Abductee UFO Cases


Abductee UFO Cases



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From: Steven Hutchins


This is Steve Hutchins From Powhatan Virginia.Last night I got up to check my email and I look through my bed room window and saw this face at 3:00am in the morning looking in.I ran to get my camera and took the picture then it left.

WOW hope this wakeing up early in the morning and looking through my window and seeing this sort of thing don,t happened again.

Here is image below.I will put copywrite on this one.»Copywrite [C] U.S.A Steve Hutchins 2000

Thanks and hope some one can tell me what I saw.Steve


«Copywrite [C] U.S.A Steve Hutchins 2000»

From: Steven Nelson

When I was young, I’m not certain precisely when, I had a very peculiar Recurring dream: It was the fourth of July. We had set up fireworks in the backyard, and my father was holding some sort of barbecue. A number of obviously dream-like elements mark this as a dream. For example, a pig, which I had treated as a pet in the dream, was cooked, then came back to life. I crawled to a neighbour’s yard– a huge, grassy field. I saw flashing lights coming from the area, which I interpreted as fireworks. As I emerged from the clearing, I could see that the lights came from a huge UFO, which
hovered over the clearing at approximately treetop level. It was bright and multicoloured. Next I was rising in a beam of light. At the end of the light, there was a face. After so many years, I can’t tell you what the face looked like, except that the skin was pale, perhaps grey, and the mouth was a slit. When I saw the face, I would always feel intense terror and wake up. The oddest part about this whole affair is that I’m CERTAIN that what I just described was a dream. None of the classic physical signs occurred: no disturbances in the grass, no peculiar wounds, no midnight nosebleeds, no notable periods of missing time. At the time, I was pretty sure that I
had got it from watching ‘Close Encounters’ and seeing Star Trek.
Would anyone care to tell me anything about my dream? What is, in your opinion, the likelihood that visitors abducted me? Or was I just scared by the fireworks?


Now a true story from the States 
APRIL 1985. I’ve never committed this account to writing until now, since it has always seemed very ‘personal’ to me.But before another decade passes I suppose I should enter it into the record. Peter Gutilla, metaphysical teacher, researcher and psychic in southern California, thus begins his moving account of an encounter that portends some sort of return visit-by hidden observers who seem to have quite a
lofty bag-of tricks!. It was near 1 a.m. on the morning of April 15, 1975. After a meeting in Los Angles, I was driving home alone of the Santa Ana Freeway, heading Southeast in a small, dark blue, 1959 Mercedes coupe. The sky was clear and the weather moderate. A few miles past the L.A. interchange, I’d just lit a small cigar a friend had given me when a very clear voice popped into my head, saying: «Is that a weapon?. Before I go on, I should emphasise that after years of working with psychics, not to mention my own ESP experience since childhood, my reaction to things inward had become more than a little casual. So I replied in a perfunctory way, ‘No, this isn’t a weapon’ and then went on to describe the act of smoking, ending with: ‘Who wants to know?. Immediately I looked to the Southwest sky on my right, out the front windshield. There, at about a 50-degree angle and moving with me at what seemed to be the same speed, was a ruby-red light travelling in an up/down, wave-like motion.
(Mentally I can ‘see’ that light in my mind as vividly as when I saw it that day.) I ‘knew’ it was a UFO – not an aeroplane or helicopter with a running red light, even though I was unable to distinguish an outline that would indicate a solid object.»
Intrigued, I asked: ‘ Are you following me?’ The answer came, ‘yes.’ I slowed to the right lane of the freeway and the light slowed immediately, doing this several more
times as I repeated the manoeuvre to see if it would follow my lead. Although I was calm at this point, I felt a growing anticipation which prompted me to urge the light to stay with me since I planned to exit the freeway a few miles ahead.
The light remained steady in brightness and continued its wavy flight alongside my car, seeming to slow down and follow my turn as I left the freeway at Valley View Street in
La Mirada. I drove into an abandoned filling station (closed, windows boarded) and parked. Now I could vaguely discern an oblate, circular shape surrounding the light, which had stopped a few hundred feet above a huge industrial lot, across the street from me to the south. The area directly below the object was completely dark with no cars anywhere around except some sparse traffic on the freeway behind me. The irony of it was that to the object’s right and below was a restaurant packed with people, their only view outside being a large window facing the freeway, in the opposite direction from the hovering object. I remember thinking, ‘If they only knew what’s hanging over their heads!. Stepping out of the car, I stood facing the completely
silent object. I waved my arms several times and the red light blinking correspondingly, convincing me all the more that it was indeed focusing its attention on me, and coincidentally in the same place at the same time. I repeated the mental message: ‘What do you want?. Here an odd thing happened. For a quick moment I felt myself ‘switch’ to the object, and that’s the only way I can describe it – a switching of positions. In the space of a few seconds, I was inside the object looking out of a bubble-like window at myself standing near my car! There was no physical sensation
whatsoever, and I can only compare it to an out-of body experience – but one that was clear and obvious – nothing dream-like or imaginary about it. Following this, the object swayed back and forth several times in a kind of pendulum motion, still soundless and in the same position. Here, I remember taking notice of a ‘buzzing’ sound in my head which had increased in intensity, to the point of distraction. I’d
heard this sound before over the years, but never quite as intense. I glanced at my watch. About 15 minutes had elapsed from the time I’d left the freeway. Mentally, I said ‘I’d like to see your craft. Can you turn more lights on?. Instantly port and starboard lights blinked on momentarily, lighting up the entire body of the object. The lights blinked on and off for only a few seconds, but it gave me enough time
to see its disc shape, and that it was greyish in colour and maybe 45-50 feet in diameter. With the blinking lights off, the red light glowed steadily, swaying from side to side. Only a minute or so had passed when I heard the noisy clatter of what I assumed to be a police helicopter approaching from the west, shining its intense spotlight to the ground intermittently. I said to myself, ‘Oh no – they’re going to meet head on and I don’t have a camera!’ As the helicopter approached, I thought for sure it was going to hit the object, but strangely, the aircraft passed very near the UFO, apparently unaware of its presence!. The helicopter flew in a broad circle slightly south of the UFO, shining it’s spotlight to the ground and seemingly taking no notice of the object whatsoever. As the helicopter wandered about, gradually fading in the distance, I couldn’t help but wonder if somehow the UFO occupants were able to selectively choose who saw them. I got back into my car, driving around the corner and into an industrial lot. The object pivoted slowly as if to keep itself oriented to my change of position, a move I could see clearly as I entered the darkened area. I stepped from the car and sent the thought: ‘Can you land? I’d like to meet
with you.’ A few seconds passed and the answer came, ‘No, we cannot – we are being watched… we will be back’. I recall being both disappointed and confused. Being
watched? Maybe it was risky for them to come in low over populated areas. But why hadn’t the helicopter seen them?. Being watched by whom? Their own people? Were others watching from the ground, or could they have been referring to radar, etc? At any rate, the object seemed to shrink in size to a star-like pinpoint of bluish light. It moved westward in the direction of the Pacific and was gone. Over 10 years have passed since the incident, and not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about it. It has never left me. Although it all took place in a brief span of time, I know something significant happened; something simple and profound. Since then, I haven’t looked at the night-time sky without thinking I can hear a faint humming sound that
invariably brings to mind those parting words, ‘…we will be back.

