Abductions UFO Implants 1979-1998


Abductions UFO Implants 1979-1998






Compiled and © copyright by:

Keith Basterfield
GPO BOX 786,

January, 1999





During a self-imposed break from research into the UFO phenomenon, I was on holiday in the United Kingdom and happened to take a walk through the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.   I came across an exhibit which immediately gained my attention.   The printed card inside the glass case read:


«Bandaged mummy of a man decorated with gilded terra cotta studs. Late Graeco-Roman period, Ca. 3rd Century A.D.»


Nothing much to get excited about? However, the card also stated:


«X-ray examination has revealed an unidentified piece of metal in the skull of this mummy.»


Now, there is probably a very simple explanation for this piece of metal, but it set my mind into active mode. What was the piece of metal? Who had put it there? What purpose did it serve? Then the inevitable happened, I began to think about all the stories from UFO abductees who relate that their alien abductors have placed «implants» in their bodies for some, as yet, unknown reason

During the rest of my holiday these questions came back to mind on occasions, and I continued to think about them after I had returned to Australia. Despite the pressures of other business, and my desire to take a break from the subject of UFOs, in what little spare time I had, I combed through my extensive UFO library, the Internet and other sources and brought together a small sampling of UFO abduction reports where «implants» have been mentioned. Surprisingly, despite all the hype and interest in the subject of «implants» I was unable to find anyone who had undertaken a literature review on the topic. Here then, is a preliminary catalogue of such accounts. I hope it will encourage others to add to it, expand it, and amend it.


In trying to date the actual event where the implant is reported to have been inserted/removed, I have run into difficulties in many instances. I have therefore chosen to provide the date of the source of the account; given that the date of implantation must, of course, be prior to this date. Where accounts have provided an event date this is given in the text.



The Catalogue:



1979 – Location?


Fowler reports on a case, not investigated by him:

«Witness:   And they released this little tiny thing, like a buckshot.

Investigator:   What did they release it from?

Witness:  From the needle.

Investigator:   What was the needle like?

Witness:   It was sort of like a long needle that was sticking in my side.

Investigator:   Was it a hollow needle, and then ejected through a hollow needle, or attached to the–

Witness:   I didn’t see the needle (i.e. when the tiny device was released). They had my arm up over my head, like that, so I couldn’t see what they were doing here. And then they said, «I hope your body doesn’t reject it. With this implant we’re putting in there is going to come better communications and power, and we hope your body doesn’t reject it. If this doesn’t reject it, we’ll activate it in, uh, three or four weeks.»


Source: Fowler, R.E. (1979). The Andreasson Affair. New York. Boston, p183. (Fowler does not provide any more details on this case.)




1979 – USA


On 18 Jun 1977, Betty Andreasson, under regression, recalled a 1967 abduction event during which a long, flexible tube, with a needle at the end, was stuck up her left nostril. When this was removed it had «…a little ball with little prickly things on it» on the end of the needle. Betty was fairly certain it had not been on the needle when it was inserted.

Source: Fowler, R.E. (1979). The Andreasson Affair. New York. Boston. pp. 45 & 48-49.



1980 – USA


Harry Joe Turner, a truck driver, recounted an abduction event on 28 Aug 1979, while driving. He believed an object had been implanted into his shoulder. However, no abnormality showed up on x-rays.

Source: Whiting, F. (1980). «The Abduction of Harry Joe Turner»
MUFON UFO Journal March No 145:3-7.



1981 – Finland


On 7 Jan 1970 Aarno Heinonen and Esko Viljo reported a close encounter at Imjarvi, Finland. «…in 1972 he met a strange but beautiful woman…she announced herself as an extraterrestrial…During his 1970 encounter, she said, an alien device was implanted in his back and another in his friend’s forehead.»

Source: Bullard, T.E. (1987). UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery
Vol 2.
 Washington. Fund for UFO Research. Case 197. Citing Liljegren, A. (1981). «The Continuing Story of the Imjarvi Skiers Part II» Flying Saucer Review 26 (5):18.



