Ummo Contact Pedro Gómez Ecuador FSR


Ummo Contact Pedro Gómez Ecuador FSR

The Return of UMMO, this time its in Ecuador.

The original Ummo case graced the pages of FSR in 1974. It was presented in 5 parts by the legendary Spanish ufologist Antonio Ribera (Vol.20,4 -Vol.20, 3&4). Twenty plus people, ordinary Spaniards with mostly liberal political backgrounds received telephone messages and letters from an undercover Ummo operative in Madrid in 1965-66 (remember liberals in Spain were living under the oppressive Franco dictatorship in this era). They were informed of an impending contact, which culminated in the two saucer visitations, on February 6th 1966 and June 10th 1967. A haunting set of black and white prints that characterise this case were taken at San Juan de Valderas, a suburb of Madrid.

The original Ummo visitors in Spain in 1967 posed as a pair of blonde Scandinavian Doctors and demonstrated highly advanced technology and medical knowledge, which suggest a certain initial authenticity to the case. These Ummo people allegedly claimed to come from a planet 14.6 light years away from the region of a star system known to us as Wolf 424.

Time moved on, the Ummo affair had almost faded into harmless mythology when on September 27th 1989 the Ummo emblem made a terrifying return at Voronezh; a multi-witness encounter in Russia. Three enormous Ummo occupants and a robot disembarked from a landed ‘banana shaped’ vehicle emblazoned with the Ummo emblem inside a Russian Park. In the confusion a young 16-year boy was seen to vanish by means of a ray, presumably briefly abducted. The unprecedented world exposure of the dangerous antics at Voronezh meant the Ummo cross had emerged once again. There were three alleged landings in the region.

Now we have yet another case that suggests the Ummo cross is engaged in abduction, monitoring and operating on a resident of Ecuador. This case is important because the witness reports X-Ray evidence of a 10cm long metal filament passing upwards from his sacral bone of his pelvis. Under hypnosis he remembers receiving this medical procedure and conversing with Nordic humanoids that tell him they are from near Arcturus.

Abduction or Contact? Pedro and the men from Akturus.
Translated from an original article by Andrea Coraza. UFO Notiziario 19. April 2001.

I met Pedro Gomez one evening in heavy torrential rain at the bus stop that connects Eloy Alfaro with South Quito, the capital of Equador situated at the base of the Volcano Pichincha. With his uncertain handshake and young face, he looked only 25 years old rather than his 40 years. We waited together at the bus stop sheltering under a fruit stall cursing the moment I left without my umbrella when the sun was out.

We sat on the bus, for half an hour that crosses the old colonial part of the city, with its Baroque churches left by the Spanish, squeezing into steep narrow lanes between small parked cars and the last street sellers of the evening. We come down to a circular public square with a beautiful garden; just to the centre is Pedro’s house. As soon as I arrived I took off my wet jacket and with a smile, Pedro’s wife Dyne gave me a warm pullover. Then Pedro and myself went into the studio where there was an infinity of paintbrushes, colours and inks varnishes, and finished and unfinished pictures. The subject matter is always the same: humans in spheres, pyramids, stars, figures floating between galaxies.
‘So Pedro, tell me everything.’

‘Andrea, as I said to you, I am a painter, I used to paint pictures with an airbrush for many years, even before my extraterrestrial experiences. I sell these pictures every weekend at a permanent fair at the Park El Ejido. Approximately ten years ago I lived with Dyne, my wife, and my 2 sons more to the North, along the Pana Occidental. Thanks to my electrician diploma I began work in a television factory; I was also giving Judo lessons at the Gasca School. I dedicated my evenings to my love of painting, in a smaller room than this.’

‘Pedro, the subject of your paintings was pyramids and spheres?’

‘No Andrea, I created tranquil pictures of the colonial churches and squares of Quito.’

‘Pedro, the airbrush is fascinating, but all these varnishes?’

‘I never realised the chemical varnishes would affect me badly until one evening 10 years ago at approximately 8pm my hands began to shake, my eyes blurred and I could not stand. I must have screamed because Dyne came straight away to rescue me as I lost consciousness. My wife seeing me fall, ran to call a nurse who lives upstairs who gave me mouth to mouth resuscitation while Dyne stood in the road to hail a taxi to get me to the hospital. I regained consciousness in the taxi, I saw Dyne’s face in tears as I vomited the varnish I had been using with the airbrush. The Doctor explained to me afterwards that I had a respiratory reaction to the chemical exposure and also a heart attack.

‘Pedro you were awake in the taxi?’

