Saga Ummo por Godelieve Van Overmeire


Saga Ummo por Godelieve Van Overmeire


Godelieve    Van    Overmeire




Study by    Madame  Godelieve Van Overmeire

Brussels  ,  Belgium

1999    ,    14  pages








Ummocat    Nº     4.619




Updated on 10/13/99 21:50:14

The UMMO «saga» is really weird.

It as difficult to prove it is a hoax as to prove it is not one !

This story is now going on for more than thirty years ….


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This article does not pretend to summarise the whole «saga», but to give a broad

view of the heart of the matter. For a detailed view, please read the


The original UMMO data are mainly letters (many thousands), mailed during the

last thirty years, mainly to Spanish addresses. The majority of those

typewritten letters were received by a group that used to meet in a pub called

«La ballena alegria», («the merry whale»). In 1996 letters are still mailed to

France, especially to Jean-Pierre Petit, a french scientist (last letter

received in July 1996, as far as I know).

The authors pretend to be ETs, living on the «Ummo» planet, and are tall blonds

with a Scandinavian look. Though they say they have settled in many countries,

and that letters are stamped on many continents, there is no real proof of the

existence of contacted groups outside Spain and France. Or we must accept their

understatement that the Spanish are really talkative, while the other are able

to keep a secret. They are more and more up to date, are using fax, and are

illustrating their letters with CAD systems

As I have not really made a field inquiry, the following lines are in no way a

final conclusion.


What is the link between the UMMO documentation and the UFO sightings ?

It is rather weak. We have to notice the San Jose de Valderas landing, that is

said to have been announced by a letter, immediately authenticated before the

landing. The «Ummit» sign, the seal on the header of every letter, is said to

have been seen on the UFO.. Moreover it has later been draft by a child, witness

of a landing in Voronej, Russia. This sign is not really new, since it’s very

close to the stylized «H» used for the Uranus planet. The San Jose de Valderas

UFO photographs appears to be a fake, but the existence of eye witnesses and of

an authenticated letter is not questionable :

– some «Ummo fans» have received a letter anouncing the coming of a UMMO ship at

a specified date

– some peoples (+ the fans) have seen a UMMO «ship» near Madrid at the correct


– somebody gave the following morning, a faked photographic film to a newspaper,

showing a «ship» with the Ummo sign.


– you had to gather the metal plates, the strings, the fishing rod, within


– in 1967, to build that kind of fake, you had to do it on the spot, and this is

the case, but on the photograph, there is nobody in the field.

Some witnesses do not believe that this faked photograph could have been taken

stealthily AFTER the sighting,

– one logical explanation is that the fake has been made BEFORE the sighting !!!

In that case, the author was aware among other things of the Ummo sign the

witnesses would see some hours later on the «ship»…

Once again, somebody is trying to entangle the situation., and this is certainly

part of a releasing/debunking strategy.

Ummits themselves pretend they are only responsible for a minority of the UFO

traffic. They have landed on this planet in 1950,..and are watching others ET

that are watching us…!!??

The most weird link with UFO evidences is the fact that some characters ot the

UMMO «saga» are witnessing experiences very close to abduction cases, especially

night paralysis.(read ref.2 )



There are errors, seemingly on purpose, a lot of non-provable assertions, but,

among that entanglement, we could find a lot of scattered pearls of knowledge.

For 20 years, Jean-Pierre Petit, is gathering what could be used in the field of

physical sciences, and he discovered that those «pearls» are part of a coherent

whole. Moreover he declared that the gist of his scientific work comes from the

letters, that they could only have been written by top scientists.

It is not enough to say that Einstein’s general relativity is not the

ultimate answer, you must provide coherent and useful mathematical clues,

that give a way to extend the current theory without contradicting what we

are able to check with our current methods. Checking all Ummit clues,

Jean-Pierre Petit has found they seem to fit in a coherent pattern…One

central idea is that there are two twin universes, related in such a way

that we could, among other things, explain the missing mass in the universe,

the shape of spiral galaxies, give a reinterpretation of the red shift, a

model for the large scale repartition of galaxies in the Universe, and

another one about quasars, explaining where their energy comes from…. A

new cosmology has thus been introduced by Jean-Pierre Petit, and we will

have to wait until new observations allow us to see if it is relevant.