1981 – USA


Mike Lewis. «The witness had a recurring dream about an experience when he was 5 years old, and under hypnosis recalled an abduction and examination in which a needle inserted or withdrew something from his nose.»

Source: Bullard. T.E. (1987). UFO Abductions:The Measure of a Mystery Part 2. Washington. Fund for UFO Research.p C-196 citing Sprinkle, R. L. (1981) «UFO Contactees» APRO Bulletin 29(5):8 & 29(6):6-7.



1982 – USA


During a series of abductions, from age 8 to 30, Barbara Schutte: «The beings examined her, implanted something into her head, and told her by telepathy that she had important work to do for them.»

Source: Bullard, T.E. (1987). UFO Abductions; The Measure of a Mystery Vol 2. Washington. Fund for UFO Research. Case 183. Citing «Close Encounters» Des Moines (Iowa) Register 23 Nov 82.



1982 – USA


Abducted from their motor vehicle on 21 Aug 1980, Megan Elliott and daughter Renee found themselves examined in a circular, brightly lit room. A probe device moved around their bodies. «…was at one time seen to enter Renee’s nose with a pair of small ‘bee-bee’-like devices on the end and again seen to enter Renee’s naval with a ‘needle-like’ device. When Megan saw this happening she said «…don’t hurt my baby, she’s been sick,» and they replied «She’s not any more.» (Source 1)

According to source 2, there was a little ball at the end of the probe-the ball’s size was smaller than a BB. Question: «When the probe was extracted was the BB still there on the end of the probe?» Answer: «I didn’t see it come out.»

Sources: 1. Willis, L. (1982). «Mother and Child Texas Abduction Case.» MUFON UFO Journal No 167:5. 2.Hopkins, B. (1987). Intruders. New York. Random House.



1982 – USA


During a 1980 regression session, Betty Andreasson recalled an event, when at age 13, in 1950, an entity removed her right eye from its socket. Then a flexible, «bright white light» needle connected to a long, silvery tube was pushed deep into the back of the eye socket. The needle, «…had one of those tiny little glass things on the end of it.» She felt «…a tiny jolt», the needle was withdrawn, re-angled and pushed elsewhere in her head. Again a jolt was felt»…as if something had been shot or released inside of me.» The needle light was removed and her eye replaced. There is no mention of whether or not the ball at the end of the needle was still present.

Source: Fowler, R.E. (1982). The Andreasson Affair Phase Two. Englewood Cliffs. Prentice-Hall pp.169-170.



1987 – USA


Under regression, in Nov 1984, Kathie Davis, recounted an event on 30 Jun 1983. «…her recollection did suggest a humanoid «presence» holding her arm and inserting the pencil-like object in her ear.» (p. 43). «More immediately interesting to me was Kathie’s account of the insertion of a pencil-like object into her ear, and her subsequent discomfort and hearing deficiency.» (p.44)

Source: Hopkins, B. (1987). Intruders. New York. Random House.



1987 – USA


«The witness had a recurring dream about an experience when he was 5 years old, and under hypnosis revealed an abduction and examination in which a needle inserted or withdrew something from his nose.»

Source: Bullard, T.E. (1987.) UFO Adbductions: The Measure of a mystery Part 2. Washington. Fund for UFO Research p.-196 citing Sprinkle, R.L. (1981.) «UFO Contactees» APRO Bulletin 29(5):8 & 29/6:6-7.



1987 – USA


Sandy Thomas». «In February of 1985 I was contacted…She wanted to report a dream…on December 28, 1983…which she felt had been almost too real to have been literally a dream…her recollection in the trance state…He’s going to put some water in my ear…it’s like a tube…the tall man took it out, and my hair’s wet…Now there’s a small, tiny one…very small, with a tiny light on it…it’s in my ear…»

Source: Hopkins, B. (1987). Intruders. New York. Random House.



1988 – Spain


A woman, Prospera Munoz, recalled a July 1946 event. «A 42 year-old telephonist, reading a UFO book and starts to recall an abduction she suffered when she was 7 or 8 years old. She was abducted by two beings of her own stature and received a deep medical examination…She believe a metallic device was implanted in her brain.»

