Carta Elusividad de Carla Lisbeth Rueckert McCarty a Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos (21 Mayo 2002)


De: Carla Lisbeth Rueckert McCarty 

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Asunto: RE: Enclosed   «Elusiveness Cosmic Principle»Fecha: martes, 21 de mayo de 2002 15:26 

Dear Ignacio, 

 Thank you so much for sharing your writing on the elusiveness cosmicprinciple. You have certainly done a lot of reading and research to beable to speak with such authority on the mysterious UFOs. I am fairlycomfortable with the mystery of UFOs, because I am a mystic by nature.I know that any scientific mind can do little more than shake his headat the maddening elusiveness of proof. However I think that thatsituation will never change within this density, because of freewillissues.   The translation into English is just a bit rough. I enjoyed theimaginativeness of your vocabulary, however! And I could always tellwhat you meant.   I will certainly keep this little booklet of yours in our files forthose who might be interested. Thanks a lot, dear Brother. Me yoursearch continue to bless you. Much L/L –   Carla   Carla Lisbeth Rueckert McCarty L/L Research         Ignacio   Darnaude   Rojas – Marcos                               THE       PRINCIPLE       OF        COSMIC       ELUSIVENESS             The   hidden   whys   and   wherefores   behind     our   physical   universe                       UFOs   :   AN   INTRIGUING   PARTY   OF     MASQUERADERS                        It happens that the world is somehow deceptive, andthings are not at all as they seem to be.     Our poor senses areconfronted with this festival of tricky appearances , and on theopposite side of this untruthful scenery deepens     The Unknown.The face of reality does not correspond , even distantly , with thebackground of its authentic ontological noumenon : what Kant named   thething in itself.   And the numberless spheres of life , along withinhabited kingdoms we cannot perceive , represent a thousandfold theinfinitesimal three-dimensional galactic arena that enters into oureyes.                    If we stop to think , existing is pure disappointment , athrough deceit perpetrated by the senses , which at best grasp some oneper cent of all that have life.   The colossal imposture of people notbeing aware of the other   99 % that remains forever unexplored , obeysto intentional machinations of the alien script-writers andchoreographers who, from incorporeal dimensions , telecommand theGrand Guignol which in truth is this rotten life.     And the reactionof those cheated   -the six billion “sovereign people”-   in the face ofsuch a monumental pig in a poke , is downgrading themselves to a rampantconformism in the damned abdicracy we call Earth , sticking on blinkersand shrugging their shoulders.                      Sources of contemporary revelation proclaim that humanherd are allowed by the Good Shepherd to keep an eye on our planetarygrazing land , but an infinite number of arcane sheep and unimaginablezoologies also ruminate on alternative non-physical grassy fields , andswarm in ultragalactic sheepfolds.       Sleight of hand pig-farmershailing from other mansions , in front of our inquisitive gaze , take charge ofswindling the pasture grounds , as well the extra cattle -ourbrothers from untracked planes of existence- who browse upon unseenholm-oak groves of the vast latifundium which is the universe.                  The reality´s prestidigitation in exchange for artfulsimulacra is as old as humankind ; it was born along with the biblicalstories of   The Word   and   Let us make the light.   We guess theaudio/visual/tactile catchpenny in many aspects of life , but the humbugostensibly blossoms in the nebulous affair of unidentified flyingobjects.     It is self evident that the grand UFO hocus-pocus wasstaged on purpose as a double-dealing display , on the understandingthat at all events there would be no incontrovertible proofs concerningthe actual existence of flying discs , their crews and out of reachheadquarters.                      Backed by this Machiavellian   plan , the exonauts showthemselves under veil , and UFOs perambulate into and out of theatmosphere , glide over dams , strategic military facilities and atomicplants , land , ejaculate brachycephalic dwarfs , pontificate to humblevillagers , dictate thick bundles of papers to contactees , abduct andimpregnate unarmed housewives , but never openly take action norproduce visiting cards.     