Why Aliens Abduct Humans




Why Aliens Abduct Humans


October 10, 2003

The mystery of the alien’s little black box. Why aliens abduct humans.

For years there were accounts of alien encounters where the aliens showed a little black box to humans.  The aliens held up the box and pointed to it, then returned to their spacecraft and left.  People having such encounters wondered why the aliens did not try to communicate with them further. The contents in the little black box remained a mystery for decades.  Thanks to investigators such as Bud Hopkins and Dave Jacobs, we now know what is in the box.

The box contains a live fetus of a hybrid which is part human and part alien. Showing the box is an act of triumph. The aliens plan to colonize the earth with their new race and replace the human race.  By showing the box the aliens are demonstrating that they have succeeded in creating a replacement for the human race.

After aliens take either sperm or eggs from humans, depending on their sex, or in some cases, an alien/hybrid baby, the human abductees are taken into large rooms in the alien’s spacecraft containing alien/hybrid fetuses in tanks at different stages of development.

Abductees wondered why they did this.  The answer is now obvious, the aliens are showing humans their replacement. The aliens are in effect telling abductees that the new alien/hybrids will replace them. There will be no more humans on the earth.

Nothing could be more frightening.