Abductions Secret Super Warrior by E. Lorgen


Abductions Secret Super Warrior by E. Lorgen



Secret Project Super Warrior Gone Rogue

By Eve Lorgen

Copyright 8/2001

“Jared”, a 59-year-old Viet Nam Veteran, claims to have been recruited into a secret “black op” mind control project while he joined the Air Force in 1964. This super secret program falls under a sub project of MK-Ultra and was geared to create a super soldier with a computer like mind, photographic memory and heightened psychic abilities. Jared believes he is a “one of a kind” prototype, an experimental creation whereby an entity with super warrior capabilities was literally inserted into his mind and body via a sophisticated procedure. The Super Warrior entity within Jared he calls “David”, who acts independently of Jared and was programmed to carry out missions by his secret government controllers. For personal reasons Jared prefers not to use his real name.and maintains a low profile. He lives in the Midwest living an otherwise ordinary life, has children and grandchildren. His appearance is very unassuming and one would never guess he has been used a secret Super Warrior. I believe Jared is sincere, although his memories of some of his deep space missions would make excellent material for the Stargate SG-1 series!

I met Jared through two mutual friends, who are well aware of secret mind control projects. They contacted me because of my interview with Andy Pero, a Super Warrior Montauk Boy (See Project Superman interview, Saga of Andy Pero). Jared’s story is unique in that he was an earlier Super Warrior prototype, involved in time travel ops, though not via the “Montauk chair as was utilized in Andy’s case (and other Montauk Boys).

Jared alleges that he is now rogue, and that his controllers can no longer access him. But more accurately, it is “David” who has actually gone rogue, stopping the would-be controllers dead in their tracks. Jared cannot fully control or be aware of what “David” does, making life unpredictable for Jared and his former “secret government” controllers!

Jared was sent into the Viet Nam War to be tested under a variety of harsh war conditions and black ops—which he later realized when his memories started flooding back in 1986, causing severe stress. At that time most of Jared’s memories pertained to his involvement with several teams at Bien Hoa, the Air Force Base stationed 24 miles north of Saigon. These memories included covert missions while in Viet Nam, and Cambodia, some of which he was able to confirm with other Vets.

But the memories didn’t stop there. Jared recalled being used in many secret missions involving interdimensional travel, time travel, observation of advanced spacecraft and different species of extraterrestrials. Jared remembers being in underground facilities in Utah and Area 51.

This is one of very few interviews with Jared, as his memories are still returning to him. This is an ongoing process of discovery for Jared and also for those who want to understand the depth of secret government technology and sophisticated programming techniques to create super operatives. No longer are we in an era of simple “Manchurian Candidates” or real time missions on surface level activities. Now we are dealing with technologies that manipulate space, time, the human mind and multiple realities. Time can be stretched, reversed, and traveled through. Multiple time loops apparently exist. The human mind has much more potential that we have imagined.

In my experience consulting with MILABs and “secret project” people, oftentimes two or more persons can confirm the others’ memories because they were involved in a joint experience. This can be a surface level op or in a dream like reality involving aliens or other dimensions. Most of the time these memories surface as flashbacks that replay as if they were “movies” in their heads, or as vivid dreams. Primarily, the individual doesn’t recall these incidents or have control over these situations, continuing to be “accessed” for whatever purpose their controllers have in store for them. Most do not become totally “free”, realizing later they have been taken and used all along because memories may surface years later. If the mind control is effective, most persons involved in these secret lives do not remember being used at all. The ones that are remembering, I believe, represent the tip of the ice burg—and we need to start listening to them.

I interviewed Jared over a period of several weeks. Some strange incidents occurred throughout this time, including Internet e-mail interceptions, phone static and other anomalies. I cannot confirm every detail of Jared’s story, but believe he is telling the truth about his experiences. I can attest to the fact that Jared and “David” have a remarkable psychic ability. Let’s hope that if Jared is truly rogue, he can inspire others to learn a few things about becoming free from the mind controllers!

EL – Eve Lorgen
JD – Jared/David

EL: When do you believe your recruitment and training began for the experimental “Super Warrior” Project? Is there an official name or subproject this falls under?

