Abductions 1962-2004 Australia Basterfield


Abductions 1962-2004 Australia Basterfield






Compiled by Keith Basterfield
© Keith Basterfield 2005



Seeking a definition:What constitutes an abduction report? Over the years UFO researchers have grappled to find an agreed definition of «an alien abduction.» Arising from the well-known Hills case from the USA, a 1985 definition featured encounters with motor vehicles.


In a typical scenario, the victim is driving along a deserted road late at night, sees a UFO, momentarily blacks out, regains consciousness a «moment» or so later, then discovers that over an hour or two has mysteriously passed away from his life. Later on investigators may ask the witness to undergo hypnotic regression, during which he «remembers» that his car stalled and alien beings took him onboard the UFO. Many UFO abductees say they were given a medical examination, or a message before being returned to their cars with the command to forget what happened. (1)


An example from my catalogue would be:


The family of four were travelling by car and observed lights in the sky, before arriving home later than they thought they should have arrived.  Next day, all four suffered from cold-like symptoms with Mrs L experiencing a sore left ovary, a sore throat and a bleeding vagina.  After contacting a UFO researcher, the two adults under hypnosis, recalled aliens removing them from their car.  Mr L recalled finding himself naked on a table somewhere, where a medical examination was conducted.  The space, in which the table was located, had windows to it, out of which he could see tall buildings.  Suddenly he found himself back in his vehicle.2-2.3m tall creatures with a wrinkled appearance and long necks were present.  They communicated telepathically with him.

Mrs L’s recollections were «vague and blurred» compared to Mr L’s. She recalled being on a table with 8-10 figures around her.  She had no recall of a physical examination or communication between herself and the beings.  Articles about the event appeared in local NSW papers and numerous television and radio stations, both on a local and national level carried the story. (2)


By 1987 a more general definition featured in the work of U.S. researcher Eddie Bullard:


«Abduction means the capture and temporary involuntary detention of a witness by extraordinary and perhaps alien beings aboard a flying craft of unusual design, for purposes that commonly include an event like a medical examination.» (3)


From my catalogue:


A 65 year old woman consciously recalls a single abduction at age 63.  She was lying awake in bed in a rural setting, when suddenly a being appeared. In the blink of an eye she found herself in a large, blue coloured room.  Bright light seemed to be coming through the ceiling.  Atmosphere and gravity seemed Earth normal. No unusual odours noted.Four beings were visible.  They were described as 180cm tall. Each had small, oval shaped head, and were intelligent looking.  The eyes were almond-shaped, tapering upwards at the end.  They had a small mouth, thin lips with a small nose.  The skin was pale, pearly and soft to touch.  On the hands she noticed four long, slender fingers but was unsure if there was a thumb or not.  The small feet were covered in a «bootie».  They wore a jump suit, blue-grey in colour, and there were no zips, markings or insignia on them.  When they moved it was very graceful, more like gliding.

She was on a transparent, glass-like table, with no sensation of cold or heat.  She saw there were a total of three tables in the area.  A being examined her using thin pencil-like torches, with a light on one end.  These were held against different parts of her body.

Two of the beings communicated with her telepathically.  One was male and the other female.  They informed her they meant no harm and told her they would see her again.  She has no recollection of leaving the room, but next found herself back in her own bed. (4)


Bullard divided the events into a number of categories. These were:
  • highway hijack
  • bedroom intrusion
  • open-country appropriation.


In another 1987 work, English authors Hilary Evans and John Spencer wrote:


In the stereotype abduction experience, the individual seems (but this is open to question) to be taken by surprise by an encounter with extraterrestrial beings; the witness is taken aboard the spacecraft and subjected, more or less involuntary to some kind of physical examination, which may include subcutaneous and even surgical probing, sample taking and even sexual operations leading in some cases to pregnancy. (5)


Recognising that some abductions are reported to involved a life-long interaction with alien beings, a 1992 Roper Poll provided the following explanation of an abduction:


The child is removed from his/her normal environment by small. Gray-skinned, hairless figures, and floated or carried into a circular, metallic craft hovering nearby. When inside the object the child’s clothes are removed and he/she is placed on a table. Physical manipulation and palpitation follows. (6)


Also in 1992, the J Allen Hynek Centre for UFO Studies published an excellent paper that utilised the following definition:


1. A witness must be taken against his or her will from normal, terrestrial surroundings by non-human beings.2. These beings must take the witness to another enclosed space that is not terrestrial in appearance and is assumed or known by the witness to be a spacecraft.

3. In this place, the witness must either be subjected to various procedures that appear to be examinations of some type, engage in communication (verbal or telepathic) with the beings or both.

4. These experiences may be remembered consciously or through various means of focused concentration, such as hypnosis, or by a combination of the two. (7)


The following year, after the successful Abduction Study Conference held at MIT in the USA, a group of participants in exploring a code of ethics for abduction researchers stated:


The abduction experiencer is defined as a person who reports experiences which conform to those elements commonly found in the abduction scenario as widely described in the literature (e.g. recall of an abduction; missing time related to recall of unidentified lights, objects or alien entities; dreams or dream-like experiences of alien entities or UFOs etc. (8)


Abductee and author Karla Turner provided a simple definition when giving a talk to the 1994 MUFON conference:


I am an abductee. I have been forcibly taken and controlled by non-human entities. (9)


In reviewing the definitions above I decided to go with the CUFOS one.The Australian catalogue cases which I compiled have therefore been graded against a variation of the Center for UFO Studies definition of an abduction as follows:


1. A witness must be taken against his or her will from normal, terrestrial surroundings2. By non-human beings

3. These beings must take the witness to another enclosed space that is not terrestrial in appearance and is assumed or known by the witness to be a spacecraft

4. In this place, the witness must either be subjected to various procedures that appear to be examinations of some type

5. Engage in communication (verbal or telepathic) with the beings.


For example, a grading of 3 indicates that the particular account meets 3 out of the 5 statements of the CUFOS definition.  Note, that a grading of 4 or 5 would fully meet the CUFOS definition of an abductee.  The following is an example of such a case:


In April 1991 a married, Melbourne woman related a series of events extending back some 14 months from that time.  These included her six-year-old son reporting that five to six little men entered his bedroom and shone a «torch» at him.  He felt paralysed and whilst there the men telepathically told him they would not hurt him, but examined him and pushed something up his nose.  He described them as having grey skin, big heads and big black eyes.The woman recalled an episode where something tried to physically pull her out of bed during the night.  She also recalled an episode at age seven, which she thought was a dream, where three pixies entered her room and abducted her.


In 1991 she was regressed and this revealed:-

1. At age seven, six beings entered her bedroom and took her away to a room somewhere.  After examining her they pushed something up her nose.  She was told she had been chosen for some task, not revealed to her yet.  She did not feel they were going to hurt her.  She was floated back home and into her bed.  She woke up and thought it had been a dream.

2. At age thirty-six, in 1991, beings again came to her bedroom and tried to take her away but she refused to go.  Shortly after this, and while she was in bed with her husband, three small beings returned.  They scraped both her and her husband with a silver «knife» telling her this was the last time for a while.

At some stage the beings told her she is to spread knowledge when they are ready.  They also told her the device up her nose was to keep track of her.  Later, she had an urge to leave Melbourne and moved to a country location. (10)

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(10) UFO Research Australia case number 91044-Investigated by Keith Basterfield.


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1962 Melbourne Vic 1 female [5]


In April 1991 a married, Melbourne woman related a series of events extending back some 14 months from that time. These included her six-year-old son reporting that five to six little men entered his bedroom and shone a «torch» at him. He felt paralysed and whilst there the men telepathically told him they would not hurt him, but examined him and pushed something up his nose. He described them as having grey skin, big heads and big black eyes.The woman recalled an episode where something tried to physically pull her out of bed during the night. She also recalled an episode at age seven, which she thought was a dream, where three pixies entered her room and abducted her.

In 1991 she was regressed and this revealed:-

1. At age seven, six beings entered her bedroom and took her away to a room somewhere. After examining her they pushed something up her nose. She was told she had been chosen for some task, not revealed to her yet. She did not feel they were going to hurt her. She was floated back home and into her bed. She woke up and thought it had been a dream.

2. At age thirty-six, in 1991, beings again came to her bedroom and tried to take her away but she refused to go. Shortly after this, and while she was in bed with her husband, three small beings returned. They scrapped both her and her husband with a silver «knife» telling her this was the last time for a while.

At some stage the beings told her she is to spread knowledge when they are ready. They also told her the device up her nose was to keep track of her. Later, she had an urge to leave Melbourne and moved to a country location.

(UFO Research Australia case number 91044-Investigated by Keith Basterfield).
1991 NSW 1 female [5]


A 65 year old woman consciously recalls a single abduction at age 63. She was lying awake in bed in a rural setting, when suddenly a being appeared. In a blink of an eye she found herself in a large, blue coloured room. Bright light seemed to be coming through the ceiling. Atmosphere and gravity seemed Earth normal. No unusual odours noted.Four beings were visible. They were described as 180cm tall. Each had small, oval shaped head, and were intelligent looking. The eyes were almond shaped, tapering upwards at the end. They had a small mouth, thin lips with a small nose. The skin was pale, pearly and soft to touch. On the hands she noticed four long, slender fingers but was unsure if there was a thumb or not. The small feet were covered in a «bootie». They wore a jump suit, blue-grey in colour, and there were no zips, markings or insignia on them. When they moved it was very graceful, more like gliding.

