Abducción de Próspera Muñoz


Abducción de Próspera Muñoz


Abduction 1946,Prospera Munyoz,Jumilla,Spain,FSR84V29N4



J.V. Ballester-Olmos

Alleged experiences inside UFOs : an analysis of abductions reports

Journal of Scientific Exploration , Vol. 8 , Nº 1 , 1994 , pp. 91-105


Case No. 5: Jumilla (Murcia), July 1947.
Prospera Munoz, a 42-year-old telephonist, well-read in science-fiction and
UFOs, read her first UFO book containing abduction material and started to recall
an abduction she suffered when she was 7 or 8 years old. She was abducted
by two beings of her own stature and received an extensive medical examination.
She believes a metallic device was implanted in her brain. She had
further encounters with alien creatures in 1954, 1960 and 197 1. Under hypnosis
she only confirmed her memories.
98 V-J. Ballester Olmos

Explanation: Depression in a woman under dramatic psychological stress.
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Case No. 6: Vallgorguina (Barcelona), July 21, 1985.
Xavier C., 23 years of age, had left his house to photograph a dolmen located
25 km away. He returned home more than 24 hours later, a full day that he
did not remember at all. When his film was processed, a few slides appeared
showing fuzzy silhouettes of hands with claws and a series of green, monstrous
faces of apparently helmeted beings. Under hypnosis, he related an abduction
episode which included a medical examination aided by instruments, performed
by strange creatures who manufactured an exact «double» of him.
Months later, the witness saw his double boarding a bus in Barcelona City.

Explanation: Hoax/psychosis. Unreliable testimony from subject belonging
to esoteric circles, prior witness of bedroom apparitions. Sloppy hypnosis procedures.
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