Urantia book history


Urantia book history



Historic Timeline of Events in the Reader Community

This timeline serves as a secondary index to historic documents of the readership. It covers the period from 1875 to the present and includes photographs as well as reproductions of textual documents.


Information on current source studies



Notes sometime regarded as written by Dr. William S. Sadler in preparation for a never-published history of the early days of the readership; 1960.



Este documento ha sido expresado en forma digital a partir de apuntes mecanografiados que se cree escribió el Dr. William S. Sadler para la redacción de la historia del movimiento Urantia que, según parece, nunca llegó a completarse o publicarse.



Tradução em português por Ana Maria Nascimento Roberto



The original shows hand-written margin notes which may be of interest to the student of readership history. These notes indicate deletions and edits for her completed history.



Marian Rowley’s completed history, June 1960   [See PDF reproduction of original]  (Compare Marian’s completed history with her draft noted above as well as with the history attributed to Dr. Sadler from the same time period, also noted above.) [See Marian’s comparison of the histories] 





RealAudio recording of this talk  — Bill Sadler (son of Dr. William S. Sadler) was one of the «contact commissioners» and the first President of Urantia Brotherhood. This was recorded at a study group in Berkeley Elliott’s home in Oklahoma City on 2/18/62. The recording contains some nearly inaudible questioning by the audience. This has been left in the tape to help provide context. Stream or Download



An account by Webster Stafford received at the Brotherhood office 7/5/63



A history written from the recollections of the translator of the first French edition



Primarily a list of General Council and Executive Committee administrative decisions, by Marian Rowley



Meredith Sprunger, October 1978 — This is a good one to print and distribute to interested persons.



Note: This never published history was a source of internal controversy covering some 10 years. It never escaped the confines of the resultant bureaucratic quagmire. See documents and correspondence related to this controversy



Mark Roser recounts a personal interview with Dr. Sadler; 1985



A Viewpoint on Dissemination: Presentation to the Forum
 — by Earle Steinbeck, February 7, 1948



Statement by founding Trustee and First President of Urantia Foundation, William Hales; June 1990



Meredith Sprunger’s Notes on The Origin of The Urantia Book
 (A portion of this collection was earlier published in print media under the title, «The Historicity of The Urantia Book.»)



The Urantia Book: The Question of Origin
 — Meredith Sprunger, October 1978



Some Speculation Regarding the Origin of The Urantia Book
 — A recently surfaced document by two Forum members which provides insight into the process by which the text was materialized.



A detailed account of the origin of the primary Urantia organizations by Carolyn Kendall; June 1993



A collection of historic documents compiled by David Kantor



Dr. William S. Sadler Originals
 — Early examples of Dr. Sadler’s public writing.



A collection of documents providing a rare look into issues and activities of Forum days, compiled by David Kantor.



Who was Sir Hubert Wilkins? 
— Background information on a noted arctic explorer who was involved in the work of the Forum and the early spread of the revelation.





Carolyn Kendall





Tribute to a Passing Generation
 — Grace Stephens; Urantian Journal, Winter 1980



An Analysis of our Historical Situation
 — presented at the Summer Study Session, 1968 by Meredith Sprunger



Organizational History: Correspondence of 1989
 — Copies of internal correspondence related to key organizational political events in 1989 and 1990
What Happened to the Perpetual Printing Fund?



Was Urantia Foundation established by the Revelators to protect the revelation? — Answer to a reader’s question by David Kantor



Was the Forum in direct contact with the revelators? — Personal correspondence between Julia Fenderson and Marian Rowley 



A History and Overview of The Urantia Book and Urantia Foundation
 — Georges Michelson-Dupont’s Helsinki Speech, 7 August 1998
1983 Interview with Clyde Bedell
Interview with Tom and Carolyn Kendall — by Polly Friedman, 1993
Interview with Bill and Mary Lou Hales — An interview of the first President of Urantia Foundation and his wife, by Polly Friedman, 1993
Letter from Clyde Bedell to Martin Myers expressing concern about Urantia Foundation censorship, October 1979
Dr. Sadler’s «Charge to the Seventy»?
Some Criticisms of the Forum — Private letter from Harold Sherman to Elsie Baumgartner, February 4, 1951
Challenge from Harold Sherman to Dr. Sadler — Private correspondence from 1967
Letter from Jacques Weiss to Robert Burton — regarding Urantia Foundation’s copyright claims, April 9, 1975
Personal comments and apocryphal fragments — by Carolyn Kendall in a report submitted April 1992
Comments on Proposed Urantia Organizations — Letter from Harold Sherman to Dr. Sadler, August 8, 1942
Contract for original typesetting of The Urantia Book 
Wilfred Kellogg’s affidavit donating original plates to Urantia Foundation. 
Letter from Dr. Sadler to Harold Sherman, indicating that permission has been granted to create the plates. December 1941
Letter from Jacques Weiss to Robert Burton — early discussion of copyright issues
This is the Truth — note from Harold Sherman’s archive, 1978
1941 fund raising note to Forum members, soliciting funds for printing.
A Self-Made Renaissance Man — article about Dr. Sadler from the Spring 1979 issue of Pervaded Space.


  Other documents of historic interest


Dr. William S. Sadler



Comments by Dan Massey



Comments by Dr. William S. Sadler, Anna Rawson, Alvin Kulieke



Dr. Meredith Sprunger, Alvin Kulieke Officiating



Eulogy and short biography — by Jim Mills



Meredith Sprunger reads «A Service of Commemoration» compiled the 8th of February, 1962, by Bill Sadler on the occassion of the death of Floyd S. Bordsen.



Internal memo from 1955 attributed to Bill Sadler



This Appendix is thought by some readers to contain a description by a contact commissioner of the process by which the information contained in the Urantia Book was received. Dr. William S. Sadler, 1929



A biography of Dr. William S. Sadler covering his professional life as an orator. Excerpt from a Doctoral Dissertation by G. Vonne Meussling, 1970



Meredith Sprunger



1933 Letter from Clyde Bedell to Wilfred Kellogg expressing concerns about autocratic trends in group management.



1942 Forum petition presented to Dr. Sadler regarding plans for Urantia organizations.



Some Notes from 1945 — Grace James



The Meredith J. Sprunger Archive — A complete collection of the writings of the first generation’s most prolific author.







Meredith Sprunger



Constitution of The Fellowship (This document evolved from the original Constitution of Urantia Brotherhood)

Fellowship statement on Book Publication


 Index of Photographs: Early Readers and Leaders


Emma Christensen, Thomas E. Wideroe, Leone Gill Sadler, Bill Sadler, Helen Carlson, Lee Miller Jones, Lucile Kulieke



Translator of the first French edition



Henry created the Dutch translation and was a key figure in the early introduction of the book in Western Europe



Key figures in the early development of the First Urantia Society of Oklahoma