Abduction Vallgorguina 21-7-1985


Abduction Vallgorguina 21-7-1985


Abduction Vallgorguina,1985,FSR


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Location. Vallgorguina, Cataluña Spain
Date: July 21 1985 Time: 0800A

The witness, Xavier Clares, 23, had gone to visit a local area where some ancient dolmens were located. He took with him his standard modern 35mm camera, loaded with 100 ASA 21 DIN film, for color slides, and an old-fashioned box camera which he had made himself. After spending what he guessed to have been somewhere between 1 ½ and 2 hours in Vallgorguina, he set out to return home. It was a glorious day, without a cloud in the sky. He is by nature a very careful person and always checks and notes the mileage covered. So, after arriving home he looked at his odometer and was astounded to find that, instead of having done the 50 km that it should have shown, it showed 300km. He had done an extra 250km. And his petrol tank was almost empty, whereas it had been full when he set out that morning. And to cap it all, his car was incredibly dirty, with stains of some viscose, sticky substance all over it, and there was mud on the wheels and the chassis. And the countryside was extremely dry at the time. In fact the farmers were worried over the very long dry spell. And there was another thing that surprised him when he got back to Barcelona. All the shops were open, just as on a normal working day—and how could that be possible seeing that it was Sunday? But the biggest surprise of all awaited him when he got home, and his wife and brother rushed to welcome him with signs of relief. Both were very upset, and said, “Where in heaven have you been all this time? Where did you sleep?” Xavier was dumbfounded and simply asked, “Why are the shops open on a Sunday morning?” “Well in the first place” replied his brother, “Today isn’t Sunday anyway, but Monday. And the time is 1800. We have been to practically every police station in the city and to several hospitals, looking for you. We feared you had had an accident—a traffic accident!”

None of them could understand what had happened. But when Xavier began to check his photographic gear, he saw that the numbering on his modern camera indicated that several photos had been taken. And that was puzzling. For he didn’t recall having used it even for a single shot. Piqued by curiosity, he had the slides processed and developed. And he was in for a terrible surprise. A series of slides with green demonic faces appeared.

Badly upset, he contacted Carole Ramis, a well known lady born in Vienna but who had been in practice in Barcelona for some years as a parapsychologist. She had known Xavier and his brother already for about seven years, and knew that both were thoroughly honest, straight young men quite unlikely to be guilty of committing a hoax.

(She also knew that in any case Xavier had already had many strange night-time or “oneiric” experiences.). For example, he had been visited in his bedroom at night by small humanoids of the “classical” type known to Ufologists—big pear shaped heads, small, nimble bodies—which showed him a number of things, including pyramids. But he always had the feeling about “them” (the little beings) that they were benevolent, and would never do him any harm.

The parapsychologist Carole Ramis was very upset at the sight of the pictures of the monstrous faces, and at once proposed that arrangements be set in hand for Xavier to be hypnotized, in order to attempt to recover those “lost” or missing 34 hours. She accordingly made arrangements for Xavier to attend at the office of Professor Francisco de Asis Rovatti Heredia, a noted Spanish parapsychologist and holder of a recognized diploma in hypnosis, who was already conducted sessions of regressive hypnosis on victims of UFO abductions.

The following narrative is a summarized form of the hypnotic regression transcript.

Xavier reported encountering little traffic on his way to Vallgorguina as he reaches the area where the dolmens are located he encounters a bit of a mist ahead, which puzzles him, since the weather is gorgeous and sunny. His next recollection of dozing off and sleeping on the ground, a sort of liquid is falling on him; it is sort of sticky and very “nasty”. He wants to get back into his car but he is unable to since the doors are locked and he can’t find the keys. The sticky watery substance keeps falling on him, and he wants to sleep and everything appears to be covered by “clouds”.

He next remembers taking photos with the box camera; he is photographing the sky and the “rain”. He is afraid that the plates would get spoiled and doesn’t want to use the other camera.

His next memory is of seeing some strange humanoids. He remarks that they are not the ones he “usually sees”. They don’t resemble each other in the slightest. He didn’t like their faces; he wants to go to the car and doesn’t want to go with “them”. According to Xavier the humanoids then insists that he come with them, they “want to see how he is”.

Somehow they are making him go with them. He recalls going down a slope where he doesn’t want to go. He remembers stumbling in the slope. He remembers going far down into a “cave”. Inside he finds it difficult to breathe and he cannot turn around, he claims that the entities appear to be “enjoying themselves”. He claims he has never been in a cave and never knew any existed in the area. The cave is pretty dark but appears to be lighting inside. Inside is suffocating with little air; it also smells very bad, like a mixture of rotten eggs and coke. Everything seems very dirty and the walls are sticky.

Xavier now recalls that the beings are trying to open the box camera and he is afraid they will ruin the plates. Apparently another being now intervenes and tells them not to open the camera.