June 1 1988

Editors description: This abduction in the Hudson Valley area of New York, is unique in that it describes the use, by the aliens, of a force field in the home, along with a special hand held tool that gives off a green light, which enables them to open up the field and pass through. It also contains a description of a classic case of a nose implant, and also the involvement of members of a family. By. Philip J. Imbrogno
Over the past five years the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area have been the scene of a massive number of UFO sightings. The numbers of reports are so great that I believe this area has the highest number of raw UFO sighting reports in the entire world. These reports are documented in my book NIGHT SIEGE THE HUDSON VALLEY UFO SIGHTS which I co-authored with the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Mr. Bob Pratt. I have been asked over the years by many UFO researchers if there
have been any close encounter-abduction type cases in the Hudson Valley. My answer to most was no. Only to few did I admit that there were abduction cases and plenty of them. This denial of such cases was at the request of Dr. Hynek since he wanted NIGHT SIEGE to be a documentation of the many UFO reports in the Hudson Valley.D. Hynek also wanted to keep these cases quiet until we had more data about the sightings in the area. With so many reports over the years and with the sighting still continuing it was only a matter of time before the growing number of Abduction cases in the Hudson Valley had to be dealt with. To this date I have been contacted by at least 75 people who feel as if they had more than a sighting. Of the 75 there are 25 that would be suitable for further study. Of these twenty five ten come from professional backgrounds. All do not want any type of publicity. I will explore two of these cases in this article. At the witnesses request, I have changed their names to protect them. I would also like to inform the reader that Whitley Strieber, author of the best selling book COMMUNION experiences took place in the Hudson Valley area. Since the
publication of his book many people have come forward with incredible stories, people who would otherwise would have kept silent. On July 2 1987 I received a call from a 36 year old woman from Toms River New Jersey who I shall call Gail. Gail was very troubled on the phone and insisted that she talk to me about a UFO related experience
that she had. During the last part of June (1987) as she was lying down on her bed, she felt some what uneasy as if someone was watching her. The time was Ten PM. She then heard a voice say» We have come for you..You will not be hurt.» She then realised that her entire body was paralysed and that she could only move her eyes. Gail was lying on her back and noticed that three beings stood in the doorway to her bedroom. She was alone in the house at the time, but does live there with her
seventeen year old daughter who was away visiting her father in Croton
Falls N.Y. Gail is divorced. Three beings were dressed in something that looked like tightly fitting jump-suits and stood in a single row, one behind the other. The light in the hall was dim, and she could not see their features. She noticed they were about five feet tall with very long arms. The leader, according to Gail seemed to have a problem getting into the room. It was as if some type of invisible shield was blocking his way. He lifted up his hand and pressed them against the invisible shield.
The leader then took some type of rod out from a side pocket and turned the bottom of it. The rod then glowed with a green light and he passed it over the doorway area. They then walked into the room without any effort. As they entered the room still in a single file she noticed that they had large heads and eyes that looked like a cats which wrapped around their heads. She never heard them talk but heard all kinds on buzzing noises in her head when the leader communicated with the others.
Gail tried to scream but could not, she could only move her eyes. The leader placed himself on her right side and then one of them went to the foot of the bed and the other on the left side of the bed. The beings on each side of her then placed their hands under her head and raised it up. She then noticed that the one on her left took a tube of what like like a narrow roll of white cotton and started pushing it up her left
nostril. At that moment she felt extreme pain in her head and then started to lose consciousness. She felt as if she was falling from a great height, then she does not remember anymore. The next thing she recalls is waking up at 8am with a very bad
headache. As she walked to the bathroom her nose (both nostrils started to bleed. She felt as if something was stuck up her nose, but nothing was there. She looked in the bathroom mirror and noticed her nose was swollen and puffy. She she noticed a rash on her neck, legs and slightly on her arms. She had hoped that the experience from that last night was a dream and tried to block it out of her head. When her daughter arrived home that night she told her about what happened. Gail told me that before
she even finished with her story her daughter started shaking and then told her that on the same night, about the same time she and her father were followed by a UFO on route 116 near Croton Falls New York. She described to her mother a large dark craft triangular in shape that paced the car for five minutes above tree top level. I found this report very interesting since Croton falls is near the border of Westchester and Putnam Counties in New York and that loney route has been the site of more than one Close Encounter over the past five years. I also found it interesting that both mother and daughter had a experience with the paranormal at the same time. There is more to this case than meets the eye. The daughter and father according to my findings may have had as much as thirty minutes missing time. If this is so and if both were abducted then the experience happened to father, mother and daughter at the same time!. Gail’s rash and headaches continued for a few days then disappeared. I plan to have Gail undergo hypnosis in the near future by a certified psychologist. The story does not end here. Several weeks latter I received a call from Gail telling me that it happened again. She said «Those creatures came back the same time and they did the same thing». She continued: «It was as if I was watching a movie of the first time
they came, they did exactly the same thing. Including having trouble getting into the doorway to the bedroom. My daughter was once again away visiting her father.»
This case is still under study, but initial findings indicate that both Gail and her daughter may have a history of interactions with the intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon.


