Carta sobre Elusividad a LLoyd Auerbach de Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos (7 Julio 2000)


Carta sobre Elusividad a LLoyd Auerbach de Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos (7 Julio 2000)



Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos

July 17th 2000

Lloyd M. Auerbach
c/o Office of Paranormal Investigations
P.O. Box 875 , Orinda
California 94563-0875 , U.S.A.

Dear Mr. Auerbach ,

Fate ( or maybe holy Providence ? ) has allowed this soul to read -rather to devour- with exquisite delectation Psychic Frontiers , your Fate magazine staggering article ( June 2000 ). What a lucky chance , a pair of energizing fates labouring in unison to promote wisdom on this damned planet. The writer has found the Auerbachian couple of pages extremely intelligent , a petite stunning masterpiece of metaphysics , and a superb upheaval of thought. In other words , a veritable “objet d´art” , I am sure a crowning feat , consummate in depth and style. No doubt this mindboggling essay is a milestone across the worldwide paranormal literature. Besides a highly important contribution in order to understand the eerie working of unobservable reality , underhandly interwined with three-dimensional human race. ( By the way the unseeable -and most significative- component of the infiniverse could represent no less than some 99 % from the whole multidimensional Totality we live in ). We are afraid Lloyd is a second to none kind of Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa in relation to parascientific endeavours. Why ?. Due to some mental carpenter´s brace , you have been able to trepan the first incredibly subtle raison d´être for the necessary existence of the omnipresent Law of Elusiveness : if it would be possible for us to be endowed not by five but the five thousands senses required to perceive , feel and protagonize the fathomless variety of trillions of wondrously unique and singular things , events and above all peoples who evolve gathering experience throughout ultramundane & intangible planes of existence, levels of reality and parallel universes , then slow-witted physical creatures would be overwhelmed , crushed under a Niagara Falls of sensorial data and stimulus impossible to deal with. By these underlying perceptual machination , as you say , “Our world would not be simple enough for us to live in”. ( A second justification for the dirty tricks of elusiveness factor – in short , a purposefully lack of evidence about imperceptible realms – , involves to guarantee human freedom of choice ; and the third one entails to avoid stagnation by means of transfusing behind one´s back a deliberate uncertainty in regard to the true nature of the scheme of things , perennial doubts which forces man to undertake a perpetual search for truth ). Raise your spirits, my dear friend. You have hit the nail on the head of the whys and wherefores of the macrocosmic postulate of elusiveness. I bet G.N.M. Tyrrell , as the Giralda tower enthusiast , will be proud of your breathtaking Psychic Frontiers.


Kindest regards.