She was on a transparent, glass-like table, with no sensation of cold or heat. She saw there were a total of three tables in the area. A being examined her using thin pencil-like torches, with a light on one end. These were held against different parts of her body.

Two of the beings communicated with her telepathically. One was male and the other female. They informed her they meant no harm and told her they would see her again. She has no recollection of leaving the room, but next found herself back in her own bed.

(UFO Investigation Centre 1992.)
16 Mar 1996 Casino NSW Ca 2100hrs 2 males/2 females Longley family [5]


The family of four were travelling by car and observed lights in the sky, before arriving home later than they thought they should have arrived. Next day, all four suffered from cold-like symptoms with Mrs L experiencing a sore left ovary, a sore throat and a bleeding vagina. After contacting a UFO researcher, the two adults under hypnosis, recalled aliens removing them from their car. Scott recalled finding himself naked on a table somewhere, where a medical examination was conducted. The space, in which the table was located, had windows to it, out of which he could see tall buildings. Suddenly he found himself back in his vehicle.2-2.3m tall creatures with a wrinkled appearance and long necks were present. They communicated telepathically with him.

Wendy’s recollections were «vague and blurred» compared to Scott’s. She recalled being on a table with 8-10 figures around her. She had no recall of a physical examination or communication between herself and the beings. Articles about the event appeared in local NSW papers and numerous television and radio stations, both on a local and national level carried the story.

(Keith Basterfield 1996.)
4 October 2001 Gundiah QLD 2300hrs 1 female Amy Rylance [5]


A woman reported seeing Amy being carried from the house through a window to a spacecraft. This woman woke Amy’s husband who reported the incident to Police. A telephone call was then received from a location 800km away to inform them that Amy had been found there. Amy later recounted what she recalled. She found herself on a bed in a strange room. An entity, wearing a grey body suit and a face mask entered the room. There were discussions between Amy and the entity. She reports she was also experimented on. During her time there she drank water and slept several times. She woke to find herself back on the ground but lost. She walked into a petrol station at 1.30am on 5 October 2001.
(1. Australian UFO Research Network.
2. New Idea 17/11/01.)
Undated Location unknown 1 female «Carla» [5]


A 30’s business woman recalled seeing a bright red, car-sized UFO whirling and kicking up dust. When she arrived home another UFO landed. She had no memory after that. However, regression uncovered an abduction scenario which included:


  • A female being coming to tell her she had been chosen and took her onboard
  • An alien being who became her closest confidante
  • During early adolescence intimate physical examinations occurred
  • Recalling at 13 years old being pregnant, but fetus removed
  • That she was positive that the beings are here to help and heal.
(Australian UFO Encounters: http;//www.flex.com.au/~eagle1. 8/6/01.)



1961 Tasmania 1 male Wayne [4]


Wayne, now a 35 year old man, recalled events, at age 18, which commenced at age four. He recalls blue-grey coloured aliens, with no ears, large eyes, and a big head. They had a small body, with clothing that finished at the ankles and wrists and blended in with their skin. He was placed on a hard table and given a medical examination. A box about the size of a cigarette packet was moved across his body as if scanning him. They inserted something like a needle up his nose which was a painful process. He can recall an associated bright light outside his bedroom window.
Keith Basterfield.)
1962 NSW 1 female/2 male [4]


In 1974/75, the last of two abductions occurred (one at age eight, one at 20/21) to a 20/21 year old woman, which was partially recalled consciously and partly by hypnosis. She was in a moving vehicle with two men, in a rural setting when a UFO approached them, the area lit up and she became paralysed. She was taken by light beam to the UFO, where she found herself in a round, grey and white space.Two types of beings were present, one short, one taller. The shorter beings of which there were one or two, had a big round head with a pointed chin. Their eyes were big and black, and there was a slit mouth with holes for a nose. Their skin was grey and wrinkled. They wore grey/blue metallic-like jump suits with a hood around their shoulders.

Two other taller beings were present. They also had big, black eyes, and slit mouths on the same type head and with the same skin. The shorter female was the boss, with the two taller beings, workers.

The woman’s companions were also onboard. The female being seemed hostile and curious, whereas one of the males was indifferent to sympathetic in attitude to her. They communicated with her telepathically, with an instructional message that they meant her no harm.

A gynaecological examination was conducted on a table, and eggs taken from her. She was told her eggs were going to help found a new lease of life for their race. They also said they were refugees from a dying planet, and that we were/are also doomed. She has no idea how she left the space but then all three humans were back in the vehicle.

1967 NSW 1 female [4]


In 1967, a 20 year old woman recalled multiple abductions over the years. These recollections occurred partially consciously and partly under hypnosis. Fragmentary memories are of several shortish beings with big eyes, a line mouth, small nose, no ears and big heads. They were wearing an elastic style body suit, and moved like walking on air.The beings communicated telepathically with her to say they were refugees from a dying planet, and they had difficulty in their reproduction. They also informed her she would forget the abduction, but that they would return. She was examined by the beings and something inserted into her left ear by a long, thin needle.

On board the UFO was a normal atmosphere. She met a being who made her believe it was tall and handsome, whereas it was really short, and there were also a group of old men who reminded her of a group of Greek philosophers.

1969 Adelaide South Australia 1 female Susan [4]


In addition there is fragmentary recall of a number of other abductions. The case was set in the context of the woman reporting being an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
UFORSA/Keith Basterfield.)
Sep/Oct 1970 Sydney NSW 1 male [4]


One night in Sep/Oct 1970 in Sydney, a boy aged 15 noticed a red/orange glow in the bush close to his home. He took his dog and went to investigate. Getting closer to it he saw a glow illuminating the area. His dog became excited and dashed into the bush. There next appears to be a discontinuity in his physical and emotional reactions-an apparent period of «missing time». He next recalled seeing an owl fly past him and he could hear his own internal thought: «There’s something I should remember.» Strangely, he felt comfortable with this, lost interest in the glow and went home.Regression in August and September 1992 uncovered an event at age three or four in Kent, England where he recalled a red glow in his bedroom. He found himself in a forest near his home with a female presence like a praying mantis. He then recalls floating in a vat of warm fluid.

Regressed to the 1970 incident, he recalls seeing two aliens outside a ship, then being inside the ship where he was examined

(UFORA91036. Keith Basterfield, Julia Elsbeth and Peter Jones.)
1972 Largs Bay SA 1 female «Carol» [4]


«Carol», a twenty-seven year old, housewife, reported a lifelong series of experiences which commenced with a CE1 when she was aged six. This was followed by other UFO experiences, poltergeist activity, telepathy, precognitive dreams, an out-of-body experience, lucid dreams, and hypnagogic imagery plus sleep paralysis episodes, amongst other things. Of particular interest was a recurrent nightmare of encounters with a strange dwarf in an unusual room. Memories of some of these events were triggered after watching an «Unsolved Mysteries» segment on abductions on television.Under regression, recollection eventuated of an apparent abduction at age nine. One night in 1972 she was getting ready for bed when she saw an entity outside her bedroom window. One point two to one point five metres tall, it had a big head, a pointed chin, huge yellow eyes, a skinny little white coloured body which glowed, no nose or mouth, and no ears. She was then somehow floated up to a light in the sky which became a UFO. She has no recall of actually entering it, but next became aware of being in a room on a table lying on her back.

There were a number of entities in this room, with one particular one leaning over her. She could only see its head, as it was very close by. It had a big head, with a pointed chin, and dark black, almond shaped eyes and a yellow coloured body. She felt these beings were «doctors.» A black «match» was applied to her leg above her right knee. The closest being told her telepathically that: «It’s all right. Won’t be long. Won’t hurt.» The shape in the ceiling and the shapes behind the orange glow faded, and her next recollection was of being in her own bed.

Partial recollections of a second possible abduction at age fifteen, ran into a memory block. A friend of hers participated in some of the experience, which involved a light illuminating a cabin they were occupying. Regression of this second woman confirmed parts of Carol’s story but not the abduction.