The source suggests the case arose from «A mixture of hoax and psychotic elements from an unstable personality.»

Source: Olmos, Vicente-Juan Ballester & Fernandez, J. (1988). Alleged Experiences in the Interior of UFOs: Analysis of the Abductee Reports. Personal copy from first author.



1989 – USA


An existing male patient, Tom reported a hard, bony hemispherical lump on the inside of his right nostril, had appeared overnight in late 1976 or early 77. An ENT specialist checked on it while seeing Tom for an ear operation but didn’t say anything to Tom about the results of his exam. Regression hypnosis then revealed a series of abductions.

Source: Fiore, E. (1989). Encounters. New York. Doubleday. p.69.



1989 – USA


«One of my patients reported that she had a little extra «cartilage» at the base of her nose, almost between her eyebrows. Medical tests could not determine what it was. She suspected it was some kind of tracking device that had been inserted by the visitors.»

Source: Fiore, E. (1989). Encounters. New York. Doubleday. p.321.



1989 – USA


In 1980, UFO researcher Paul Bennewitz, was investigating an abduction case from the late 70’s on behalf of APRO, involving a woman and her son. They were regressed by Dr Leo Sprinkle. The woman stated that a «steel plate» had been put into her left brain for «their protection.»

Source: Howe, L. (1989). An Alien Harvest. Littleton. Linda Moulton-Howe Productions. p. 355.



1989 – Canada


During an interview, a male abductee, stated «…I have this little ball by my left eye, near the bridge of my nose. With that he pushed gently on the skin, and the resulting white mark showed a small ball clearly delineated. When I asked him how long he had had this ball, he replied «About three months before, it was down in my cheek, alongside my right nostril.»»

Source: Conway, G. (1989). «Report from British Columbia, Canada: An Emerging Epidemic?» Flying Saucer Review. March. 34(1)



1989 Canada


A female abductee who listened to part of another abductee’s implant account said «…I’ve got one too — right here. I always wondered what it was. With that, she pressed on the indentation at the top of the bridge of her nose, and it re-appeared also on her, though less than in the case of the man quoted above…»

Source: Conway, G. (1989). «Report from British Columbia, Canada: An Emerging Epidemic?» Flying Saucer Review. March. 34(1)



1989 – USA


«A Naval officer claimed that a small metal sphere was recovered from his leg and taken away by Navy doctors.»

Source: Randle, K.D. (1989). The UFO Casebook. New York. Warner. p. 203.



1989 – USA


A multiple abductee Susan Ramstead, reported that on one occasion «…A tiny metal object had been removed from her nose that had been there for a long time. Suddenly she felt better; her head was no longer stuffed. They took the sphere, dropped it into a metal tray and then got her ready to return to the house…It was as if the metal object in her nose had cause her headaches…»

Source: Randle, K.D. (1989). The UFO Casebook. New York. Warner. p. 202.




1990 – USA


Schuessler reported attending the 1990 MUFON Symposium at which he met an individual who shared with him the results of an analysis of an object from a man’s nose.

Source: Schuessler, J. (1990). «The Implant Enigma Part II» UFO Potpourri No. 344.



1990 – South Australia


During a lengthy investigation into a complex of life-long abductions, a woman told of implants in her upper mouth. She visited a dentist for an x-ray. The dentist confirmed the x-ray showed two unusual objects-like straight pieces of metal-embedded in the upper gum, or bone, beneath her nostrils. He was unable to explain them. A full face x-ray undertaken shortly afterwards revealed nothing unusual. An independent, very experienced dentist and his radiographer concluded the implants were an artefact of the x-ray process.

Source: Basterfield, K. Personal investigation.



1990 – USA


«Another male abduction victim, barely 12 years old claimed that a small creature took him from his bed, stuck a needle into his upper arm, and then opened a square patch of skin in the left side of his head. His parents were warned that he may have received an implant of some type.»