No doubt the interdimensional exhibition hasbeen knowingly masterplanned , making use of such a misleadingpsychological engineering that under no circumstances do the Visitorsgive rise to unquestionable validations in regard to themselves andtheir covert operations.                      Furthermore , in half a century of frantic activity , UFOoccupants did not endow us with a single corroboration; only perennialuncertainty.     This loud anomaly uncovers one of its many oddities :The Phenomenon has the best of both worlds. It unfurls its strangeparaphernalia with cynical impudicity , but at the same time hidesitself on aimful deliberation.     The ufodrome looks like a fight dueto its amphibology addiction ; after millions of sightings , we notyet have , as it should be expected , any undeniable photos , notarialcertificates solemnizing the many   close encounters of the absurd kind, nor any testimonies of absolute reliability.       It all developsinto trash again and again , so people pay no attention to deliquescentexospheric problems.                      This astounding unanimity throughout fifty years ,concerning the obscurantist behaviour of extraterrestrial   plague ,points out that in UFO business it must rule some tough and strong powerof centralized coordination , relative to the flying saucers seemingchaotic tacticts.     A sort of incontestable authority with a capacityfor disciplining the uses and wonts of the massive and variegatedalienoplanetary immigration suffered by Earth since the key-summer of1947.            Certain unifying control , established at the very least inorder that the multitudinous tasks of E.T.s executed in this orb , onno account be able to transgress the sempiternal cover-up contrived bycosmic decision-makers.                      Subsequent to millions of UFO incidents , it isclear-cut that folks from remote stars are fond of hitting and running.The gods from this Olympus of atomic age like interplanetary sojourns ,but pull the strings seeking that flesh and blood man-in-the-streetcould never plainly believe in aliens.                      In short , the history of ufo presence is a perpetualhide-and-seek play.     Not even by chance are mortals able to crossthe actual path of the fading away cosmonauts. Martian invasions inHollywood style , nor landings in broad daylight under the nose of T.V.cameras upon the White House lawn , were neither seen in the past , northey are expected in the emergence of the brand new century , asthe candid adepts of some old-fashioned ufology , grounded only onstaged appearances , anxiously announce and desire.                    The sagacious fact-finder , if he does not like to fallvictim of frustration nor end up in a mental asylum , has to assume inadvance the remarked strategy of I am/I am not , accomplished withcynical shamelessness by the fifth column from Above ; and to dismiss ,till hell freeze over , any sort of  unveiled , diaphanous and trustworthy E.T. demeanour.                      The trick of   “to make without appearing to do” , aswell   “to seem what one is not” , conforms the first constant to bearin mind regarding humanoid operations.     Its working is paramount :from   1947   to the end of our millennium we have not stumbled across adamned failure in this masterful law of dissimulation , the basic rulein ufological science.     Without a sole historical exception , each and every one of the countlessepisodes of sightings ,       UFO waves , landings , footsteps , tracesand debris on the ground , crop circles , ufonauts , contact claims andabductions , on every occasion infallibly manifest inconsistencies ,faults , incongruous circumstances along with  suspicious flaws that take away scientific seriousness and credibilitybefore public opinion.                  Is it normal , on the side of such an ostentatious bungle onthe part of an élite of supergifted hyerarchies from outer space , theseso prolific evanescent happenings , to slip away and evade the issueover and over again ?.     Not at all. So much avoidance and elusionsmells of some highly intelligent design and outstanding organization ,that is , a subtle plan of disguising action.     So big a flawlesstergiversation of   facts , double-dealing , hold with the hare but runwith the hounds , not to show one´s face and methodical averting ofevidence, leads one to believe that the cunning play of appearing in afugacious manner and then checkering off , is just one of the sacrosanctpriorities of our uninvited guests , some draconian agenda carried outwith abnormal efficiency , having in mind not to put out of joint Earthsociety.                           