The above material emerged at a time when the woman advised that she was undergoing therapy for being an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

UFO Research SA/Keith Basterfield.)
1976 Elliott NT 1 male [4]


An old man is said to have been abducted after a bright object landed near him. Beings alighted and took him aboard. He said they asked him questions about life on Earth and our activities, before they returned him, unharmed to the pick up point.
(1. UFO Research NSW.
2. Pony Godic 1989.)
1978-1982 NSW 1 female [4]


A Sydney woman woke up feeling agitated and heard a voice. Figures appeared and said to come with them. She went through a doorway into a room where she was shown a scene on a screen. This screen showed pictures of her then, future life, which later came true.
(Bill Chalker 1989.)
June 26, 1987 Qld 0030hrs 1 male Michel Desmarquet [4]


A 60 year old man awoke with a feeling of confusion and an awareness of a presence. Michel wrote a note for his wife that he would be away for 10 days, but not to worry. He went outside, to see the rainforest tinged with a blue light. There was an apparent spatial distortion. Then a being 3m tall spoke to him. He was told he had been chosen to relay a message. The two of them were taken away by a spacecraft to a remote planet. Here he learned of many things. He was finally returned.
(Desmarquet, M).
1979 Melbourne Vic 2300hrs 1 male Mark [4]


A man named Mark retired to bed one night at about 11 p.m. Shortly after closing his eyes he lost all sense of sound and feeling and found himself travelling in a tunnel through space. Looking forwards he noted a light at the end of the tunnel. His next awareness was of lying on a table in a «craft». He was medically examined by three beings. One of the beings seemed to be a female human, with long blonde hair. The other two were some one point five metres tall, fat, and of a dark brown colour. These latter two had plumpish faces, large eyes, a large nose, bigger lips and ears than us. They addressed him in English, and seemed like scientists. When they introduced a «scanner» to check him over he «freaked out» and woke up in his own bed. All his teeth felt numb and his knuckles were white.
(Garry Little 1984.)
Oct 1992 Melbourne Vic 1 female Sharon [4]


Sharon, a psychology graduate woke up one morning and told her husband of an experience during the night. She had been up late studying, and woke in a half sleep state. She woke to find the room brilliantly lit. She was then taken up into the light. Next thing, beings were around her and placed her on a table. An impression was conveyed to her that the process following would be uncomfortable but not painful. She got the impression they were going to take eggs from her ovaries. She then felt something going into her stomach. She was told not to be frightened. Then she was told she was going back and that she was going to feel the event was not real. Next thing she was in bed, conscious. Later she saw an item about abductions on TV.
(UFORA92148. Keith Basterfield.)
7 Aug 1993 Belgrave Victoria [4]


Six people, three groups, one of three people, a couple, and a single male, in three separate vehicles independently reported their involvement in an highly strange incident. It appears all groups stopped their vehicles to watch a large object descend in a paddock, following which a group of tall entities emerged and approached the three groups. The couple next recalls being back in their motor vehicle, and both feeling ill, and that a period of missing time had occurred. Upon reaching home, and before going to bed, one of the women, Kelly noted a red, triangular mark beneath her navel and a small «cut» on her bikini line similar to a laparoscopy marking. This cut seemed only a couple of days old. Later Kelly was hospitalised for unexplained bleeding. Out of the car containing the three people, both women recalled being abducted onboard a UFO, and later finding physical marks on their bodies which were photographed. John Auchettl related finding confirmatory physical evidence at the site of the encounter.
(1. Kelly Cahill 1993.
2. John Auchettl 1994.
3. Keith Basterfield 1994.)



1955 Adelaide SA 1 female Janet X. [3]


A ten-year-old girl, Janet X, was being treated for a slight nervous disorder. While under hypnosis she spontaneously recounted a story of her interaction with aliens and a flying saucer. Whilst in trance she spoke of being in a saucer with three «men», and of visiting a planet with an advanced society.
(1. Chibbett, H. S. W. (1969). «UFOs and Parapsychology.» Flying Saucer Review Special Issue 3. pp33-38.
2. Interview between Pony Godic and original investigator Peter Thomas in 1989.)
1957/58 Location uncertain 1 female Sandy [3]


Born in Finland in 1950 she has recollections that at age seven or eight she was abducted. She recalls being on a table of some kind, with bright, very white lights above her. A big, long needle was pushed into her chest. This needle insertion left her with a mole-like mark. On another occasion she was asleep at home, woke feeling paralysed when a being or beings appeared. They were 1.3m tall, with large, black eyes and a large head. Communication was via telepathy. They told her they meant no harm. She has fragmentary memories of four abductions in all.
(Personal communications to Keith Basterfield 1993.)
About 1958 Gippsland area Vic 1 female [3]


«A young girl saw a UFO head down into a nearby forest during the night. She went to investigate. She remembers encountering «a small man» working on the outside of a strange object, and being signalled to stay away. The girl recollects being taken for a ride, ostensibly in the object she saw, and seeing an aerial view of her home town through the floor of the UFO. She does not remember how she got home, but clearly recalls getting a spanking for going to bed with dirty feet and soiling the sheets. Her left knee had been grazed.»
(Chalker, Bill. (1989). «Abducted?» Australian Penthouse. Nov. p.37. from a personal investigation.)
1973 NSW 1 female Winnifred C.[3]


In 1973 a 40 year old woman experienced an abduction. She was asleep at home in a suburban setting, and her first memory was of lying on a table in a UFO. The table was a sterile looking, aluminium-like table, in a circular room. The room had three operating tables in one part, and seating in another. It was cold.Two types of being were present. There were two of one type, 155cm tall, with an elongated head. No mouth or nose was visible and ears were set back. They wore silver suits and moved normally. Numerous of the other type were seen. These were 145cm tall with elongated heads. They were clumsy in their movements. The two in silver suits appeared in control with the smaller ones as servants. She saw other humans, including her sister, on board, on seats attached to the wall. They seemed to be in a trance state. The beings seemed indifferent to her and did not communicate. However, they did communicate with each other from their throats with sounds similar to that of a cricket.

An examination of her was carried out as they pummelled her stomach, although she could not see that they were doing. She is unsure how she returned to bed, but she can recall being in bed watching the small beings backing out of the room.

(1. UFOIC.
2. Chalker, Bill. (1996.) The Oz Files. Sydney. Duffy & Snellgrove. pp196-197.)
1974 Clifton Bore SA 1 male [3]


«A man hunting for fossils in flat desert country was suddenly approached by two short beings who beckoned him to come with them. He was taken into an externally small object, which was impossibly much larger inside. Twenty or more similar beings were also inside. He was offered a drink, then passed out. He awoke and found himself on the floor of the object. He saw two human female children in a cage-like structure who seemed to be in a trance. The man felt he had somehow been rejected by the beings. A doorway suddenly opened in front of him. He stepped out and found himself back on the desert floor. He rejoined a companion and found he had been away for one and a half hours.»
(1. Chalker, Bill. (1989). «Abducted?» Australian Penthouse. Nov. p37.
2. Australian Flying Saucer Research Society.)
1977 Belmont NSW 1 female Stella H. [3]


Sharing a caravan with her husband, a woman suddenly found herself outside the van in an «astral state.» A beam of light shone on her and she was drawn into an elongated, wingless UFO. Several beings were present. Olive skinned with black eyes, they wore one piece, black, flying suits. Communication was by telepathy and a number of messages were conveyed to her. She woke in bed to hear the noise of the object leaving.
(Personal communication to Keith Basterfield 16/11/92.)
1978 Wynnum Qld 1130hrs 1 female/2 males «Washburns» [3]


At a lecture Budd Hopkins was approached by a middle aged couple who showed him a set of unusual red coloured photos. They told Budd that they should have been in the photo but were not. Under regression, Jenny recalled an invisible UFO which took her from a playground as her husband took a photo. On board were several small figures. Jenny then found herself nude on a table and was given a gynaecological exam. She and the boys were then returned to the playground where she saw her husband, camera still in hand. They then all returned to normal. Under regression Sam recalled seeing the family being taken up.
(Hopkins, Budd. (1993.) «Invisibility & the UFO abduction phenomenon.» in MUFON International UFO Symposium Proceedings. Seguin. MUFON. pp182-201.)
1979 Nildottie SA 2 males Don & Jack [3]


Don and Jack recounted an abduction experience, which is said to have occurred near the River Murray. Going outside, they encountered European-looking people who took them to a large, silver craft. This took off. After being subjected to psychological testing for several hours, they became aware of being back at their kitchen table. Both men passed away within two years of the event.
2. Pix-People Magazine. 26/7/88.   3. Chalker, Bill. (1996.) The Oz Files. Sydney. Duffy & Snellgrove. p193.)
Sep 1979 Jindabyne NSW 2 males [3]


Two young men, out hunting, reported seeing a bright white, spherical, light on the ground some little distance away. Next night it was seen again. In 1983 one of the men began recalling memories of a two hour time lapse on one of those nights.He consciously recalled that a blue light surrounded them both as they went near the object. They were floated through a hatch into a grey coloured, rectangular room in the UFO. After being put on two «benches» they were examined by several tall beings. The beings were hairless, grey, and had grey bulges where we have eyes. Slit like mouths and flat noses, with no ears were described. During the examination, and without tearing their clothes, the beings connected «wires» to the men.

The reporting man, felt «used» as if a specimen. They were then returned to the original spot where they had been.

(1. Moravec, M. (1984). «The Jindabyne Abduction.» UFORAN 5(5):6-10.
2. Bill Chalker-retrospective investigation.)
1982 Qld 1 female [3]


A woman, in her late forties, recounts that during sleep she found herself in a spaceship. The entities present, both male and female, were all human looking. There were also a few other human being abductees, present also. She would not let the entities examine her as she was pregnant. The beings were apparently disturbed at having made a mistake saying they did not touch pregnant women. One being showed her how the baby would look when born, which the woman says was accurate. This was followed by a tour around the ship. Her next memory is of being back on Earth in the countryside. Suddenly she found herself in her bed.
Bill Chalker.)
1984 Central Coast NSW (1800-1900hrs) 1 male «Rod» [3]


Rod recalled a CE3 event near Peats Ridge. A disc-like object on the ground. He noted «busts» of two «ugly» entities inside a transparent dome. Under regression he recalled a «vision» of fire and devastation; being on a spacecraft (?) on an alien planet. It then became clear he was reporting as if he were viewing from the alien’s perspective.
(UFOIC Dec 1992.)
Ca 1988 Adelaide SA 1 female «Jan» [3]


A married woman. «Jan», went to bed one night and during the night had a very vivid experience which she believes was not a dream. She found herself in this white space. Present were three entities. They were some two point one metres tall, and covered in «gowns». She wasn’t frightened as the beings emitted a beautiful feeling. She had a discussion with them. When she woke the next morning she had a vivid recall of the events of the night apart from the content of the conversation. Personality changes ensued subsequent to that night. Since then she has reported episodes of sleep paralysis and other unusual activity.
(UFORA91037. Keith Basterfield.)
1988 Sydney NSW 1 male Peter Khoury [3]


On 12 July 1988 a 24 year old man had gone to bed in the family house, leaving his father and brother watching the TV. He came out three hours later to find the other two men asleep in front of the TV. They thought that only 10 minutes had gone by. Five aliens were involved. There were two tall gold types, and three small grey types in robes. There was ESP communication and a needle was put into his head. Under hypnosis recalls being in a room, not his own, in another place. Powerful lights beyond a doorway. Since then, anomalies experienced include a ball of light, explosions, electrical interference. Wife has seen some of these.23 Jul 1992.