Source: Schuessler, J. (1990). «The Implant Enigma Part I» UFO Potpourri No. 343.



1990 – USA


«A male UFO abduction victim living in Houston is puzzled and worried about the possibility that a device of some type was implanted somewhere in the side of his head by his abductors. He claims he can feel the effect of the implant at certain times. Sounds seem to be transmitted into his head via the implant.»

Source: Schuessler, J. (1990). «The Implant Enigma Part I» UFO Potpourri No. 343.



1990 – USA


«An opalescent implant was observed within the ear canal of an abductee.»

Source: Cannon, M. (1990). «The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abductions.» MUFON UFO Journal. October. No 270:3-9.



1991 – Canada


Lorne Goldfader, director of the UFO Research Institute of Canada, reported that he was «implanted.» He noted an itching/burning sensation in his right thigh. This was followed by what seemed to be electrical pulsations. Neither an x-ray nor an ultrasound examination revealed any abnormality.

Source: Goldfader, L (1991) Personal communication..



1991 – USA


Under regression hypnosis, Christa Tilton, recalled a lifetime of abductions. On one occasion when she was medically examined by aliens, a capsule-like device was inserted into her abdomen and a sharp «something» was placed in her left ear.

Source: Tilton, C. (1991.) «I was held captive in an underground alien base.» UFO Universe. Apr/May: 50-64 & 68-70.



1991 – USA


«At least three such objects have been inspected under electron-scanning microscopes by physicists at reputable institutes…the objects remain unidentified by experienced lab personnel.»

Source: Carpenter, J. (1991.) «The Reality of the Abduction Phenomenon.» in MUFON 1991 International UFO Symposium Proceedings. Seguin. Texas. p 166.



1991 – USA


During hypnosis following a double abduction «Susan» and «Jennifer» gave details. «…Susan clearly observes the implantation of a tiny object up Jennifer’s nostril with a «dental-pick»-like instrument. Jennifer reports severe nosebleeds afterwards.» (p107). Susan’s words were: «She’s real quiet…some kind of operation…They have some type of implant thing…put it in the left side of her nose…looks like one of those things a dentist uses — a pick or something…» (pp112-113.)

Source: Carpenter, J. (1991.) «Double Abduction Case: Correlation of Hypnosis Data.» Journal of UFO Studies, n.s. 3, 1991, 91-114.



1991 – USA


Schuessler noted a case where a man who had a nasal passage x-ray of a suspected implant. However, it turned out to be a ‘marker’ used in the x-ray process.

Source: Schuessler, J. (1991.) «The Implant Puzzle.» MUFON UFO Journal No. 279 July: 10-11.



1993 – USA


On Aug 7th 1989 Katharina Wilson recalled an abduction during which: «The Aliens have a black square cut into my chest…Somehow I believed the aliens were repairing the damage the high voltage of the lightning had done to my heart…I then considered another possibility. Perhaps the aliens were repairing a small implanted device that is located very close to my heart…»

Source: Wilson, K. (1993.) The Alien Jigsaw. Portland. Puzzle Publishing.
p. 129.



1993 – USA


In the middle of a range of experiences, after brushing her teeth in Sep 1991, an object was felt, protruding from her gum. Using her finger-nail she extracted an object which: «…looked like a flat piece of brass, square except for one small corner missing.» It was sent to John Carpenter for analysis. «Analysis of the object that emerged from my gum in September 1991, was completed in May, 1992. Photographs were taken using a scanning electron microscope. Am energy dispersive spectroscopy scan was also done. The data suggested that the material was approximately 80% copper and 20% zinc with small traces of aluminium and silica. The object weighed approximately 6 milligrams. It was roughly 0.16cm square and 0.03cm thick. It did not react to a magnetic field and showed no radioactivity. In essence the analysis showed that the material was consistent with common brass.»

Source: Haley, L.A. (1993.) Lost Was the Key. Greenleaf. Tuscaloosa. pp 128 & 157.



1993 – Qld, AUSTRALIA


Following a life-long series of experience, in 1993, «Peter» came to the conclusion that he had four small objects in one of his legs. These objects moved around inside his leg.