AUTHOR: Don Sudduth

There is a certain sense of stability in the physical world that most of us take for granted. However, in the current realm of UFO abduction literature, the term «physical world» may need some redefinition. UFO abductees have found their world stretched and distorted in a way that defies modern science. Testimony from abductees now includes levitation, paralysis, telepathy, and startling visions. To ignore these reports is to ignore the vast amount of evidence that seems to be mounting. To accept these reports blindly, however, is to accept data whose source is testimony from hypnosis, vague memories, and spontaneous recall. Are abductees really levitating out of their beds at night, floating up to a hovering UFO, and being subjected to physical examinations? Perhaps this question can be answered by looking closer at
abductee’s testimony. Recently, Budd Hopkin’s and Whitley Strieber’s works have strongly promoted the notion of physical abductions as a norm for UFO contact
with humans. However, from a recently published article in UFO Magazine (Vol 4, Num 4), Ann Druffel has offered a new perspective on the abduction phenomena. This perspective alters the focus of an abduction from something physical to something within the mind. Ann Druffel, in her book «The Tujunga Canyon Contacts» tells of hypnotic regression of a particular abductee named Emily who «learned that if
she could manage to move even one toe or finger, the paralysis broke and the creatures vanished.» The article goes on to report that Emily could use mental effort to wake her roommate and also break the abduction paralysis. In another case Ms. Druffel notes that the abductee was able to break out of the «contact» by making a sound or
mantra within herself. Breaking out of the alleged abduction by shear force of will is just one clue of its non-physical nature. Are there others? Looking at the varied testimony of abductees, one gets the sense of the lack of coincidence from report to report. One person stated that she was transported through her apartment wall. While others feel the abductors take them «by hand» into waiting UFO’s. Whitley Strieber, in his book «Transformation», writes about his attempts at astral travel and the similarity of that experience to his abductions. He also notes the strangeness factor of abduction reports from his article in UFO Magazine (Vol 4, Num 2). Strieber writes, «Of the 690 narratives sent to me by Communion and Transformation readers, only a few appear to support these present theories of abduction. The vast majority instead describe perceptions and experiences far stranger than any reported by mainstream abduction researchers.» Another UFO researcher, Richard Grossinger, writes of the inability of contactees to distinguish between the concrete or real and the psychic or hallucinatory. He suggests that we may be dealing with both levels of reality thereby creating the current paradox of conflicting abduction testimonies.
Before the «Communion» and «Intruders» phenomenon, astrophysicist and UFO researcher Jacques Vallee cautioned the conception of UFO’s as being something truly physical. Vallee’s position is that individual and social psychological manipulation of UFO contactees may not be extraterrestrial at all but encounters with another
reality. He suggests that the intelligence community world-wide is probably «in the dark» about most aspects of the UFO phenomena. On the MJ-12 document he writes, «Given the names on the list of MJ-12 scientists, however, it seems to me their work could have had an entirely different orientation, having to do with psychological
warfare. I scratched the surface of that issue in «Messengers of Deception», and I got burned because the UFO research community was not ready to even consider that side of the problem». Now that the verdict is out on the MJ-12 documents with Bill Moore’s revelation of planted information, Dr. Vallee’s comments seem much more potent. In his book «Dimensions», Dr. Vallee strongly emphasises the psychological nature of UFO encounters. His research has shown that historically, UFO encounters have been perceived to be the common myths of the time period such as the miracle at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. «The events at Fatima involve luminous spheres, lights with
strange colours, a feeling of ‘heat waves’–all physical characteristics commonly associated with UFOs…They also encompass prophecy and a loss of ordinary consciousness on the part of witnesses–what we have called the psychic component of UFO sightings» (p 174). Dr. Vallee even implies that much of human history may have been shaped by the psychological effects of UFO encounters and that the shape may have a purpose. Extraterrestrial or not, it seems that abductions by UFOs are much
more psychological in nature than physical. Yet the common belief is in physical contact! Is this what we are meant to believe?

Suggest you download this page for offline viewing.
Taken from a transcript.