Furthermore , the UFO crashes and retrievals along withcorpses of humanoids , it is said in the hands of   U.S. Intelligenceagencies , are on no account hazardous accidents.     There are so manyanomalous factors concerning these implausible wrecks of spaceships offar advanced technology , that come to pass again and again ,andmoreover just in the Southwest of United States ( symbolic hot domain ofthe first atomic blasts in human history ) , always on deserticcountrysides sheltered from unwanted witnesses , aside from aerialvessels and crews preserved by miracle more or less undamaged.                           All such deviations from pure chance induce one tounderstand that those remains have been knowingly “planted” upon thesands of New Mexico , backwards general public , with the goal ofconvincing selectively the C.I.A. and   Pentagon, without upsettingthe worldwide establishment.   Therefore , the theatrical Roswellsmash and other assimilable casualties , cannot infringe upon theinviolable ways and means of E.T.´s going incognito.                The baffling wonderwork that in succession to tens of millionsof UFO incidents following June 24th 1947 , we have not yet at one´sdisposal a lone humble evidence , throws light on The Phenomenon   as“an intromission utterly foreign to the imperfect technology from ourworld”.   To this effect , Martians work as nocturnal thieves , thinning out under masks likesilent extras from a Greek tragedy in the age of cybernetics.Non-natives crouch upon this blue geoid toiling on a large scale at someunknown project , but extricate their etheric figures with exquisiteprecautions , in order to not draw attention in any irreversible way.              Little green men enjoy simulating dramatic pantomimes inthe presence of lonely witnesses afflicted by well known defects ofcharacter.     Whom , further on , nobody will believe.     Crackpotsare chosen beforehand with the malicious resolve to profit from theirblameworthy reputations. And by means of such a dextrous subterfuge ,in passing is demolished the whole UFO undertakings.     Because theblueprint of galactic vagabonds consists precisely in the surrealtarget of   self-disparagement.     Even though , at the same   time ,E.T. subculture keep permeating gradually , and with no frights , thecollective consciousness of human race   ( its number one objective).           THE     ENCYCLOPEDIC EXTRATERRESTRIAL     IGNORANCE       OFUFOLOGISTS                      In order to overtake their secret intents , the externalcorporality and figure that sideral bioforms choose to adopt , whileperforming Earth staged dramas , are at no time their naturalextradimensional physiques ( perhaps formless pure-energy condensations) , forever unknowable to local percipients.     In tens of thousandsoccurrences , flying saucers have materialized , thanks to far aheadpsycho-physic modus operandi , a zoo with an endless variety offactory-new apparent aliens: perfect miniature men as a pack ofLucky Strike , big headed dwarfs , blonde & good-looking blue-eyedArian “humans”, giants seven meters tall , one-eyed cyclops ,mantis-religious insectoids , greys , reptilians , hairy bigfoots ,“chupacabras”, self-luminous angels , Virgin Maries and a lot ofsimilar oddities , just moulded into 3-D matter as one goes along.                The histrionic silhouettes of foreigners are not real at allbut pure comedy : phantom apparitions of ephemeral anthropomorphicillusions , a moment ago coagulated in situ from primeval cosmic energy.     Maybe some assorted etheric bestiary ,recently solidified , in cautious accordance with humankind maturity ,cultural background and traditions , social expectations and currentbelief systems.     Let us stress that E.T. procedure consists ofmaking us accept what they are     not , carefully obviating theirgenuine energetic organisms , ontological quid and noumenic“beingness”.                               It is exasperating , but at the close of ten lustres ofstudies , we still lack prospective ways and means to uncover theunfathomable reality enshrouded behind of extravagant Venusian´s   hotoff the fire bodies and their carnival masked ball.                         Let us remember : our   unique   data bank to investigatethe queer ballet of absurdities ritualized by our dear histrionauts (never better said ), is based exclusively on their external countenancesand play-acting manoeuvres.   But we are dead tired of verifying thatboth are feigned.   