Source: 1993. The Australian UFO Abduction Study Centre Newsletter Vol 1., No 4, p. 3.



1993 – USA


A woman, on 8 Dec 92, is said to have been part of a «mass abduction» incident reported an implant behind an eye during that event.

The particle, mustard seed size, was given to Derrel Sims. Analysis of the 1-1.5mm long by 0.25-0.5mm high, by 0.25-0.5mm wide object indicated it was hollow. Primary constituents were carbon and oxygen. Silicon, barium & titanium were present followed by traces of beryllium, sulphur and aluminium. The material was electrically non-conductive and shown not to be biological. «The substance is most likely a high molecular weight organic compound. Polymers (plastics) are the most likely compound to fit the elemental profile.»

Source: Lewis, Dr. R. «Technical Analysis report» dated 20 Apr 93, taken from an undated issue of HUFON Report Newsletter.



1994 – USA


During an abduction by «men in Olive-drab jumpsuits» ‘Angie’ asked if they were doing something with the implant in her hand and was told: «…that there was more than one implant device in there, that two were the aliens’ products and one came from here.» (p173.) «She said the military groups’ implants «…monitor how many times <implanted abductees> came into contact with alien beings as well as recording «the appropriate location of a pick-up.»» (pp173-174.)

Source: Turner, K. (1994.) Taken. Keltworks. Roland.



1994 – USA


Amy had a dream in Nov 92 where an alien in the company of «ex-pilots, military officials and other professionals» told her about implants. «She put a thin, pencil-like metal instrument in my right ear…she pulled out the instrument, and on one end was a flat, circular, small, flesh-colored…thing. It was…reddish coloured but sort of transparent… If I looked closely I could see something inside the thing..’ The alien removed a second implant from Amy’s neck. It was a «…dark, cylindrical» object about «…three centimetres long…» with «something sticking on the end of it like very fine wires.»

Source: Turner, K. (1994.) Taken. Keltworks. Roland.



1994 – USA


«I have myself studied a 1/2 to 1/4 inch thin, wiry object that was given to me by one of my clients, a twenty-four year old woman, after it came out of her nose following an abduction experience. Elemental analysis and electron microscope photographs revealed an interestingly twisted fibre consisting of carbon, silicon, oxygen, no nitrogen, and traces of other elements. A carbon isotopic analysis was not remarkable. A nuclear biologist colleague said the «specimen was not a naturally occurring biological object but could be a manufactured fibre of some sort.»

Source: Mack, J. (1994.) Abduction. London. Simon & Schuster. p 42.



1994 – USA


«In several of my cases, an object can be seen and felt directly under the skin. I am in the process of having x-rays taken. Perhaps, one of these objects will be detected and possibly examined.»

Source; Smith, Y. «Anatomy of an Abduction.» 1994 MUFON Symposium Proceedings. p. 79.



1994 – USA


A series of life-long mystical episodes and encounters led «Carlos» to suspect that his health problems including his allergies and respiratory illness, are related to probes and implants from his abductions..»

Source: Mack, J. (1994.) Abduction. London. Simon & Schuster. 346.



1994 – US Virgin Islands


Recalling multiple abductions under regression, one specific episode in Feb/Mar 1988 happened to «Peter.» «The tube was passed deeper into his rectum and Peter felt that they left «an implant» or «an information chip» inside of him…I’m tracked now…» (p.300)

After a 1992 experience in Connecticut, «There’s a thing inside of me that they put in to see what’s going on and to track your memory…that somehow records everything in the mind…this notion was that there was a «little black chip» in his brain, perhaps from a previous abduction, and that the flexible instrument which looked metallic, long and thin, ‘retrieves the object’ (the chip…» (p303.)

Source: Mack J. (1994.) Abduction. London. Simon & Schuster.



1994 – USA


In 1983, «When ‘Beverley’ was about 8 Sheila took her to the paediatrician for a possible ear infection. The doctor removed an object about the size of a pencil eraser with «junk all over it» and discarded it.»

