Abduction 4 children 1994 en Argentina por D. Finney


Abduction 4 children 1994 en Argentina por D. Finney



compiled by Dee Finney




(Not everyone believes this story is true)


«We were scared for only a little while»

Article by Jeanne Kolden
Weekly World News
May 18, 1992

Four small children were taken aboard a UFO and shown the wonders of the universe on a three-day journey into space, civilian an military authorities report.

«Adults lie. Teenagers lie. Butu children this age are incapable of lying, at least like this,» said Roderigo Ortiz, special investigator with the police department in Concorde, Argentina.

«From all appearances, they did spend time on a starship.


There were half a dozen
witnesses who described this ship

The actually traveled into space and saw the sights like ordinary tourists.

«At one oint they thought God was taking them to heaven as He – whatever «He» was – stood behind the controls of the craft.»

Newspaper reports of the amazing drama identified the children as 8-year-old Maria Molero, her sister Emma, 6, and brothers Jorge, 5 and Carlos, 3. According to the children and a half dozen eye-witnesses, a 75-foot saucer-shaped craft swooped over the field they were playing in on August 9, 1992 and sucked them into the craft after hitting  them with a burst of bright blue light.

«A great golden ship took us up in the sky and it was driven by God – I know it was God.

«He wore golden robes and had long silver hair and was siny all over,» said Maria Molero, the oldest of the kidnapped kids. «He was a nice man and told us to call him Laiar. He showed us the moon and other places in the sky and said they were the stars.»

The other children confirmed her account and said they were scared «for just a little while. He scraped our faces with a little stick and stuck us with a needle but he didn’t hurt us at all,» said Jorge Molero. «I liked the bedrooms because all the beds were soft and way up high,» added Emma Molero.

Little Carlos Molero, the youngest, said: «There were a million buttons and lights. The man looked funny because he had a big head and two big yellow eyes. He is our friend.»

Because of the difficulties of interviewing children, authorities have yet to determine everything that happened during their three days aboard the spaceship. It does appear that they underwent some sort of medical testing, however, because needle marks and scraped were still visible on their cheeks after they got home, officials said.

A military spokesman would neither confirm nor deny press reports that a UFO was picked up on radar the day the children were abducted and the night they returned.

«We are investigating and the facts will be made public when they are known,» he said.

«The children are being interviwed now. we hope to have some solid information soon,» the spokesman said.

UFO researcher Armando Azparen hsa not spoken to the chidren personally because the military has refused to answer his requests for an interview.

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(Unexplained Mysteries)

A man walking along the coast saw an oval UFO emerge from the sea and dissappear inland.





A rancher saw two objects, one of which landed. He walked within 150 meters of the aluminum-looking craft, which gave off a greenish-blue vapor and «an intense smell of burning benzine.» Occupants were seen. Both craft flew away toward Chile, leaving bluish trails.


April 1950 – Argentina

Mr. E.C. Bossa found a strange disc and four small dead pilots in a remote region of Argentina. He returned with a friend the next day and found only a pile of warm ashes. A cigar-shaped object was seen briefly as it flew overhead at a high altitude.


Spring 1957: Encounter in Argentina that seemed to be a dry run for abductions that were about to start.

September 7, 1957: Abduction with missing time

October 16, 1957: Antonio Villas Boas suffered illness from his encounter





In the mountains, about 14 kilometers from Abra Pampa, a luminous object 30 meters in diameter came to ground level.





Two hunters saw a disk-shaped object resting on the ground 150 meters away. It looked like an aaluminum craft about 2.5 meters high, with a dome on top. Grass flattened.





Mr. Uribe, a petroleum engineer, and two other witnesses had to stop when they ran out of fuel; they observed a light swinging like a pendulum, coming close to the ground. It appeared as a large vertical, egg-shaped object which made a «whooshing» sound. Closest appraoch was 120 meters. estimated height: 2 meters; width: 1.5 meters. When Uribe aimed a rifle at the object, it went out of sight within seconds.


From: http://www.isso.org/inbox/ubd/quote/quogov.htm

Argentine Navy. In the 1960s, the Argentine Navy was charged with the official investigation of UFO sightings, particularly those reported by its own personnel. A 1965 «Official UFO Report» prepared by Captain Sánchez Moreno from the Naval Air Station Comandante Espora in Bahía Blanca, revealed that:

«Between 1950 and 1965, personnel of Argentina’s Navy alone made 22 sightings of unidentified flying objects that were not airplanes, satellites, weather balloons or any type of known (aerial) vehicles. These 22 cases served as precedents for intensifying that investigation of the subject by the Navy. In the past two years, nine incidents have been recorded that are being studied by Captain Pagani and a team of military and civilian scientists and collaborators. Likewise, a meticulous questionnaire was drafted, printed and distributed to different bases. In a short time, the Service of Naval Intelligence was in possession of a stack of highly significant reports of testimonies. On the basis of this important documentation, it was possible to obtain a coherent overview of the problem.» (Captain Sánchez Moreno, Informe Oficial O.V.N.I., Sumario S# A. 02778-DTO. OVNI, Naval Air Station Comandante Espora, in ICUFON Project World Authority for Spatial Affairs (W.A.S.A.), New York, 1979.) (top)

Captain Engineer Omar R. Pagani, Director of the Argentine Navy UFO investigation team in the 1960s. As a result of a series of observations at Argentine and Chilean meteorological stations on Deception Island, Antarctica, in June and July 1965, Captain Pagani disclosed at a press conference that:

«The unidentified flying objects do exist. Their presence and intelligent displacement in the Argentine airspace has been proven. Their nature and origin is unknown and no judgement is made about them.» (Sánchez Moreno, ibid.)

In addition, the Argentine Navy Bulletin #172 of July 7, 1965 reported:

«From the Navy post at the South Orkney Islands comes a message of extreme importance: during the passage of the strange object over the base [earlier the same day], two magnetometers in perfect working condition registered sudden and strong disturbances of the magnetic field (at 17:03 hrs.), which were recorded on their tapes.» (Perissé, Captain D. A., «Deception Island UFO Sightings,» in the MUFON 1987 International UFO Symposium Proceedings, Washington, D.C., June 1987.)