Man has only their didactic farces as raw materialfor analysis.   We cannot at all search straight the intangiblecreatures of inner spheres per se , but solely their educational andfallacious characterizations in front of mundane stalls.     By moreharsh words , UFO enigma turns out to be inherently inscrutable     sinedie.                      It would be as if a forerunner from Ganymede mightresolve to study human fauna watching Hamlet , sat down at a theater.Our Jupiterian guest could hardly apprehend the fascinating jewels ofTerra´s crown : the multifarious marrow and substance from this complex, vibrant , bountiful and rather impossible planet of owerhelming andenriching variety , its glorious natural landscapes , overthrongedmegapolis and above all passionate flesh and blood inhabitants , luckilylost cause adventurers as well as unmanageable vitalists.                      Let us abound on the opprobious unawareness suffered byus , the masochist heroes of ufology , concerning the very realnature , origin and intentions of the       ever-short/livedtransplutonians.     We know nothing at all about Their Lordships fromMars , but only what Uranids simulate with interplanetary cheek in frontof our stupefied look.     Abominable spacemen drudge like funambulistsat a worldly proscenium , persuading spectators in regard to falsestereotypes about themselves from their arcane convenience.     ( To puton an   act , verbigratia , that they are as anthropomorphous and“human” as the animalized mankind itself ).                    We are sorry to give you such bad news , but as flyingdiscs detectives , we are doomed to the most shameful failure.The exclusive sum and substance at our disposal , to search otherworldlyaffairs , are but intoxicated appearances of theatrical   ambivalence ,staged by the Sirian troupes of impudent players , through which wecannot reach any valid conclusion.                    By our bothersome inquiries we shall arrive , at the best ofpossibilities and always under the paternalistic consent from ourEmpyreal stepcousins , only at morphologies of papier mâché whichspace/time impersonators show us among mocking smiles.     We are ableto see not more than swindler exoforms , non-existent at the actualinterweaving of things , superimposed upon the impenetrable noumen andontological peculiarity of spatial tribes.     In the meantimeparaphysic globetrotters shield , beyond some vibratory wall , theirintrinsic identities , somatic figures , dimensional mother countriesand authentic purposes while on Earth , essential parameters that remainunreachable to scientific protocols.                              THE     IMMANENT     CAMOUFLAGE      OF     DEITIES     AND    THE   WORLD                      It may be rather depressing , but our sole   option , ifwe do not want to fool ourselves too much , rests with assumingextraterrestrials as they   strictly speaking   are : incorporealactors who play upon the heavens some illustrating drama , to raise thelevel of consciousness of a planetary stock backward and unaware of itscosmospheric responsibilities.                The elusive factor , a top-ranking cornerstone of maximunstatus through the total arrangement of cosmic business , rules no more, no less than the zenith and acme of omniversal structure , and ofcourse the grand UFO riddle.     This crucial postulate of elusiveness, indispensable to understand the confuse working of the scheme ofthings , helps to explain a lot of unresolved enigmas , relative to theunfictitious working of the all-embracing reality paired withunidentified flying machines , mysteries , by the way , strikinglyunintelligible without the   elusiveness   explanation.      Namelywhy aliens , all over half a century , did never ever venture tomanifest openly throughout their many millions of veiled interventionson Earth.                      These evasive tactics , omnipresent in all kind of eventsnot to mention the entire UFO field , conforms a pattern of nature of avaster , far-reaching scope.     At the same time the keystone paradigmof   elusiveness   justifies ultimately the raison d´être of somedilemmas of life , inexplicable by other agencies.     Moreover , thecosmic elusory mechanism , by means of interposing severe restrictionsupon the natural chain of causes and effects , does control the highestand deepest foundations relative to the modus operandi of the wholecreation.                     