Human Abduction and Animal Mutilation by Abrahams


Human Abduction and Animal Mutilation by Abrahams


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Connection between Human Abduction and Animal Mutilation

Yesterday I posed the question whether there is a connection between Human Abduction by ‘UFO’s’ and beings from those craft, and if so, what is the connection.  This question takes into account that there is such a thing as alien abduction of humans, and animal mutilations.

Skeptics claim that alien abductions is simply sleep paralysis, and animal mutilations are simply predators consuming certain parts of a dead animal.  Check out THIS interesting post on cattle mutilations
This blog is called Authentic UFO’s because I try to be skeptical and will only post (I hope) what I consider to be authentic, and if I think there may be another explanation, I try to state those views, even if I disagree personally, or quote the person who states the view.

My personal belief is that there are animal and even human mutilations; and that alien abduction, especially at night while a person is awake and in isolated places (such as the Benny and Barney Hill story, Travis Walton – see pic, and others) are likely to be real experiences and not hallucinations. This based on what is stated in the Jewish Talmud written about 2000 years ago. In an isolated place, these aliens (whoever they may be) may even attack and abduct more than one person or even a group.
They are unlikely to attack where there is light and people in groups are usually safe unless ‘in their territory’ i.e. in isolated places.

People claim to be abducted from their homes and even in big cities such as New York. It may be possible that this is sleep paralysis, but maybe its really happening. After all, the abduction experience has common threads running through the story – so if its a dream or even sleep paralysis, how could everyone have the same identical scenario. There are many other reasons why it may well be a real experience. Take for example implants that have been found by Dr. Lier and others and surgically removed. These may be tracking devices or serve some other purpose such as reporting on changes in the body. Now it may not necessarily be that the person is taken from their location into a space ship or UFO – if they are inter-dimensional beings, perhaps they can do this while the person is in their bed and they are experiencing this other dimension. Or perhaps it does happen that they are removed from their bedrooms and possibly other people in the apartment or house are dealt with by making them unable to move, as some have reported. Some report finding themselves in bed with signs that they have been outside, such as feet covered in mud or leaves in the bed. The most common sign is lost time, where a person suddenly finds themselves in another place, almost as if they moved instantaneously, but its two or more hours later and they have no recollection of what has happened. In addition, many people tell these stories under hypnosis (which may or may not be reliable, but certainly seems to be fairly reliable). Others have passed lie detector tests, and some have failed, such as Jeff Peckman, who I personally feel is a hoaxer, but others are entitled to disagree. Most UFO abductee’s experience high strangeness. There have been reports of neighbors seeing strange lights inside an abductee’s home on a night they were supposedly abducted. Many abductee’s suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which indicates that something serious and frightening happened. Most people talk of the feeling of fear which seems to be induced by the experience. Scientists were able to create similar feelings by using magnetic forces on the brain. Many people become abductee’s after seeing a UFO, which could mean they are tagged somehow for later use. In the USA one scientist found that animals were coated with an ultraviolet substance after lights were seem in the sky and some of those coated were later found mutilated.

I’m not convinced these ‘Aliens’ come from other planets or star systems, but they may. Why is it impossible for them to have lived here on earth since the beginning of time. Perhaps they are simply a highly intelligent species that has always lived here on earth and have the ability to travel into space as we do.

Perhaps they are even a previous generation that explored space and came back in a deformed state. The Jewish Kabballah states that the tower of Babel was really a method to explore space to try to wage war with G-d. Jewish commentators from before the modern age comment that it was a tower with fire underneath (a rocket?) It states that they went to the moon but came back as monkeys. Maybe they mastered time travel but it had disastrous effects! The Kabballah also mentions that many of the Jewish sages of olden times could create a ‘flying tower’ – some people have claimed to see UFO’s that look like a building flying through the air. Another explanation is that the people of the Tower of Babel (the Sumerian’s with Nimrod as their leader) had the ability to capture demons (the grey’s and harmful beings?) and angels (benevolent beings) and they used their knowledge to build supernatural craft that could fly up to the ends of the heavens. Their goal was to enable themselves to free themselves from the Supreme Being – an obviously stupid proposition, but they tried anyway. In fact some commentators go as far as to say that human spirit is so great that they actually may have had a chance of success (since G-d generally hides himself from humanity and does not perform miracles except in exceptional circumstances)  and therefore G-d confused their language so that they would not achieve this goal. Without human unity people will fight and thats what we see through all generations since that time – war after war. Many abductee’s mention that they have seen humans during abductions. Since it is possible to use angels and demons for ones own use if they are ‘captured’ – perhaps some secret agency is using them to do things they could not, such as abducting people and using animals for genetic experiments. That would be more frightening in a way, that simple alien abduction.

Going back to aliens, there do seem to be two kinds, those that seem to have what we would call evil intentions and those who are benevolent and helpful. It seems that these two forces may be fighting each other (perhaps what religions call the war of the forces of bad against good). The Jewish texts also states that there may be beings that come from other planets – this may be in addition to angels and demons. In fact one such civilization is punished according some texts because they never came to aid Israel against Sennacherib, king of Assyria. It’s also possible they are beings from other dimensions. The Kabballah says there are 8 different dimensions.

They may also be time travelers, or simply there may be places in the world where time is distorted and people are moved momentarily to a different time. Such reports have been heard of people seeing or even being in a past time and reporting on events that happened, and possibly even bring proof that they saw objects in a certain location – which only later was discovered to be true. See the Moberly-Joudain incident HERE and in WIKIPEDIA

Whatever the case – if these UFO’s and abductions are real – what is the purpose and why the mutilation of animals and why are people returned after having various procedures, such as having semen removed or pregnancy implants into woman? It could be that these beings cannot reproduce without human aid – could it be that they need to construct their own children, Frankenstein way – by using parts from animals and then using human sperm and wombs for producing their children?!

Another possibility is that they are supernatural spiritual type beings that don’t have the one thing that only humans have – and that is free-will to do good or bad. Jewish texts state that the spiritual beings don’t have free will. That may explain the Bible when it states that the angels desired woman and married them – creating giants. Why did they desire them, surely angelic woman must be more beautiful than human woman – perhaps they desired to have free-will like humans and that was their desire. Perhaps this latest abduction spree is a repetition of that desire in olden times. Many abductee’s feel  that their abductors have no feelings – that would be because they have no free will. They may not understand how abduction could be painful to humans. Could it be that in the cases of human mutilations, if they exist, it is when the human subject became too violent for the captors forcing them to defend themselves with fatal consequences?! Once the subject is killed the mutilation takes place as they have no respect for the human body. Could it be that some of these beings are so evil that they would kill people and even eat them? According to Jewish texts there are some very evil entities reserved for punishing exceedingly evil people. I once heard or saw and article that stated that the US government is keeping this a secret because human remains have been found in some saucer crashes. That would certainly be enough to scare the population of the US, although by in large, most abductee’s seem to be returned.

Often people abducted claim that they were told by the aliens that ‘they cannot interfere’ to protect the earth – it seems to be a recurring theme that they tell humans about how they are destroying the world. It seems they cannot interfere directly. The secrecy and the illusive nature of these craft would suggest that they cannot interfere or be seen, although it seems that they have difficulty in meeting these restrictions, especially since the advent of the video camera. The fact that they do interfere and abduct people and take animals seems to be ironic if they ‘are not allowed to interfere’!

In case this post made you feel uneasy – here is a clip to cheer you up (if you’re not a farmer that has lost cows to this phenomenon):-