Can you describe your abduction experience and include such information as whendid you first become aware of the encounter and how many times has this happenedto you. Shirley, I had been trying to make up my mind since 82 to have regression
when we started have some sightings in 1983, the fear and emotional feelings got
worse. I walked straight up to Budd and he looked at my name tag and said you’re
the girl Dan Wright has been telling me about. Under regression the story came
out. I was 9 years old. My mother shot at them and the shot woke me up. (with a
22). The beings told me I had to come with them. When they took me through the
living room, I could see my mother. kneeling at the window, and she was frozen
with the gun to her shoulder. This was in Arkansas on a 500 acre cotton plantation. They floated me across the living room and the door was closed, it never opened. We went through wall and all. I remember going up the ramp but didn’t remember entering. My next memory was sitting on a table affair in a circular room. Very cold and very frightened. I was put through a physical examination. They took me back and tucked me in; my mother was still at the window. They were 3.5 to 4 ft tall. Very soft grey colour which looked almost white. Large black round eyes. Very large head. No ears. Two little holes for a nose. A slit for a mouth. Their skin was marshmellowy.
Please describe the black helicopter experience and also phone tapping and being followed that we heard about and have you done an FOIA for info on a file about you with FBI NSA, etc?
Shirley, No we have not done an FOIA yet. We suspect NSA involved and have
been told that by a man from the military. He says they fly that type of
helicopter. I understand details of some of our helicopter experiences are in
the uploaded article in the library here. When we had our sightings (UFO
sightings) in 83 around our property, we saw as many as 16 at one time buzzing
around our property. Not at the same time a UFO was visible.Two weeks ago on May
15, at 11 am we were on our way to Lansing for the MUFON membership meeting. I
looked out the window near Perry, MI, the black Helicopter was pacing our car.
It stayed with us till the arrival at the meeting. Then someone came in and said
come out here there’s a big black helicopter flying around. We went out, George
got a picture, and one of the members got 2 minutes on a video camera. The air
national guard denied that it belonged to them. They say they have no black
helicopter and do not operate at low altitude over cities. There were as many as
3 over the area at one time. Even DBC saw one of them. On the way George blinked
his lights, and the copter blinked its lights at us, when we were in the parking
lot. The blinking light of the copter is on video.
Rick Dell’Aquilla, my Co-Director is competing against you for
the Central States Director. Rick is a lawyer who has never had an abductee
experience or a sighting. I would like to ask, with no dis-respect intended, if
this is a stunt to gain support for your appointment.
Shirley, No way Jose….George believes in his record speaking for itself. We
had nothing to do with the helicopters appearing at any time.
How much did your mother remember of the abduction shooting, or anything?
(5,Shirley) My mother was terrified. She is very religious and refuses to talk
much about it. She does remember it, the shooting and all. They rest of my
family also remembers. There were 8 of us children at that time. Some of the
other children were abducted, and they remember the incident. They have not
acknowledged any abductions yet.
Jim Speiser of AZ MUFON
<1> Any markings on the helicopter that stand out in your mind.
<2> Are you aware that Dan Wright is circulating a list of people that should be
on the lookout for these copters (or am I talking out of school)?
Shirley, Yes there were specific markings on the left side. A white circle
with a black circle inside the white circle. We do not talk up that markings
order to allow us to compare with other reports. So please don’t spread that
around much. Regarding the question of the list, we are aware of that.
Ted, did the being speak or communicate anything vocal or were there any sounds at all.
Shirley, Yes they communicated telepathically.
Ted, Did they say anything verbally or was it all telepathic?
Shirley, It was all telepathic.
DON, I just signed in, and wanted to ask about your suspicions concerning tapped telephones, etc. Have you been able to have your lines swept by the phone co. or perhaps private security firms? Also have you had any problems with mail, or any other reason to suspect you are under surveillance? If you think that it may be from fed. government, the FOIA will enable you to find out if there are any files on you, and what they contain.
Shirley, Yes we believe our phone is tapped and I understand there are some
details of it in the uploaded TXT in the library. We have been in touch with MI
Bell, but they won’t cooperate we suspect they have a court order. We have not
contacted a private firm to help us detect the tap. I think an FOIA would be
joke. We suspect all the black helicopter activity is just a means of telling us
they have us under surveillance.
Don, I have been a policeman for over ten years and in order to have
a court order, you would have to be suspected of a crime or a national security
threat. Also it is mighty expensive to operate a helicopter on an hourly basis
if it was the feds, I think they would find a less expensive way to transmit
you that message. Have you had any contact with any federal agencies, or have
they contacted you?
Shirley, We have had no contact with the goverment directly. Since when does the
govt worry about nickels and dimes? The government actually considers MUFON…
a national security risk. Thus we may fall under that category, and possibly
because we work with abductees.
DBC, I understand you had a mysterious pregnancy when you were 17
the pregnancy terminated after 3 months without any explanation can you tell us
more about that abduction?
Shirley, I was in Florida at the time. They abducted me and impregnated me
clinically (I didn’t know it until later under hypnosis). Then they came back
(now in Arkansas) and apparently took the foetus I definitely was pregnant
because I had been to the doctor and no trace was left. The doctor couldn’t
understand what happened, because I didn’t abort.
DBC, There have been example told by Budd Hopkins of subjects seeing a childlater on that may have been the result of the foetus development. Have you ever
experienced this type of encounter?
Shirley Yes, when the baby was very very small and also on several other
occasions. The child had very small features very pale skin. Red hair, very
wispy. He has very blue eyes. A blue you cannot really describe.
DBW, After people get involved in these type of incidents, they
usually tend to go towards different positions of faith. Have you been drawn to
crystals, the bible, or some other form of seem-religious or religious
realm…..And a follow up?
Shirley, Like MUFON policy, I’m strictly a nuts and bolts person on this
subject. The Bible has always been a part of my life, and I’m definitely not
into crystals. I am not into past lives, channelling, and other paranormal
activities. Strictly nuts and bolts.
Drax, Shirley, Will you and George be at Lincoln and if so, will you bring
the copter video? And how can we confirm that the US Govt. considers MUFON a
security risk?
Shirley, Regarding the Lincoln conference, does a cat a have a tail?
Shirley, Yes, we will bring the video of the helicopter and an audio tape
from the regression-related incident….
Phil, Regarding the GOV as considering MUFON a security risk….
Shirley, why else would they tap phones, tamper with mail and harass us with
helicopters etc. By the way our mail is frequently delivered open and sloppily
taped shut. And some letters never arrive at their destination. For example, I
sent Don Ware a copy of some signs and symbols that I wrote during a period of
«sleep». And he never received it. I also sent a copy of it to someone else, and
they never received it.
Drax, If I may just suggest its just possible that whoever is doing this is
not connected with the govt. there may be «higher authorities» at work. Just a
Gerry, Drax’s theory has to be considered always but I was going to say that
the blinking light exchange when they could see you videotaping which means you
would likely show it at a conference means we ALL are being put on notice that
they or somebody is interested in us. Also about the child did you, Shirley, see
the drawing in Intruders and would you say there was resemblance to the child
you saw?
Shirley, I have not seen the drawing in Intruders. Budd gave me the book, but
I have not read it or others like it in order not to contaminate the case
However, I have made drawings long before the book came out and I’m told the
drawings resemble those in the book also last year at the MUFON conf. in DC,
without thinking Budd showed me some drawings. And I burst into tears.
Gerry, The blinking light would have been done by the pilot on the spur of
the moment and may not itself indicate any policy or higher intent but the
general visibility of all those helicopters still makes me think it is a message
to all of us. Wise of you not to look at Budd’s book yet.
Shirley, Another reason I have not read the book is that Kathy Davis (of
Intruders) and I became very close friends and I’m not ready to deal totally
with what happened to her. We have never discussed our individual cases when we
get together.
DON, Shirley, during any of these experiences have you ever received any
explanation of «WHY» I mean, why the genetic experiments and perhaps why are
they here? Anything?
Shirley, I can’t answer that. I was told something, but I’d prefer not to
DON, What was the last part, ran off the screen
Shirley, prefer not to say.
Shirley, There are things we have to keep secret so we can compare to other
cases. And we don’t want other people picking up the same story. As for example
Budd Hopkins always holds certain things back in order to validate information
coming from other cases.
DON, Yes. Ok Shirley, for years this is one of the things that have split the
UFO fraternity, everyone has a secret. Right now I am researching a paper
concerning the aspects of the phenomenon that have proved both dangerous and
deadly. Going back in the 40 years that this has been investigated there have
been dozens and perhaps hundreds that have been harmed or even died while being
involved with this subject. Now a week after talking to Hopkins, and it is
obvious that he does not believe that they are harmful,. however this does not
seem to be the case. Now this forum is for the exchanging of
information, and hopefully the truth. If you have an insight as to what you
believe may be behind this mystery, don’t you think you owe it to the forum and
MUFON to share it?
Shirley, We guess like everyone else. They are in control. We have NO
control. As to the question of WHY I’ll go this far. They told me that they
needed our help so that they could breed love and compassion into their race
they have no intention of harming us. They have caused pain to people they have
abducted, but when they were aware of the pain they eased it for us.
Ted, Apparently they do not feel pain themselves? Also What kind of self help
group are there? and finally. Can I call you during the day this coming week?
(5,Shirley) We have formed an abductee support group in MI that meets monthly
yes you can call anytime.