A truck driver and tqo other men observed two powerful lights, lost sight of them, but later saw a craft on the ground 150 meters to the side of the road. It took off at high speed when illuminated by the headlights. Farther away, two objects maneuvered above the road leading to La Bajada. As the police were driving to the scene, they saw one of the craft on the ground near Loma Brava.





Four people, whose car had run out of gas, were waiting in a drizzling rain when a bright light, first thought to be from a car, approached them. It turned out to be a low-flying object that landed. It was round with a blinking light, and satyed there about one hour before taking off at high speed.





Dozens of witnesses in Uncativo, Cordoba, Carranza, and Los Molinos Dam observed a very luminous, elongated object with a bright trail. Soon thereafter, fog filled a wooded section near Uncativo, and a landed object resembling a small house was observed.





Three men saw an object on the ground 100 meters from the road. It looked like a railroad car and was illuminated. As they came close to it, the object took off, crossed the road at low altitude, rose with a flame, and separated into two sections that flew away in different directions. It made a humming noise and was seen on the ground for one minute. Within a circle 60 meters in radius, grass was burned, insects were carbonized, and the ground was «petrified.» Sample analysis was done by the Puertyo Belgrano Naval Base.




The newspaper El Mundo of Buenos Aires reported that there had been so many UFO sightings over the city of Bahia Blanca that the police chief had picked up all of the eyewitnesses in La Plata for debriefing.




In the seaside resort town of Miramar, at 9:30 p.m. local time, a «cigarro volante» (flying cigar) was seen flying in from the South Atlantic by nearly 100 people. The OVNI (Spanish acronym for UFO) over Miramar carried «three very bright lights–red in the center, yellow on the right, and green on the left. The apparent size of the cigar was greater than the diameter of the moon.»




At 2 p.m., over 150 Argentine workmen employed at the Auto Union DKW automobile plant at Saucer Viejo, a suburb of Santa Fe, a city northwest of Buenos Aires saw a «cigarro volante» or UFO moving rapidly across the sky, heading in a northeasterly direction. The OVNI flew 1,000 meters (3,600 feet) above ground and emitted frequent blinding flashes. The object was silent, left no trail, climbed rapidly and disappeared.


From:  http://ufoinfo.com/roundup/v01/rnd01_13.shtml

Argentina has had their share of UFO sightings.  This one was also by a group of people.

On May 12, 1962, a massive UFO flap began in the South American nation of Argentina. UFOs were seen all over Argentina. Landings were reported in Oncativo in Cordoba province and in Zapala in Nequen province. The sightings continued for weeks.

On June 13, 1962, the newspaper El Mundo of Buenos Aires reported that there had been so many UFO sightings over the city of Bahia Blanca that the police chief had picked up all of the eyewitnesses in La Plata for debriefing.

The night of June 15, 1962, at Mar del Plata, two dozen people saw a UFO. In the neighboring seaside resort town of Miramar, at 9:30 p.m. local time, a «cigarro volante» (flying cigar) was seen flying in from the South Atlantic by nearly 100 people. The OVNI (Spanish acronym for UFO) over Miramar carried «three very bright lights–red in the center, yellow on the right, and green on the left. The apparent size of the cigar was greater than the diameter of the moon.»

At 2 p.m. on July 19, 1962, over 150 Argentine workmen employed at the Auto Union DKW automobile plant at Saucer Viejo, a suburb of Santa Fe, a city northwest of Buenos Aires saw a «cigarro volante» or UFO moving rapidly across the sky, heading in a northeasterly direction. The OVNI flew 1,000 meters (3,600 feet) above ground and emitted frequent blinding flashes. The object was silent, left no trail, climbed rapidly and disappeared.





In August 1962, the newspaper La Razon of Buenos Aires ran an astounding story. An OVNI (Spanish acronym for UFO) had landed at the airfield in Camba Punat, in the province of Corrientes.

According to La Razon, airport manager Luis Harvey was warned by his radar operators that an unannounced airplane was about to land. Running out on the runway, Harvey saw «a luminous object» circling the runway at high speed. Suddenly, the object came down and hovered four feet off the asphalt. Harvey and a dozen other witnesses described it as «a completely spherical body that hovered, spinning on its axis, a few feet above the runway.» All the while, the UFO emitted blinding green, orange and blue lights.»

As Harvey and his crew approached the UFO, it soared upward and «vanished at staggering speed.»


12/20/62(date approximate)


A large, fiery disk was observed on the runway by Horacio Alora and Mario Pezzuto, the two control tower operators, and by the crews of two aircraft. It rose to 10 meters altitude, hovered, and flew away to the northeast.





An object was reported to have landed. The Lopez brothers found traces in the grass and evidence of intense heat. Police investigated. A whitish powder was also found at the site.





After an intense rainfall, Pablo Michalowski and Roberto Jorge Martinez observed and photographed a luminous object that rose from a forest preserve about 2 kilometers from Colonia Yerua.





Six strange objects were observed for 40 minutes, causing a local panic. One was hovering at ground level above some railroad tracks, while another, showing a dome and some portholes, was near a house. When witnesses flashed a light, the house was flooded with a strong beam. Temperature rose and a sulphurous odor was noted. Figures were seen in the vicinity of the first disks. All six objects had a white and a red light beam, measured 8 meters in diameter, and left a cloud of white smoke.


From: http://www.netowne.com/ufos/ufo-roundup/roundupv4n6.htm


Two of the strangest abduction attempts on record occurred during February 1965 in the small town of Torrent in northern Argentina.

«One night in the first week of February (1965), a man living at Torrent, near Santo Tome (in Corrientes province, about 560 kilometers (350 miles) north- northeast of Buenos Aires–J.T.) called his neighbours to come outside and observe five luminous objects flying overhead. Then a transparent craft landed, and from it emerged five ‘Martians.'»

The aliens were described as «nearly 2 metres high (six feet, four inches), each having only one eye in the centre of the forehead. On their heads were instruments giving off flashes of different colors.»

According to witness Rodrigo de Riana, «They entered a farmhouse and tried to sieze a man, but withdrew in the face of the firm attitude of the villagers,» reboarded their craft «and flew away.»