JD: I believe I was recruited when I joined the Air Force in January 1964 during my processing in at Lackland Air Force Base, where all AFB training is held. I’m sure somehow during this time along with all the shots and everything else we got blood samples taken, which is how they determined I was a candidate for their program. I was told this fell under the MK Ultra subproject called Monarch. From what I was told, this project was far ranging in scope for what all it took with programming. I believe this also took in the Montauk boys too, if I remember correctly.

EL: What type of military training and rank did you achieve? What was your surface level rank as opposed to “David’s” rank? Do you recall what uniforms you wore in any of these secret “ops”?

JD: In the Air Force I was a munitions specialist handling all the high explosive ordinance that was placed on a fighter aircraft, high explosive bombs, rockets, napalm, 20 mm ammo, flares, etc. It was perfect career field for what I was used for in a sense. When I got out of the Service in 1968 I had attained the rank of E4 enlisted or Bucksargeant.
In the secret government ops I do not recall any rank at all being used. We didn’t go by any. There could have been and I am just not able to recall, so I can’t say that positively. We didn’t go by rank as in the military.
As far as uniforms in the secret government ops it seems like we wore navy blue jumpsuits of some kind with an insignia on the left side of the pocket. I cannot describe it though. Other times we wore civilian clothes due to the nature of the missions for present-day time. When we went to the past in time travel ops we wore clothes appropriate for the time period we were involved in and why we were there. We did wear military fatigues for some missions too—into deep space when sent in full array to fight aliens.
As far as training goes, to me there was no reason to have any training ops anyway. Once programmed they just sent you on your merry way and accessed you as needed for whatever mission they wanted you for. Training? No need…was all done in the programming and then they threw you out in the field to test you in real missions.

EL: How and when did your memories of a secret life emerge?

JD: My memories started emerging around 1986; the first was what I went through in Viet Nam. It was like a puzzle being put together at first, then like watching a movie as it unfolded. It went from combat at my base, to jungle fighting, to reconnaissance, black op missions, then on to the good stuff with our secret government and all the activity there with time, space and dimensional travel to working with aliens to fighting against them.

EL: Jared, can you go into detail on how the entity David was created and inserted in you, the birthing process?

JD: To me, the birthing of “David” was just one small part of the whole thing. It all began with the mind control and programming of me to get me to the point of what came next, so overall, this took some time, I believe. Once that was complete, then the next step was creating the entity on a computer from my DNA. This was accomplished by the scientist adding what he wanted to make David into what he did. He created this program–David with certain qualities and abilities, and of course nothing of any good qualities–and made him have no emotion or feelings or thought to any human being. A perfect killing machine that could grow to any level with the intelligence he possessed. Somewhere along the line after he was completed on a computer they decided it was time to insert him into me.
First they downloaded my mind into a computer to preserve it, because through trial and error they found they could not insert an entity into a mind/body already occupied. Both would become all scrambled and mixed together. Once downloaded, they then connected 3 electrodes to my body. One at the base of the neck, one between my shoulder blades and a third at the base of the spine. All was ready and the next step was to stop my heart (creating a temporary death state releasing the soul) before downloading the entity. Once the downloading began, my body went into horrible constrictions, twisting, turning, retching violently and making guttural sounds. After a certain point that tells them it will succeed. Many others died before that point was attained in previous experiments.
After downloading was complete onto the left side of the brain the body was prepared for submergence into the “birthing tank”. All kinds of wires, electrodes and many other things I cannot clearly recall were all attached to the body from head to toe. It (my body with David inserted) was then placed within this tank of some form of liquid. Not water but some kind of liquid. Here my body remained for three months until it was “born” and all this time my soul floated around and above in a confused state knowing that it should not be out of its body so it remained close by with all the others there up by the ceiling. The soul is encased in pure gold light. All it could do was just wait. After the three-month period of time the body is removed and brought to life, my mind then re inserted then woke up. The soul returns and all is finished.

EL: Was there any other Super Warriors like yourself that you are aware of? Any women super warriors?

JD: I only know of three other men who have a similar Super Warrior kind of mode. This is due to a memory of me being taken (by secret government humans, not aliens) and brought to a secret lab in Maine. All four of us secret project super warriors met with an elusive, tall, thin, man dressed in black who had attained the ability to remain invisible—figuratively speaking– a powerful man who seemed to be in charge of us and others.

