Abductions 1961-2005 UFO Casebook


Abductions 1961-2005 UFO Casebook

Alien Abduction Case Files 

The files contained on this page are some of the best known cases of alien abduction. It is by no means complete. There remains a large number of reports still being researched, and many cases of abduction never reported. Alien abduction is an increasingly troublesome phenomenon which is in need of further research.A number of the articles contained here were written by UFO Casebook webmaster and researcher B J Booth. All of these are free to download and use as you see fit in the furtherance of research. Other articles contain copyright credentials where noted. These files may also be used as long as the copyright reference is kept in tact. This list will be expanded as new cases come to light, so check back for updates.




1967 The Betty Andreasson Abduction
1967 Abduction of Herbert Schirmer



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