Returning home from taking his wife to the railway station, he returned to bed and fell asleep. All of sudden he sat bolt upright in bed. There were two female aliens on the bed. A blonde, and a dark-haired woman. After a while they simply disappeared. Later, Peter found a hair wrapped round his penis. DNA analysis was performed. The blonde hair DNA fitted only a female of Chinese Mongoloid origin as the owner.

(Chalker, Bill (1999.) «Strange Evidence.» International UFO Reporter 24(1):1-16 & 31.)
Jul 1989 Adelaide SA 1 male/1 female [3]


A man was lying in bed trying to get to sleep when a low pitched humming noise was heard. His wife, lying alongside him, apparently asleep, said he was not to worry, do as they say. He couldn’t work out what she meant, and suddenly found himself paralysed. Next he found himself floating along the hall passageway into the lounge. Entering the lounge he saw his son in the arms of a strange being, one point seven five metres tall, it was of a greenish/white colour. It appeared human-like.Next he recalls lying down in a room. In this room was a non human being. He described it as having an oval shaped head, big black eyes, the shape of eggs. There was no nose, just two holes, and a small slit of a mouth. Then he was floated back and went to sleep in his own bed.

Next morning both he and his wife felt very strange. She can recall talking in her sleep, but not the words she used. She says she felt a presence during the night but was not afraid. She has a memory of being on a table with some people looking at her. She felt she had been investigated, then drifted back to her bed. Hypnotic regression of both witnesses confirmed the above details.

(UFORA91098-Keith Basterfield and Peter Jones.]
Feb 1993 Adelaide SA 1 female [3]


A three and a half-year-old girl told her mother about an occasion when «the boys» came through her bedroom window. She was taken into a craft by these beings, after her six-year-old sister, who had been present, was told by the beings that she had to go into the next bedroom. This event coincided with a time when the girl talked about monsters in her room, and became afraid to stay in the room, and began wetting the bed. However, the above details were not related to the mother until four to five weeks later.
(UFORA93054. Keith Basterfield.)
Undated 1 Location unknown 1 female [3]


«A 3 year old Australian girl revealed to Carpenter her story of being taken up in the sky by a hairless lady with large, black eyes, who spoke to the child in her mind.»
(John Carpenter: An authority on alien abductions. http://www.alienzoo.com/features/w20000328001.html 8/6/01.)


1951 Halidon SA 1 female Mrs A. [2]


A Mrs A. was out rounding up cattle when she came across a landed object resting on legs. Three male figures emerged and floated to the ground. They were of normal human appearance, wearing silver suits, silver boots and a hood over their heads. She was taken willingly into the object, into a room where there were, what today, would be called computer consoles. The beings communicated with her verbally and told her things about herself they should not have known. She was then returned to the ground.
(Personal investigation-K. Basterfield 1995.)
Late 1956 Near Hughenden Qld 1 female Miss L. [2]


A 12-year-old girl, Miss L. was crossing a paddock on the family farm when she felt a strange force upon her, and heard a soft hum. She felt as if she was being lifted off the ground and fainted. She awoke to find herself in a strange, large room with two men in silver white ski-suits. There was no attempted communication by the men. After surveying the room, which featured a coloured galaxy display on one wall, the girl felt enormous pressure and again lost consciousness. The room was not furnished. She noted an arched doorway leading into a corridor; that there were porthole-like windows along one wall; and that the room had no joins or seams. She found herself back at the farm, but in a different paddock, with a huge saucer shaped object hovering above her before it subsequently ascended rapidly to the west. The girl determined that two hours had elapsed since she initially lost consciousness.
(1. Chalker, Bill. (1989). «Abducted?». Australian Penthouse. Nov. p 37.
2. Victorian UFO Research Society.)
1962-1991 North of Cairns Qld 1 female Debra S. [2]


A woman who lived on the Atherton Tablelands reported seeing UFOs all the time. She had horrific recurring nightmares. Her sister told her they had both been on a spaceship. The aliens showed her things onboard. She often cried out at night in strange languages. She was not certain whether the experiences were dreams or not. She read «Communion» after getting a reaction to seeing the face on the book cover. Up to two years previously, incidents of waking up to see a small, hooded figure in her bedroom, with some kind of instrument.
(UFOIC 1993.)
1964 onwards Qld 1 female [2]


A married, 29-year-old, female social welfare student recalled four specific episodes.
  • At age three she was in her cot and woke to find the room «filled with people looking like doctors,» 10 to 12 of them. At this stage she shared a room with her mother and believes they examined both herself and her mother. The beings each had a glow of light around them, and for some reason she had a feeling of closeness to two of them. They felt female. This episode was recollected, when she later, for the first time saw a magazine picture of an operation.
  • At age 19 she recalls being taken from bed and floated out of the window up to a «spaceship,» which had been hovering over the house.
  • At age 20 she was «floated’ out of the back door, on a bright moon-lit night. She can recall the wind in her hair, and being floated back the same way.
  • At age 28 a further incident occurred. No known details have been documented.
(UFORA90046. Bill Chalker.)
1964 Burwood NSW 1 male/1 female [2]


A young girl was in her front yard with her father. A large craft was seen over the garage. The craft left. Her mother came out to ask the two of them where they had been. the woman has conscious recollections of being onboard.
1966 Sydney New South Wales 1 female Hazel [2]


Hazel, related that whilst in Epping, she was in bed, felt restless, and went to the outside toilet. There was a large, silvery UFO present. A ramp led to it and she went inside. The ramp closed behind her. Next day she had only vague recollections of what happened. However, on seeing the movie CE3 some fragments returned. When she thought about the episode she had headaches. Inside the UFO were four beings. There was communication. She felt happy about it-a wonderful experience. She had a very unhappy life on Earth and was given the choice of staying here or going with them. She decided to stay because of her children. The next moment she came to in the kitchen, and then went to bed. She also had childhood experiences. Aged four to five years, vague figures. Saw three versions of herself. Figures holding one version, another version in bed whilst the third version was observing it all. Also in 1964 she awoke from sleep to find the whole room lit and little figures by the bed. Grey hoods with no visible face s.
(UFORA hotline. UFORA92207.)
11 Aug 1966 Vic 1 female Marlene Travers [2]


A Miss Marlene Travers, of Melbourne, is reported to have observed a large silver disc land near her. It is claimed that she was abducted and raped by an alien wearing a loose fitting metallic green tunic. Investigations reveal this account is most likely a literary hoax.
(1. Binder, O. (1968). Unsolved Mysteries of the Past. New York. Tower. p33.
2. Edwards, F. (1967). Flying Saucers Here and Now. New York. Stuart. p 147.)
1971 Cairns Qld 1 male [2]


A young man was out looking for mushrooms and encountered an object on the ground. The humanoid occupants conversed with him and he was given a ride. The young man found that after the contact, triangular blue marks appeared on his hand.
(Bill Chalker.)
July 1972 and subsequently Frankston Vic 1 female Maureen Puddy [2]


Mrs Maureen Puddy reported observing a disc shaped object in the sky. Later she related that her car stopped itself as the same object hovered overhead. Several months later she recounted being «mentally» abducted into a round room, and of observing an entity there, one point six metres tall, wearing a ski-suit and apparently male. This room was evenly lit, but there was no apparent source of illumination. This latter event took place whilst two other people, Victorian UFO Research Society investigators Paul Norman and Judith Magee, were physically present with Mrs Puddy. However, they only reported that Mrs Puddy lapsed into unconsciousness, and verbally described to them what was happening to her, to them. On a later occasion she said the entity again appeared to her when she was driving her car.
(1. Garry Little and Bill Stapleton-personal investigation.
2. Magee, J. (1972). «UFO Over the Mooraduc Road.» FSR 18(6):3-5.
3. Magee, J. (1978). «Maureen Puddy’s Third Encounter.» FSR 24(3):14-15.
4. Basterfield, K. 1992. IUR 17(3)13-14 & 23.)
1974 Elizabeth SA 2 females [2]


A woman recalled that as a nine year old girl, she and a friend observed a UFO at close range in suburban Elizabeth. As she had memories of observing the object from two different angles of view, but no recollections of moving between the two locations, she suspected a period of missing time might have occurred.Regressed to the day of the incident, she felt her head buzzing, then she recalled being in a room of some kind, and of seeing a face on a small pointed head, with pointed ears. In addition she recalled someone walking towards her- a silver glow around its body. A thick metal «skewer» featured which she said was: «to take out fluid.» Nothing further could be elucidated.

