El principio de Elusividad Cósmica. The Principle of Cosmic Elusiveness. Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos


El principio de Elusividad Cósmica. The Principle of Cosmic Elusiveness. Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos



Carta sobre Elusividad de Robert J. Durant a Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos

Robert J. Durant
106 Hessian Hill Drive
Pennington, NJ 08534
(609) 737-0696
fax (609) 737-8272

11 June 00


Mr. Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos

Seville, Spain

Dear Sir:                                                            

I want to thank you for the fascinating “The Principle of Cosmic Elusiveness” you sent to me. I use the term «poem’ because of the vast range of language and erudition it displays, and the compressed exposition of some very difficult concepts.

Enclosed is a gift in return. This is letterhead paper you might be able to use on the unwary. Yes, it is meant as a joke. But I think it is a good joke on all «seekers.» Alas, that means me, too.

I took the liberty of making several copies of the manuscript for the use of the very few people of my acquaintance who might appreciate it.


  1. J. Durant

Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos




Member of the Invisible College; Member of the Bastard Children of Hiram and the Widow; operative and speculative master of the lie of the Orient and the Occident, Ancient, Accepted or Revised; associate of

Mizraim and Memphis; associate of the Philalethes and the Nine Sisters; member of the Strict Observance

and of the Ordo Templi Orientis; member of the Illuminati of Bavaria and Avignon; Kadosh Knight; associate of the Elus Cohen and of the Perfect Friendship; Knight of the Black Eagle and the Holy City; Rosicrucian of Anglia; cabalist of the Rose + Cross of Gold; associate of the Catholic Rosy Cross of the

Temple and the Grail; associate of the Stelia Matutina, of the Astrum Argentinum and Thelema; member of Vril and Thule; member of the Great White Fraternity; Guardian of the Temple; professor of the college

and priory of Zion and Gaul; intimate of the Unknown Superiors and the Masters of the World; associate of
the triune and trinosophic mystical and most secret orden of the Synarchic Knights of Templar Rebirth;

Knight ofthe Baphomet; Knight of the Six Intact Seals; Knight of the Tetragrammaton; Knight Executioner of Florian and Dei; Knight of the Athanor; Venerable Naometer of the Turris Babel; Venerable Naometer

of the Great Pyramid; Venerable Naometer of the Cathedrals; Venerable Naometer of the Temple of Solomon; Venerable Naometer of the Hortus Palatinus; Venerable Naometer of the Temple of Heliopolis; Mystical Legate of Karnak; Mystical Legate of Camelot; Mystical Legate of Montsegur; Mystical Legate of the Hidden Imam; Supreme Patriarch of Saint Martin des Champs; Supreme Patriarch of Marienbad;

Supreme patriarch of the Invisible Okhrana; Supreme Patriarch in partibus of the Rock of Alamut;

Psychopomp of the Eglise Luciferienne; Sublime Hierogram of the Chemical Wedding; Sublime
Rodostauric Psychopomp; Sublime Referendarium of the Most Ardane Arcana; Sublime Steganograph of

the Hieroglyphic Monad; Sublime Astral Connector Utriusque Cosmi; Sublime Keeper of the Tomb of

Rosencreutz; Imponderable Archon of the Currents; Imponderable Archon of the Hollow Earth;
Imponderable Archon of the Mystic Pole; Imponderable Archon of the Labyrinths; Imponderable Archon

of the Pendulum of Pendula; Imponderable Archon of the Imponderable Archons; Servant of Servants;
Most Humble Secretary of the Egyptian Oedipus; Lowest Messenger of the Masters of the World; Porter of
Agarttha; Last Thurifer of the Pendulum; Doctor of the Planispheres; Hermetic Philosopher; Grand Elect of

the Eons; Knight Prince of the Rose of Heredom; Grand Master of the Temple of Wisdom; Knight
Noachite; Wise Siviast; Knight Supreme Commander of the Stars; Sublime sage of the Zodiac; Shepherd
King of the Hutz; Interpreter of Hieroglyphs; Sage of the Pyramids; Sublime Titan of the Caucasus; Orphic

Doctor; Sublime Skald; Prince Brahmin; Guardian of the Three Fines; Prince of Babylon; Knight of the Black Cross; Knight of Death; Sublime Master of tt., Lumlnous Ring; Priest of the Sun; Grand Architect; Knight of the Black and White Eagle; Royal Arch; Knight of the Phoenix; Knight of Iris; Priest of Eleusis;

Knight of the Golden Fleece, & etc.