  CASE No.6
Two for the price of one


by Lawrence Fenwick)

A close encounter with two UFOs occurred in Toronto, Ont. Canada in the early morning hours of March 11, 1988. This was less than 1/2 mile from Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes of North America and in a major metropolitan urban area. One of the observers, Deborah Theaker, later told investigators that this was only the latest in a series of UFO events that had seemingly followed her around wherever she lived in Canada. CUFORN was alerted to the report when Deborah and friend
Darren Boyce called Metropolitan Toronto Police, who referred them to Downsview Air Force Base. Staff Corporal McKay had CUFORN’s phone number and gave it to the couple who called us. Deborah, 25, is an actress an scriptwriter for SCTV (Second
City Television), a famous TV comedy show. She and Darren had just arrived back in Toronto from Darren’s native Australia, where they had just watched the Channel 7 special about the Nullabor Plains CE-2 of January 20, 1988. Darren, an electrician, 24, was a skeptic until the night in question. Flickering Lights, here is what happened in Deborah’s own words: «It was approximately 1:10 or 1:20am on Friday morning that the incident occurred. I was watching television, sitting on the sofa, when I noticed lights out of the corner of my eye. Something seemed strange about it and so I looked out the window to my left which was uncovered and gave a clear, unobstructed view. I saw a very large oblong object surrounded by flickering lights. There were definitely red and white lights, but I’m not sure whether there was another colour or not. There might have been blue lights as well, but I’m not exactly certain. I am uncertain of the time, but I would think that I saw it around 1:20 or 1:30 at the very latest. There was a large, luminous «headlight» in the sky over the trees across the street to the right. It was pulsing and I felt that it was communicating with the larger object. The larger metallic object moved towards the light. But I don’t remember seeing it move there», Deborah said. Woke Up Friend I phoned my sister and she instructed me to wake Darren up as he was asleep in the other room. We both looked out the window at this point, I could no longer see the bright «headlight». I thought that the object moved slowly behind the trees on the street opposite Coe Hill Drive. It was either moving west or descending slowly. After a brief period of time, we lost sight of the object. Darren suggested that we phone the police. They arrived within approximately 20 minutes. It was just after 2:20am when they knocked on our door. Curiously enough, Deborah had a dream the previous night which she felt was a warning that «something was coming to get me». She called her mother in Sidney, British Columbia, 2000 miles away, that night, and told her «a UFO is coming to get me. Something Hovering, Darren described his part in the observation: «Deborah woke me up shouting that there was a UFO outside the window. I went and had a look and could see something hovering beyond the line of houses across the street. While it was too dark to see the outline of the object, it appeared to be pulsing. It slowly moved away from
us to the west. All the lights were on all the time, but each light would individually pulse bright. The pulse would take about one second to complete one revolution. That night was a clear one, with no wind and few stars visible in the glare of the city lights. There are high tension power lines in the area. No sound was heard. The objects were about 20 degrees above the horizon. In our interview with Deborah, she said she was «scared. I felt like they were looking at me and I felt like I knew who they were and they were coming back. Investigators Harry Tokarz and Joe Muskat did what the two police officers had done on the night of the event — they carefully looked at the area where the UFOs were seen — a small park and a children’s playground. No traces were found, nor was there any damage to the trees.
Muskat and Tokarz personally investigated the case on March 12. The next day, Tokarz spoke to Police Constable Wilkinson who had been summoned alond with Police Constable Sonsini. The officer said Deborah was «hysterical but sensible.» The officer said a Staff Sargeant had gone to the area first, but on checking police
records, there was no mention of any such prior check by a Staff Sargeant.
Hearing Defect Deborah recently had visited an audiologist who told her she had a congenital defect in both ears. She cannot hear low frequency sounds. Yet she could recall no ear problems in her past, except for the odd ear-ache. CUFORN investigators Tokarz and Muskat discovered in their interview with Deborah that she is a «repeater». She was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Her father was Mayor of the town of
Esterhazy in that Canadian province. Her mother was a nurse. She has one younger brother, Kent and one sister, Shelley. Deborah said that when she was three years old, she saw what she called then «the Easter Bunny». She remembered its eyes as being bright but otherwise normal. That would have been in 1966. At age seven, she and Shelley saw a circular object in their home town. In 1976, at age 13, she did not menstruate for four months. She did not go to her family doctor or tell her parents. She did tell CUFORN that at the time, she felt «something was taken from me.» She has what Darren says appears to be a Caesarian birth scar, although she has never been pregnant. Looked Like Beans She said, when she was 13, she woke up one morning feeling sore all over. When she looked at her bed, she saw what looked like dried-up kidney beans covering the bed of her brother who slept in the twin bed next to her. She thought he had eaten some beans and had vomited in his sleep. He had not eaten beans, however. She slept through the night and was not awakened by anything that could ave caused the beans to appear. She said that one night when she was at summer camp at Round Lake, Saskatchewan, she and other campers saw a formation of UFOs. The camp was Camp O’Neill. She recalled one other camper, Roger Keyes, and that the head of the camp, who was a Minister, also saw the object. The minister said he would report the sighting to someone, but, as far as Deborah can recall, no authorities were
ever notified about the encounter. The year was 1978. We also found out that when Deborah lived in Saskatoon, in 1982, she and her brother Kent observed a UFO on a summer night. She recalled that she could not account for a period of time amounting to an hour and a half. Not only is Deborah a repeater, but the element of missing
time may mean that she was abducted. She has noticed in the past three years or so, that she has a hollowed out cut or scoop mark on her left shoulder. Fear Of Hypnosis
All these stories remain just stories at this time, as, after some discussion with Tokarz, she got as far as agreeing to visit our consultant in regressive hypnosis, Dr. David Gotlib. And that is as far as it got, as after an interview with the doctor,
Deborah said she was afraid to undergo hypnosis. She said that an amateur hypnotist had unsuccessfully tried to hypnotize her years ago. She used that and her fear of what she might find out as her reason for declining to pursue regressive hypnosis. Hypnosis would give some scientific credibility to CUFORN’s investigation and could relieve her fear or the trauma she may have undergone as a result of an abduction by humanoids. Unless she changes her mind, we will never know for sure what happened to her over the years.

