Carta sobre elusividad a Dan Smith de Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos (26 Agosto 2004)


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To all appearances, we enjoy the highest of privileges: the design,working and goals of the whole, infinite multicosmos, are subservient at allcosts under individual liberty. It is a mind-boggling paradox that theboundless, all-inclusive Ultimate Reality revolves around no less thanthe self-determination of vital entities. In witness whereof, we mayinfer the uttermost importance and sacred value the omnisphere grants to thefreedom of its children, wherefrom human sovereignty epitomizes the apex,cornerstone and crowning point of All That Is.<<< Has it ever been stated better than this?  Dan ‘best possible world’   —–Original Message—–From: Dan Smith []Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 7:33 PMSubject: RE: Fwd: The Principle of Cosmic Elusiveness   Thank you, Jack…. I heartily recommend a careful reading of this most unusual opus. Ignacio follows in the tradition of Charles Forte and Jacques Vallee. Yes, Virginia, there is a Matrix, i.e. metaphysical hyperspace,unconstrained by our most daring Grand Unified Theories. My only caveat is that Ignacio emphasizes pantheism at the expense oftheism. There is a cosmic Rationale or Gnosis, beyond the reach of allGUTs, of which we partake, and which will guide us in our journey beyond thestars.   —–Original Message—–From: Joel Isaacson []Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 5:21 PMTo:; dantsmith@comcast.netCc:;;; RE: Fwd: The Principle of Cosmic Elusiveness  Hard to wade thru these 64-page polemics… but at least he mentionsJacob’s ladder 😉 see p. 19. What does come across (for moi) is a «realization» that much of the stuff inthe universe is «hidden»; be it «physical» stuff or «informational»stuff… that our senses never evolved to grasp hidden/concealed stuff –thereforewe are easily fooled by those who may have access to it, and/or know areto handle it and/or manipulate us thru it…. that we may need»steganogramic»decoding methodologies to gain access to «fantomark» realms… withinwhich we are totally immersed… and so it goes, on and on… Needless to say, «dark energy» or ZPE (and earlier Bohmian concepts), andsimilar such, fall under the rubric of fantomark realms…