Mentiras UMMO


Mentiras UMMO


Thanks for your two interesting accounts about the cavern close to La Javie and the robbery of an electric counter. My congratulations : your method of research is serious , rigurous , veracious and honest , that is , a modus operandi of high quality and superb ethical and scientific standards.



After’many years of investigations , you have not yet found the least track from the alleged subterranean refuge , nor the purported theft.                                Why ?.                                       Due to a very

convincing reason , my dear friend sorry , the supposed Ummiti people never have inhabited inside any underground chamber near the Cheval Blanc , nor have perpetrated a stealing at a

humble farm not far from       La Javie.                         In the same manner , «The Mecanógrafo» , the «Catedrático de Medicina» ,

the «French Group of Investigation» , ‘monsieur Henri Dagousset» , «Antonio.Pardo» , the «Second Photographer of San José de Valderas» , the two Ummiti living at Albacete in

1952-54 , the «Mano Cortada» case , the ‘Ummo group in Canada», the metal cylinders from the landing site at San José de Valderas , ‘The chemíst technician’ , «Mr. Wildíng Rumsey» , «Fernando Eguízábal» , the hand reds of Ummo letters in many languages received in numerous countries different from Spain , etcetera , all these stories , and much more , are but crude imaginative inventions disseminated about 1966-69 by the very same mysterious and never identified authors of the some 1,300

pages of Ummo reports.     Mere lies , concoctions , falsities and

fabrications.   For which damned motives ?.   I do not know.



In this respect , please read , from the enclosed diskette , the letter `Credo Ummo» , personal opinions regarding Ummo enigma addressed to Rafael Farriols on January 11 th 1995.


Best wishes and kindest regards.


Dear René  ,


Thanks for your kind letter and interesting  “UMMOFRA”..


I am sending to you enclosed  2 CDs  , one about  general ufology , and another  the latest entries from the   UmmoCat.


Yes , Antonio Ribera was a great person , ufologist and ummologist.    He will be now , surely , on the universal heavens.


My position in regard to Ummo ?.      I beg your pardon , René.       Well , my dear friend , Ummo is a very complex and ambiguous affair , as well as is the whole UFO subject matter.         I am a profound admirer of the extremely high quality of Wolfian papers.      I think these wonderfully interesting , handsome , strange and absurd letters cannot be from our terrenal society.    But at the same time I suspect , too ,   maybe all the content of Ummo writings  could not be   100 %  the strict truth.     Here is my mere personal opinion , and it may be , of course , erroneous.    This doubtful factor is a baffling characteristic also common to the entire huge corpus of contemporary revealed  UFO literature.    I love very much the Ummo intellectual , emotional and spiritual philosophy.    I am fallen in love with Ummiti writers.    By now , I suspend the judgement about this painful problem of the possible not complete veracity of Ummo accounts , until we can be able to accumulate more additional information regarding this surreal difficulty.


Avec toutes mes amitiés.