«On February 6 (1965) however, they returned and were seen by many people. Once again they tried to catch a man and failed. He escaped and gave the alarm. The villagers turned out in strength and fired their shotguns at the ‘Martians,’ seemingly with no effect.»

The second foray proving equally unsuccessful, the aliens reboarded their craft and departed once more. They have not been seen since. (See the book THE HUMANOIDS, editor Charles Bowen, Henry Regnery Co., Chicago, Illinois, 1969, «The Humanoids in Latin America» by Gordon Creighton, page 109.)


Truck driver Eugenio Douglas was run off the road by a 25 foot diameter saucer-shaped object. The object landed and three beings came out and chased him. He fired four shots at them with no effect. He had weltlike burns on his face.






Chafrato Dagota observed a circular object that came to the ground briefly. It stood on a sort of pillar and emitted a blinding light. He caught sight of two figures moving near it.




A man saw UFOs descend into the sea, and later saw luminous objects emerge and fly off.





Hunters saw through binoculars an object resembling an upside-down plate, very luminous, with a red light on top, flying in circles and landing on a hilltop. The Lujan police sent a patrol, which found a large metallic object resting on a hill, but they could not approach the object before it took off, because of the difficult terrain.





Maria Andres, teacher, Mr. Gomez, Mrs. Giocoecha, and others saw a small object leave a larger one, land, and burn a spot on the ground before going back to the main object. It emitted a blinding light.





Mr. and Mrs. Bosquets and their family observed a luminous object, it’s color changing from blue to orange, about 12 meters in diameter and showing several portholes. the object left traces on the ground.





Mr. and Mrs. Yacobi heard a loud humming sound and saw a glowing, oval, flashing object land 200 meters away. Figures moved around it, as if examining the craft, which took off again.




A framer saw a cigar-shaped UFO, 70 feet long, chugging along giving off grey smoke.; it crashed into the sea and sank.





Two persons saw a cigar-shaped object on the ground, 400 meters away from the road, which took off, rising rapidly. It had window-like openings emitting a bright light.





During a raging storm, an entire family watched a large, glowing object in a field 300 meters away, giving off brilliant beams of light for 4 hours, after which it took off in seconds. Sootlike material with an unpleasant smell and tracks on flattened grass were noted.





Carlos Spini and another man saw a luminous, blue, circular object land nearby, as they were examining some cows. It took off when they came near.





Jorge Yaru, 35, saw a strange light outside and a bright object, the size of a bus, 30 meters away. It had yellow, green, and red lights at the bottom. As he approached, the object rose suddenly, hovered for 40 minutes, and left at high speed.





A man encountered a large object, 50 centimeters above the ground. The top part was spinning, and it cast a vertical beam of light toward the ground. Calcination traces were found by police.





Chief of Provincial Police German La Rocha and Police Major Niceforo Leon observed a round object with a vivid blue light. It landed, left a strange, powerful odor, and burned grass and shrubs.


On 1968/09/01 MENDOZA Prov., ARGENTINA: Humanoids scrawl odd symbols on windshield etc. Casino workers confess all later that they had faked the encounter.




A man saw a rotating UFO emerge from the ocean and follow him for a short distance before climbing out of sight.



0330 Source: Strange Magazine, No. 9

Gilberto Gregorio Coccioli (50) heard a noise in the yard and went out to calm his dog. He was hit by a beam of light and lost consciousness. When he awoke he was in metallic room where strange beings took blood samples and forced him to have sex with two female beings.

EFFECTS: Light beam
Medical examination




Centeno, Argentina – 1977

Saavedra, Argentina -1981


Location: Buenos Aires , _ Argentina
County or area: Campana
Date: 23 August , 1983
Time (local time): 7:00 to 7:15 AM

Description: (Note: this report is being filed by the editor on behalf of the witness. Original file was sent to us as an MS Word document in Spanish. Following is a literal translation from Spanish to English, so it may seem incoherent but will give you a general idea of the account. For the benefit of those who understand Spanish, the original untranslated text is in the «Comments» field. Name and email address withheld by editor.): «The visual contact that happened the morning of the 23 of August of 1983, from the 7:00 AM in Fabria of Carboclor Distillery of the City of Campana, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. We had entered to work to 5:00 A.M. I worked as temporary contractor in an industrial assembly next to other workers in the assembly of two liquefied gas tanks to borders of Rió Parana, while we prepared the tools and the materials to continue the work we approached the 06,00 place to A.M., along with the crane; in order to install the pipes of the tanks. The work party was formed by a supervisor; two officials, an assistant who was I, and the gruista, around 07:00hs watching towards the fields to the bottom in the direction of the channels of the train, the forest began to illuminate itself with a light who went of minor to greater until total a white incandescence, in the horizontal plane, when them warning to my companions of that strange light, the same one begins to rise by on the forest until an approximated height of 500 meters this stops there in its vertical and shutdown remains changing of incandescent white color to a light of red color, this light described to alternated movements so much in form of circles as heaves downwards red and one stopped next to first, copying the movement of Ship 1, While we watched and we commented with my companions which was happening single had spent 5 minutes that is were the 7:05 A.M. then both Ships was illuminated again to happening to incandescent the white color, and while they were moved the white light began to lower of intensity, both Ships, moved in our direction of the South of North with oscillating movements, as much in circles as vertical of medium magnitude, for that moment it began slowly to dawn by the side of Rió Parana, the two ships separated a volume direction on Rió and the other passed by over company ESSO, a petroleum refinery while it said to them to my companions who what we were seeing were two Ovnis (UFO) few wanted to think what we were seeing, in aim I am reached to see the contour to him circulate of the ship and its three heat sources in its inferior part distributed to 120 degrees each one of made oval form stretched since the small single dawn let see that, whereas Ship 2 happened through the dark zone over Fabrica ESSO to this if the circular contour and the heat sources could be observed him nonsingle if not also the metallic body of gray color metalized and its invested plate form, the approximated diameter of the Airships were of about 20 meters of diameter, for this already were the 07:10 A.M. At that precise moment the Ship 2 Desaparece of the place like cutting the wind with a knife, and to the second Ship 1 does in the same way, for the 07:15 A.M. everything had finished, we remained nailed in the Earth watching that fabulous spectacle that the Extraterrestrial ones offered us, since I knowledge of the existence of these beings because it had read on them, the supervisor had felt commentaries, however for the others they on the matter did not have information, was so we were witnesses of great encounter with these superior beings, since moan not to have had my camera to graficar the encounter, wise person of whom had contacts, of Cordova this famous Monte Uritorco, where that she has visits of Ufos and have come from many parts to make contacts one of which venia was Neil Armstrong of the Apollo 11. Has much people but that know themselves contacts one of them is Fabio Zerpa..Bueno I leave them I hope that finds it sincerely liked Manuel. I wait for its commentaries.»