Most (but not all) of the astronomic and «geological» parameters of the UMMO

planet are coherent, or correctly computed. As usual, the final proof is

lacking, since there does not seem to be a star with the proposed

brightness, in the specified sky area.

The star Wolf 424, supposed to be the Ummit «sun», appears now to be a

brown-dwarf binary star, unable to host life as we know it ! And the Ummit

biology is very close to our own !

One fact is correct, though : there are absorbing clouds in that area. We

are waiting for more accurate data, especially infrared measurement, to

definetely conclude this star could not be IUMMA !

Interesting evidences are the results of Jean-Pierre Petit’s work, for

instance :

MHD propulsion, now applied to submarines.

A method to avoid supersonic bang in the atmosphere.

The Ummit statements on black holes is smart and simple : after the

gravitational collapse, the «skein» of space-time is opening, and the mass

is passing onto «the other side». For the details, read ref.1 . They say

that in place of the «scar», remains a kind of very atypical nebulous, torus

like and very cold (sometimes < 3 E K, i.e. lower than the cosmologic

background !). We could expect, they say, to find such object with the

Hubble telescope.

It seems that some «proplyd» objects, found by Hubble, could be such

nebulous. But we lack infrared measrurements, to check the temperature.

It is rather weird that a lot of technical topics described in the 60s have

been realized, though nobody could believe it at that time.


They congratulated mankind for the invention of the transistor, in the

early sixties, but they tell us we could squeeze thousands of them on

some square millimeters.

Their vehicles have no windows, the central computer is able to see

through a lot of microcameras, and the «pilots» are watching either the

external landscape, or 3D films, through a device that we would now call

a «virtual reality helmet». To my knowledge, this concept was unknown


They describe micro-machines we are only beginning to produce in the

wake of the electronic chip technology : micropumps, and so on…

Their mathematics is very interesting. They pretend they have much more

developed the group theory. But the most promising concept seems to be the

«quadrupolar logic», or 4-poles logic, that could humanize math and

computing. Instead of reducing all situations to (True/False), they evaluate

the (True/False/True&False/not True nor False). We could check this is more

suiting our daily life, and that could help to build a new software logic,

whose binary logic would be a subset. It is possible to build logical

operators (AND,OR…) that are extending the binary logic into a 4-poles

logic. The success of «fuzzy logic» techniques shows that we need somehow to

extend the binary view to reach out a more human understanding of the world.


Let’s assume you ask yourself «is this suitcase in this room, or is it

outside ?». Usual rational logic assumes it could only be in or outside the

room :

«True» : the suitcase is in the room

«False» : the suitcase is not in the room, so it is supposed to be


«True and false» : for instance the suitcase is in the doorway, one part

inside, one part outside…

«Not true nor False» : if this object does not exist, the question is

irrelevant. The suitcase is not inside nor outside.

Such conventions are useful to dowsers, for instance, because binary logic

is frequently leading you to deadlocks.

In a letter, they tell us it is easy to solve the «Fermat Theorem» with the

4-poles logic.

I would like to get advice from mathematicians on those interesting


Do we have any solid proof ?

No material clue seems to be really non-human.

Most amazing is the phone call tape-recorded about 1968, where a supposed Ummit

voice sounds like an electronic duck. Jean-Pierre Petit gave the tape an

acoustics lab, and they assure this is not an electronically filtered human

voice. Who could do interactive voice synthesis in 1968 ?