One of the four men’s code name was COWBOY, which was ironic because he was a full-blooded Indian. My code name was RAMBLER and the other two names I can’t recall.

When we were in black ops in Viet Nam at times we would need to hook up with other teams to accomplish our mission and on occasions we would team up with all women teams and they were just as tough and as good as we were. It was very hard-core and dedicated to their job at hand as we were. I don’t know if they were super warriors. I lean toward yes, due to their abilities and stamina which was tops.

EL: Have you been able to confirm any of your memories with others who shared experiences with you?

JD: Yes I recently met an ex-Viet Nam veteran, a former Lieutenant Colonel who shared the same covert missions together which involved stripping a U-2 that had been shot down in Cambodia. When I started talking about the mind control aspects, he got real quiet. I have also been able to confirm some of my memories of other ops with two other people I know, but will refrain from mentioning their names. One of them was a time travel mission. It was confirmation enough for me that I am not loco after all because sometimes you think you really are, with all these strange time looped memories running around your head!

EL: Can you tell me about any of the deep space, time travel or dimensional travel missions?

JD: In one combat situation I was involved in time travel to the future in deep space somewhere with a group of others. One of the persons who shared this experience with me says the year was sometime around 2032. We were sent to a planet called Kalmine somewhere out in the universe. The species inhabiting this planet were called Zomba’s. They are a skeletal type creature about human average height and a strange solid lower jaw that could open far enough to drop down to their chests. Really weird looking. An entire military force was sent here by time shuttle. Thousands of us including female warriors as well. We were in full combat gear, fatigues, helmets, etc. Our weaponry consisted of full armada with tanks, half trucks, the works and all armed to the teeth. All of these vehicles were very fast even on this rocky terrain due to all being atomic powered. We all carried laser weapons or pulsing weapons and the same with all the vehicles. This planets terrain was rocky, craggy with no visible structures or any kind. I never saw any trees or vegetation like here on earth either. We were in a low-lying area with these creatures up on higher ground fighting us. As we would fire our lasers at them and hit them it wouldn’t kill them immediately. What it would do is lock onto them and they would give off this blood curdling scream and bounce and jerk all over the place, so you had to hold your weapon right until it died. It seemed like it would take forever before it died but really was only a matter of seconds but with the air and all it seemed forever. This planet was oxygenated so we did not have to wear suits or masks or anything for protection. That was the strange thing about it as to why I didn’t understand not seeing any vegetation of any kind.
As I said we arrived by a time shuttle through a worm hole created and sped through at the speed of infinity so that is why it is possible to go anywhere through the universe in split seconds.
The main method of time travel was to literally walk physically through a vortex. We would just jump into the vortex or “wormhole.” We called it “Shooting the Vort”. We preferred the vortex over the time shuttle because it was so beautiful and fascinating to sail through, almost identical to what you saw in the movie Contact, except it was not contained, we just went through it.

EL: Have you ever been abducted by aliens? Can you describe any of the aliens you have encountered in your experiences and where?

JD: I have never been abducted by aliens. Some aliens I’ve seen are the Greys, a few reptilians and the odd skeletal looking creatures already mentioned.
In one memory, I recall standing inside of a huge, monstrous cavern underground somewhere in the Southwest US—Utah, I believe. A young (human) girl approximately age 7-8 years old, dressed in Shirley Temple like clothing, black shoulder length hair, rolled down bobbie socks and black Mary Jane shoes is standing 10-15 feet in front of me. We both see a huge alien spacecraft suspended in mid air. There is no apparent landing gear. A ladder like device comes out from the bottom center of the craft. The little girl starts up the steps, grabs hold of the rail and climbs the ladder. I can see that she is trembling. I reach for her and take hold of her hand, and she relaxes and feels safe. Intuitively, I knew that the purpose of her being there is to be an observer, a “fact finder” to observe everything in photographic detail.