Distance from viewer: 500 meters
Number of objects: 2
Duration of sighting: 5 to 10 minutes
Number of witnesses: 2



Airport Power Fails — Dozens of Eyewitnesses

U.S. newspapers carried scant notice of an event that made big news in other parts of the world. The Los Angeles Times ran one paragraph on August 17, 1995 more than two weeks after the event:

«A flight crew for Aerolineas Argentinas, and aviation officials on the ground, observed a luminous object that approached the aircraft as it was about to land at Bariloche airport, about 870 miles from Buenos Aires.  Control tower personnel reported all of their instruments started behaving strangely at about the same time. Ground observers said the UFO appeared to have shining lights on its belly.»

The commercial jet, type not known, was on approach to the airport at Bariloche  at approximately midnight on August 1. An estimated 103 people were  aboard. A  brightly lit object approached the jet, flashing and changing colors as it came. The jet pilot, fearing a collision, took evasive maneuvers. The bright object then flew in formation with the jet, approximately 100 meters away.

Most of the passengers and the flight crew of the jet saw the object. Later, many described it as a «space ship» and as big as the jetliner, with  multi-colored flashing lights. Observers in the airport control tower  and military officials on the ground also observed the object. As the plane and UFO approached the airport, all electrical power at the airport and in much of the nearby town failed, causing a blackout. With the runway lights  out, the pilot of the jet aborted his landing approach and brought the plane  around for a second attempt. He succeeded in landing the plane on the  second try. Meanwhile, witnesses observed the UFO to climb straight up and out of sight at high speed.

Based on testimony of dozens of good witnesses in the air and on the ground, plus the classic electrical effects so often associated with UFO encounters, there seems little doubt that a highly unusual and potentially dangerous UFO encounter did occur over Bariloche, Argentina on this occasion.


From: http://www.berkeleypsychic.com/Reader/archive/March98/march-ufo.html

Metallic flying disk

At 1:45 p.m. on August 17,1995 in the province of Salta, Argentina, hundreds of people witnessed the free fall of a flying aircraft. The object was described as a big, silver, tube like shaped craft; it apparently crossed the sky until it crashed and exploded. Many witnesses describe seeing a column of white smoke produced by the UFO coming from the impact site. One person has video footage of burning vegetation at an elevation of approximately. 3,000 feet. The burning apparently continued until the next day. Descriptions describe very thin metallic fragments like aluminum paper but solid and some the size of a car. Stories that came in were about retrieval reports of several dozen aliens, some said they were flown into the USA for examination. Another rumor is that this 200 meter metallic disc was struck by air-to-air missiles, knocking it out of the sky. The official explanation of the incident was that it was a «meteorite,» but oddly enough the site was surrounded with military, supported by helicopters. Several nylon body bags were seen being removed from the area.


Possibility of UFO Crash in Argentina – 1995




Three police officials drove out of Telen in Argentina’s La Pampa province, heading for the nearby city of Victoria. Telen is 655 kilometers (585 miles) west of Buenos Aires, the national capital.

In the car were subcommissioner Galician David, municipal officer Jose Corna and Sgt. Pilar Radel of the Telen police. As they drove out of town «an enormous light» descended from the sky and took up position behind their car.

«It was a light, an enormous and ovoidal light, in a bright orange color and emitting a shaft of light that illuminated the car’s windows and the trees along the highway,» Sr. David reported.

The UFO accompanied the car during the 13-kilometer (7-mile) drive to Victoria. The UFO flew east with them «in the direction of Victoria and, after that, it headed to the south and went into the hills,» Sgt. Radel reported.

The UFO did not interfere with the radio. The trio used the radio to get in touch with the police in Telen and in Santa Rosa, the provincial capital, 175 kilometers (105 miles) to the south, describing the UFO in detail as they drove along.


April 12, 1998

Eyewitnesses spotted four UFOs over Bariloche, a city in southern Argentina, immediately prior and during two citywide electrical blackouts. Bariloche is a popular ski resort in the Andes, on the south shore of Lago (Lake) Nahuel Huapi, located 1,040 kilometers (650 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires.

The first blackout took place at 7:45 p.m. on Sunday, April 12, 1998 and lasted until 10:11 p.m. «Spokesmen for Cooperativa Electricidade Bariloche (CEB) said the origin of the electrical blackout that darkened a great part of the city has no explanation. No cause exists to explain the occurrence.»

CEB linemen traced the source of the power shutdown to transmission lines leading to the Cipresales transformer substation.

Power was briefly restored for four minutes. But at 10:15 p.m., Bariloche’s lights went off again, and the city remained without power until 1:30 a.m. Monday, April 13. According to the newspaper Diario Rio Negro, «Gustavo and Beatriz Riveros saw strange lights hovering above Cerro Carbon (hill) in the eastern section of the city Beatriz saw two of the lights ‘fuse together’ over the Lions (a land feature on the hillside–J.T.) just as the lights went out. Other witnesses reported strange illuminations over Lago Nahuel Huapi.»

