Carta de Don Worley sobre Elusividad a Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos (24 Mayo 2000)


Don Worley

Dear Ignacio,
Thanks your very much for sending me your THE PRINCIPLE OF COSMIC ELUSIVENESS. I found it a truly remarkable document , to say the least. For one who lives in Spain , your skill and treatment of the English language is most phenomenal. The descriptive word usage is an incredible thing , of beauty that I have not seen anywhere else really.
I comprehend your thinking and hypothesis in about every instance. The common peasant over here in frantic America would not , for they have never been exposed to such prose. Your grasp of the total space/time universe is breathtaking. Yes , it looks like the perceptual systems of homo erectus will forever be unequal to the task. Not even its most knowledgable elements can ever fathom the final truth of it.
I have sent my recent article unpublished as yet , but it might be since I have good photos to go with it in with three publishing