(UFORA89037. UFORSA/Keith Basterfield.)
1977-1978 SA 1 male Nick [2]


  • Nick can recall flashbacks to a time as a young boy when he watched a UFO
  • He experienced mental communication
  • Beings abducted him to teach him things. Took him once to Mars.
(UFORA hotline. UFORA92204.)
1977-1989 Adelaide SA 1 female [2]


A 34 year-old woman related at least three unusual episodes. The occasions of interest to us involve finding herself in an alien environment which were the second and third of her three experiences. One night she suddenly found herself recalling that she had somehow been in a very large room where there were a large number of human-like beings, including a human child about age ten. The room showed no apparent source of illumination. It was warmly lit-a very light soft blue colour. Breathing was no problem, gravity was normal and the temperature was skin temperature. She can recall conversing with the child. On the following occasion she had retired to bed when she found herself drifting through tunnels. Suddenly, she was in a room. This time the people present were not human. They had pointed faces, large heads, and slanted very dark blue eyes. Their heads were quite swollen at the forehead, with their ears being little, with no lobes as such. They had thin bodies, were grey in colour and short in stature. O ne of the female aliens was carrying a baby. The baby had its arms outstretched and the witness asked to hold and nurse it. Suddenly, she knew she had to go and found herself back in bed. She quickly fell asleep. In her teens she underwent precognitive dreams, and later in life (continuing) precognitive visions.
(UFORA89016. Ray Brooke and Keith Basterfield.)
1980 Melbourne Vic 0205hrs 1 female Diane [2]


She awoke paralysed during the night to find a figure next to the bed. She reported being taken to another planet with white dwellings. Diane went on to found and promote a contactee oriented group.
(Keith Basterfield. 1996.)
24 Oct 1981 Port Lincoln SA 2 males [2]


Two young men, Messrs P. and J. were travelling in a car near Port Lincoln when they encountered a «white endless space» or room where a time loss of several hours is said to have occurred. During this lost time they have vague memories of a «being» and recalled «…walking into a big room.» Just prior to the «space» they had been watching a mysterious light in the sky. Arrangements to have the two men undergo full investigation was unsuccessful. The being was described as one point two metres tall, and humanoid.
(1. Keith Basterfield/Pony Godic-personal investigation 1981.
2. Basterfield, K. «Australia’s First Abduction Event?» UFORAN 3(4):4.)
1982 NSW 1 male Greg [2]


  • Age 12-1982-found himself in strange room, apparently on spacecraft
  • Age 14-1984-On board-met non-humanoid beings. Says saw other humans on board
  • Age 22-1992-3 men in black next to his house.
(Chalker, Bill (1996.) The Oz Files. Sydney. Duffy & Snellgrove. pp200-201. Reported in 1992.)
Aug 1987 Sydney NSW 1 female «Aurora» [2]


  • A women, aged 33, was in bed in Sydney when she saw a «shadow in the window», then a caped figure at the end of the bed. She felt her body was paralysed apart from her tongue. She made the sign of the cross with her tongue and the figure was «sucked out of the room.»
  • Brisbane, aged 42. Suddenly found herself in «a space with a lot of empty rooms.» Like a doctor’s waiting rooms. People came to get her. These beings walked her «through the wall.» She then lay on a table, felt paralysed with pressure on her abdomen. She made the sign of the cross with her tongue and «came back.»
(UFOICQ 1998: http://ufoino/news/aus1998.3.htm dated 25/6/98.- link no longer valid)
1988 Adelaide SA 1 male [2]


A man reported that he became aware of a presence in his bedroom. He was overwhelmed with fatigue and fell asleep. His next memory was of being pushed down a long, shiny, metal corridor on a «bed» of some kind. He then entered a brightly lit, sterile room. He was placed on an «operating table» which was so brilliantly lit he couldn’t see surrounding things clearly. He came to in his bed a couple of hours later. Next morning he reports paralysis of one arm. Reportedly medical examination, including x-rays were not able to determine a cause for this.He further relates being abducted the next evening, but has almost no memories of this. Next morning his arm was healed but he couldn’t move one leg. The most recent experience occurred on 24 Oct 1988, when he woke to see a group of short human-like beings at the foot of his bed. Three or four stood back while one approached. He described this one as one metre in height, with a large head and big eyes, looking like a white glowing light.

(Bell, N. R. «Encounters of the ‘Fourth Kind’.» The Golden Age. Feb 1989. pp10-11 & 21.)
1988 Adelaide SA 1 male «Frank» [2]


A man reported that he was in two-way communication with aliens via an implant in his ear. During an investigation it was revealed that he had undergone two apparent out-of-body experiences where he was «sucked out» of his body. He indicated that during these episodes he had been taken onboard a UFO. His account was set in the context of on-going communication with the Ashtar Command via automatic writing.
(UFORSA 1988.)
1994 Adelaide SA 1 female [2]


A woman awoke with a vivid recollection that during the night she had been naked on a cold, metal table, lying on her back. Her legs were drawn up; knees up, and her legs apart. Four or five beings were around her. They had huge, black almond shaped eyes, a thin slit mouth, no lips, two holes for a nose; and tiny ears. The head was large and the body thin. Body colour was khaki or a green tinge. All the beings were looking at her with one being looking directly into her face.
(Personal communication to Keith Basterfield Feb 1996. Aussie abduction file case 25)
Apr/May 1995 Salisbury Adelaide SA 1 male [2]


A 20 year old male awoke one night to find himself paralysed. The next thing there was a feeling of movement into a dark place. In this place there were vague shapes around him, and he lashed out with his feet. A shape seemed to stumble backwards. He lost consciousness, coming too later in a well lit environment with pain in his left kidney. Finally, at 4 a.m. he woke in his own bed.
(Personal communication to Keith Basterfield Feb 1996.)
Lifelong NSW 1 female Carol Nagle [2]


  • Now, in her 50’s. when 18, pregnant Carol Nagle, was going to undergo an abortion, when it was found that no fetus was present.
  • Later, cat scans revealed three implants in her head, pancreas and left thumb.
  • Under regression she recalled being taken into a craft, which had metallic walls and moulded equipment
  • She walked around the ship
  • She was led to an area where humans and hybrid children were seen. A tall, human looking woman supervised the ‘nursery’.


(Barry Taylor. http://www.nor.com.au/users/stingray/carol.htm 23/9/96.- link no longer valid)
Undated NSW 1 female Christine C. [2]


A woman recalls on-going abduction experiences. During one episode onboard she saw another human woman, whom she is trying to track down.
(UFOIC-Bill Chalker and Robb Tilley.)



25 Jul 1868 Parramatta NSW 1 male Birmingham [1]


A surveyor experienced a vision involving heads floating by him, and subsequently observed an «ark» moving along the same path and landing in Parramatta Park, Sydney. A voice spoke to him and asked if he wished to enter the ark. He replied that he would and was «floated» to the object. A «spirit» appeared like a «neutral tint shade and the shape of a man in his usual frock dress.» He was shown around the ark after which the spirit disappeared. The man awoke next morning, «deeply impressed with the vision of the night.»
(Chalker, W. «A UFO Vision?: The Mystery of a Machine to Go Through the Air.» UFO Research Australia Newsletter (UFORAN). (1982). 3(1):14-26.)
1966-67 NSW 1 male [1]


In 1982/83 the most recent of four abductions occurred to a man, then 24-25 years of age. The event was recalled entirely by hypnosis. He was in a moving vehicle in a rural environment when the car engine stopped. It then started again and he first drove, then walked to the place of the event. On this occasion there was no UFO but he recalls other abductions inside a UFO.4-6 beings were present, 90-105cm tall. Their heads were elongated and had very large, black, lizard like wrap around eyes. Mouth, nose and ears were indistinct. The skin was pale, off white to grey. No clothing was noted, but they had pointed feet. They moved extremely quickly like film sped up, and seemed indifferent to him.

The beings communicated with him, feeding information/images/pictures/colour directly into his mind which was instructional to worn of a global, Earth crisis.

After some two hours he walked away, then drove his vehicle from the scene.

1978 Papua New Guinea 1 female [1]


Under hypnosis a woman recalled that as a 12 year-old girl she was abducted. The witness declined further investigations due to the nature of the accounts, which emerged under hypnosis. No published version of the case exists.
(UFORA89057. UFO Research Queensland.)
21 Oct 1978 Bass Strait 1 male [1]


Twenty year old Frederick Valentich disappeared over Bass Strait while flying a Cessna aircraft between Melbourne and King Island. One of the suggestions put forward is that he had been abducted by the occupants of an object, which he reported observing just before radio contact, was lost with him. Neither he nor the aircraft have ever been located.
(World wide coverage.)
1996 NSW 1 female [1]


A female multiple abductee recalls a recent episode. «It felt as if there was an object the size and shape of a bullet between the ribs.» Three months later she remembered «passing» the object. She did not look to check, but knew what happened.
(Barry Taylor. http://www.nor.com.au/users/stingray/abd4.htm 23/9/96. – link no longer valid)



1942 onwards New Zealand and Australia 1 male Murray B. [0]


Murray B. experienced a life long series of events involving awakening paralysed, lights in his room, apparent beings in his house and other episodes.
(UFORA hotline. UFORA92206.)
1949 Newcastle NSW 1 male Eric B. [0]


Aged 16, Eric B. was riding his bike on one side of town at night. Suddenly there was a blank period and he next was aware of being on the other side of town with no idea of how he had gotten here. He had no apparent injuries. Later, when a barber was cutting his hair a little «V» shaped scar was found on his head for which he could not account.
(UFORA hotline. UFORA92203.)
1953 Qld 1 male «Peter» [0]


A large number of experiences were reported, including:

  • Age 4-1 to 1.3m tall beings outside his home
  • Age 7/8-repeat «dreams» re small, odd looking being
  • Age 42-Unusual wound on leg-4 small objects moving inside leg
  • Age 46 – holidaying – woke to see two female greys in his room.


