Informe UMMO UU inglés


Informe UMMO UU inglés

Ummite Physics and Metaphysics:
«The Essential Texts»
– The IBOZOO UU (compilation or excerpts from the letters D 59,  D 52  and part of the document about the UEWA)
– Key passages concerning the IBOZOO UU (from various documents).

 DOCUMENTS: * D 59 / 5 letters received by Mr. Villagrassa from May 1, 1967
 During a conversation which you had with my brother on which I depend: DEI 98, son of DEI 97, you asked him for information about travel and the concept of SPACE. The topic is complex as you shall see in the documents that we will give you gradually. Of course, before describing the types of feelings we feel when we travel in a OAWOOLEA UEWA OEMM (lenticular vessel for intra-galactic displacement) it is better that you have a more precise idea of our concept of SPACE.

You will see that our theory differs substantially from that worked out by Earth mathematicians, and that our image of WAAM (our universe, part of the Universes), even though we regard it as a multidimensional UXGIIGIIAM (space) which has in its structure of many curves that we call masses, does not look anything like the Euclidean three-dimensional concept of space, and neither is it a faithful reflection of the modern Earth RIEMAN, BOLYAI or LOBATSCEWSKY models, which assume an N-space (or multidimensional space), implying that the cosmos can adopt the form of a positive- or negative-curvature hypersphere.

There exists for us what is called SPACE – TIME, conceived by MINKOWSKY but plunged in a dimension with N dimensions.

When we expose the concept of the IBOZOO UU (which should never be confused with the concept of point geometry or mathematics, worked out by Earth mathematicians as an abstraction with no basis in physical reality) you will better understand our Theory.

 You will notice that the great contrast between your models of space and our, real, model rests in the different interpretation of the concept of dimension ; a concept which for you can be interpreted as a scalar.

An exhaustive elaboration of our Theory of Space would require many hundreds of typed pages. We will thus limit ourselves, in a few pages, to describing the most basic elements of this concept. For those without a strong mathematical background we will use graphs with a simply illustrative value.

That will be useful for you the day the physicists of the Earth finally discover the true nature of the Universe; at that time you can be proud to have had knowledge of these concepts (even if on an elementary level) for several years beforehand.

We are certain that after carefully reading our notes, you will find in them true understanding of the concepts of TIME, of DISTANCE, ATOMIC MASS, PARTICLES, ENERGY and GRAVITATIONAL FIELDS, and of ELECTROSTATICS and MAGNETISM. You will then be able form an idea in your own mind about the panorama that presents itself to space travellers before we describe it in a forthcoming report. Naturally, the travellers’ perceptions are not truly extraordinary. They do not have visions of colour never perceived by our retina, or fantastic tactile sensations, or incredible sounds. On the contrary our sensory organs continue to code exterior messages with the same psychological and physiological laws. Only new stimulations, resulting from other sources of energy and matter, are different from those we usually perceive. The Hot planets and Stars are nothing more for us than concentrations of Mass, and to our sensory organs they can effectively disappear.

Do not forget that when changing reference axis, the new three-dimensional space which opens up to us is different. For example certain objects which, under the former reference frame seemed to be concentrations of luminous energy (being reversed), will now be in the form of immense clouds of subatomic particles. A collision with these nebulas would certainly be fatal for the vessel.

Until now in the many reports and conversations, we had spoken about the IBOZOO UU without explaining their meaning, and had limited ourselves to translating this phoneme by » PHYSICAL POINT «. We also resisted the temptation to add a mathematical demonstration closer to our WUUA WAAM (mathematics of physical space ), because that would require an initiation on your part to the to our UWUUA IEES (tetravalent mathematical logic); it is to the detriment of the scientific rigour of the concepts that we expose to you.

Furthermore we advise the people of the Earth not to repeat their harmful practice with this text of trying to read it all at once. Each homogenous paragraph of half a page to two pages must always be assimilated before reading the following one.


It is very difficult for the OEMII (man, by extension human, by another extension «intelligent living being) to have a true perception of the real nature of the Physical World which surrounds us. Apparently the mental images we have made for ourselves of this Medium which surrounds us can lead us to conclude in error that the Physical World is as we » see «, » touch » or » feel » it.