Source: Mack J. (1994.) Abduction. London. Simon & Schuster.



1994 – USA


Charles Hickson. «Yes, I don’t know how to say this but these things know where I am and what I’m doing at all times. They keep track of me. Evidently they must have implanted something on me or in me wherever I was first carried aboard that craft.»

Source: Spencer, J. (1994.) Gifts of the Gods. London. Virgin. pp. 211-212.



1994 – England


«Eva believes that the aliens «have a tracking mechanism», and relates an experience when she was about nine and still in England to a possible implant. She was doing somersaults on horizontal bars, missed one, fell, and bumped her head «really hard.» She says she felt that «some-thing moved» in her head, «Something they could keep track of me…» (p244). «…recalled the incident from age nine described earlier in which they seemed to have «corrected» an implant that was dislodged during a fall.» (p249.)

Source: Mack J. (1994.) Abduction. London. Simon & Schuster.



1994 – USA


Richard Price recalls an abduction at age 8, when lying on a table an object was implanted in his penis (2:280). It was observed in his penis in 1981 by a doctor. In 1989 it dislodged and was given to Davis Pritchard. Laboratory examinations of the 1 by 3 mm object were conducted. The overall conclusion was that: «All of the results obtained at MIT indicate that the price artefact…is of terrestrial origin.» (2:295)


(1).  OMNI Apr 1995:47-48

(2).  Pritchard, A et al (eds) (1994.) Alien Discussions. Cambridge. North Cambridge Press. pp.280-295.



1994 – USA


Raymond Fowler forwarded an object which came from the ear of Bob Luca, a lifelong abductee. There was no recollection of its presence except for when it was found and removed (p290.) «On gross examination…consisted of a yellow-white gelatinous ovoid mass…There was no evidence of foreign material, material unusual in the ear, nor unusual reactions.» (p. 294-5.)

Source: Pritchard, A et al (eds) (1994.) Alien Discussions. Cambridge. North Cambridge Press.



1994 – USA


«…Jerry…who felt strongly that two small nodules that appeared on her wrist following an abduction experience had not been there before. She agreed to have these removed by a surgeon colleague of mine, but the pathology laboratory found nothing remarkable about the tissue.»

Source: Mack J. (1994.) Abduction. London. Simon & Schuster p. 42.



1994 – USA


In June 1992 Jerry recounted a series of abductions back to age 7 in 1969. On 11 Aug 92 during regression of an episode in Missouri at age 7 she recalled «…an extremely agonising procedure involving the insertion of «something sharp» like a «needle» into the side of her head…Jerry recalled that she was told that some sort of tiny object was left inside of her at that time. «to monitor me» with no explanation other than, «We just have to do what we have to do.»»

Source: Mack J. (1994.) Abduction. London. Simon & Schuster pp.123-4.



1994 – USA


Colette M. Dowell, a multiple abductee felt a ‘jolt’ which preceded her abduction and «I wondered if there were an ‘implant’ in my head.» In 1989 an MRI was undertaken showing a 3mm nodule located near her pituitary gland. 1986 CAT scan and 1989 MRI scan images are shown in the source. Varied opinions have been offered as to the normality/abnormality of this ‘nodule.’

Source: Dowell, C. M. (1994.) «Brain Scan Anomalies of Two Abductees: Two reports-Report 2.» in Pritchard, A et al (eds) (1994.) Alien Discussions. Cambridge. North Cambridge Press pp. 275-279.



1994 – USA


A multiple abductee Alice Haggerty «Lynn Miller» in «Secret Life» noted an odd sensation from her left nostril/between her eyes. MRI scan «…shows a large white area next to the main bone of the nose structure. The physician marked the film output with an arrow pointing to that mass and commented that it was quite unusual and had apparently been in place for many years. He had no explanation for the structure.» MRI image shown in the source.

Marcattilio, P. J. (1994) Brain Scan Anomalies of Two Abductees: Two reports-Report 2.» in Pritchard, A et al (eds) (1994.) Alien Discussions. Cambridge. North Cambridge Press pp. 273-275.