(1. Keith Basterfield 1993.
2. The Australian UFO Abduction Study Centre Newsletter (1993.) 1(4):3.)
1961 Country NSW-1 female [0]


A 14-year-old girl, living on a farm, reported that the family had retired to bed for the night. However, she was still awake. Three «forms» appeared. They had the general shape of a human,, but no mouths, noses or ears; only big black, egg shaped eyes that never blinked or moved. They seemed to be like some sort of energy matter. They floated around her bed. They seemed gentle.She heard soft voices telling her not to be afraid, that they would not hurt her. Suddenly it was dark. A voice said, «Please come with us.» Her next recollection is of being back in bed with the forms still present. They told her they would always watch over her.

(Personal Communication to Keith Basterfield Jan 1993.)
1963 Mackay Qld 1 male Warren D. [0]


As a nine-year-old boy, Warren D. was fishing near some mangroves when he saw an unusual light approaching, up a creek. It got brighter and closer and he decided to leave the area. However, he has no recollection of making it back to camp where the family was staying. Later he experienced memories and visions of aliens. Over the last 30 years a large amount of information has emerged.
(UFORA hotline. UFORA92209.)
1965/66 Hobart Tasmania 1 female Kitty [0]


A married woman, Kitty, previously a psychiatric nurse, has fragments of memories of experiences from as young as four to five years of age. The memories involve figures in black from another star. The beings revealed that they were here for a purpose-sense of escape from another planet-sense of destruction. Kitty had two near-death experiences, and believes she is clairvoyant.
(UFORA92139. Keith Basterfield.)
1968 WA 1 male Terry W. [0]


A Mr Terry W., now aged 30, related that at about age six or seven, two small beings entered his bedroom and tried to persuade him to leave with them. He has the recurring memory of them saying: «Come with us, come with us.» He recalls being petrified and thinking: «I don’t like the looks of you…» He also recalls an event in a flat in Maylands WA, in 1988/89, but doesn’t remember if it was a dream or reality, in which he was lifted up and carried off by small, squat beings. In 1990 he dreamt of being taken away by taller «people» wearing black capes.
(UFORA93007. Brian Richards/UFORUM.)
1970 Adelaide SA 1 male Malcolm [0]


A number of episodes including:

  • 1970-Melbourne-went missing as a five year old. Turned up with an unusual mark on his leg
  • 1995-Adelaide-poltergeist events at home
  • Seen a number of UFOs
  • Became very interested in the UFO phenomenon.


(Keith Basterfield 1995.)
Oct/Nov 1970 Nullabor Plains 2 people [0]


Driving in a panel van, two people noted a bright, white light over the vehicle. The driver found they had no control over steering or speeds. The vehicle seemed to be up in the air. Finally they somehow found themselves back on the road. Some 32 hours of missing time. Their watches had stopped.
(Personal communication to Keith Basterfield 1992.)
1-2 Aug 1971 Gladstone Qld 1 male/1 female Ben & Helen K. [0]


A Finnish couple, Ben and Helen K. left Gladstone at about 11.35 p.m. and upon arrival in Rockhampton found that only forty minutes had passed on a trip which would normally have taken much longer. In addition to the rapid trip, they could not recall passing through intervening towns, although they did recall seeing an unusual green light at one stage. Their 1971 Valiant sedan was reportedly covered with a thin film of odourless oil, and unusual marks were noted on the car’s bonnet. Attempts at hypnotising the couple were unsuccessful.
(Chalker, Bill. (1984). «Australian Interrupted Journeys.» UFO Research Australia Newsletter 5(2):14-23. Initially presented as part of a lecture at UFOCON Four, Sydney, Oct 79 & published in the MUFON Journal Aug 1980.)
1972/73 Elizabeth SA 1 female «Lisa» [0]


A 24-year-old woman was interviewed in 1989. She recalled an episode where she and a girl friend observed a UFO at close range. Between 72/73 and the time of the interview she came to believe there was a period of missing time. Regression uncovered only a few vague details.
(Keith Basterfield 1989.)
1973 Yass NSW 0600hrs 1 male «Peter» [0]


A man can recall travelling along a section of road, then has no memory of a subsequent period of time. He «came to» later on in the same journey.
(Interview by John Jensen – Canberra. 1991. UFORA91092.)
1973 Springwood, NSW 2 males [0]


One night two men were asleep in a caravan on a remote building site, when a blue light projecting from a hovering aerial disc wakened one. A time lapse occurred of some two hours. He felt that some «beings — Caucasian types», were somehow involved.
(UFO Investigation Centre, Sydney. Anecdotal investigation by David Buching, Sep 1975.)
1974 Canberra ACT 2 females [0]


Two young women felt compelled to get into their car which then drove itself to a certain spot. They were escorted by a brilliant white light source. Vague human shapes were seen as well as strange noises heard. There was an episode of «missing time» involved.
(Chalker, Bill (1996) The Oz Files. Sydney. Duffy & Snellgrove. pp191-192.)



1974 NSW 2330hrs 1 male «Peter.» [0]


A 17 year old man was in bed when he woke up to see a very bright, white-yellow light. The bottom of his bedclothes was lifted up. He felt powerless and paralysed. He experienced a euphoric feeling. He has no recollection after that. Since the incident he has had episodes of automatic writing.
(UFORA Hotline. UFORA92141.)
1974/75 Coolah NSW 3 males [0]


Three men, out hunting, came across a large black object, which was hovering over trees. One man ran towards the object and fired a shot at it. From the object emerged a number of circular, red objects, which darted around. Their next recollection was of packing up their guns and going to sleep. Several years later one of the men, after watching «Close Encounters» the movie recalled portions of the event, which included a portion of «missing time.»
(Mark Moravec.)
1976 Country NSW 1 female [0]


A 31 year-old woman was vacuuming about noon one day when she felt ill. Suddenly three little beings just appeared in front of her. One being, appearing female, was some one point five metres tall, very slender with a very elongated face. The other two, appearing male, were much shorter, with chubby, broader faces. All three had large eyes, with a hint of a nose and mouth. Each wore shroud like cloaks. Telepathically the taller being spoke to her, to tell her she had to go with them. The woman refused. The next thing she recalls was her fiancé arriving home at 5.30 p.m. An hypnotic regression revealed little beyond that of the conscious memories. An interview revealed a number of paranormal episodes in her life including an OBE, an NDE-like event, and precognition.
(1. Bill Chalker. 1988.
2. Chalker, Bill (1996.) The Oz Files. Sydney. Duffy & Snellgrove. pp195-196.)
Feb 1976 Hobart Tas 1 male [0]


A man and his wife had gone to bed, and she fell asleep leaving him awake. Suddenly through the closed door came three figures. One figure tried to put a «bag» over the man’s legs in an apparent abduction attempt. The man tried to awaken his wife, whereupon the figures departed through the window which seemed to burst open, in a flash of light.
Ca 1977 Hay Plains NSW 1 female [0]


A 17-year-old woman, driving with others, observed a Moon shaped object close to the car. The light disappeared and the driver pulled up the vehicle. He fell asleep. She experienced a pulling sensation. The next thing there was a feeling of release, being back in the car. There seemed to be two hours of time missing.
(UFORSA 9/12/94.)
10 Jan 1978 Bakers Creek Falls, New South Wales 1 male Garry P. [0]


Garry P. had been driving along alone in the early hours of the morning when he found himself unaccountably stationary on the side of the road at 5 a.m. He was unable to clearly remember the previous 160km. Whilst stationary, he noted a really bright light hovering some distance away. Although he tried to get closer to it he could not.
(Bill Chalker.)
Feb 1978 Balladonia WA 1 male [0]


A memory lapse of some three hours is said to have been associated with the observation of two unusual lights. During this time a thirty year old truck driver says he recalls: «…talking to somebody about inventing something…also I remember speaking with two voices…» Investigations have been unable to learn anything more about the event.
(Jeff Bell, Perth.)
1980-1989 Adelaide SA 1 female «Barbara» [0]


«Barbara», a young woman, wanted assistance in determining the origin of three relatively large triangular marks on her forehead, which had simply appeared over night some two years prior. Over a ten year period Barbara saw UFOs, had a near death out-of-body experience, and a peak experience. She also experienced telepathy, precognitive visions, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic imagery, and other psychic style episodes. As to the marks on the forehead, she did have recollections of «something» touching her forehead during one night, following which the marks were seen the next day. Under regression she recounted how a «shadow» was in her room and shone a laser-like beam of light onto her forehead, thus creating the marks.
(UFORA90038. UFORSA/Keith Basterfield.)
1980/81 Currency Creek SA 1 male/1 female [0]


At 6 a.m. a man, aged 30 and a woman were driving along when an unusual object passed overhead. As it did so all dashboard gauges dropped to zero and headlights/dashboard lights flickered, went off for a second and then came back on. The driver accelerated the car and noted that the object was behind the car. The driver later felt there was possibly an abduction scenario.
(UFORSA 91088.)
1981 Northern Territory 1 male [0]