‘Yes, the Doctor said despite the heart attack and the respiratory distress I had revived.’

‘How much time elapsed from your faint to the arrival of the taxi?’

No more than 2 minutes, I remained in the hospital for 3 days having all kinds of tests. They administered anti-convulsant drugs. The doctors told me I was an exceptionally rare case to make such a rapid recovery, however I would have to give up painting because of my chemical sensitivity. When I re-entered the painting room I fainted again.

‘You did not have to wait to be told again!’

‘Until I was ready to re-enter the painting room without fainting, I resumed work repairing televisions and giving judo lessons. Eight months later I organised a judo tournament, which I also competed in to make it successful. In the competition I took such a strong blow, I could not move for some days because of the pain. I went to the Doctor for an x-ray. The radiologist at the Hospital put up my x-rays and asked me to see the Doctor. He said to me that they could not explain how a metal filament came to be deep inside my back. He asked me if I had surgery in the past or an accident when I was a child.

A metal filament?

Yes Andrea, the doctor had a reason: I had a 10cm metallic wire in my sacral bone. Neither the doctors nor myself knew how it got there. Unfortunately, the idea of metal wire deep in my back did not make me feel calm, it was indeed an inconceivable situation, I became nervous and irritable. I started to paint again without the airbrush only using non-toxic paint. During the hours of designing I became tormented by a strange symbol. I did not understand the features, but with a great effort I began to see it more clearly in my mind. It was a form of cross that appeared continuously on the desk before me. My nights changed dramatically, I began to have strange intense dreams. I saw lights, the outline of a face, a marble floor, and confused images of people’s feet in front of me as they looked at me. I saw the inside of a dark place, like a cinema, I began to fear sleeping.

‘You said you saw a cross?’

Yes a cross, a design something like this. A cross more or less, with two lines at the sides, I see this again and again. I had so much fear that I began to sleep in the kitchen so as not to disturb my wife Dyne. My neighbour Janette, the nurse who saved my life months before advised me to have regressive hypnosis in order to understand what was happening. To see if the repetitive intense dreams I was having related were to something that happened that I had unknowingly repressed. I must admit the idea did not appeal to me, it might cause more confusion. I did not know if it would complicate things at the unconscious level. It was during a shower that the point of a metallic filament emerged on the surface of my hand that I decided to go straight to Janette to arrange hypnosis.

Three months later regression hypnosis was entrusted to 2 American doctors near the hotel Akros di Quito. At first, he was given psychological testing to assess his emotional psychological state. Due to the peculiarity of the situation he also underwent a polygraph test to further verify what he said. We continue with the questions Pedro Gomez answered in deep hypnosis.

Mr Gomez what do you remember of your fainting?

I remember being taken up within a blue beam of light that pulled me from every direction, on my skin, on my muscle and on my bones. I felt like a current was taking me and I was rigid and shocked. This force was lifting me; I knew I was going up.

Could you see what was happening to you?

No, my eyes were closed I was aware I was not touching the floor but going up and up.

Then what happened?

I found myself in a small dimly lit room. I could open my eyes but I could not move. I was rigid with my arms at my side. I could only move my neck. The atmosphere was cold I was completely naked. I laboriously turned my head left and right. I saw various coloured luminous panels similar to monitors around me.

What else do you remember inside the room?

I remember the floor was like marble, I could not see my feet because my neck was too rigid. I was tired, weak, I barely could keep my eyes open. Then in front of me I saw men come towards me.

What type of men?

They were men like us, but a little bit taller. They wore their hair long towards the back. I saw them walk towards me. I opened my eyes in order to see them better and found out that there was a sort of fog around their feet, I could not see their feet.

How were these men dressed? Were there women also?

I don’t remember seeing any women. The men were dressed in long white tunics, they looked like Franciscans; they had a symbol on the tunic. I saw it very well; it was a type of cross.

One cross?

It was a type of cross, the design of a window with a cross in the centre.

What else do you remember Mr Gomez?

At one point a man appeared who came so close to me that he could almost touch me with the middle finger of the right hand on the stomach and then the chest. I felt a warm pleasant vibration. I felt my internal organs were sent into motion again, it was an intense feeling.

Could you describe this man?

He had light blue eyes, light skin, the hair was much longer hair worn swept back. He had a tunic, again with the symbol of a cross. Then he spoke with me.

Did he speak with a voice or telepathic?

I don’t remember if he used a voice.

He spoke to you in Spanish?