«In the barrio San Francisco, a woman saw ‘a ball of red light’ descending in a zigzag pattern toward the large pedestrian stairway at Tiscornia.» A «luminous disc» was also seen near the intersection of Calle Fernando Beschtete and Calle La Paz. In the barrio Nicolas Lavalle, eyewitnesses saw four luminous UFOs hovering overhead. One witness, Sara Salizar, said, «They are a large spacecraft and three smaller ones that attached themselves to the larger one over and over again.» Andrea Capararo told the Argentine news agency TOLAM that she and her sisters, Natalia and Carolina, «at 11:30 (p.m.) we observed in the sky a kind of large plate with twinkling red, yellow, green and blue lights, and another object a little bit longer with red and yellow lights. The luminous objects seemed permanently supported in the air for several minutes, then moved away towards the lake.» Natalia and Carolina Capararo described the saucer as resembling «a tomato bigger than an airplane» and flying toward Cerro Carbon, east of the barrio.

«Various inhabitants of the upper (highland) region of the city, for their part, told radio and TV reporters that they had first seen a formation of stars moving across the sky with twinkling lights colored red, yellow and green and with a brilliant white radiance, between 10:30 and 11:45 p.m. Sunday night.»

«The moving lights appeared to be attached to an elongated form and another form resembling a small bottle, the inhabitants said. The union of the two objects produced ‘a great star,’ like a great electrical discharge, and the lights of the city went out.»

Bariloche is the site of two of Argentina’s most famous incidents, the Dr. Tarda case in December 1968 and the jetliner pilot case in June 1995. (See the Argentinian newspapers Diario Popular of Buenos Aires and Diario Rio Negro for April 14, 1998. Muchas gracias a Carlos Iurchuk, Luis Pachecopy ALFANET para esas noticias.)


JUNE, 2000


Chupacabra attacks were reported in two areas of Argentina during June. The first attack was at the La Fuegina ranch, located 15 kilometers (9 miles) from Porvenir, a small city in the extreme south of Argentina. Porvenir is on the island of Tierra del Fuego about 1,300 kilometers (780 miles) south of Buenos Aires, the national capital.

«Over 100 dead animals and dozens wounded were found on Tierra del Fuego in recent days.» «The discovery was made by rancher Jose Levill Rios, who said the dead and dying sheep were found 15 kilometers from Porvenir, showing signs of having been attacked by some kind of animal. The strange thing about this case was that the animal produced no traces which pointed to the presence of dogs, foxes or game.»

«‘Furthermore,’ Levill added, ‘it is unlikely that one of these animals may have done so massive an attack in such little time.'» «Knowledge of the situation came about on June 6, 2000 when the watchman of the La Fuegina ranch engaged in his customary reconnoitering of the premises in the early morning hours and came across 100 animals, 60 of them dead scattered across the range.»

This was the second mysterious mass death of sheep on Tierra del Fuego in a year. In July 1999, «forty dead sheep were found in barrio San Antonio near the Fuentes Martines Airport. First they found 24 of them, and six turned up later in very bad shape.»

Autopsies of the slain sheep were ordered by Julio Gomez, regional director of the Servicio Agricola y Ganado or SAG (Argentina’s Agricultural and Livestock Service–J.T.) «Gomex added that he heard of the situation through third parties, and that (two other) cattle ranchers, Atilio Calcutta and Marino Mimica, who claimed having lost 22 and 4 animals respectively, had asked him to investigate.» «In Julio Gomez’s opinion, the surprising sheep deaths were exclusively due to the actions of wild dog packs which wander around Porvenir in large numbers and stray from the urban perimeter in search of food.»

Two weeks later, on Friday, June 23, 2000, five cats were found dead under very mysterious circumstances in the town of Maria Elena, south of Santiago del Estero, about 500 kilometers (300 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires. «All of the felines presented the same traces– a large hole above the heart through which all of the blood had been estracted.»

«The residents (of Maria Elena) are frightened and would rather keep quiet about the information in their possession than have ‘others think that we’re cracy,’ they said, turning around to avoid the cold breeze.»

«When they saw the carcass of the (first) dead cat, they were amazed.» «‘This cat is different, but it has the same hole– it’s entrails are exposed. It’s as if the Chupacabra was about to eat it and took off,’ suggested one resident who didn’t want to give his name.» «As the day progressed, more dead cats turned up== all of them with the same orifice.»

‘It’s a supernatural creature because there isn’t such an animal–much less a human being–able to inflict such a wound,’ one resident said.» «An examination provided shocking details–the cat had an orifice 5 centimeters (2 inches) in diameter through which the right lung had been extracted along with a portion of the left lung. Furthermore, all of the blood had been drained.»

On Saturday night, June 24, 2000, people at a disco in Maria Elena «heard strange sounds coming from outside the building,» which they attributed to the Chupacabra.

In the nearby town of Las Piscinas, «one of the witnesses who decided to come forward was Jorge Cariaga Gonzales. According to Cariaga, «last Saturday night (June 24), he got out of his car after having seen something strange. He was then able to confirm, as corroborated by his companions, that a large animal was climbing over a nearby fence ‘like a monkey’. The troubled laborer also began smelling a nauseating odor which has become characteristic among those who claim to have seen the Chupacabra.»

«‘It’s something similar to a decomposing animal,’ he said, indicating that he had had an overpowering urge to flee when at a diatance of 8 meters (25 feet) it uttered a horrifying scream.» «A veterinarian performed an autopsy on one of the dead cats, and his analysis proved that the deaths of these animals was caused by no human phenomenon or animal attack.» (See the newspapers La Prensa Austral of Punta Arenas, Chile for June 9, 2000 and La Estrella de Loa for June 29, 2000. Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, auto de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico y Gloria Coluchi para eses articulos de diario.)


Elsewhere in Argentina, the town of Concepcion del Bermejo is still reeling from the appearance of the Lobizon (Spanish for werewolf–J.T.) two weeks ago. On Thursday, June 22, 2000, a strange creature described as half-wolf and half-human chased Marcelito Gomex, 11, who escaped from it by hopping onto a flatbed truck. Immediately his relatives, members of the Ovejero and Gomex families, rushed to his rescue. They cornered the creature in the house and beat it senseles with sticks, bricks and garden hoes.