Late one night, a seven to eight year-old boy awoke to see bright lights shining into his room. He felt as if in a trance, got up, got dressed and climbed out of the window. He cannot recall what happened then but later found himself back in bed. Since then he has had encounters with two types-one good and the other evil.
(Personal communication to Keith Basterfield 21/5/95 via BUFORA.)
21 Nov 1981 King Valley Vic 1000hrs 2 females [0]


Two women, in a car, viewed a strange «formation of clouds.» The next thing they knew, it was 1025hrs and they were on a road they had not travelled before. One lady’s watch gained six weeks and 3.75 hours. In addition, her back, which had been injured in a car accident, came good. For several years both witnesses had small welts on their stomachs and the top of their inner thighs.
(Personal communication to Keith Basterfield 16/11/92.)
1983 Darwin Northern Territory 1 male [0]


Simon, 16 reported a series of events which included a nighttime close encounter, a number of dreams, and also observations of entities about the house. An investigation revealed a possible psychological explanation for the events.
(Keith Basterfield and Pony Godic.)
1987 Tas/SA 1 male [0]


A 27 year-old man reported a number of paranormal and abduction-like events, in 1990. These included a 1987 event in which he woke paralysed in bed. Something was being pushed into a vein in his arm. Upon awakening he found a hole in his arm from which blood was issuing.
(UFORA90066. Keith Basterfield and Julia Elsbeth.)
Ca 1988 Mid North SA 1 female [0]


Over a number of years a woman has experienced interactions with aliens. All of these have taken place in her bedroom on the interface of sleep and wakefulness. Some of the episodes have involved sexual contact.
(UFORA91038. Keith Basterfield.)
Jun 1988 Jamestown SA 1 male Bronte Lloyd [0]


Bronte Lloyd, a 50-year-old farmer reported that as he was lying in bed he became aware of a change of circumstances. He couldn’t move, then found himself floating upwards. Something approached him and he felt pressure on his cheeks.Three weeks later he sighted a red light one night that came close to him. Retiring to his lounge he noticed his dog went berserk. Looking outside he sighted a 4m diameter UFO very close to the ground. He fled back to the house, whereupon he believed something came into the house. The next thing he recalled, his family had come home and found him asleep.

(1. Tom Coote.
2. Sunday Mail Adelaide 10/6/90 p32.)
April 1989 NT 1 male/1female [0]


A man and his wife reported a close encounter that happened on 10 Apr 1989. This event was followed three years later by an apparent time distortion event while they were in their caravan. Later, there were two episodes involving the wife and an invisible entity.
16 Jun 1989 Yowah Qld 2 males [0]


Two brothers engaged in opal mining reported seeing a large disk shape plus six smaller ones. The men went to wake up others but on their return the objects had gone. One brother later recalled that in Nov 1988 an hour of «missing time» had occurred.
(UFORQLD QA89015.)
2 Nov 1989 Eden Valley SA [0]


A 35 year-old female nurse tells of events including rattling doorknobs, and a sense of presence. There is also an account of levitation. Entities came in to touch her. They had eyes with no pupils. She felt disoriented.
1990 Sydney NSW 1 female [0]


A woman has repeated recollections of a «dream» where she sees herself lying in bed with some «little» people near her. This dream first occurred in childhood.
(UFORA90048. Bill Chalker.)
Jan 1990 Sydney NSW 1 female [0]


A woman in her twenties living in a semi-rural area describes a possible period of missing time, and gynaecological problems arising from an incident on 17 Jan 1990.
(Bill Chalker 1990. UFORA90018.)
1991 Tasmania 1 male [0]


A nine year-old boy woke in the early hours of the morning, saw two elongated, wrap-around eyes near to his bed. The eyes were part of a white face with the outline of a squarish but rounded corners type head and shoulders. He got out of bed to go for his parents when he saw a second figure, 1.5m tall, then two more by his parent’s bed. He ran back to his own room. His parents on speaking to their neighbours found their neighbour’s eight-year-old son told of a spacecraft landing next door.
(TUFOIC TA94079.)
Jul/Aug 1991 Halls Creek WA 1 male [0]


At 2000hrs Dean was travelling on his motor bike when he saw an unusual object, as did the occupants of 2 cars who had stopped to watch it. At this point the engine of his bike cut out. He dismounted to look for the fault. He then recalls kick starting his bike and continuing on his way. However, when he arrived at his destination, which had been only 10 minutes from his starting point, he found 2 hours, had elapsed. Later that night he found a fresh scar on the back of his left ankle.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)
30 Oct 1991 Perth WA 1 male Ryan [0]


A number of items led the mother of an 18-year-old man to call. Ryan had sighted a light in the sky on 27 Oct, which included feeling of fear and produced a warm tingling sensation. On 30 Oct he again experienced an episode of fear, tingling and a feeling of being watched. He was convinced something was in his room. Could hear footsteps and a shuffling sound. The TV switched itself off. Traces were found on the back lawn and several lumps appeared on his body.
(UFORUM Brian Richards 11 Nov 91.)
1991/1992 Nambacca River NSW 1 male [0]


In the Missabotti Valley a man falling asleep felt he was being «drawn up.» Happened on two occasions. Third night in a car same thing happened. Opened eyes and saw four foot tall grey alien walking around. Slanted large black almond shaped eyes. Witness fell asleep. Found 2m wide circular burn mark on grass by vehicle.
(Australasian UFOlogist Vol 7 No 5 p5.)
1992 Adelaide SA 1 female «Moira» [0]


A number of episodes led a 32-year-old woman to report. These episodes included:

  • 1988-1990-viewing red glows inside the bedroom
  • 1992 — Uncertain if a dream or not. Recalled seeing a UFO on a vacant block next door with some little, white people present. She felt they were coming for her. Woke up and saw a little, white figure by her bed
  • 1993-Long, bony, skeleton type hand touched her
  • Undated-woke up to see a little figure standing by her bed.
(Keith Basterfield 1995.)
1992-194 Brisbane Qld 1 female [0]


A married woman reported that she and her husband sighted a black object with a domed top, which had chased them. Other events were recalled. One time she woke in bed and experienced a feeling of being «drawn up,» following which she «blanked out.» She advised that her son and daughter had also experienced abductions.
(Personal communication to Keith Basterfield 1997.)
4 March 1992 WA «Ron’s son» [0]


Ron woke to see his 10-year-old son being floated past Ron’s bedroom door, guided by a misty alien form. Later, at breakfast, the son coughed up a piece of «metal» a centimetre in length. Analysed at Curtin University, it was found to be a very unusual combination of nickel, silver, zinc, copper, cobalt and ytterbium. The conclusion, however, was that the object was terrestrial perhaps part of an electronic probe manufactured in Sweden.
(1. Richards, Brian UFORM cited in UFORA Research Digest No 33 Mar/Apr 93.
2. UFORA Research Digest No 35 Jul/Aug 93.)
1993 Geelong Vic 1 female [0]


A 35-year-old woman had just prepared a meal when a «heat wave» effect entered the house. There were two entities seen. One was a woman wearing a caftan. The figure was about two metres tall. The house heated up and the next thing the witness can recall, it was 7.15-8pm. She woke up the next morning to find the TV on.
(Bill Chalker Aug 1993.)
1993 Casino/Lismore NSW 2200hrs 1 female [0]


Driving home near McKeay’s Hill, she suddenly saw what she took to be a number of meteors travelling horizontally. A large, white light descended to the right of the car. She did not recall the drive home; merely the act of arriving home with 45 minutes of lost time.
(Barry Taylor 1996. http://www.nor.com.au/users//stingray/abd2.htm – link no longer valid)
19 Jan 1993 Beldon WA 0300hrs 1 male Tony [0]


Tony woke at 3 a.m. and found someone kneeling to the left-hand side of his bed. It seemed exceptionally thin possessed no hair; had normal features except for ears that seemed defined only by a faint outline. Gold, box like object appeared to be attached to the being’s neck just below the right ear. Tony reached out to touch it but his hand went right through it. It immediately disappeared. The entity wore grey-green T-shirt, loose fitting belted trousers. He later found a 5cm long rash with accompanying soreness on the inside of his left wrist.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)
Jan 1994 Adelaide SA 1 female Linda [0]


Following sessions of mio-facial massage, a 43-year-old woman began «seeing and hearing things.» There were foggy visions of beings from another place and she had feelings «I was messed around with.»
(Personal Communication to Keith Basterfield 1/7/94.)
Feb 1994 Perth WA 0100hrs 1 female «Ellie» [0]


About 1 a.m. a woman named «Ellie» of Morley, went to bed and woke about 5 a.m. She could not open her eyes and «felt drugged.» Her husband tried to wake her about 8.30 a.m. without success and let her sleep till 10.30 a.m. Ellie felt completely drained of energy; her face appeared «glossy and puffed.» She suffered a headache and nausea. Two red marks were found on her right foot and her legs felt stretched as if the feet were pulled from the legs. Most alarming was that a lock of hair had been cut off. This was the fourth time such an incident had occurred. Three days later she suffered 2 consecutive nosebleeds, for her an almost unknown event.
(Brian Richards/UFORUM.)
24 Jul 1994 60Km NW of Melbourne Victoria 3 females [0]


