeune», thus a «Jung». And by now, my son Robert (Lejeune) is getting to marry a Corinne Levert : «Green». No wonder that Jewish people asks me if I’m one of their community…But, with all this good knowledge I still ignore if Jews have a pigmented stain on the tip of the very flower of their penis. Where did you read (in which text) the Ummoman had the stain on that point of their anatomy? I didn’t find details to localise the stain, did you indeed?

We are writing to each other for a while now, you and me, and with you more than with some others I feel free to communicate a few of my very personal ideas. You know I don’t believe none of the hypothesises from Jacques Vallée or from Renaud Marhic with allegedly interventions of the CIA or the KGB as background for the Ummo case, but I neither believe most of the Spanish allegations. In my opinion there is a more plain explanation, far more human, far more… and so on. But, I’m sure, you too came to this conclusion a long time ago. What I think about this is in complete disagreement with the ideas from Jean Pollion about the plot, of course. He, today more than before, is convinced of the extraterrestrial origin of the documents. He bases his conviction first on the language, while I’m afraid he’s studying the very roots of Chinese without his good will.. And second he, as a scientist, and by now thinking in a «ummo» manner, has another approach of the contains in the texts. Why not? I don’t break his conviction in no way, I love him.

As you know, I became interested in the Ummo case only since 1995, and at first only by the way a few Ummo words were written in one of J.P. Petit’s book. Although I can hardly present a part of work made in those few years I plunged into the case, I think my disadvantage is compensated by the chance I have to be able to overlook all that as a foreigner and from a distance in space and time and remaining in a neutral (but sceptical) point of view, because I’m not intellectually , neither personally involved in it and I can move, remove, replace, change, work out, reject, or accept ideas without remorse ! I don’t pretend to possess the truth, but my ambition is to reach as near to it as possible, even if today I didn’t succeed completely and even if I’ll not at all in the future.

In this letter I’ll intent to tell you what I’m thinking of Rafael Farriols and why. If the man is one of your friends, may you be prepared to be shocked! At first I have to come to the result that he is absolutely not so clean and so neat as he would carefully and with dignity show us. It’s awesome to see that no-one of the Spanish investigators never laid him under he lens to examine him carefully. My very first information about him came from J.P.Petit’s two books about Ummo, then I picked some things out of the papers you have sent me, and other items in articles from Javier Sierra (I really don’t like that viscous man…), Manuel Carballal and the Ummochronology of David Lozano Marquez. I’m not going to give explanations about the redaction of the Ummo texts, nor about the Ummo language I’m quite sure now directly fabricated with bribes of Chinese. I wrote you months ago, have discovered signs implicating 4 different groups in the redaction of the texts, and I have to add that certainly at least one of the texts was originally written in English and translated in correct Spanish, but containing «Anglo-Saxes» roots and ideas.

But here I go with my ruminations about Farriols:

= = = =

About Farriols I learned, and I’m sure you know a lot more about the man : (the facts I learned in the above mentioned sources are underlined, the things I presume or suppose, or think, are in cursive script.)

that J.P.Petit consider Rafael Farriols as his very good and close friend. To me, this seems a negative point for J.P. Petit: I suspect him to have been impressed more by the wealth and the money from Farriols than by Farriols’ qualities as a human being.

that Farriols has a degree (at least) in chemistry

That he is a businessman, and this understands «very big business» with an impressionable lot of money. In December 1999 I searched on the Internet, found Farriols website, merely for his horses (with pictures on the webpage) and in part two of it, I could read 58 pages of partners and members interested in this only «horse» aspect of the business. I made a copy of it for you on the floppy disc. But, what do I think seeing what sort of man Farriols is? Rich as he is, he must be absolutely able to manipulate for his convenience, many, many people…. If people resist, he’ll pay. I saw nobody to have resist him, but all of them keep their mouth close. Horses are not Farriols’ unique financial support. There is much more. Not divulged on the Internet.

that his factory CRITESA produced metacrylate and that Hiltrud Franz was there his secretary.

that during the reign of Franco, Farriols uncle was a general: Calvo

that in 1966, the 6th of February Farriols had heard the news on the radio of the Aluche’s ufo coming down. In Aluche Farriols encountered Villagrasa carrying a lot of cameras. Vilagrasa was upset and raged because he didn’t see the ufo, althoug the whole group knew of it, but they made a mistake in localising the spot. Otherwise the Ummochronology of David Lozano Marquez says that in the 55 articles written by Sesma since March 1966, the date was already given. So, I presume Ribera had read it, others too, perhaps Farriols also? Ribera and he knew already each other at this time. Perhaps them both knew Pena, Ribera with certainty.

