Abduction Case 1990


Abduction Case 1990


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Thu 20 Dec 90 11:03a
By: Jim Speiser
Re: Lydia
On Friday, December 14, I had the singularly unique experience of being present
at the first hypnotic regression session of a female abductee.

«Lydia» is married, 45, a school teacher by profession, a geologist by
training. She came to me in frustration a few weeks ago, as it seemed no one,
even in the established UFO community, would pay her much mind. Sure, they
believed her, but as I told her, its just that there’s not much anyone can do
except sit down and listen to her tale. «That’s all I really want,» she said.

So I sat and listened, for about two hours. After hearing her story, which had
some classic indicators, I talked her into hypnosis. To my great joy (and
surprise), she agreed to let me be present at the sessions, and to tape them.

Lydia’s «major» experience occurred in April of this year. (One classic
indication is a recent recalled event that triggers memories of much earlier
events which are given greater perspective in the light of the recent
experience). For reasons of privacy and perhaps later confirmation, I won’t get
into all the specifics of her experiences; I just want to relate my thought
processes as we proceeded through the session. I’m also looking for review of
my actions.

Lydia is slightly tainted as a subject, as she has by her own admission read
Communion in 1988 («didn’t think much of it at the time») and since her major
experience has been actively reading on the subject. There is, therefore,
significant chance of confabulation, mixing what she recalls hypnotically with
what she’s read. However, overall she demonstrates clarity of thought and not a
small dose of skepticism about her own experience. She rejected one suggested
hypnotist on the basis of his brochure, which actually advertised for abduction
subjects. She indicated hesitation to get involved with anything of a «woo-woo»
nature. And she is a professed secular humanist.

We decided on a hypnotist that lives right near her in an east Valley
community. I had talked with him on the phone previously, and had some
reservations about his pre-formed beliefs regarding the subject, but Lydia
seemed very comfortable with him and with his style, and I decided that the
therapeutic and not the evidential value of the session was paramount at the

Before the session, Lydia and I had a quick dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
Thinking that she had some idea from her reading of what to expect, I asked
her if she scared easily. «Not really!» she said, in a surprised voice.
«Spiders and other icky things sometimes scare me, but other than that….?» I
knew I might have pulled my first boner. But it was to be a revealing one,

Knowing that the hypnotist had no previous experience with abductions, I
asked him if he knew how to deal with fear. He replied that, oh, yes, he had
all sorts of techniques for dealing with it. I got the feeling that what he
has dealt with before was fear of recalled events such as rapes. I wasn’t sure
he was prepared for the kind of naked terror that results from a surprise
hypnotic encounter with repressed memories of the utterly bizarre.

Lydia regressed very easily, as I felt she would. She has that indefinable
kind of personality, lucid and straightforward, yet excitable and vulnerable.
She seems to be the kind that thrives on the attention derived from
near-strangers delving into the depths of her persona. This observation
may hold a key to identifying potential abduction percipients in the future.
[Note to file: Lydia should undergo an MMPI, Minnesota Multiphasic
Personality Inventory, which should be compared with those of other abductees,
to identify potential trends. I have no idea how many other abductees have had
this done.]

The hypnotist – call him Fred, until I ask his permission – brought Lydia
into a «library of the subconscious», where she was to check out a book
called «Lydia’s Problems.» She was told to open the book to a very specific
page – her subconscious would know which one. After some difficulty, she came
to a page that was black, and immediately began experiencing a crushing
headache. Fred tried to calm her with a touch to the forehead, but to no
avail. It was only when he asked her to close the book and check out another
one called «Lydia’s Solutions» that the pain began to ease. She turned to a
page in that book, which she claimed read «Don’t be afraid.» She was now
apparently able to go back to the Problems book and confront the offending
page. It was still black, but it contained «shapes». Fred probed her
further, and she began to make out a shape like a cathedral window with
gold trim, and a bell shape. Fred asked if there was any significance to
the bell shape. She responded no, just a bell.

Next he regressed Lydia to the point just before all her «troubles»
began. Lydia went back to the incident in April, and recalled in more
vivid detail what had only been a montage of blurred images in her mind.
She remembered looking at the ceiling of a room, which had a contour to
it «like the inside of a bell…its like…I’M INSIDE THE BELL….what
it would be like to be inside a bell…how weird…»

Throughout the session, I was silent. (I was afraid to even clear my
throat, although Fred told me later it wouldn’t have disturbed the
trance). The session was taped on a regular cassette recorder, using a
lavalier microphone that was clipped to Lydia’s blouse just below her
throat. I mention this because if Dr. Haines is reading, he will
recognize that there is a possibility that the tape has picked up some
«pre-verbal» responses, guttural sounds that he claims some subjects
make prior to fully verbalizing, which may give clues as to their true
subconscious thoughts.

The regression was successful in dredging up at least one event which
Lydia had not recalled consciously: the actual bedroom abduction. As
Lydia described what she was seeing, I witnessed in person what I had
only read about or seen on videotapes: the outpouring of raw emotion and
terror that can only be the result of the someone recalling an encounter
with the unknown for the first time. I felt terribly privileged to have
been allowed to witness this phase of her memories, even as she experienced

Fred proved to be a competent hypnotist – I felt myself having to fight
off a trance, and I don’t hypnotize easily. However, I feel he did ask a
couple of leading questions. In one case, it may have introduced
confabulated recollections of a face covering or a mesh-like «mask,»
«like fencers wear.» At another point, Fred betrayed his knowledge of
the subject by cuing her with «Are you getting any thought impressions
from them? Do you feel them trying to communicate with you by thought
transfer?» But Lydia did not take the lead. «No, nothing like that.»

Budd Hopkins has said that one of the most compelling and convincing
aspects of the abduction syndrome is the recall of little details that
someone who was making it all up would be hard pressed to come up with.
In describing the room she was in, Lydia complained that everything was
slightly blurry or out of focus, and she was angry that she couldn’t
focus her eyes. Later – and it is significant that she recalled events in
REVERSE order, due to the way the regression was done – as she was
describing the bedroom abduction, she complained that the beings weren’t
letting her get to her glasses, which were on her nightstand. Her recall
of later events, inside the room, was perfectly consistent with not
having her glasses. Do people fantasize that their eyes can’t focus?
An honest question, not a rhetorical one.

As the session ended, it became clear that it had accomplished its major
goal: Lydia looked as if a tremendous weight had been lifted from her
shoulders. Although I am certain there are more events buried in her
subconcious, it was clear that just knowing she wasn’t crazy was great
comfort to her. The session seemed to convince her that she was truly
an «abductee», whatever that may in fact be. She is now convinced that
she is not subconciously acting out something she may have read
somewhere, a concern she had expressed. For that matter, so am I.

More sessions are planned for next year, but first I would like to get
some input from any «professionals» who may be looking in on this echo.
Lydia has kept copious notes of her conscious recollections, including
some events from her childhood that she feels may be germaine. I have
copies of all her notes and drawings. There are other fascinating
factors involved, some of which may prove to have some evidential value.
Most interesting of these is a disembodied voice which spoke to her
occasionally for a month after her April encounter, telling her things
like where an «Unsolved Mysteries» suspect might be found (she called the
program with the info, but so far no arrest) and where a child on a
«Have You Seen Me» postcard might be found (again, no success). There is
also the strong possibility of an implant. These and other issues will
be explored in future sessions. I have her permission to keep ParaNet
updated with our progress. As I say, I want to consult with the «pros»
on the details of her recollections to see if there are any

Jim Speiser