The authors’profile

They show us a typically rationalist, collectivist mentality, where masses are

more important than the individual. A planetary communism that would have

evolved towards a kind of beehive ruled by a government, but administered with

the help of many (or one ?) computers. They seem to lack a right brain, maybe

have they no unconscious. This is compatible with the poor quality of free-hand

drawings. A child said «How bad sketchers are those guys !». Now they are using

CAD systems. They do not understand art or music, and, after spending 30 years

among us, they wonder that a «politician made a statement on the morning and did

the contrary on the afternoon».

The funniest part of those letters is the total lack of any sense of humour.

This may be second level humour; I have really enjoyed the report supposed to

have been written by the Spanish typist, explaining his «collaboration» with

Ummit peoples. Or when they explain that before landing here they thought human

where speaking a unique language made up of beeps, they mean the Morse code used

by radio in those days. They first had the idea that some humans where breathing

the polluted air of this planet through a cylindrical device, able to produce

infrared radiations for purifiying the air, that’s the cigarette.

The authors have access to the whole human knowledge, have a great sense of

strategy, are able to mix real facts and weird assertions for building a

coherent story.

They have all the means and money needed. For instance, who could produce

computer voices around 1968 ?

It seems that they have «ears and eyes», since they are obviously aware ot the

everyday life of some peoples.

Whoever they are, they are manipulating a lot of people, and what they tell us

is more what they want us to believe. The reality might be quite different.


Who are they ???

It is true that one Spanish has claimed he invented the hoax. But he later

acknowledged that he did it on the «demand of the «Ummits»   !!!

Jean-Pierre Petit claims it is not possible that Jose Luis Peña would be the

author, and I trust him, more than Jacques Vallée, who closes this file much too


Maybe is Peña part of the plot, but it is clear that he could not have done it

alone. Moreover he never confessed how he did it, and where the original

informations came from…I do not believe everything was available in university

libraries at that time…


Let’s examine some possibilities :

A human genius, or a group of scientists, spending their time sending their

work, mixed with intentional errors, in a hoax-like way, to non-scientists

who, most of the time, don not twig half of it ! Their own explanation is

they are addressing those groups because they are «psychically» more open

than scientists. (Some people would answer they are more gullible…)

This does not match my knowledge of the average scientist psychology. He

usually tends to keep jealously his progeny, talking only with his peers,

until the finding is published under experts’s approval. Then comes the


We thus could accept the authors are a group of outcast scientists,

science-fiction fans interested in mass manipulation experiments.

This looks improbable, but so rich is the human nature, and so difficult to

grasp are unbalanced peoples’s motivations !!!


«Secrets Services» Such peoples are the ones that have the means for the


They could have made the eavesdropping, and even breaking in houses and

anaesthetize people with paralyzing gases.

What is the goal ? This does not look like usual debunking. There is no hot

matter to debunk, and UMMO is not closely linked to UFO cases, excepted the

San Jose landing. More likely would be a «propaganda» operation, or a

«sociology experiment», creating a new mythology, and then studying the

effects on society. Examples are shown by Jacques Vallée. (read Teasdale

legacy in ref 6).

Secret services may effectively roam about UMMO, maybe for watching what is

happening on the human level, maybe because they feel there is something


This does not prove they are the authors….

Some people argue that all this was done by the KGB against Franco

dictatorship. I am not convinced, and Antonio Ribera told us the

anticommunist police did not bother about the Ummo groups, such as the

«Ballena Alegria». Franco is dead for more than 20 years, and it is still

going on…

I do not know any political (human) group that would have been sustained by

the Ummo case, wherever I look : at the extreme-right, the extreme left, or,

(like myself), at the extreme-center…


A «Channelling» case. Let’s assume somewhere on this earth somebody is

typing pages through automatic writing, generally filled with rubbish, but

now and then adorned with prophetic insights… The author himself (or

herself) is convinced a non-human source is speaking through him, although

this would not be the case.

Human consciousness is really able to produce «huge coherent dreams»,

definitely unreal excepted some parts full of genius.

