Abduction 1979 Filiberto Cardenas


Abduction 1979 Filiberto Cardenas


Filiberto Cardenas Abduction and Contact Case

January 3, 1979
Hialeah, Florida, United States
Summary: In January 3, 1979 a Cuban exile Filiberto Cardenas was abducted in front of his family. Later, he had an encounter introducing his wife to the entities. This may be the first case on record where the original abductee was able to successfuly introduce another person into the contact events and to actually take them aboard a UFO with them.

Filiberto Cardenas (credit: Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo)

A drawing of the ship used on the second abduction, and believed to have been used on the first one also. From an original sketch by Iris Cardenas. There were brilliant colored lights completely around the rim of ship, and the gondola-like cabin also had lights on its bottom. (credit: Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo)

Small craft where Mr. Cardenas flew underwater to the pyramid base in the ocean.(credit: Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo)

Drawing of the alien being by Iris Cardenas, the 2nd witness. Iris observed: «On the suit, on the right breast, they had an emblem made up of a serpent in the form of an ‘S’ or maybe more like a ‘Z’ with rounded corners, with a wide ‘X’-shaped cross lying down underneath.» See a very similar alien being, including the particular serpent emblem on the suit, in the 1967 abduction of police officer Herbert Schirmer. (credit: Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo)

Type of Case/Report: StandardCase
Hynek Classification: CE4
Shape of Object(s): Disc
Number of Witnesses: Multiple
Special Features/Characteristics: Abduction, Contact, Water-Related, Communication, Witness Sketch, Witness Photo

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Print / Other References

Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo and Wendelle C. Stevens. «UFO Contact from Undersea». UFO Photo Archives, 1982.

Full Report / Article

Source: Albert Rosales, Humanoid Catalog (1979 Reports)
Original Source

Location. Near Miami Florida
Date: January 3 1979
Time: 1830

Filiberto Cardenas was driving on Okeechobee Road, with three family friends just north of the city, when the car engine suddenly failed, he and another man got out of the car to check under the hood when a large luminous object emitting a humming sound descended over the vehicle. The witness vanished in plain sight of the others apparently taken up into the object by a beam of light. He was found dazed 2 hours later and 16 miles away from the original location by a police officer. Later he recalled being taken up and blacking out. He found himself onboard the object and three human-like beings all dressed in tight-fitting white suits took him to a ocean front like location where they opened a «lock» on a rock and entered through a tunnel beneath the sea. The beings were of average height, wearing dark tight fitting outfits that covered their heads, with winged snake-like emblems on their chests. They spoke to the witness in Spanish and mainly spoke about coming wars and disasters. He was led to a seat made out of stone and was given a liquid to drink that tasted like honey. A huge door then opened in front of him and several persons began coming out. Cardenas began feeling a strong pressure in his chest and at this point an individual approached him and told him he was welcomed. The individual appeared totally human and spoke with a South American accent. Indeed this man told Cardenas that he was from earth but had lived with the extraterrestrials for a while now. He was then taken through a door and corridor into what appeared to be a great city. He then entered a small room, there he was suddenly sucked into the wall, which then flipped over and became a bed. Paralyzed he was unable to move and noticed several figures moving around him. As a light blinded him something was inserted into his ear. From the wall emerged what appeared to be several arms ending in suction cups that covered his body almost totally. He felt no pain but could not move. After the examination he was taken into another room. There he saw a tall seat and on it was a tall man wearing a cape, he also saw numerous consoles and monitors. He was shown images of three pyramids joined by a thin ray of light. Cardenas apparently slept several times and was awakened and given several tablets to eat. In another room he saw several human like figures wearing gray coveralls. In another room he saw a large gathering of people in what he thought was a «party». Soon he was taken into another room where he saw a large rocket style ship in which he was taken into along with three other humans. He was made to sit on a suction-like seat. After a short trip he was made to exit and given something to eat. He last saw the object disappear into the distance. He was found disoriented by a police officer in an isolated section of southwest 8 street. A medical examination found 108 tiny pricks on Cardenas body. Days after the encounter he suffered from severe sweating, extreme thirst, extreme temperature changes, and a strong sulfur like smell followed him, he also suffered from memory loss, decreased sexual appetite and strange space-time altering episodes.

HC addition # 458
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery also Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Type: G


Location. Near Miami Florida
Date: February 21 1979
Time: 1300
Filiberto Cardenas, this time accompanied by his wife felt compelled to return to the site of the previous abduction. There they both entered a hovering top shaped craft with numerous terminals and buttons inside. Two men met them and one woman, four-foot tall, dressed in tight fitting silvery suits that covered everything except for their faces. The outfits had a serpent-like emblem on their chest area. An antenna like device covered their ears. This time the beings communicated with the witnesses via telepathy and spoke among themselves in an Arabic sounding language. They spoke mainly about universal love.

HC addition # 459
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery
Type: G

Case ID: 695