Abduction Case 1975 por Budd Hopkins


Abduction Case 1975 por Budd Hopkins


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Date Prepared: August 9, 1992
Contributed by: Wade Kendall
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Budd Hopkins
C/O Ballantine Books
201 E. 50th Street
New York, N. Y. 10022

Dear Mr. Hopkins:
I’ve read both of your books about UFO abductions, and frankly I feel that
I need to tell someone about an experience I had about 14-15 years ago.
It began about a year previous to that, but the details are not quite
like the common abduction experiences that you’ve written about.

Fifteen years ago I was a student attending college in a small town in
New Mexico. The school was the New Mexico Institute of Mining and
Technology in Socorro, New Mexico; I was pursuing a degree in Biology at
that time. The school, due to it’s hard curiculum, had three major stress
relieving parties during the school year. In the spring it was St. Pat’s
festival, in the summer was August antics, and in the fall was the
celebration of the 1849 gold rush called 49ers.

During the fall of 1975, in the midst of the celebration of 49ers, a
friend of mine and I had gotten into my Pinto and driven down by the
local drainage ditch. We were in altered states of conciousness at the
time, but not incoherent. While at the ditch my car engine, as best as
I can recall, seemed to fail to perform properly. I remember looking up
at the tree line when a large object passed into view in fromt of my car.
I shook my friend and asked him to describe what he saw, and his
description matched mine perfectly. The next thing I remember is heading
down a highway towards Carizozo, New Mexico, trying to get away from
whatever it was that we had seen.

About this time my friend made a comment about what a pretty star that was
over the road in front of us; I looked at the «star» and noticed that the
road was bathed in white light. I did a fast U-turn and headed back to
Socorro as fast as I could.

After we had returned, we tried to tell people about this thing that we
had seen. But due to the party attitude of everyone, we were told we
had hallucinated the whole thing or it was a misperception of a common
object. However, the city police had spent a large part of that
evening responding to calls from local citizenry about a large UFO seen
in several parts of the city. The radio also stated that it had been seen
by the police department and pursued along the highway out of town.

My friend and I thought it was probably the same object that we had seen,
and did not give it much thought after that.

Then about a year later I had a dream. Now at the time of this dream I
had heard about the Hill case, but had neither heard nor read of the
results of the investigation of that case.

It is because of that dream that I am writing this letter to you Mr. Hopkins.
It has been 15 years and I can still remember this dream as if I had it
last night. The dream is as follows:

I was sleeping in my dorm room in the bottom bunk of a set of bunk beds.
When all of a sudden I am aware of a Light just outside of my dorm room
window; associated with this light is a strange looking craft just
hovering there. The next thing that I am aware of is being transfered
to this craft (apparently through the walls or window of my dormitory).
I am taken into a room which appears to be semi-circular in shape, the
color is a strange shade of green (kind of like the color of an
operating theatre). The light inside this craft seems to becoming
from everywhere at once, even though it is bright, it does not
irritate my eyes. I am placed on a table in the center of this room;
the table seems to be a natural projection of the room. After I am
placed on this table I am given a physical examination. I don’t
recall any of the details of the exam, except for an «eye» coming down
from above the table. It seemed to scan the length of my body, first
head to toe then it reversed. During this exam I kept trying to wake
up from the dream, but I couldn’t. It would all go black, and then I
would be right back on that table with the exam continuing just as it
had been.

The table was surrounded by several short beings, I do not remember
any physical characteristics of the beings outside of their size.
There was one single being that was somewhat taller than the rest,
and I got the distinct impression that it was female. It also seemed
to be the one directing the whole examination.

Finally, there came a knock on my dorm room door, the «female» looked at
me and the others and said «We’re finished.», then I woke up. It
felt like I had not had any sleep the previous night at all.

When my roomate came in from class I asked him if I had been in the bottom
bunk when he had left that morning. He stated that there was a lump in my
bed, the covers were up over it, so he assumed that I was there.

This dream has bothered me for fifteen years and I can remember it as
clearly as it was yesterday. I just don’t know what happened that night
or the night of the 49ers celebration.

I cannot attest to any missing time as I just don’t remember if there
was any, or if I noticed any. I have no strange scars or fears or any
of the other symptoms of an abduction outside of that dream. I am just
confused, curious, and a little scared.

If you can find the time to contact me I would be much appreciative. You
will find my address and telephone number at the bottom of the letter.

Sincerely Yours,
Wade S. Kendall