We climb into the craft, and I see some liquid – a thin layer all over the entire floor. It didn’t affect us. I wondered why it didn’t come through or leak through the holes or drain anywhere. I notice lighting, neither too bright nor dim, and no apparent source where it originates. We turn to the right, while in the craft and see a reptoid alien standing there. It’s male about 5 foot 8 inches tall and grayish green color. It appears that his shape changes but not drastically, no muscle tone, no meat to his body. I realize that they have no joints like us and when they move, its like they bend their bones to whatever position they want. In the second room another male alien walked in. They started arguing at me telepathically, wanting me to speak to them in their way—mind to mind. I spoke to them audibly. I wanted to antagonize and overcome their mind capacity to control me. I knew that it was part of my job to see if I could overcome their mental control of me, because many others didn’t succeed. I continued to argue with them and got nasty. The aliens couldn’t control me. I threatened them physically.

I knew that these reptilian aliens physical form had deteriorated and its race was dying. It’s one of the reasons they were doing interbreeding with humans. This ship was a “breeding ship”. It had panels and the walls started to open from the floor up. Humans suspended in tanks containing a yellowish-orange fluid could be seen. Behind each panel tank was a human female. At first none moved but they were not dead, then I noticed they moved a little. The liquid suspends them and protects them for dimensional and time travel. They breathe the liquid.

Meanwhile, the aliens continued to argue with me but could not control me. I also realized that the thin layer of liquid on the craft floor was for the aliens to glide across. They didn’t walk or lift their feet but glided. They had no ankles but a foot that was a simple L shape at the bottom of their leg.

Another doorway opened to my left, to another room. I see a table that looks like a birthing or breeding table, because it has areas where your legs go, two pieces with straps and an area where the torso lies. The aliens brought out a human female to the table, wanting me to have sex with so I could impregnate her. I said no and got nasty with them. At this point I see the aliens exhibited some emotion, they got mean and I started physically threatening them. Part of my being there was to get violent. My main objective was to see if I could overcome their mind control.

At the point where we were getting nasty the little girl became more scared while in that room, yet she felt safe with me. I intuited that she had probably done this kind of thing before by her reaction. At the time while we were in the 2nd room I said something that really ticked the aliens off. Then and only then did I see a slight smirk on the young girls face. I knew she was highly trained (probably a Monarch MK slave) for this kind of work by her demeanor in this situation.

EL: Do you recall any of your programmers, controllers or handlers? What kinds of trigger phrases were used in your programming?

JD: Yes, I recall a number of different handlers. One controller in particular was a tall blonde man, slightly heavy and muscular. I recall him while I was in Viet Nam. In one memory I remember being in Viet Nam where a group of handlers wanted to access David and one of the phrases used was “OK, Now lets play the numbers game.” (I have a report from another operative who confirmed that this trigger phrase was also used on him, including the statement “Now you know numbers don’t lie”. Then the handler/controller will proceed to name out a progressive series of numbers, which had the effect of putting me into a more hypnotic state.

EL: What kinds of psychic and mental abilities does “David” have?

JD: David has an accurate sense of telepathy and precognition where he senses if he is in any danger from potential attackers. David can bi-locate while Jared is still functioning in normal daily life. David can cause physical damage at a distance by bi-locating and materializing into whatever form of me. I never have control over him or what he decides to do. I usually find out later in memories. I know now that what I have been able to recall is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of how I’ve been used and what David has done independently of my awareness.
If anyone is thinking of harming me, David instantly knows it. On one occasion David went to destroy a monitoring lab – a large building containing rows of computer-monitors, where each one is manned by a person to monitor a particular individual. It was a type of interactive system of surveillance and control. David couldn’t be seen by them but could also be visible in human form if he chose to. There were armed guards with laser weapons in an adjoining room walled off by thick bulletproof glass. David literally caused the weapons to fly out of their hands, and then he fired their weapons at them. The people working there started leaving in a panic state. There ended up being a horrendous explosion, destroying that building.
David could “freeform”. He doesn’t really have a physical form, but could take one and become visible if he chose.

EL: Do you have any implants in your body?

JD: Yes. I believe I have at least three implants. Two of them are on the bottom of both of my feet and one was behind my right ear. This one is no longer present and has left a pock behind my ear. The ones on the bottom of my feet were tiny perfect round balls just below the surface of the skin. I believed these to be tracker types. The implant behind my ear may have been for audible communication and messages.

EL: Are you aware of what branches of government or military the secret government operates under?

JD: I cannot say. I only know that the secret government has their own military and security personnel at bases and secret locations.

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