by Lawrence Fenwick)

A lady whom we will call «Shelley Wells» was watching television while laying in bed at 7pm on Friday, March 18, 1988, when out of the corner of her eye she saw a strange object hovering outsider her 44th floor apartment in the Thorncliffe Park area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Interviewed by Joe Muskat and Harry Tokarz of CUFORN, she described the object as a charcoal grey metallic device about 15-20 feet in diameter with black struts hanging from each end. She said she was «astounded and ran to the window». The UFO seemingly reacted to her movement by first moving slowly eastwards, then swiftly ascending to the clouds. She called the two appendages «pipes» which were about five inches long. The UFO had no seams and she could not hear any sound as her window was closed and there was no balcony on that side of the building, so she could not go out to observe more closely. She estimated the UFO was no more than ten feet from the window which faces north. She estimated the total observation lasted 15 seconds. All her neighbors were either away at the time or were elderly and no one else reported seeing anything. Ms. Wells told us that it was dusk, overcast and cool. The UFO had sharp edges. The area is near high tension power lines and a hydro-electric substation. She waited two months before calling the police about the sighting. They referred her to Downsview AFB who gave her CUFORN’s number. Her disbelief in what she saw made her wait to report the sighting. Shelley is a former Air Canada stewardess and now works as Director of Communications for one of the Ministries of the Ontario Government in Toronto. She is 43, and has a male friend,
Lawrence Sherman, Jr., who is an architect former U.S. Air Force officer who was based in the Pacific. Sherman’s late father was Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Staff at the Pentagon and a friend of the late U.S. Air Force General NATHAN TWINING of MJ12. Colonel Lawrence Sherman, Sr. was also the Director of U.S.A.F.
Intelligence for the Pacific.

What got my attention was when we went camping this summer as we do every year. I noticed these freckles that are in perfect alignment on my son face. Two triangles one small and then in the same spot a larger one.

Well we were joking around an said oh maybe it is from the aliens. Well ha got all upset and started to cry. He cries easily to begin with but he had a fear look in his eyes. That is when I started to look up things that happened to people. A few years back I think in 1995. Well I had put my son to bed at his regular bedtime 8:00. I saw a flash an I thought it was maybe just lightening. Never really paid attention to it.

Later that night around 3:00 in the morning I heard my son scream really loud. I jumped from the bed to see what was the matter. I went to his room but he was not there. I went to the couch and he was sitting up with a horrified look on his face. All he said was the aliens hurt me. I walked him to his bed. Told him he had a bad dream. He finally went to sleep after quite awhile.

The next day he told my mom his grandmother all about the aliens that took him. He explained in major detail He saw a flash and they took him from the skylight in his room. He said he was in a ship and there were blue purple lights. He said there were lights everywhere. He said they put him on a table and he saw a big white light. He went to sleep and woke up on the couch. Mind you he was only 4 maybe 5. I know it sounds kinder weird and all. However when we my mom and I were joking about it this summer he really got terribly upset. I don’t know what happened if it is he has and active imagination or what but……. well?????????Also the other day I was looking at the pictures of THE FACE ON MARS. Well I thought I saw footprints. Well my son walked in the room had no idea what I was looking at and he said mom it looks like a bunch of little footprints. That kinder made me think. Knowing that he did not know what I was looking at and saying that. Well some may think I am crazy but that is OK because it I believe there has got to be some life other than earth. I would like that chat with you if possible. I have been Arizona on my honey moon. I went riding in the superstition mountains. Since that time I feel something is calling me. I kept asking my brother in law who lives there about the Lights over Phoenix. He kept replying to me. We can not talk about that. Well while visiting friends, I jokingly asked a five year old boy about the lights. He pointed out to the sky and said they fly back and forth and they flash then they go away. This really blew my mind. I find this all very interesting and would like more info. Thank you for your time.

Date, 1977

Location, Waimata Valley NZ – I lived there on our family farm. Event Circumstances, It Happened during a UFO flap that centred on Waimata Valley and Gisborne at the same time UFO’s were filmed from a plane over the South Island of NZ. Main Event, I was a guest on a scout UFO and was taken into space for urgent medical attention on a larger space ship when the operation in my nose went wrong. We’d had UFO sightings reported for over 2 months along Waimata Valley Road near our house So I decided to sleep with a torch and the next time one flew over our house I’d get out my window with the torch and start signalling it. One flew over our house and I jumped out the window and began signalling it.