But a careful analysis by the scientists of UMMO as well as by Earth scientists, and those of other Galactic civilisations (possessing a certain degree of culture) revealed that our WAAM is not as our senses normally perceive it. So: the vivid colours we enjoy looking at a flower garden are but a beautiful psychological perception. There is no chromatic richness that exists outside of us. Only a range of electromagnetic frequencies remains as the last substratum of perception.

The OEMII is the only being of the WAAM that goes beyond the limits of its own organism to understand the world, and it uses the spirit to this end as an intellectual means, since our bodily senses, nervous system and cortical mechanisms of synthesis and psychological perception completely distort reality.

Let us see for an example how our physiological bodies » distort » the truth by masking things in beautiful clothing, without which our WAAM (universe), viewed as is, would come across as nothing but a cold succession of IBOZOO UU out of phase with each other. (we will explain this concept shortly)

 When you take for example a cigarette lighter between your fingers, you are aware that it is THERE: cold, shiny.

» It » is thus THERE, between your index and thumb… it is not a fiction: it EXISTS «. But this lighter is nothing but a simple perception.

The physicists of OYAGAA (the planet squared: the Earth ) could tell you more about this simple pocket lighter. They would say for example that you are not actually touching it, in spite of your sensory perception, since there is of large relative distance between the metal atoms and the electronic clouds of the atoms of the skin covering your fingers.

Perhaps a layman would timidly object if this small piece of metal is not touching his skin, it is impossible to hold it and that it should then » fall to the ground «. But the Earth scientist will speak to him about Force fields, Tensors, Repulsions between negative electric charges.

He will suggest that the metal’s low temperature produces this cold sensation and that it is the consequence of the low amplitude of the vibration of its molecules compared to those of the skin.

And he will point out that the compact appearance of the chrome-plated object is illusory since the atomic nuclei are as separate from each other as the Stars of a Galaxy.

An Earth expert in physiological optics will say to you that the real brightness of the object is about ten times larger than the apparent brightness, but that, when the light crosses our eye, the crystalline lens and the vitreous humour absorb almost all the photons, and so only a very reduced luminous energy arrives at the retina.

An Earth physician will smile if you ask him how the light (of the flame) arrives at the cerebral cortex, and he will explain why the light never arrives at the brain, but rather that the photons, when striking the retina, induce codified impulses which are transmitted by the neurons of the optic nerve in the form of an electric message, in the form of a code, so that the resemblance between the butane flame and the message our brain receives from the retina is the same as that between a grazing cow and the letters that make up its name.

And finally a neuropsychiatrist will tell you in very vague terms (for he himself does not know many steps of the process) how the brain combines the millions of codified impulses into one synthesised perception. The only image we have of the mysterious lighter and the flame which exist apart from us is a sensory illusion.

Indeed: such an image of the lighter, however familiar it may be to us, has as much in common with the true object as the letters D-A-F-F-O-D-I-L have with the plant they designate (they = these letters ndt).

The OEMII (the man) must thus rid himself of these mental images ingrained since childood, about things, colours, sounds etc… Beings of every social group we have encountered, connected to various OYAA (Planets) with which we have been in contact, and including us, you the OEMII of the Earth and we the OEMII of Ummo, realised this was necessary, and gradually scientists from various civilisations are bringing to light the true basis of our WAAM. Where are humans on this scale? Does the mathematical model of the Universe put forward by Earth physicists, with its relativity theory, quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics an accurate description of the truth ? By presenting our WAAM theory to you, you will be able to judge the differences for yourselves. We observed that the OEMII (the man) of OYAGAA (Earth) which you call » man on the street » not initiated to Earth physics, has a very primitive concept of space and the universe we call WAAM.

Since he was a UUGEEYIE (child) he was educated to accept as valid the deformed image of the external world our senses offer us. Just a if, as a child, he had been locked up in a bare room, without being allowed to see his parents, who would only have taught him the letters and syllables of an Earth language. The child could get the impression while looking at the typographical characters that furniture, animals, trees and other objects expressed by these graphical symbols have the shape of the letters which represent them.

The Earth OEMII thinks of Space as a » scalar continuum » in all directions. From this image of space, you worked out (initiated by Euclid) a whole geometry based on abstractions such as the point, the line, and the plane. You finished by accepting that POINT, LINE and PLANE really represent the true components of the WAAM, although using a mental abstraction.

This original vice, not yet corrected, is costing you a considerable delay in the comprehension of the physical world.