The art of slipping away from sensorial scene , after theirvery design , creation and upkeeping of physical   worlds , is atypical feature of the power elite who governs inhabited stars.Macrocosmic executives , august rulers of galaxies, suns ,three-dimensional orbs , astral realms , etheric planets and paralleluniverses , are amongst other things prestidigitators of fine skill who, facing creatures , blurr the obvious traces of their own acts ofmanagement.     Therefore , from our dull-witted point of view ,Reality appears as     a phantom and pure-chance automatic meccano ,devoid of any sort of intentional rhyme or   reason , intelligence ,emotional energy, law and order , guiding directives or deliberatecontrol.                     The tortuous plan of action applied through the entirelayout of cosmosphere , hardly straight nor as plain as a pikestaff ,but stealthy and two-facedness , presents itself in the manner of thesly script of certain ersatz-pictures , which thedemiurges-filmmakers project towards human cattle against the scenery ofour visible environment.     Beneath such a phantasmagoric strip cartoon, their immaterial librettists who manipulate human fate , crouchedbehind the scenes , have concealed , with exquisite Machiavellism,first of all the tracks from their own organizing deeds , put togetherwith everything cropped up from a previous volitional cause , as well asany sign from the countless unknown beings , agencies and laws whichgive a meaning , dynamize and enrich the universe although ourselves,poor carnal   peasants , are not able to apprehend them.                At the doorway of XXI century , the studious are already onthe watch that the frontispiece detected by our coarse senses , is notin the least whatsoever throbs into and out of the bunch of infinite ,multidimensional , simultaneous , interpenetrated and of courseinhabited universes.     But this huge trans-sensorial segment fromthe total pluricosmos , does not become imperceptible by chance.     Tobe exact , the     non-atomic arena has been preconcertedly screenedfacing our human range of vision.                It means that the fathomless , hypercomplex and polydimensionalcorpus of the paraphysic sphere , dramatically bona fide in itself ,exhibits notwithstanding , before everyday mortals , only one ( the“hard” portion of protons , neutrons, electrons and quarks ) among itsmany-level actual sections. We can see only the rather inconsequentialfraction , from the indiscernible assemblage of Totality , which hasbeen contrived on purpose , having in mind that this subsidiary and lowin rank compartment of The All could be perceived by our gross andinefficient sensorial equipment , designed to selectively see , hear ,smell , taste and touch solely our own particular category ofelectro-magnetic matter ; and to never be aware of ethereal norn-dimensional   other-kinds of substances which overload the universe ofuniverses.     A delusory , unreal 3-D stuff simulating to be the“unique” and comprehensive physical world that interweaves itself ,ambushed through a vaster     fourth-dimensional background.                    We Terrans are becoming more and more matured immersedthroughout the multisphere : a living aggregation of space(s) , time(s), vibration , thought , feeling , fields of intentional forces ,impalpable dimensions , unnumbered high frequency planes and ethereallevels of reality , the sum of them effervescent by life and palpitatingbeings , besides physical, astral and spiritual atoms consolidatingmany unthinkable varieties of dense or rarefied “matters” , aside fromcausal intelligence in association with volitional energy.     As ahumble part in this imposing global scheme , 3-dimensional planetoidEarth is but one amongst trillions of other equivalent and vibratoryspheres of existence , each of them pertaining to a concrete layer ofoscillatory waves which amalgamate a particular subgenus of “solid”stuff.                                   At such a bottomless state of   affairs , the restrained“left-overs”   from the overall cosmos -our visible atomic fabric-that succeed to pass through the sieve of human perception , sensorialdevice extremely specialized only in our specific 3-D mass , act as aclass of educational hallucination , some kind of illusive maya     byno means representing faithfully the indwelling nature of reality ,being   this   one   a   noumenic   arcanum , thethings-in-themselves forever out of reach for earthborns, at least inour present phase of development.                    