Thinking it dead, they left it tied to a tree. But the creature recovered consciousness and escaped. An hour later, it was seen at a local gas station by the attendant, Odilio Ponce. Since then, other residents of Concepcion del Bermejo claim to have seen the Lobizon. On Thursday, June 29, 2000, the Argentinian newspaper Norte suggested that residents may have seen a wild canine of the Pampas called the Aguera Guazu, noting that this animal «makes no noise whatsoever, has cinnamon and black streaked fur, soft footfalls, and moves in a very peculiar way, its hind legs larger than the rest of its body. It primarily feeds of fruit, supplemented by small rodents and birds, which it consumes whole.»

TThe following day, Friday, June 30, 2000, the results of the laboratory tests conducted on hair and blood samples taken from the scene by Deputy Sheriff de la Cruz were announced. However, these lab findings merely complicated the whole situation. According to Norte, laboatory technicians in an interview by telephone stated that the blood samples were «not corresponding to any human group» but added that there was «a lack of sufficient elements of elements to determine the type of animal to which the said sample might correspond.»

«Locl police» in Concepcion del Bermejo «are still in possession of ‘several large yellow hairs’ taken from whjere the animal was left for dead and tied to a tree.» (See the newspaper Norte for June 29 and June 30, 2000. Tambien, gracias a Scott y Gloria para esa historia.)


Two towns in north-central Argentina have reported apparitions of El Diablillo, an Imp from Hell. And in the most recent case, authorities closed a police substation as a result. On Wednesday, July 5, 2000, Argentinian police «closed the deputy sheriff’s office» in Dande de Varela «and placed two agents on guard» after the police officer on duty reportedly saw an Imp appear. «Cabo (Corporal) Miguel Angel Aguero was hospitalized yesterday morning (July 5) in a state of shock, having been given a nervous breakdown by zan apparition of an Imp or dwarf which allegedly appeared in the substation.»

«Corp. Aguero, 37, being ten years in the service and a champion marathon runner in the province, was found unconscious and seated in a chair, with his eyes wide open and staring at the ceiling. When his colleagues tried to bring him around, he started screaming, ‘There! There it is! It’s come to get me!’ pointing into the air.» Corp. Aguero was alone in the station at about 1 a.m. After performing a routine walk-through of the vacant cellblock, he returned to his office. Then he heard something come through the double doors behind him.

«‘What do you want?’ the agent said, petrified with fear.» «‘I have come for thee on Satan’s behalf,’ it replied.» Later, at the hospital, Aguero described the entity in detail, saying, «It was a person; I don’t know if it was a man, with red eyes, very red eyes. Its face was deformed and horrible with warts. It was about as tall as my waistline and wore filthy black pants and a green shirt. Its eyes were red and bulging. Horrible!» According to the police report, at 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 5, 2000, following three unsuccessful attempts to establish radio contact by means of the Centrex system with the substation in Dande de Carela, a police cruiser, Unit Alfa-3, was dispatched «to ascertain Corporal Aguero’s situation.»

The investigating officers found Aguero and then summoned an ambulance. After being apprised of the situation, police chief Domingo Celestino Martell ordered the substation closed and posted two armed guards on the premises. The other Diablillo sighting took place on Saturday night, April 17, 2000, in the town of Frias, 270 kilometers (162 miles) north of Cordoba.. «A police officer was traveling home along the Plazoleta Alfonso de la Vega. Then he saw a petiso (little person–J.T.) he took for a child. The policeman reprimanded the youngster for being outdoors at such a late hour, but in response received a menacing look from its fiery red eyes, which were described by others persons in the same city. Gripped by fear, the policemen lowered his gaze and continued walking.»

El Diablillo «is one of the most widely-believed mythological figures in Argentinian folklore. Its apparitions are common and it is always described the same way–dark clothes and penetrating red eyes.» (See the newspaper El Ancasti for July 6, 2000. Tambien, muchas gracias a Scott y Gloria para esas noticias.)


UFO Sightings over Chaco, Argentina 11/6/00

*Source: Diario NORTE (newspaper), Resistencia, Chaco –Argentina

Date: November 6, 2000


Two spheres with a metallic appearance, shining in the sunlight, were seen this past October 5th in the sky to the east of Resistencia in bold daylight by four members of the same family. Moments later, another one appeared and disappeared, descending and ascending with swift, guided movements and managed to be caught on film for one whole minute. This is the news that ufologist Osvaldo Sanchez, renown analyst of the Red Argentina de Ufologia, gave NORTE after having analyzed it in all respects, including examination of the film taken by Diego Romero, 21, a student of the School of Economics of the UNNE.

* The UFO Event *

Sanchez tells the story thus: Mr. Atilio Romero, head of a respectable household from Resistencia, was on the lower floor of his home on October 5, 2000, considering the possibilty of cleaning out a swimming pool along with his two sons and wife. The time was more or less 12:20 pm when he looked eastward and saw something glinting in the sun. He told his family about it and they were all able to notice how small spheres, some 20 degrees above the horizon, darted rapidly about, appearing and disappearing, flying up and down and viceversa. A third sphere then entered the scene.

The Romeros were fascinated by the vision, but remembered that they had a camcorder in the bedroom. Diego ran for it and quickly tried to focus on the objects although he had trouble in doing so: ultimately, he managed to focus on one of them through the zoom lens and was able to clearly make out that the UFO, while spherical, had a dome shaped structure on its upper part which spun like a top. Before it landed, the witnesses were able to see its balancing movement due to centrifugal forces.

** For Further Consideration**

Osvaldo Sanchez’s analysis adds that Mr. Romero was able to distinguish, prior to the camera being brought into play, a spindle-shaped dark form that appeared to accompany the UFOs. This was not captured on the film, but it is worth bearing in mind that the sighting itself lasted some four minutes, that there were no noises whatsoever, except in the background (the witnesses’ remarks, the squawking of a parrot and the barking of a neighbor’s dog).

According to the witnesses, the objects were quite a distance from where the sighting took place. The day was spectacular with high visibility. When the video is seen in slow-motion and frame by frame, the last seconds of the Romero video convey the effect of seeing a physical, metallic vehicle moving through the atmosphere and engaging in planned maneuvers prior to landing. The top-like spinning motion is a known pattern of behavior within the UFO phenomenon.

Finally, Osvaldo Sanchez remarks that Mr. Romero gave him the video for his analysis and only asked to be informed of the results. The clear question here is: what were those spheres and what were they doing?