There were two ET’s in a window looking down at me. I could read their telepathic conversation to each other, one was saying lets carry on, this is of no interest and the other said to wait, this could be of interest. At this point I was flashing the torch and waving at them like any excited kid and I thought «yes – I’ve won them over». the one that said this might be of interest immediately telepathically told me I had not won them over and next thing I remember I’m in a corridor on the scout ship jumping up and down going it’s true! it’s true! you are real and there were at least 2 Et’s just standing there looking at me trying to get a handle on the sight of an over excited teenage boy in pyjamas going off in front of them. What was of interest to them was that I could read their telepathic conversations to each other. I also learned they have ways of telepathically talking one on one and ensuring on ET nearby can listen on to the one on one chat.

Once I’d calmed down from hyperactive to just animated the tall one walked asked me why I had been unsure if they were real and why was I out there flashing my torch at them. I replied that we’d been told they weren’t real and others were saying if they were real they were here to harm humans. I said they’d been over our house for the past few months and I was still fine so obviously they were not here to hurt us so I decided to attract the attention of the next one that flew over our house. The tall one asked who was saying they were here to harm them and I said – the Americans said this all the time but I stopped believing that when they’d been over our house for a few months and we hadn’t been harmed by this. the Tall one was not happy to hear that I’d been told ET’s were here to harm humans. The tall one told me they’d met humans and had not received a friendly reaction from humans. Humans had not made them feel welcome on Earth. I said well on behalf of humans they were welcome here. I think the Tall one and short ones were trying not to telepathically laugh at a human child welcoming them on behalf of humanity but I was so excited and I’d blurted it out as I really wanted them to feel welcome. They told me the Russians were just like us and that I had to like the Russians as well as the Americans as we were all one species. This freaked me out and I had a stand up argument with them saying the Russians were not our friends as they were communists and if they were our friends why were they building so many more weapons than they needed and the Tall one kept saying we ( communist or capitalist) must get along as we were all the same. I just couldn’t accept this concept so we dropped the conversation and went to a room.

A some point they put me in a trance to keep me in one place while they went to another room. I snapped myself out of the trance and went wandering around the corridors. A little ET spotted me and was surprised as was the Tall ET but the tall ET told the little ET I was safe so to let me look around. The little ET followed me everywhere during this phase. Then my time for medicals began so I went back to the room and got on the table/bed.

There the tall one told me that they had not been offered much co-operation from Humans and it would like my assistance, by this time it was standing over a bench in the corner of the room preparing some hand held instrument and I was lying on my back on a body temperature metal or plastic table. I said I’d be happy to help it, it could take off an arm if it wanted as long as it didn’t harm my ability ti think as that was important to me. It was touched by that remark and laughed that it didn’t need an arm but would do other things. It did whatever it did then began to put a powered instrument up my nose. I said it looked like it would hurt me and it said if I liked it would stop any pain and I said yes please so it gave me the image of a moth crawling up my nostril while the instrument went in. While the instrument was up there doing whatever it did the ET dropped their guard and telepathically I picked this up so I seized the moment and jerked my head back violently with the instrument still active deep in my nostril. The ET was quick to stop the instrument but the damage had been done, it had sliced me up wherever it was inside my nostrils. The ET asked » why did you do that» and I said now you’ll have to take me with you, you won’t be able to fix that in time. There was a mini conference with the ET’s in a corridor and The scout ship bolted to space. I was allowed out to watch as I felt the motion and I was over the moon as I felt this meant I was going with them to their planet. I saw the big ship as we approached it and was transferred to it to be repaired. Sometime during the repairs I realised I was to be returned to home and I was really upset by this so I tried to persuade them my parents didn’t love me and I really wanted to go with them. They said I wouldn’t live with them and wouldn’t explain why I wouldn’t then they showed me footage of my mother panicking in the house as she’d gone to my bedroom and couldn’t find me. They used this to show me my story about not being loved by my parents was not true as my mother was panicking so I had to be returned to her.

I accepted defeat and went back to the scout ship to be returned. I asked them if they’d visit us and would they please come for dinner and meet my family. The tall one asked if we would cook vegetarians and I said we had vegetarians but they were not normal, we all ate meat. The Tall one was not impressed with meat consumption. They said they would definitely be back.

They dropped me off in daylight just in time for me to go to school.

While wandering around the scout ship I’d pocketed a small item. I’d kept it with me and the little ET knew I had it. The big ET one either didn’t know or pretended not to know that I had it. AS I was being let out the door of the scout ship the little one said to stop me as I had an item of theirs. I was asked to stop so I did, no force was used. There ware about 4 of them grouped around me in the corridor and the tall one came over and said » have you got anything» I said no an the tall one immediately flashed me a telepathic warning that the others couldn’t hear which said «this is important – hand it over» so I conceded defeat and handed ti over and tried to justify it by saying » I had to do it you know» then I was transferred back to my bedroom.

My father saw me being returned and wouldn’t touch me until Mum made him. My mother was in the house.

Unusual observations? Movements, sounds, lights, odours, etc Nothing unusual, it was a metallic disc that hovered quietly and had windows which I could see into when I was standing below it and I could see out of when I was in it. There were on surprises in the interior, it had corridors, separate rooms, a flight control area which was ergonomically correct for a 16 year old and which would have been relatively easy to learn as it looked conventional and uncluttered. The temperature was normal and the furniture was functional for humans as well as ET’s. Any human would feel comfortable inside it. The ET’s each had distinct personalities. The tall one who did the nose operation on me in the scout ship was very familiar with humans and was relaxed around me. I could chat telepathically with it and it loved talking, it was very enthusiastic about humans and their potential and was surprised humans had not been as positive in their attitudes towards ET’s. There was also a short ET that was a bit shorter than me. It didn’t trust me and kept following me around. It nearly freaked when I wandered into the flight deck and was leaning over the instrument panel/console. I told it when I grew up I was going to fly these (I meant planes as a pilot but it thought I meant fly UFO’s – it dismissed the idea of me flying UFO’s when I grew up as ridiculous). The short ET had very limited experience with Humans and felt we were barbarians – not to be trusted. It was watching me to learn more about this human species that it had been warned about but had not had not seen first hand before. That’s the impression I was getting from it. I didn’t help improve it’s attitude as it caught me trying to steal a souvenir and it kicked up quite a stink when it looked like I was going to be released with the souvenir still in my procession.