1994 – USA


«One woman who I talked with discharged an item vaginally. It was not supposed to be there; it was extremely frightening to see this thing of plastic or metallic material. She wasn’t sure what it was but she knew she had to take it and flush it down the toilet, and she did.»

Jacobs, D. (1994.) «Table Procedures» in Pritchard, A et al. (eds) (1994.) Alien Discussions. Cambridge. North Cambridge Press p. 55.



1995 – USA


«Pritchard…knows of one other penile implant case; upon examination, that implant too, turned out to be calcified, damaged tissue of terrestrial, and human origin.»

Source: OMNI April 1995 p. 48.



1996 – NSW, Australia


A female multiple abductee recalls a recent episode. «It felt as if there was an object the size and shape of a bullet between the ribs. The next morning, the object had moved to the outside of the rib, just under the skin. Three months later she remembers «passing» the object. She did not look to check but knew what had happened.»

Barry Taylor’s website: http://www.nor.com.au/users/stingray/abd4.htm – 23 Sep 96.   Link No Longer Valid.



1996 – USA


A surgical procedure on 19 Aug 1995 of a male (Pat) abductee’s left hand located a small cantaloupe seed sized object-2-4mm. It fluoresced a bright green under a UV light and appeared to be metallic. ‘…at the age of six, walked out of his house in a field, and saw a UFO; a round object the size of a basketball approached him. As he turned to move away from it, the object exploded and embedded a piece of metal into his left hand.» (2)

(1).  Leir, Dr. R. K. (1996.) «In search of hard evidence» MUFON UFO Journal Apr. No. 336:9-12&15.

(2).  [Originally: «Implants «: http://www.anw.com/saber/medical. htm – 10 Jan 1997. Link no longer valid.]

New URL: http://users1.ee.net/pmason/el_removal.html



1996 – USA


«One of Dr John Mack’s PEER group members had an object expelled from her nose. The specimen was a «tough», pinkish-coloured, 1-inch long, kinky, wire-like object. A pathologist «Dr K» found it to be about 20-30 microns in thickness, and it could be stretched out more than 3 inches. It was reported to have a gelatinous sheath with bumpy outcroppings, it was clearly not a hair. A radiologist found it to be radiolucent-not metallic. Neither the pathologist nor the radiologist was able to identify the object. Further tests were done. Using the scanning electron microscope for energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) showed the specimen to consist primarily of carbon and oxygen, with carbon being the dominant element. This was the case for measurements made outside as well as inside the specimen. Measurements at several locations on the outside surface also showed the presence of small amounts of a complex mixture of those characteristics of tissue and contaminating substances (e.g. sulfur, chlorine, silicon, aluminium etc). Using a sharp scalpel the fibre was sliced into two . Its identity and purpose remain unknown at this time.»

Source: Originally http://www.strieber.com/Implant/research.html#betty – 6 Nov 96 – Link No Longer Valid.

Alternate URL: http://www.strieber.com/



1996 – USA


«Some preliminary results are available on an object that was extracted from a witness in 1989. At the time it was removed, in a photographed and videotaped procedure, it had been in the left leg, under the skin for 34 years. It was placed in his body during a daylight abduction that also involved his brother…On initial viewing it appeared to be a shard of glass shaped like a small clear comb tine…»Source: Originally http://www.strieber.com/Implant/research.html#betty – 6 Nov 96

Link no longer valid.

Alternate URL: http://www.strieber.com/



1996 – USA


«In 1989, an object was removed from the ear of the body of a close encounter witness…she had been aware of the object, but did not want it removed from her body while she was alive. Betty reported tones in her ear where the object was placed, and had numerous close encounter experiences….On January 6, 1995 Mrs Dagenais’ dark, 1 mm diameter implant was subjected to electromicroscopic analysis by engineer George Hathaway and found to be made of aluminium, titanium, silicon and traces of other minerals. He commented, «…titanium could be used in a transmitter or receiver, as could aluminium.» A quality control technician with Mitsubishi Electric of Canada was also questioned about what a device consisting primarily of those elements might be used for. He replied that it «…would be a transducer and can be used to transmit signals.»