The beings apparently communicated telepathically in perfect Spanish, he feels their voices inside of him. The beings want to put something in his arm which looks like a catheter, Xavier struggles but the beings succeed in inserting the catheter into his vein and filled a flask with liquid (blood?).

The beings are almost as tall as Xavier and their faces are terrible. They appeared to be deeply furrowed and Xavier cannot distinguish any clothing. One of the beings appears to have hair but the others don’t and they are dirty gray in color. Xavier is disgusted by the beings who he claims are repellent and sticky and doesn’t want them to touch him. They touch his arms and he is unable to move his legs to sit up. The beings now reconnect something in his arm.

Xavier becomes distressed and asked the beings where are they from and they tell him “from the planet “Cassiopeia” which Xavier does not believe. The beings then began to take photographs of Xavier with his box camera and with the other camera; he is concerned that they are going to ruin the plates.

The beings now tell Xavier that they want to make another one just like him, a replica or a “clone”. Xavier is afraid that they will make a clone of himself and then “wipe him out”. Xavier is now concerned about his car which is filthy and covered with the sticky stuff and claims that the entities had “eaten his sandwiches”. Xavier is convinced that the entities want to “change him” by making another one just like him. The entities cut some of Xavier’s hair out.

Later he finds himself sitting in the car and behind him sits his clone or “replica”. His clone is dressed exactly like him in every way, but has his hair long unlike Xavier. Apparently the clone is now sitting besides him in the car; he doesn’t speak just laughs according to Xavier. Terrified Xavier drops off his double on Vallespir Street in Barcelona, apparently he was told by his double to drop him off there, at the corners of Vallespir and Condes de Belloch.

In September Xavier still bore the three triangular shaped punctures on his left arm, where the “aliens” had applied something to him. His hair had been cut so badly by them that he had to go to the barber straight away next day and have it rectified as much as possible.

Xavier was horrified when a neighbor apparently had seen his “double” walking around the neighborhood in a strange matter. Some days later another friend of Xavier mentioned casually that he had seen him on the Avenida Marques del Duero popularly known as “El Paralelo” a Barcelona street that Xavier had in fact not visited for months. When asked what clothes Xavier had been wearing, the friend gave a description. It was precisely the same clothing that Xavier was wearing on that ill fated Sunday of his abduction.

HC addition # 799
Source: Antonio Ribera, FSR Vol. 31 # 4
Comments: Incredibly bizarre case, but not the first time that supposed aliens make replicas or clones of their abductees. According to the source he believes that the beings that Xavier encountered were really “elementals”.

How do you depict «elementals?» I wouldn’t think this case is of elementals because there have been other cases with bizarre entities or beings in a craft. We have yet to learn what is out «there!» We cannot put names on anything we are not familiar with.

J.V. Ballester-Olmos

Alleged experiences inside UFOs : an analysis of abductions reports

Journal of Scientific Exploration , Vol. 8 , Nº 1 , 1994 , pp. 91-105


Case No. 5: Jumilla (Murcia), July 1947.
Prospera Munoz, a 42-year-old telephonist, well-read in science-fiction and
UFOs, read her first UFO book containing abduction material and started to recall
an abduction she suffered when she was 7 or 8 years old. She was abducted
by two beings of her own stature and received an extensive medical examination.
She believes a metallic device was implanted in her brain. She had
further encounters with alien creatures in 1954, 1960 and 197 1. Under hypnosis
she only confirmed her memories.
98 V-J. Ballester Olmos

Explanation: Depression in a woman under dramatic psychological stress.
(Sources: A. Ribera, En el Tune1 del Tiempo. Barcelona: Planeta 1984.
Cuadernos de Ufologia No. 4, December 1988. Flying Saucer Review Vol. 29,
No.4, 1984. First-hand, J. Ruesga. First-hand, C. Berche.)

Case No. 6: Vallgorguina (Barcelona), July 21, 1985.
Xavier C., 23 years of age, had left his house to photograph a dolmen located
25 km away. He returned home more than 24 hours later, a full day that he
did not remember at all. When his film was processed, a few slides appeared
showing fuzzy silhouettes of hands with claws and a series of green, monstrous
faces of apparently helmeted beings. Under hypnosis, he related an abduction
episode which included a medical examination aided by instruments, performed
by strange creatures who manufactured an exact «double» of him.
Months later, the witness saw his double boarding a bus in Barcelona City.

Explanation: Hoax/psychosis. Unreliable testimony from subject belonging
to esoteric circles, prior witness of bedroom apparitions. Sloppy hypnosis procedures.
(Sources: Flying Saucer Review Vo1.31, No. 4, 1986, and Vo1.32
No.2, 1987. Cuadernos de Ufologia No. 1 July 1987. V. J. Ballester Olmos and
J. A. Fernandez).