Translation (c) 2000. Scott Corrales/Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

Special Thanks to Gloria R. Coluchi


From: http://www.unknownmag.com/roundup7.html


On Tuesday, January 2, 2001, at 3:30 a.m., Julio Salguero and his family were driving home to Corralito (population 2,200), small town south of Cordoba in central Argentina. They had pent the New Year’s holiday with relatives in Villa Maria and were now on their way home.

Hoping to cut down the travel time, Salguero turned to getting home and sleeping in their own beds.

With Salguero in the car were his wife, his 14-year-old daughter, his 12-year-old son Julio Jr., his two younger children, ages 2 and 1, and his 14-year-old niece.

Hoping to cut down on the travel time, Salguero left the highway west of Villa Maria and took a little-used dirt road across the pampas. An electric power line ran alongside this road.

«When he passed through Rio Tercero, he chose to traverse the 18 kilometers (11 miles) of land devastated by recent floods.»

«At the time in question, some 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Corralito, began the experience which he related on the radio talk shows» the following day.

«‘We were calmly driving along when suddenly my wife screamed, ‘Be careful!’ and we saw a light heading straight for us,'» Salguero told the Argentinian newspaper La Voz del Interior. «‘I hit the brakes. What I could see was a round, very powerful light, like a welding light, over a meter (4 feet) in diameter. It seemed to be heading straight for the car, but it suddenly stopped and backed off. It remained at the height of the power cables (18 meters or 60 feet) that are now on the side of the road, moving up and down,’ he explained.»

«Salguero stated that he had not planned to make all of this public, but it became known when a friend from the FM radio station El Sol in Tio Tercero, with whom he had discussed the event.»

«‘The light lit up everything for a few minutes, without an exaggeration, as if it were broad daylight, due to its intensity. It also rose some 30 meter (100 feet) into the air and suddenly vanished. Neither I nor my family can state which way it went because we’d be lying. What we saw is that it vanished suddenly, like a light being switched off,’ he declared, fully aware that his story may be less-than-believable to some.»

«‘There is a boy named Alejandro Yori, who says he saw a powerful light moving around the pampas all the way from Corralito,’ remarked Salguero,» adding that his wife and children would corroborate his story.

«Salguero owns a cable-TV system in Corralito and also does electronics work. He is considered a credible individual by his neighbors, and no one in the community believes that he or his family would concoct such a story.»

«After calculating that the episode lasted ‘two to three minutes,’ Salguero said he kept his foot on the brake with the (car’s) engine running, and that he signalled with his headlights ‘out of despair and for lack of anything better to do, since we were really scared. We couldn’t sleep last night,’ he remarked.»

At 3:30 a.m., while the Salgueros were having their UFO encounter out on the pampas, there were simultaneous and unexplained power failures in Corralito and in nearby Rio Tercero. Both communities are located about 110 kilometers (66 miles) south of Cordoba and about 320 kilometers (200 miles) west of Buenos Aires, the national capital.

«‘As far as we know, no reason for the power outages has been found,’ he said.»

«Salguero described himself as ‘a believer in God’ and remarked that he neither reads nor is interested in UFO-related subjects and that he would rather not have had the experience. «I don’t drink. Besides, there’s not just my word, there’s my wife and children and niece.'»

«Twelve-year-old Julio Jr. told the newspaper, that he saw ‘a light hovering over the high voltage line on the roadside that evening.’ He added that ‘it was white and didn’t seem to be so large, but it cast a lot of light. It then became larger and changed colors , becoming more blue, sky blue, and then violet until it disappeared all of a sudden.'»

«He added that he saw the light 30 meters (100 feet) from the car. I was very scared,’ he admitted.»

«According to the Falda de Carmen (scientific) research station, there was a similar incident in Corralito ten years ago,» back in 1990. (See the newspaper La Voz del Interior for January 5, 2001. (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico, y tambien Gloria Coluchi, para eso articulo de diario.)


Argentina: Alleged UFO Causes Stir in Saenz Pena

SOURCE: Diario Norte de Chaco (Argentina)

DATE: Sunday, Februrary 11, 2001


Saenz Pena (Agency).- Older residents call it a «strange light phenomenon», but younger ones straightforwardly classify it as a UFO. At least 10 residents of the city’s Oro Blanco sector agree that for the past four days, between midnight and 1 a.m., luminous, boldly-colored objects have ben flying over the area at low altitude.

According to the locals, the color and movement of the objects do not correspond to those of a satellite or airplane, nor any other commonly sighted object. An older woman living on Calle 19 in Oro Blanco claims having seen them since last Tuesday or Wednesday, and the last tims others saw the light was on Friday.

Now, people are meeting every night at the same time on this city block in order to see the lights and try to figure out what is happening. Skeptics were also invited to join in, so they could see with their own eyes.

«It flew very low, didn’t come from a high elevation, looked like a large star but at low altitude; it became larger later on. It appeared from the south and headed northward…it then began to rise until it became smaller, as if suddenly going upward and becoming a tiny little star,» said Rodolfo Acosa, pointing to the horizion and describing what he claims to have seen on Friday.

On Thursday, residents claimed having seen something similar to what would be seen the following day, but traveling in the opposite direction. «It was about 12:45 am, and it travelled from east to west. It looked like a luminous ball, much larger than a star and flying at low altitude,» another witness stated.

They further remarked that it could not be an airplane since they were familiar with airplane flight times, and these lights were perfectly distinguishable from aircraft, they noted. «One night, the airplane was up front and the object was following from behind. Furthermore, the plane was flying much faster,» remarked young Maria Lujan.

«But aside from its displacemente, it appeared to move up and down,» noted another neighbor in an effort to establish differences with an aircraft’s trajectory as it moves across the sky.

Residents of Oro Blanco took advantage of the ready presence of a local expert, Mr. Galvan, who works at the airport control tower, and he told them — according to the locals — that people had been calling the airport and reporting the same phenomenon for several nights.

«They say its a research satellite or something like it, but what happens is that it doesn’t always keep to its orbit. One day its going in one direction and the next day its heading in another. It appears with a 20 to 25 minute difference, more or less, and it is also extremely shiny,» explained a resident surnamed Acosta.

