Mano cortada y Doña Margarita UMMO


Mano cortada y Doña Margarita UMMO


Mano Cortada y Dona Margarita


Muchas gracias por la información de Juan José Montejo -dale por favor
las gracias de mi parte-. Queda definitivamente aclarado que la carta del
catedrático llegó, efectivamente, con todos los membretes recortados, al
contrario de lo que decía Jean Pollion.

Ya sé que -como otros investigadores- consideras ficticios muchos
de los personajes de la iconografía de Ummo (Antonio Pardo, el
mecanógrafo, el propio catedrático, etc.), así como ciertos hechos.
En relación con éstos, me sorprende la rotundidad con que en particular
niegas la existencia del ‘affair’ Albacete. ¿Por algún indicio?

Me ha venido a la memoria que Jean-Pierre Petit, en un texto
que tuvo en su página web una temporada, titulado «Science from
another world» (ahora lo ha retirado, pero guardo una copia), refiere
esta curiosa historia:



The Ummits would have estimated that to cure the young girl could in the end
revealed their presence on Earth and would have decided to let her die. As
doctors, they would have signed the «permission to dispose of the body «.
Till this point, these facts are verified. The daughter of Doña Margarita
deceased effectively in mysterious circumstances. The Ummits then decided,
prudently, to cut away the infected body parts, namely the hand and the eye.
But someone noticed that the corpse had been mutilated and the police began
to investigate. The Ummits went away, and Doña Margarita was jailed and found
guilty. The affair made a big noise in the Spanish town, as she was accused
of having done some guilty practices on the body of her own daughter. She was
finally disculpated, but died from sorrows some times later.

At this time the boy-friend of Dona Margharita daughter felt from a window
and died. In the Ummits texts we learned that he would have entered the
underground local and would have recuperated some devices there. The secret
services of different countries, beyond these the CIA 19, were crawling in
the region and would have taken contact with the young man. He would have
uncarrefully tried to sell them the devices. He would have been then

Secret services, CIA, murder, is all that just a gathering of news items
divers, well exploited ?

In the eighties, we went to visit Rafael Farriols, in his splendid hacienda
situated on a hill, near the town of Argentona, not far from Barcelona. He
had accepted to let us photocopy hundred of pages, what we did. On the way
back home, as I was driving, my friend Jean-Jacques Pastor, who was my
interpreter in this affair (Although from Spanish origin, I am not speaking
this language), read with avidity this new crop of information. Suddenly he
had a surprise exclamation:

– Oh ! Rafael forgot in this bundle of sheets a report coming from a private
detective he would have paid to inquire on this affair of the cut hand of

– So what !?

– There are some letters following. Apparently, Rafael has not told him
really on what he was inquiring. The man says to have investigated on site,
the house of Doña Margarita already have be destructed. But he found many
things by asking the neighbourhood. For example, as the house has been
destructed, an underground laboratory has been found. It seems that there
were large tanks with some animals body parts. There was even a horse-head !

– And then ?

– In the next letters, the detective says he used the contacts he had with
the policemen of the city and tried to know more (detective are often ancient
policemen). He confirms the presence of secret services during the affair,
and the suspicious death of the boy-friend of the young lady.

– And ? ….

– The file ends with a last letter where he writes to Farriols : «I heard so
many extraordinary things that I prefer to coming to you and tell them by
word of mouth «