Urantia Book studies


Urantia Book studies
THE HUMAN RACE by Saskia Praamsma Raevouri
the Andonites the Six Sangik Races the Nodites the Adamites the Andites
The Human Race
How are Man and the Ape Related? (a work-in-progress)
Charts and Study Aids
God’s Orchestra by Saskia Praamsma Raevouri
Ascent to Paradise – Powerpoint/Flash presentation:  English   French   Spanish   Dutch  Italian  Russian
Source Studies by Matthew Block
The 1943 Midwayer Messages (2004)
Did Dr. Sadler Write Paper 88? (2004)
The World’s Religions (2003)
The Rodan Parallels (2003)
The Urantia Atmosphere
Mota the Coda/Part Two (2002)
Consider the Source (2002)
Instruction for Teachers and Believers (159:3; 1765-67) (2000)
Morontia Mota, a New Perspective/Part One (2000)
Race in Context (1999)
Gardner, York and Block (1997)
Some Human Sources of the Urantia Book (1992-1993)
Source Quote of the Week #52
Urantia Outreach
Sowing Seeds in India by Bhagavan Buritz
Norman Ingram’s Venice Beach Booth by Richard Omura
Outreach 2000
The Revelation in Capetown
Joys of Service – Urantia Book Prison Ministry by Joy Brandt
The Kenya Sewing Machine Project  by Meredith Tenney
The Plan for the Urantia Book Revelation by Carolyn B. Kendall
Major Growth Steps in the Urantia Movement by Meredith Sprunger
«I Remember the Forum» HIFTUB stories and others, with pictures
«Until We Meet Again» Compiled by Saskia Praamsma
The Split – A Blessing in Disguise by Saskia Praamsma
The Petition – presented to Dr. Sadler by the 48 Forum members, September 4, 1942
How I Found the Urantia Book Compiled by Saskia Praamsma Raevouri
How the Papers Came Through [Chapter 8 of The Sherman Diaries, Volume 2]
Forum Data and Apocrypha [from the Appendix of The Sherman Diaries, Volume 2]
The Architecture of the Universe and the Urantia Book by Frederick L. Beckner
Stars, Galaxies, Superuniverses and the Urantia Book by Frederick L. Beckner
Monmatia Revisited by Bill Laurune
Earth-Moon Evolution by Dr. Phil Calabrese
Ancient Cyprus by Stefan Tallqvist
India: Lost Cities Found Compiled by Saskia Praamsma
Did the Jews Really Not Bury Their Dead? by Charles Arterburn
Atlantis/Urantia Book Parallels
Interpretive Studies
A New Model of Humankind by Larry Mullins
Separate Publishing of Part IV
The JANR Debate
No Urantia Church – Not Yet! by Saskia Raevouri
A Box of Chocolates by Phil Geiger
Open Letter to Larry Mullins from Niann Emerson Chase
My Visit to Findhorn by Saskia Raevouri
A Visit to Russia by Cathy Jones
Our Mediterranean Adventure by Saskia Raevouri and Joy Brandt
Interesting Teaching Mission Transcripts
The Second Revelatory Transcripts
Book Reviews and Articles
Birth of a Divine Revelation reviewed by Matthew Rapaport
Secondary Works – What Works? by Saskia Raevouri
Gardner, Moyer and Mullins: Three Histories by Matthew Rapaport
Secondary Works: Reviews and Descriptions, 2002 
The Urantia Book and OAHSPE Compared by Harold Sherman
Larry Mullins Reports on The Sherman Diaries
Translation News
J.J. Benitez: J.J. The Baptist? by Rosey Lieske and Olga Lopez
The Story of the Serbo-Croatian Translation Project
The Italian Translation Project