The letters began to rush from Ummo: could it be forecasted by Pena, Ribera, Farriols, together or separately? Was there somebody else involved with?

the 1st June 1967 occurred the case of San Jose de Valderas, with the photographs taken, and… with the 10 hours witnesses record nobody else than Farriols (cfr your letter to Farriols 1997.11.20 ) (even Ribera did not? ) ever heard of saw . In my opinion, the mass of misinformation, of lying, of… what it could be, was prepared, by Ribera, Farriols, maybe by Aguirre, and certainly by Pena.

there came a book with Farriols as the co-author from Ribera, published by Pomaire in 1969. I don’t have any other information about books written by Farriols. Could it be, Ribera accepted this, and some of the «arranged» texts suggested by Farriols, for, let us say «a fee»? Could it be, that Farriols had made a deal with Pena who had to assume the plot on the field, in case the hoax was discovered?
In 1991 Javier Sierra in his article «Los secretos do caso Ummo» told that the «experiment» of San José de Valderas was a flop for Farriols and Ribera, and if it has been successful, two society’s were at the point to be created, the Ibozoo S.A. and the Oemmi, S.A. If this is true, but I can’t verify Sierra’s sources and as an author he doesn’t mention them, could it be that both Farriols and Ribera were dreaming to be together a sort of twins «à la Ron Hubbard» proceeding in Spain and in Latin America? Eventually this had to be done with the financial support of the members from the Group of Madrid. It could not be realised, because the financial situation of the members was so unequal and some had no money at all to spend on it. (or were less stupid than Farriols had tought… one can believe in aliens, and not risk his have and goods… for them)

I learned also Farriols is a hunter and decorated his house with the trophies of the killed «beasts«. So, is he a hunter? Than he could chase up animals… chase up humans too? And in the ummo affair he «decorated» his library with the Ummo trophies… perhaps it has cost him twice an amount of money: once when he «passed his order» and another time more when he bought the letters up.

comes the day 5th March 1969 in Donis house in Madrid. The subject of the reunion was to read a Ummo letter and to transmit to Donis a serie of questions he had to ask the Ummoman. As by miracle ther is a phone call from Ummo for Donis, and as the second big miracle Farriols carried in his bag a recorder, and the plugs to catch the call. As if Farriols knew by forehand the call would happen… as if he had «commanded» this call. Too much is too much!

in June 1971 Rafael Farriols organises the Ummo Symposium de Ummo at Motel Osuna de Barajas (Madrid), During three days a professional lecturer J.M. Bachs, reads all the Ummo texts. I presume this mister Bachs has not performed his lecture for free? The whole organisation must have let some money come into the money-drawer.

– from 12 to 14 May 1973 Farriols organises a second Ummo Symposium at the Ritz in Barcelona.

Ribera wrote that in 1974 the Group of Madrid knowing an important communication had to been given, called Farriols asking him to come immediately to Madrid. That night Farriols and his wife Carmela came with their car and reached Madrid in the morning at six. Farriols took out his briefcase the documents from Ummo about the conflict between Israel and the Arabians and the 6-day war. Really, I don’t believe that Farriols did the long way from Barcelona to Madrid only to carry that letter. I presume Farriols had business to do in Madrid, and the said letter (written like the other about the Golf War, with the prognostics of reporters everybody could have read in all of the American and English magazines) «fresh from the press» was a form of manipulation of the group.

in 1985 Farriols organises another Ummo congress in Madrid. Jean Pierre Petit adds in these years, between 1985 and 1990, the miraculous healing of Hiltrud Franz cancerous lupus by the Ummitis, who obliged around that time Farriols to arrange the reunions in his house in the «rotunda» so that the Ummoman easily can follow the conversations. I didn’t read elsewhere something about the illness and the recovering of Hiltrud Franz and if nobody confirms that, I may suppose Jean Pierre Petit was lying, or inventing. Obviously, if what JPP told is true, Farriols is arranging the succeeding of the ummo affair, with «phone calls» and other strange communications in his own house, so that nobody can investigate how and who. Very clever …

since 1987 there are long telephonic dialogs between the ummitis and Farriols, Dominguez, Aguirre et Barrenechea. Each time this happens in Farriols house. In 1989 Aguirre and Barrenechea have enough of the comedy and won’t assist to it anymore.

in August 1988, during such a phone call, the ummitis told Dominguez black holes don’t exist.

1993 sees Pena accusing himself having been «the Ummiti who invented the whole story» in his letter addressed to Farriols and received on 2d April. I wonder why Pena obviously considers Farriols as his boss, or as the leader of the group. Could it be that the Ummo affair is not more exciting for nobody and to make an end of it Pena (for a bit of money?) had to shoulder the whole plot. But Pena didn’t assist to the reunion and in his letters of 6th and 15th April 1993 he repeated his commitment.