Yes, it was Spanish, he said his name was Kelium, He told me that he came from another planet called Akturus, near the constellation of the Plieadies. He was helping people who were suffering in order to teach man the values he was forgetting, like humility and love. Meanwhile as he was saying these things, another person came next to me and he gave a dark box to the man who was talking to me, it looked like a spectacle case. He opened it and I caught a glimpse of a long needle. I remember a strong acute pain behind my back, I passed out.

You lost your senses?

Yes, I have no memory of what happened after that. I found myself inside the car suffocating and vomiting, My wife Dyne used a handkerchief on my mouth and then I felt better.

The whole thing seems extraordinary, the abduction and the contact with the beings and the subsequent operation. All this happened only in the few moments of your fainting. It lasted from the moment your wife went to call the nurse until the moment the nurse came into the room to conduct mouth to mouth resuscitation on you. This was the only time Pedro you were left by yourself, 2 minutes like your wife told me. I would think only in this missing time that you had the surgery, even if we suspect it was a fast first aid operation carried out with local anaesthesia.

Was this rapid abduction achieved by manipulation of space and time dimensions? It has been reported previously that people have been in contact with other Nordic extra-terrestrials similar to us humans but taller, with long hair, high forehead and clear eyes and a more advanced intellect than ours. (These are not as widespread as reports of surgery carried out by ‘greys’).

Pedro did not describe the cross further under hypnosis, as he was asked no further questions about it, however this description has also appeared in his memory as he remembers seeing it on the external surface as he was being tele-transported on board the ship. (This ship was pyramid shaped on top with a concave surface underneath, similar ships were observed in Puerto-Rico in the 80s and 90s, that allegedly sucked human beings up in broad daylight).
I do not want to go too far, but thinking of the men with long blonde hair and Franciscan tunics resembles a symbol of the Christian cross in an impressive way. The message of love and humility reminds one of the catholic religion with the same type of message.

This could assert to some that the Christian doctrine could have been constructed on purpose by beings from advanced civilisations. Religion is an extraordinary powerful and long-lasting means to pass instructions on orally without the risk of their loss. The message of religion is carried within the self so it can travel eternally.

In recent months since 2000, I have returned to Pedro’s house on various occasions. I have had lunch with his cordial wife and his 2 sons. Pedro is a special sensitive person and he introduces me to his wonderful pictures with modesty, explaining them to me. He has not had physical health problems for 2 years so he has returned enthusiastically to painting even more so than before.

‘The subjects in my head come one after another, I have so many ideas I do not know where to begin’. He shows me pictures of pyramids, and spaceships to travel in space and luminous spheres with great realism thanks to the airbrush. The x-ray examination that revealed the metal filament no longer disturbs him, he thinks that it may indeed have helped him to prove to himself rather than others that his story is true and wonderful.

On a September day, he calls me at home and after 20 minutes he knocked at the door and I let him in, and he sits on the sofa and he pulls up his sleeves. He shows me symmetrical burns on both wrists like scars that he woke up with. He assured me that he never had this happen before and that he doesn’t smoke. Both are like round circular scars. They remind me of abduction histories where subjects are controlled by apparatus for immobilisation. By the look of Pedro he was too scared to be told what I was thinking.

They do not seem to be burns to me, more like irritation of the skin. Pedro, I have news for you, I found your cross in a ufology book that you saw on the beings tunic ( see drawing a) it is similar to a symbol of the planet Ummo. Pedro seizes the sheet and studies it in detail with a light smile.

‘Thanks Andrea it is the same symbol, Ummo, finally I begin to have answers. I am convinced that I have spoken with a being of light, I do not know how to explain it but when he grazed me with his fingers, I felt his energy, it was something truly fantastic.’

The story of Pedro Gomez is still open. In June I will return to Ecuador for a week near the Cotopaxi volcano, 5400metres high, the highest volcano in the world. He has a house and small plot there. He has told me that since the night of the encounter mysterious lights have followed him on nocturnal excursions near the volcano. He has found a black nearly metallic object as big as an egg; inside there is a bar with marks like inscriptions. I say hello to Pedro, his beautiful family, his sweet wife and sons, I felt a strong sense of warmth, serenity and humility. I will see him again very soon.

FSR Comment: This case is certainly one that needs follow up, as the mysterious filament needs a more accurate description so we can ascertain its exact location and structure. It appears that Pedro may have suffered an acute allergic anaphylactic shock to the solvents he was using; did the filament act in a conventional way as an epi-pen; triggering a massive adrenaline release of some kind to counter his collapsed circulation and impaired respiration? Would the position of the needle be using the sacrum as an access point to his central nervous system as in a conventional epidural? We should be looking at rationalising the possibilities.