Once upon a time was a Science-Fiction writer (L. Ron Hubbard), who did at

least one psychological breakthrough. Then he founded one of the best known

and pernicious sects, the Church of $cientology, and finally wrote only


As an example, read the Kirk Allen case in ref.6.


Real «ETs», supposed to be «Ummits», Nordic blonds living on a planet,

rather similar to the Earth. I could accept morphological similarities (two

legs, two arms, one head…), but beings than could walk unnoticed through

our streets, and moreover looking like European peoples, is very hard to

believe ! As no reliable witness has seen them, we have no proof.

To believe in that hypothesis is something I refuse completely, because I

feel this is what «They» want us to believe !

There is a manipulation, why not an ET hoax ????


«Non-humans», maybe with a different morphology, maybe beings from outside

our space-time. Maybe do they «live» on this earth for ages, on invisible

levels. Those non-humans authors would like us to believe in a well build

myth. Maybe have they secrets reasons to conceal.

This would be a «non-human» hoax !

What do they want to conceal ? One hypothesis is that those «peoples» are

using abducted and «re-educated» human beings for spying us and doing their

«business» on this planet…

It sounds that those «blond ETs» could be genetically linked to us…and

they will not tell us why !

«Men in black» I do not know yet for sure if those beings are human or

non-human. But it is a fact that they are playing strange games on this

planet. If they drive cars, tap phone lines, I can imagine they could as

well write letters…

It is very difficult to conclude…

I’m inclined to think about a hoax, from human origin, from psychic origin

(channelling), or from non-human origin….This looks like a «sociology


Since I’m able to understand Petit’s scientific papers, I am impressed by the

results that have come out of this apparent heap of rubbish. My conclusion is

that if there has been human manipulation, it is a very high level one. And that

scientific breakthroughs have been sent through the mail…

I do not believe this comes from french army or special services. For instance,

when he showed how to avoid the supersonic bang in the atmosphere, Jean Pierre

Petit was destroying one Army’s key argument for debunking most of Ufo cases.

Moreover, so-called «civil» authorities where forbidding him to carry on

research on MHD propulsion, while army spies where trying to copy and carry on

the research….

It is weird is that some «details» are close to what you could find in abduction


So I can not really conclude….

I feel Ufology is currently split in miscellaneous ways , the ET «nuts and

bolts» way, the paranormal way, the paranoïac way «little greys, conspiracy»,

the «opti-mystic» way of the New Age, the Jungian way, the initiatic way, the

«traveller from the future» way, the socio-psychological way, and so on…

So no particular way is able to explain everything, and everybody seems to find

testimonies to sustain his belief. Of course we could accept the existence of

many sources at different levels of reality, but I would rather think that the

phenomenon is the multifarious expression of a unique source, able to play on

many levels of reality, including what we call the material plane.

In the UMMO case, «they» want to show us a rationalist world view, but it seems

that their very methods are «paranormals».

For instance, why has nobody been able, except once, and for a short time, to

record a phone-call. At each trial, they hung up the phone. Electronics or

telepathy ?


It is up to the reader to consult the documents, before building his own

conclusion about those U.M.M.O.s !






Please reply, I’m interested in any comment or information !




Jean-Pierre Petit Le mystère des Ummites 1995

1990 ISBN 2-226-07845-2


Jean-Pierre Petit Enquête sur des Extra-Terrestres qui sont déjà parmi nous

1990 ISBN 2-226-04120-6


Jean-Pierre Petit Enquête sur les OVNI – Voyage aux frontières de la science


1990 ISBN 2-226-04120-6


UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET UMMO, Vol. 1, Antonio Ribera (Sold Out)

A 354 page report on the «Ummit» contacts.




REVELATIONS Jacques Vallée





UMMO ?= Unidentified Mysteriously Mailed Objects 😉




Charles Fort said «I think we are fished». I think Ufology, at best, is just

reporting the elusive appearance of baited hooks. For a common fish who does not

even see the «common sense» waters he is swimming through, it is really

difficult to unmask the fisherman….






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