Grace was driving the others home when oblong, glowing orange lights were seen parallel to the road. A few moments later a large orange light was noted only 20 metres behind the car. They stopped and got out of the vehicle and looked up to see a large, diamond shaped object, with writing on its tail, close to the ground. A steady, droning sound seemed to come from it. The object went sideways and disappeared behind trees. They went on in the car, pulled into a driveway but were frightened to see a shadowy, human figure. They left the scene. A bright orange light followed them, before it finally vanished. On arriving at Grace’s house they determined that 75 minutes of time had been lost. The next day all four suffered nosebleeds and headaches. Victoria was charged with static electricity. All experienced frequent memory lapses. The women later saw small, bright lights on the walls of Joy’s house.
(Woman’s Day 26 Dec 1994.)
1995 Adelaide SA 1 male/1 female [0]


A young couple described apparent abductions by small beings. The female reported waking paralysed on several occasions to see small, grey beings taking her boyfriend away. He had little to no conscious recollection of these events.
(Keith Basterfield 1995.)
Mar 1995 Near Phillip Island Melbourne Vic 1 female [0]


After a group of people had observed unusual lights shining into the room, one of them went outside. She was hit by «energy» and her friends caught her. An OBE happened, during which she «found herself confronted by five small beings with large eyes, approximately just over one metre in height.» One spoke to her telepathically. Next thing, she was back in her body.
(UFO Encounters and Support Line.)
Aug 1995 Tailem Bend SA 1 male/1 female [0]


A couple lost a period of time while driving between Tailem Bend and Adelaide. On reaching Adelaide both felt drained and had sore bottoms. The following night the woman found an unusual yellowish substance on her right thumb, middle right finger and palm of her right hand. It couldn’t be washed off, seemingly absorbed by the skin. The same substance was found on her right leg, ankle and underneath her foot.
(Keith Basterfield 1996.)
17 May 1996 WA 2230hrs 1 female/1male Irene Sander [0]


As Irene, aged 46, was falling asleep, she woke paralysed to a blinding white light and a throbbing noise. Her body rose off the bed and then she blanked out. Hours later, she woke tired, covered in bruises and puncture marks. In all she recalled five abductions and other visitations. Her son, aged nine also was abducted. Her son described the aliens as 90cm tall, very thin. Their skin colour was grey-blue and they had black, almond shaped eyes.
(UFOICQ: 1998 http ://www,fan.net.au/~tkbnetw/Irenes%20story.htm dated 21/2/99. – link no longer valid)
Nov/Dec 1996 Hobart Tas 2 males [0]


Two almost identical reports uncovered late in 1996. In both cases four to five year-old children called for their parents in the early hours of the morning. One says a white figure tried to take him up through the roof. The second child tells that a small, thin figure with large eyes had wanted to take him up a light through the roof. In the second incident the mother said she saw a flash of light in an interior corridor of the house. No associated UFO activity was reported.
1997 Location unknown 1 male «Colin» [0]


A number of episodes including:

  • Age 8-10-saw a UFO hovering over trees. Helicopters appeared and chased it away
  • Dreams of dark object hovering over house which lifted him off a balcony
  • Dream (?)-found two small people near him
  • Woke paralysed feeling someone trying to drag him out of bed.


(Personal communication to Keith Basterfield 3/3/97.)
7 Apr 1997 Collinswood SA 1 female Kay [0]


Playing tennis a woman looked up and saw in the east, a sparkling orange/red light, in or below clouds. It was initially stationary then moved south. Before moving it became elongated in the vertical direction. She lined it up with a pole to test its movements. It then moved back to the north. As an aircraft came past, she lost the object behind a tree. Other tennis players also saw it.12 months ago, she was feeling tired during the day and lay down for a while in her bedroom. A «person». with blue eyes, blonde shoulder length hair, and wearing a white robe visited her in the room. He said hullo «Kay» (her name) and talked with her. She couldn’t later, remember the conversation, but said she felt comfortable with the «man». She came to when her hubby, who did not have his house keys, banged on the front door. She revealed that she now has a scoop mark on her right leg.

(UFORSA 1992.)
10 Jun 1998 Brisbane Qld 2215hrs 1 female Mrs G [0]


Mrs G, aged 44, was in bed about to fall asleep when she noted a flashing light down the corridor where none should have been. She got out of bed, went to investigate and found a «very tall» being present, dressed in a tan coloured jacket. Suddenly, she found herself standing in a different position. Again, suddenly, she found herself sitting on the bed. The clock said 2.45am
(UFOICQ: 1998 http://www.fan.net.au/~tkbnetw/story3.htm – link no longer valid)
Aug 2001 Sydney NSW 1 female [0]


32 year old woman lying on a lounge when she saw a blue light in the sky. She fell asleep. Woke up next morning groggy and sick with blood on her legs. Two weeks later lying on bed and saw three lights in the sky. Fell asleep. Next morning stains and discolouring on what she had been wearing. Also found scoop mark on shin. Aged 9 had seen huge object. 10 year old reported seeing small furry creature with big black eyes. During this period found a bit of metal in her roof mouth.
(Australasian UFOlogist Vol 7 No 1 p5.)
28 Jun 2002 Gold Coast Qld 2130hrs


Karl reported a vivid and conscious memory of an abduction.
(Australasian UFOlogist Vol 6 No 5 p6.)
9 Jul 2004 Melbourne Vic 0300hrs


The witness was in bed when a bright light suddenly invaded his bedroom through the curtains. Looking out the window the witness saw a huge light floating in the air making a rather distinct humming sound, which vibrated through the air. The witness was getting ready to go outside his room when suddenly the light expanded and shone on his walls and an overwhelming sense of «gravity» enveloped him, he could barely move, he tried to get to the door on his knees, but the gravity was just to overwhelming and fell to the floor. He felt very sleepy and unusually tired, he then fell asleep. After an unknown length of time he suddenly woke up. Slowly coming to his senses he sensed that a huge time gap had been erased, it had been dark when he fell asleep and it was already light.
Lifelong Melbourne Vic 1 male Andrew G. [0]


A man, Andrew G. recalls a number of unusual episodes including one at age 4. Under regression, he remembered three figures, slowing, small and fierce. They had very long and thin face, with almost no chin. There were two small openings for a nose, and their eyes were the largest features on their faces. These were like almonds, brown like Ayers Rock. He couldn’t see their legs. All three creatures were the same. Hands like a child’s, thin and small. Their hands were moving inside his belly, but he could feel no pain. He also recalls something was done to his head, like something was placed there.
(UFOIC-Bill Chalker 1990.)



Lifelong Adelaide SA 1 male Warwick [0]


A number of episodes including:

  • Age five to six -Goulbourn NSW-recalls a bedroom intrusion where he was carried off
  • 1996 — Grey, 120cm tall by his bed
  • UFO theme dreams
  • Unusual marks on body.


(Keith Basterfield 1995.)
Lifelong NSW 1 male [0]


A man has related a complex set of episodes. These include periods of missing time, men in black, underground bases and Pine Gap. There are also claims of physical traces.
(UFOIC-Bill Chalker and Dick Warbarton.)
Lifelong Melbourne Vic «Miss M» [0]


In her early years Miss M experienced an NDE; «eyes» looking into her bedroom when she was young; had dreams of a large number of reptilian creatures, and collected UFO press clippings. Her brother confirmed seeing unusual «eyes» in her bedroom. When Miss M talked to her auntie, who used to live next door, revealed that her auntie knew that a spaceship used to land on the empty block between their two houses. Auntie recalled having been taken away at one time. The creatures involved were the «praying mantis» types.
(Keith Basterfield 1995.)
Lifelong NSW 1 male [0]


A man has recounted experiences from a young age, which include out-of-body events, and strange beings with orange eyes. These beings include one 240cm tall. In 1993 he recalls an incident involving a staircase and five elderly people below. Says there are two groups of aliens involved.
(UFOIC-Dominic Kelly.)
Undated Glenelg (Adelaide) SA [0]


In school years two and four a young girl wrote stories of aliens. At 8 she put a Barbie camper van on hills hoist, pretending it was a space ship. She recalled an experience at age 15 of dreaming of lights and noise, then woke to find noise and lights. On checking the clock the time was 0115-0215hrs. The next time she checked it was two to three hours afterwards. She came to in room. An Alien 1.5m tall, was present. The alien raised its right arm and she blacked out. Woke two to three hours later. Woke up suddenly. Next day that she had dream — no feelings and it was a weird dream. She pinched herself and it hurt.
(UFORSA 6/6/97.)
Undated Kalgoorlie WA [0]


A 32 year old man called to advise that between the ages of 8 and 15 he used to sleep in an old bus on his parent’s farm. Unusual events would happen to him at night. For example, one early morning he woke to find two entities sitting on the end of his bed. They had greyish/blue skin and skinny arms and body. Another time he woke in the Moonlight to find some 15 beings standing over him. He did not want any follow-up.
(UFORA 92202.)
Undated Blue Mountains NSW [0]


John B. and a friend were travelling by vehicle heading towards Windsor, NSW. Near the Springwood railway station they took a left turn and then have a 20-minute period unaccounted for.
(Vlad Godic. UFORA92198.)
Undated Location unknown 1 male/1 female [0]


A couple were driving home late one night. The husband, the driver, felt an urge to take a short cut. One hour of missing time resulted. Under regression the husband recalled the car had been «frozen.» Recalled a buzzing/humming sound. His wife consciously recalled the car being «frozen.»