= = = =

Farriols is really rich, very influent, and therefore the Spanish investigators in the Ummo-affair let him with rest…. and don’t dare to attack him in front. I presume and suspect Farriols to have played a major character in the Ummo circus. It’s not only a feeling. He has left – in my opinion – a few marks after him, and a few are better than nothing! Otherwise, is it unrealistic to think he and Ribera had relations long before the Ummo affair began? Is it an utopia to suppose Farriols also knew Pena ? Perhaps Farriols was indirectly Pena’s boss? My question about the Agricola Guzman in Sevilla was a bait to this rumination…

Overlooking all those few «mistakes» in Farriols calm and steadily correct behaviour, I can state :

– his name on the book with Ribera and the whole case of San Jose de Valderas, including the witnesses record… was a major error… or a stunt!

– the day he caught the phone call in Donis house, was another error. Bobody notted it?

– his «speaking for itself» involving to organise symposiums and congresses is suspect.
– his empressment to held all the ummo letters in his possession is an indication he didn’t write them, but he was (financially?) involved and wanted them as a trophy.
– his allegation further assemblies had obligatory to be held in his own house is a mistake to more
– and last but not least: Pena’s confession! I’m virtually convinced he obliged Pena to obey.

But no, he is not the big Ummoman himself, only the co-ordinator and the «big boss»; he was assisted I suppose by Ribera, by Pena, partially by Aguirre and only WOA knows who else… but he was part of the brain who was chasing up credul, naive, and idealistic people. At least one of the «heads» was (and is still) a member of the Rosa Cruz.

Did you know there is a «loge» of the Rose-Croix in Digne (France) ? Their members are more of the antroposophic trend from Rudolf Steiner in his older days.

The motivation of the Ummo affair seems to me simple and plain: there was that fellow Sesma, with a low cultural level, and that man had his success and had found E.T. addicts in the higher social classes of citizens to listen to him and to give him the polite title of «professor». For an intellectual, with a solid instruction, a large culture, a wide knowledge, and… with Spanish blood, and also for a «rosicrucian» this must have been inadmissible! As you carefully read the first Ummo letters, and specially those directly addressed to Sesma and not containing «information about Ummo»(and later the texts addressed directly to other persons) you’ll find the expression of dispraising, of mocking, of commanding… and you say there is no humour in the texts? From your point of view you’re right. For me, with a more German and Nordic culture, it’s to piss my pants wet from laughing! It’s a rude humour form, I admit. Even more as you think on the Ummo words packed into the texts: very funny indeed!

But, I’m going to continue exposing my thoughts. It was thus inadmissible and there had to be urgently done something, and «he» (or «they») decided to take the things in hand. At first perhaps only to see the reaction and to hear the comments of the people listening to the conferences in the «Joyous Whale» and to give a lesson to the crazy Sesma. (the «Ferocious Shark» could have been a better name…) and perhaps a lesson in spiritual behaviour on the «pupils». Afterwards, it can be the target was touched, it can be they were caught in «his» (or «their») own web, they could not escape anymore as easily as foreseen. I think you agree with me as I say the 80% of the texts were written in a record time of 2 years, and many of them contain chapters repeating what already was said before. But this is not the complete story, I know that. Only the involved people can tell us.

Is it a shame to have played that joke with the Group of Madrid? Objectively, I don’t think so. In this good old times, thinking about the possibilities of human live in the Universe, and receiving spiritual-social-psychological stuff to activate their brains and aiming their spirituality away from materialism, the end result must be positive, even today. It was a great adventure, indeed. There is no raison to regret have been a sort of guinea-pig… (I smile now…) We are all of us the guinea-pig of some-one… and the others are ours!

I didn’t progress a lot in the reconstruction of my Chinese comparison, but I give you part of the expressions beginning with a «B» who are finished. If you are interested in the way I presume the Ummo language was constructed, I’ll try to explain it with an example:

Suppose you are a Hungarian and you wanted to write an extraterrestrial (invented) language. In your country nobody – or so few people – speaks French, neither you. But you have a good dictionary with the phonetics. How do you do express in E.T. language a spaceship? You decide to think on it as a «locomotive» and, as a precaution to not be discovered immediately, you called it once and forever in your mind «machine à vapeur». You look at the phonetics and you transcribe it «MAXI’AA WAAPOE», or, to full-body it a bit «WAAPOE MAXIA A». Who, Hungarian or either French can at the first eye recognise the original word? It’s the trick used in the ummo language, so simple. Sometimes, if the expression is too short, or directly derived , as for example «homme» becoming «OM», you add some OAO or UEU or whatsoever.

Now, in the Ummo words, OEMMI isn’t deviated from «hombre» nor «homme», nor huomo». I think it will say «the European(s)» and nothing else. Indeed, the Chinese short word for Europe is said : «Oü» or «Oe». The genetic word for population or people is «min». «Oemin» = European(s). And so you have in Chinese a lot of words with «min» to express different sorts of people: «huimin»= Hui people, «hanmin» = Han people, «yuomin» = the nomads, «nanmin» = the refugees, «jàmin» = the résidents, etc…

Did you fall asleep while reading this letter? No problem. I make a copy of it and put it on the floppy disc, for the case you’d liked to play with on your desktop and use part of my letter.