###### Translation (C) 2001. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi and Scott Corrales


UFO Flap Breaks Out in Northern Argentina

Source: UFO ROUNDUP; Volume 6, Number 7; February 15, 2001

Editor: Joseph Trainor; http://ufoinfo.com/roundup/

«Older residents call it a ‘strange light phenomenon’ but younger ones straightforwardly classify it as a UFO. At least ten residents of» of the barrio Oro Blanco in the city of Saenz Pena in northern Argentina «agree that for the past four days, between midnight and 1 a.m., luminous boldly-colored objects have been flying over the area at low altitude.»

Saenz Pena is just south of the border with Paraguay and is located about 520 kilometers (312 miles) north of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

«According to the locals, the color and movement of the objects do not correspond to that of a satellite or an airplane nor any other commonly-sighted object. An older woman living on Calle 19 (street) in Oro Blanco claims having seen them since last Tuesday and Wednesday (February 6 and 7, 2001) and the last time others saw the object was on Friday (February 9, 2001).»

«Now people are meeting every night at the same time on this city block in order to see the lights and try to figure out what is happening. Skeptics are also invited to join in so they could see with their own eyes.»

«‘It flew very low, didn’t come from a high elevation, looked like a large star but at low altitude,–it became larger later on. It appeared from the south and headed northwards. It then began to rise until it became smaller as if suddenly going upward and becoming a tiny little star,’ said Rodolfo Acosa, pointing to the horizon and describing what he claims to have seen on Friday,» February 9, 2001.

«On Thursday, (February 8, 2001) residents claimed having seen something similar to what would be seen the following day but traveling in an opposite direction.»

«‘It began about 12:45 a.m. and it traveled from east to west. It looked like a luminous ball, much larger than a star and flying at low altitude,’ another witness remarked.»

«They finally realized that it could not be an airplane since they were familiar with airplane flight times, and these lights were perfectly distinguishable from aircraft, they noted, ‘One night, the airplane was up front and the object was following from behind. Furthermore, the airplane was flying much faster,’ remarked young Maria Lujan.»

«Residents of Oro Blanco took advantage of the presence of an expert, Senor Galvan, who works at the airport control tower., and he told them–according to the locals–that people had been calling the airport and reporting the same phenomenon for several nights.»

«‘They say it’s a research satellite or something like that but, but what happens is that it doesn’t always keep to the same orbit. One day it’s going in one direction, and the next day it’s going in another. It appears with a 20 to 25 minute time difference more or less, and it is also extremely shiny,’ remarked another resident named Acosta.» (See the Argentinean newspaper Diario Norte de Chaco for February 11, 2001, «Alleged UFO causes stir in Saenz Pena.» Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico, y tambien Gloria Coluchi para ese articulo de diario.)



UFO Sect Suspected of Murder
From: Scott Corrales <lornis1@juno.com>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001

Source: StarMedia.com Date: April 10, 2001

13 Children Murdered in Brazil: Argentine-Brazilian UFO Cult Suspected Of Infanticide

Buenos Aires.- While a member of the «Lineamiento Universal Superior» (L.U.S. — Superior Universal Alignment) cult is being accused of crimes against children, the cult’s leader, Valentina de Andrade, is also under suspicion. She is believed to be living in Argentina, according to investigators in this country’s capital.

In the city of Altamira, State of Para, 13 children were raped, with their genitalia mutilated for what appear to be ritual satanic purposes, and then stabbed to death. Physician Anisio Ferreira de Souza, an alleged member of the L.U.S. sect, is among the accused and is currently in jail. He is also under suspicion of having created an organization dedicated to murdering minors to steal their vital organs, and of having committed crimes in the states of Parana, Goias and Espiritu Santo.

Judge Luis Ernane Ferreira Malto, of 3rd Crimilan Court in Altamira, mandated preventive custody for other parties suspected of being involved–among them another physician, a former corporal in the military police, and Valentina de Andrade herself. «As of today, they shall be hunted throughout the country and even abroad,» stated the judge when issuing the preventive custody decree.

In 1992, Brazilian justice investigated Valentina and her group due to the disappearance of a child in the island of Guaratuba, in the southern state of Parana, where another children had become a victim to ritual crime. Valentina and her followers avoided prosecution when suspicions were proven to be inconsistent. From that moment on, the sect ceased all public operations and its leader left Brazil for the city of Londrina in Parana. Taking up residence in Buenos Aires, she was followed only by a few faithful adepts, having been deserted by hundreds of followers who had become aware of the psychological manipulation and economic exploitation to which they had been subjected under the Brazilian’s leadership.

While former members who denounced these abuses testified to the non-existence of ritual crime or the kidnapping of children by Valentina de Andrade, they did accuse her of having commited «coercive persuasion» after forcing a couple to turn over their baby daughter to a childless couple, and forcing other couples to leave their children with grandparents or other guardians in order to «leave the planet» aboard her spaceship. These children were believed to be «negative energies» by Valentina, who advised that they be left behind. Meanwhile, she portrayed herself as a lofty cosmic entity of «light, love and truth» who had become incarnate on Earth to perform a mission.

Valentina’s preching started in 1981 after having received allegedly extraterrestrial messages through her former husband, Argentinean national Roberto Olivera, her accomplice in the sect until 1987. Shortly after, Valentina embarked upon her mission to spread the information she had supposedly received from the cosmic beings. This task is apparently pursued only by a few former members of her group, after having separated themselves from Valentina. A confidential source says the woman’s «abuses betrayed the mission, using her extraterrestrial-imparted knowledge for her benefit and not for the common good, for which reason the teachings must be purified from her distortions and rescued from the ridicule she created by her ravings.»

While Brazilian authorities sought Valentina de Andrade in the country, hoping to finde her in Sao Paulo, sources knowledgeable on UFOs in Argentina claim that L.U.S.’s leader is spending her 70 years of age in Buenos Aires under fair economic conditions, without working and relying on the earnings of her followers. She changes residences frequently and has not denied herself a trip to Las Vegas among other ostentatious ways of fulfilling her «mission on Earth».

Translation (C) 2001. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo.