Bibliografía sobre abducciones


Bibliografía sobre abducciones

First Person Accounts
Abducted!: The Story of the Intruders Continues; Debbie Jordan, Kathy Mitchell; Hardcover; $14.70

Alien Jigsaw; Katherine Wilson; Hardcover; $24.95

The Alien Jigsaw Researcher’s Supplement; Katharina Wilson; Paperback; 1994; $14.95

Connections: Solving Our Alien Abduction Mystery; Beth Collings, Anna Jamerson; Paperback; $14.36 (exceptional)

Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience; Travis Walton; Hardcover; $17.47

In the Presence of Aliens: A Personal Experience of Dual Consciousness; Janet Bergmark; Paperback; $10.36

Incident At Fort Benning; John A. Vasquez, Bruce Stephen Holms; Paperback; 2000; $16.95

Into the Fringe: A True Story of Alien Abduction; Karla Turner; Mass Market Paperback; $3.99

Lost Was the Key; Leah A. Haley; Hardcover; $19.95

Masquerade of Angels; Karla Turner, Ted Rice; Paperback; 1994; $16.95.

Summoned: Encounters With Alien Intelligence; Dana Redfield; Paperback; 1999; $11.16

The Et-Human Link; Dana Redfield; Paperback; 2001; $11.16

Diary of an Abduction: A Scientist Probes the Enigma of Her Alien Contact; Angela Thompson-Smith; Paperback; 2001; $11.96

Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda; Karla Turner; Paperback; $16.95

UFO Abductions in Gulf Breeze; Ed Walters, Frances Walters; Mass Market Paperback; $3.99

Other Detailed Case Histories
(also be sure to see Wendelle Stevens)
Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens; John E. Mack; Mass Market Paperback; $5.59

Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens (Wheeler Large Print Book Series); John E. Mack; Paperback; $21.95

Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters; John E. Mack; Paperback; 1999; $19.20

Alien Abductions: Peter Brooksmith; Hardcover; 1998;

Alien Contact (True-Life Encounters Series); John Spencer, Anne Spencer; Paperback; 1999 $12.95

Extraterrestrial Visitations: True Accounts of Contact; Preston Dennett; Paperback; 2001; $10.36

Incident at Exeter: Interrupted Journey; John G. Fuller; Hardcover; $6.99

Direct Encounters: Personal Histories of UFO Abductees; Judith Gansberg, Alan Gansberg; Hardcover (Out of Print)

Encounter at Buff Ledge: A UFO Case History; Walter N. Webb; Paperback; $19.95

Encounters: A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Abductions by Extraterrestrials; Edith Fiore; Mass Market Paperback; $4.79

Reaching for Reality: Seven Incredible True Stories of Alien Abduction; Constance Clear; Paperback; 1999; $16.95

Searchers: A True Story Of Alien Abduction [Dawn & Steve Hess]; Hardcover; 1995; $23.95

The Tujunga Canyon Contracts; Ann Druffel, D.Scott Rogo; Paperback (Out of Print)

Ultimate Encounter True Story of a Ufo Kidnapping [Travis Walton]; Bill Barry; Paperback; 1978 (Out of Print)

Divergent Opinions
The Abduction Enigma; Kevin D. Randle / William Cone, Russ Estes; Paperback; 2000; $13.56

Abduction: The UFO Conspiracy; David Bischoff; Paperback

Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny Insider Account of Alien Contact & Government Cover-Up; Dan Sherman; Paperback; 1997; $28.00

Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us; Jim Marrs; Hardcover; $16.80

Alien Dawn: An Investigation into the Contact Experience; Colin Wilson; Paperback; 1998; $20.80

Alien Identities: Ancient Insights into Modern UFO Phenomena; Richard L. Thompson; Paperback; $19.95

Alien Encounters; Jim Hicks; Hardcover; 1992

Alien Impact: A Comprehensive Look At The Evidence; Michael Craft; Mass Market Paperback; 1997; $23.95

Angels and Aliens: UFO’s and the Mythic Imagination; Keith Thompson; Paperback; $9.60

CE-5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (242 brief cases); Richard Haines; (Out of Print)

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: A Reporter’s Notebook on Alien Abuduction, UFOs, and the Conference at M.I.T.; C. D. B. Bryan; Paperback; $11.16

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Alien Abduction, UFOs, and the Conference at M.I.T.; C. D. B. Bryan; Hardcover; $17.50

The Controllers: Mind Control and Its Role in the ‘Alien’ Abduction Phenomenon; Martin Cannon; Paperback (Out of Print)

The Copper Contacts; John I. Norkin; Hardcover; 1994; $15.95

Cosmic Test Tube: Extraterrestrial Contact, Theories & Evidence; Randall Fitzgerald; Paperback; 1998; $15.96 (annotated guide to contact Ufology)

Dimensions of Enchantment: The Mystery of UFO Abductions, Close Encounters and Alien Abductions; Manfred Cassirer; Paperback; 1999; $8.00

Disclosure : Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History; Greer, Steven M.; Paperback; 2001; $24.95

Encyclopedia Of Alien Encounters: A Complete Guide; Alan Baker; Quality Paperback; 2000; $15.96

Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters; Story, Ronald; Paperback; 2001; $19.00

Extraterrestrial Encounter: A personal perspective; Chris Boyce; Unknown Binding (Out of Print); David & Charles

Extraterrestrials Among Us; Andrews, George; 1992;

Extra-Terrestrial Friends And Foes; Andrews, George; Paperback; 1993; $14.95

Gifts of the Gods?: Are UFOs Alien Visitors or Psychic Phenomena?; John Spencer; Paperback; $5.56

Glimpses of Other Realities: Facts and Eyewitnesses Vol 1; Linda Moulton Howe; Paperback; $45.00

Glimpses of Other Realities: Vol. 2, High Strangeness; Linda Moulton Howe; Paperback; 1998 $27.95

The God Hypothesis: Extraterrestrial Life and Its Implications for Science and Religion; Joe, Phd Lewels; Paperback; 1997; $16.00

Grand Illusions: The Spectral Reality Underlying Sexual Ufo Aductions, Crashed Saucers, Afterlife Experiences, Sacred Ancient Ritual Sites, & Other; Gregory L. Little; Paperback; 1994; ; $19.95

Milabs: Military Mind Control & Alien Abductions; Helmut Lammer, Marion Lammer; Paperback; 1999; $14.95

Mind Stalkers: Ufo’s, Implants And The Psychotronic Agenda of the New World Order; Commander X; Paperback; 1999; $14.95

The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the Ufo Cover-up; Hansen, Terry; Paperback; 2000; $22.99

People of the web: what indian mounds, ancient rituals, and stone circles tell us about modern UFO abductions, apparitions, and the near death experience; Gregory L. Little; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Psychic Close Encounters (The Ufo Files); Budden, Albert; Paperback; 2000; $9.95

Silent Invasion: The Shocking Discoveries of a UFO Researcher; Ellen Crystall; Mass Market Paperback; $5.20

Soul Samples: Personal Explorations in Reincarnation and Ufo Experiences; Leo Sprinkle; Paperback; 1999; $17.56

The Stargate Conspiracy; Picknett, Lynn; Paperback; 1999; $15.00

The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM; Dreamland Interactive; CD-ROM; 1998; $34.95

Ufo Danger Zone: Terror & Death in Brazil; Bob Pratt; Paperback; 1995; $16.95

UFO-Dynamics: Psychiatric and Psychic Aspects of the UFO Syndrome; Berthold Eric Schwarz; Paperback; 1988; $29.95

UFO Secrets Revealed; Cousineau, Phil; Paperback; 1995; $5.99

The Ultimate Alien Agenda: The Re-Engineering of Humankind; James L. Walden; Paperback; 1998; $9.95

Uninvited: An Expose Of The Alien Abduction Phenomenon; Nick Pope; Mass Market Paperback; 1999; $5.99

Without Consent: A Comprehensive Survey of Missing Time and Abduction Phenomena; Carl Nagaitis; Paperback; 1999; $12.95

Healing Perspectives
Abductions: Stop Them, Heal Them, Now ; Mitchell, Karyn; Paperback; 1995; $9.95

Healing Shattered Reality: Understanding Contactee Trauma; Alice Bryant, Linda Seebach; Paperback; $11.96

It’s Time to Remember: A Riveting Story of One Woman’s Awakening to Alien Beings ; Joy S. Gilbert; Hardcover; 1995; $19.95

How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction; Ann Druffel; Paperback; 1998; $9.60

The Alien Abduction Survival Guide: How to Cope With Your Et Experience; Michelle Lavigne; Paperback

The Official Alien Abductee’s Handbook: The Ultimate Self-Help Guide for the New Millennium; Joe Tripician, Joseph Tripician; Paperback; $6.36

Close Extraterrestrial Encounters: Positive Experiences With Mysterious Visitors; Richard J. Boylan, Lee K., M.B.A. Boylan; Paperback; $10.36

Celestial Healing: Close Encounters That Cure; Virginia Aronson; Paperback; 1999; $6.29

UFO Healings: True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials; Preston E. Dennett, Christine Dennett (Illustrator); Paperback; $11.16

We Come As Friends : True Tales of Positive Alien Encounters; Michaels, Peter; Mass Market Paperback; 1999; (Out of Print)

I Choose The Light; Dianne Hampton; Paperback; 2000; $16.00

The Field Guide to Extraterresetrials; Patrick Huyghe, Harry Trumbore (Illustrator); Paperback; $10.00

Faces of the Visitors: An Illustrated Reference to Alien Contact; Kevin D. Randle, Russ Estes; Paperback; 1997; $12.00

Writings by Author (from more prolific writers only)

Hilary Evans | Raymond Fowler | Budd Hopkins | David Jacobs | Jenny Randles | Wendelle Stevens | Whitley Strieber | Jacques Vallee |
Hilary Evans

From Other Worlds: Aliens, Abductions and Ufos; Hilary Evans; Paperback; 1998; $15.96

Gods, Spirits, Cosmic Guardians: A Comparative Study of the Encounter Experience; Hilary Evans; Paperback; 1988; (Out of Print)

Visions, Apparitions, Alien Visitors: A Comparative Study of the Entity Enigma; Hilary Evans; Paperback; 1986; (Out of Print)

Raymond Fowler

The Allagash Abductions: Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention; Raymond E. Fowler; Paperback; $13.56

The Allagash Abductions: Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention; Raymond E. Fowler; Hardcover; $16.77

The Andreasson Affair: The Documented Investigation of a Woman’s Abduction Aboard a UFO; Raymond E. Fowler; Paperback; $11.16

The Andreasson Affair Phase Two: The Continuing Investigation of a Woman’s Abduction by Alien Beings; Raymond E. Fowler; Paperback

The Andreasson Legacy; Raymond Fowler; Hardcover; 1997 ; $17.47

The Watchers: The Secret Design Behind UFO Abduction; Raymond E. Fowler; Mass Market Paperback; $4.79

The Watchers II: Exploring UFOs and the Near-Death Experience; Raymond E. Fowler; Paperback; $15.16

Budd Hopkins
Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods; Budd Hopkins; Mass Market Paperback; $4.76

Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions; Budd Hopkins; Hardcover (Out of Print)

Sight Unseen: Science, UFO invisibility and transgenic beings; Budd Hopkins, Carol Rainey; 2003; $16.50

Witnessed: The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions; Budd Hopkins, Bud Hopkins; Hardcover; $16.10

David Jacobs
Secret Life: Firsthand, Documented Accounts of UFO Abductions; David M. Jacobs; Paperback; $9.60

The Threat: The Secret Alient Agenda; David M. Jacobs; Hardcover; 1998; $23.00

The UFO Controversy in America; David Michael Jacobs; Hardcover (Out of Print)

Ufos and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge; David M. Jacobs (Editor); Hardcover; 2000; $27.96

Jenny Randles
Alien Contacts and Abductions: The Real Story from the Other Side; Jenny Randles; Paperback; 1994; $9.95

Alien Contact: The First Fifty Years; Jenny Randles; Paperback; 1997; $13.95

The Complete Book of Aliens & Abductions; Jenny Randles; Paperback; 2000; $29.95

The Pennine UFO mystery; Jenny Randles; Unknown Binding; (Out of Print)

Star Children: The True Story of Alien Offspring Among Us; Jenny Randles; Paperback; 1995; $9.56

  Wendelle C. Stevens
UFO Abduction at Botucatu (UFO Factbooks Series); Rodolfo R. Caselatto, Joao Valerio Da Silva; Hardcover (Out of Print)

UFO Abduction at Maringa: The Agripo Experiment (UFO Factbooks); A.J. Gevaerd, Wendelle C. Stevens; Hardcover; $14.95

UFO Abduction at Mirassol: A Biogenetic Experiment (Fact Books); Walter K. Buhler, et al; Hardcover (Out of Print)

UFO Contact, the Four; Donna R. Butts, S. Scott Conrder; Hardcover (Out of Print)

 Whitley Strieber
Breakthrough: The Next Step; Whitley Strieber; Mass Market Paperback; $5.59

Casebook : Alien Implants; Whitley Strieber (Editor)/ Roger, Dr. Leir, ; Paperback; 2000; $6.29

Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us; Whitley Strieber; Hardcover; 1998; $23.95

Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us; Whitley Strieber; Paperback; 1999; $6.29

Communion: A True Story; Whitley Strieber; Hardcover (Out of Print)

The Communion Letters; Whitley Strieber; Paperback; 1997; $13.00

Report on Communion; Ed Conroy; Paperback (Out of Print)

Report on Communion: An Independent Investigation of and Commentary on Whitley Strieber’s Communion; Ed Conroy; Hardcover (Out of Print)

Majestic; Whitley Strieber; Mass Market Paperback; $4.79

The Secret School: Preparation for Contact; Whitley Strieber; Hardcover; $16.80

Transformation: The Breakthrough; Whitley Strieber, Whitley Streiber; Mass Market Paperback; $5.59

  Jacques Vallee
Confrontations: A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact; Jacques Vallee, Jacques Vallee; Mass Market Paperback; $3.96

Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact; Jacques Vallee; Mass Market Paperback; $4.79

Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults; Jacques Vallee; Paperback

Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds; Jacques Vallee; Paperback; $11.96

Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception; Jacques Vallee; Mass Market Paperback; $4.79


La bibliografía en inglés medianamente escéptica es bastante larga.
> Seguramente se me olvidará alguna, pero a bote pronto yo reomendaría:
> IMPRESCINDIBLES (aunque haya creyentes… como el último)
> + «Abducted – How people come to believe they were kidnapped by aliens»,
> Susan Clancy
> + «The Abduction Enigma», Kevin Randle, Russ Estes & William P. Cone
> + «UFO Abductions», Philip J. Klass
> + «Dark White», Jim Schnabel
> + «Alien Abduction», Michel Meurger (en francés)
> + «UFO Abductions: The measure of a mystery», Thomas E. Bullard
> OTROS (incluidos no escépticos pero que deben conocerse)
> + «The terror that comes in the night», David J. Hufford
> + «Alien Abductions – Creating a modern phenomenon», Terry Matheson
> + «A Common Sense Approach to UFOS», Betty Hill (sí, ella)
> + «Soucoupes volantes et folklore», Bertrand Méheust (en francés)
> Y, desde luego, todo lo que puedas conseguir de Martin Kottmeyer
> (artículos)