Source: Originally http://www.strieber.com/Implant/research.html#betty – 6 Nov 96Link no longer valid.

Alternate URL: http://www.strieber.com/



1996 – Australia


Carol Nagle had a life long set of alien experiences. Under regression she recalled «…being taken into a space craft.» X-rays taken revealed three implants. One in the left thumb, one in the pancreas, and one in the pituitary gland. Source shows x-ray images.

Barry Taylor’s website: http://www.nor.com.au/users/stingray/carol.htm – 23 Sep 96. – Link no Longer Valid



1996 – USA


A surgical examination of «Patricia Connely’s» left foot revealed a small, dark greyish object. «It appeared to be triangular or starshaped.» Approx 1/2 by 1/2 cm in size. A second object was removed from the same big toe, shape of «a small cantaloupe seed and covered with the same dark grey, dense membrane.» Size 2-4mm. Both objects fluoresced a bright green under a UV light. They appeared to be metallic. She was abducted approx 27 years ago and only recently became aware of the implant.

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(2).  [Originally: «Implants»: http://www.anw.com/saber/medical. htm – 10 Jan 1997. Link no longer valid.]New URL: http://users1.ee.net/pmason/el_removal.html



1997 – Norway


A 55 year old woman «Turid» had pain in her big right toe for 10 years. In Jan 1996 after removing a bandage from her foot she found an object which was magnetic.

Sourcehttp://www.pufori.org/articles/horten_implant.htm – dated 10/1/97



1998 – USA


«Paul Dering.» Extracted on 17 Aug 98, «The object was discovered when he had his wrist x-rayed as a result of a skiing accident in 1990…which revealed a tiny opaque object in his left thumb.» No abduction known.(1) «Resembling a cantaloupe seed, the tiny object was covered with a dark, grey shiny membranous tissue.» (1)

Source: Carlson, J of FIRST. CNI News 4:16 16 Oct 98.



1998 – USA


«The male had what appeared to be a metallic foreign body in his left lower jaw that was demonstrable in an x-ray.» «…one small metallic triangular object covered with a dark grey shiny membrane. (1) «…he said, the object might have been installed under his jaw during dental surgery several years ago (2).

(1).  Leir, Dr R.K. (1998.) «Alien Implants» MUFON UFO Journal June 362:3-8.

(2).  CNI News Vol 18 No 6 20 May 98.



1998 – USA


«The two females demonstrated a small radio-opaque object in each leg. They also had small skin defects which had become apparent the morning following an alleged abduction. A small grey-white ball about the size of a BB.» (1)…

Source: Leir,(1) Dr R.K. (1998.) «Alien Implants» MUFON UFO Journal June No 362:3-8.



1998 – USA


«The two females demonstrated a small radio-opaque object in each leg. They also had small skin defects which had become apparent the morning following an alleged abduction. A small grey-white ball about the size of a BB.» (1)…each one had a similar object removed from the calf of her left leg. These objects were very close to the surface…with their surrounding tissues were approximately cylindrical and measure about 1 centimetre long by one-half centimetre wide…she said she first suspected the presence of an implant after she discovered an unexplained «scoop mark» on her left calf about one year ago…» (2)

(1).  Leir, Dr R.K. (1998.) «Alien Implants» MUFON UFO Journal June No 362:3-8.

(2).  CNI News Vol 18 No 6 20 May 98.



1998 – UK


«We ourselves have actually come into possession of an «object» that was ejected from the nasal cavity of a woman personally known to us, which was examined under the scanning electron microscope…it was certainly unusual for a fragment of ‘hydrocarbon plastic» to look like what the photos showed…was analysed at Manchester University and found to be hydrocarbon, no bigger than this – not magnetic, but when scanned…appears as this shape pointed perfect on the one end with a ‘hook’ on the other…»

Source: Personal communication with Keith Basterfield.



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