 Indeed: when you innocently accepted the existence of Euclidian three-dimensional space, Earth mathematicians such as GAUSS, RIEMANN, BOLYAI and LOBATSCHEWSKY had the brilliant intuition of the possibility of extending the restricted Euclidian criteria by working out a new geometry for an N-Space.

 And although the human mind cannot visualise a body of more than three dimensions, mathematics makes it possible to overcome this mental hurdle.

 But do these mathematical models of elliptic and hyperbolic multidimensional geometries accurately represent the reality of our WAAM, or are they only » entéléchies » (NdR : realisation of the essential element of something, completed act of vision: borrowed from Aristotle), created by mathematicians?

The relativity hypothesis of the German Einstein at first adopts the criterion of the Russian Minkowsky, who conceives time as an additional dimension, with the intuition of a tetradimensional space-universe. The Earth OEMII took a gigantic step in breaking with the previous intuitive idea of a three-dimensional cosmos.

 But, is that how it really is, our SPACE – COSMOS. Absolutely not Our image of the WAAM (cosmos) i.e. space, differs on a fundamental level from that which you have elaborated.. And it is precisely when it comes to dimensions that the divergence is strongest. What is more, contradictions you observe between relativity physics and quantum mechanics are produced by a fundamental error. They are the result of errors at the most basic level.

 At this point, a footnote is needed for some observations.

 1°-  First of all we point out that our idea of space, as opposed to the Earth conception, rests on several mathematical fundaments different from yours. It is not necessary to go into detail about our mathematical symbols; such a superficial problem is easily solved by a suitable transcription (conversion from base 12 to base 10), but it will not be simple for you to understand our algorithms relating to WUUA WAAM (mathematical of Physical Space) without first following a complete initiation which would take many months for even the Earth initiates in mathematics.

 There is a reason: when it comes to analysing the properties of space, the normal postulates of mathematical logic, which is familiar to you and to us besides, are not useful to us. As you know, formal logic accepts the criterion you name «law of of non-contradiction» (according to which any proposal is necessarily true or false). In our WUUA WAAM (mathematics of Physical Space) this postulate must be rejected. One then has recourse to a type of multivalent logic that our specialists call UUWUUA IES (logical tetravalent mathematics) according to which any proposal can adopt four values indifferently:



– AIOOYA AMMIE (can be translated: True outside from The Waam) (NdR: out of our conventional dimensions)

– AIOOYAU (untranslatable in Earth language).

Even if we do not obtain anything from divalent Earth logic, we do use it in our everyday life or the study of the macrophysical phenomena.

We can offer you the concepts of the WAAM. It is possible, and we will limit ourselves to a system in which infinitesimal calculus will work as well as integral calculus, topology, tensor and vector calculus, graph theory and operational research, so familiar to Earth people.

 For your convenience, when we the use of mathematical algorithms is necessary, we will endeavour to represent it to you using an algebra and notations familiar to you.

 2 ° – Until now, we did not reveal this type of information to any Earth scientist since the theoretical explanations communicated to various mathematicians and physicists were directed towards other fields of Microphysics and Mathematical Theory of networks.

 The current discovery by some Earth scientists of this concept of physics would cause a step backwards from the required goal (because this progress would be disproportionate to the desired goal) and could be translated into extremely dangerous technological applications given the current state of the Earth’s Social Network which is unbalanced.

Finally we decided to make you very wisely aware of only some aspects of our theory of UXGIAM WAAM (real physical space) If a hypothetical Earth scientist Earth read these lines, the formal logician in her would refuse to accept a testimony which, coming allegedly from extraterrestrial OEMII, would appear to her to be pure fantasy.

3 ° – After what we have just said, one could ask an important question: how do we, the OEMII of UMMO, know that our model of UXGIIGIAM WAAM (real physical space) is the true one, and that for instance the Earth model of RIENMANN is not?

We are certain that our model, based on the concept of IBOZOO UU (we will further explain this concept), is true since the experimental results tally perfectly with the results predicted by the theory.

The fact that we travel by changing the three-dimensional system of reference – which enables us to move inside our Galaxy with the possibility of modifying the phases of what you call «subatomic particles » (which, as you will see, are nothing more the IBOZOO UU directed in a particular way) – confirms our theory of the WAAM once more.

What is more, our theory coincides (give or take several nuances) with the theses worked out by civilisations living on other OYAA (Planets) with whom we have had contact and who are at an advanced state in their scientific research.