Describe your location relative to the sighting When the ship stopped above me it was say 10 – 20 metres above me and in front of me so I could easily see into it’s windows and see the 2 ET’s discussing me. It never landed I was in one spot one moment and in the ship in the next moment.

Other people? Names, contact details Here are other events reported on the web concerning the UFO flap at the time 1. THE U.F.O. BBS – http://www.ufobbs.com/ufo Originally dated 5 Aug 1993, 17:29 In the Waimata Valley, New Zealand, Decemebr 2, 1977, a farmer was awoken by his dog barking and, upon investigation, saw a landed «flying saucer» on the ground. Two humanoids were carrying one of his dogs between them and moving towards the object. They were 143 cm tall and wore close fitting, metallic silver overalls and white, opaque helmets. These overalls were gathered at the ankles with elastic cuffs which extended over red glowing boots. On the entities’ hands were large silver gauntlets with flared arm coverings extending half way up the forearms. The white helmets were rounded like large motorcycle helmets and extended from shoulder to shoulder without any markings or openings. Alarmed my this sight, the farmer fired a shot and apparently winged one of the entities for the two beings dropped the dog and the wounded one ran off into some nearby bushes while the other ran into the craft which took off at speed. This happened to a near neighbour a couple of miles up the Waimata Valley road from us. It happened about a week or two after the encounter the ET’s had with me. We knew of it at the time and can believe is as both the residents and the ET’s seemed comfortable with each other. The residents accepted the UFO’s crop circles and occasional dead cow as «just another day at the office» and left the ET’s alone and the ET’s were quite cheeky with the frequency of their daytime as well as night time appearances and the evidence they were leaving around. The farmer probably shot the ET as he’s shoot anyone who was stealing and hurting his dog. A story that went through Waimata Valley as that a couple of days after the event a distressed ET stepped on the road to flag down one of our neighbours as she drove to town. The silly lady floored it and left the ET by the roadside rather than stop and offer assistance. She missed an opportunity there 2.(1. Original investigation by Bryan Dickeson. 2. Retrospective investigation by Keith Basterfield & Bill Chalker. 3. Dykes, M. (1981). «Strangers In Our Skies.» INL. Lower Hutt. pp46-49.) Three women were involved in an abduction case in the midst of a large UFO flap near Gisborne which began in 1977. One night they were lying on a hillside watching the skies, and felt that a period of «missing time» occurred. Shortly after the event a regression hypnosis session was arranged and an abduction scenario revealed. In 1989, during a retrospective investigation by Keith Basterfield and Bill Chalker, a regression session was conducted with one woman. This revealed an account of being drawn up a beam of light; of seeing one of the other women inside the UFO, and of talking to a male entity. All three women were then back on the hillside. I haven’t been in touch with the above organisation but I probably know the girls involved in this report.

3″ In late December 1978, air freight pilots reported seeing unusual bright lights hovering over Kaikoura, N.Z. Two weeks later, in January 1979, the mysterious lights returned and were videotaped by Australian and New Zealand TV news agencies. Following the sightings, the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RZNAF), the police and the Centre Observatory in Wellington cooperated in an investigation, the results of which were stamped Top Secret and lodged in the National Archives in Wellington. Calling the report «a whitewash,» Hassall was quoted by the New Zealand Press as saying, «They discussed how to deal with the problem of (UFO) reports and they all agreed to cooperate and investigate… but not tell the public they were exchanging information. Secretly they were trying to figure it out. No one wanted to deal with the problem of UFO reporting. They didn’t know what to do about them, partly through a lack of resources to adequately investigate them.

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Here are answers for you based on experience I’ve had with the ET’s which has been ongoing.

The greys are sentient beings, wether they are synthetic or genetically engineered or from unimproved DNA is unknown to me. What matters in space is an excellent brain and a chassis capable of keeping the brain mobile/operational. Synthetic beings, genetically engineered beings or unimproved DNA beings have an excellent brain and a workable chassis so I would advise not trying to categorise them on the basis of origins.

Each grey I’ve interacted with has their own personality, their own sense of self, they are not under the control of any other being as they let the taller guys know it when the taller guys got something wrong or they disagree with the taller guys.

There may be a chain of command like there is in human corporations, it isn’t like a military chain of command as corporals don’t talk back at sergeants yet the grey’s give attitude to the tall guys as well as work with them and share jokes with them. That’s how I understand their relationship from observed behaviour over the years.

The taller guy in the waimata meeting was in command of medical procedures on the scoutship. A grey may have been in command of the scoutship itself, the grey was more concerned about safety on the scoutship that the tall ET. This could indicate that the grey was responsible for the scout ship or that the grey felt I was dangerous while the tall ET felt I was harmless so wasn’t concerned about any threat to the scoutship from my being loose on it.

As far as what they have in store for humans, they feel merging of technologies is inevitable and some of them want it to happen ASAP, some feel we are a bit too unreliable/untrustworthy and some don’t feel the issue is important enough to express an opinion, they’re just here doing their job. Some like conversing with me and others acknowledge my presence when they have to for whatever reason then they carry on with what they are doing. None avoid me. I’ve found it to be really comfortable in their presence as they are so ordinary in how they relate with me.

There is an intelligence and education gap between me and the ET’s. I have a good university degree in business studies but they have it all over me in brains and education. The ET’s compensate for that and communicate as efficiently with me as humans do. The only thing about their behaviour that does not seem familiar to a human is that they think to you rather than talk to you and you think back to them. Even that feels normal within a minute as it’s so easy to do.

I suspect if humans have long term exposure to ET’s then an under-utilised part of the human brain gets stimulated for telepathic communication. Hopefully this will enable post contact humans to be telepathic too. This is only a suspicion on my part, I’ve experienced no evidence supporting it that I would bet money on but I’d advocate researching it. Feel free to add that to the account.

In a few months I’ll try to get evidence to you of how the ET’s go about doing things. Apart from some scars and a circular Tattoo and ET did (as a result of my giving it a hard time about me needing a memento it raised part of my skin in a circle so it resembles a perfectly round crater – something human medical technology can’t do) I have no physical proof but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that is overwhelming it it’s probability of having an ET source.

If you wish to know more, please email me the webmaster and I passed on your comments.