In view of that sort of pedagogical aim , we are sealed offinside a glamourous bull pen , that is , certain bamboozler-habitatestablished ad hoc where palpable humanities take advantage fromcosmospheric assistance along a broad lapse of time , so that thrivingcreatures can seize over and again opportunities to assimilate carnalexperiences of a rudimentary fashion , formative lessons necessary andunavoidable at the dawning of evolution.                     In this didactic arena , in order to learn doing   it , menprotagonize visceral passions , immensely attractive. Magneticpleasures for the ego , inseparable from the initial   zoo-hominidevolutionary stage : selfishness , eating , drinking and sleeping , tosay nothing of sex , jealousy , alcohol and drugs, laziness plushedonism , possessivity , wealth , luxury as well consumption drive ,vanity , ambition , pride , power and dominion , glory in addition tofame , hatred , vengeance , cruelty……                    People keep interplaying amid these orbs of dense buildingblocks , finding out the art of fulfilling an intelligent life by directinvolvement and trial and error , until individuals learn by themselvesand all alone to overcome in full success the frontier custom-house ofmore higher tenuous dimensions , less made of animal corporeity.                   At the lofty kingdoms lying on the road to highness up , upand away   along Jacob´s ladder , summits onto which laggard earthlingswill lift upwards in the fullness of time   ( thanks to the meritocraticevolutive sweat of their brow ) , ultramundane substantialness takesroot , unfamiliar genres of astral/etheric/spiritual “matter” ,imperceptible by undeveloped sojourners from this planetary enclosure, sensually hard and tactile , which tradition-bound physicists andastronomers turn over in their minds as the unique possible world.           SOME     INTENTIONAL     AND   VOLITION – DRIVEN     UNIVERSE                  The inveterate habit of keeping themselves under cover , onthe part of beatific agents , represents a supremely clever stratagem ,in force not only regarding UFOs and terrestrial undertakings , but alsothroughout each and every situation prevalent in the whole omnisphere.                               The transcendent working principle of the ubiquitoushide-and-seek play , would imply that all that exists has beenconceived and materialized by virtue of the professional work ofinvisible hordes of specialists , from the staff ofthink-tanks belonging to the vault of heavens.     Such a management ofmacrocosmic affairs would take rational criteria as a basis to optimizemanifested reality.                  On that account , the maintenance , government and control ofthe worlds , people and course of events ,are carried through myriads ofshrouded   -so to speak-   presidents , managing directors , areasupervisors and foremen from the vast corporation that in practice isthe divinosphere.                  The billions of aimful decisions adopted by     top-rankinggalactic executives , in order that the cosmic Rolex may strike the exact hour , are brought to pass with thoughtful safeguards , taking maximun care of effacing any track from the diligentworking intelligences or directive hands implicated in the managing ofcreation.                  The omniverse´s ruling power , making use of amazingparanormal dexterity , fades away from sensorial horizon -to hit andrun-   after accomplishing its creative or overseeing tasks. By so acunning subterfuge it may look , from the viewpoint of low-lyingsentient beings , as if prima facie the world and nature   “work bythemselves ,     self-sufficient as well in automatic fashion , shut outfrom any plan of action, blueprint, rhyme or reason , purpose at large,chairmans nor commanding deities”.                  Why so an antinatural disappearance of thaumaturgic managersand bosses from the whole observable creation ?.   Obvious , dear Watson; it is a matter of course : to preserve human freewill.   Such atortuous line of action avoids putting untimely unquestionableevidence at our disposal , gratis and not earned the hard way.Elusiveness puts a stop to inopportune proofs in regard to thedoubtless existence of any overwhelming division from the infiniverse ,imperceptible by 3-D mortals : parallel otherworldly levels of reality ,alternative vibratory realms , paraphysic phenomena , extraterrestrials, inhabited planets and dimensions off space/time , ethereal hyerarchies, eventual supervising angels or blissful entities , patterns of law andorder in cosmic business……                  The double-dealing tactic gives also the slip to notdisturbing the self-directing development of isolate planetary stirps ,their autonomies guaranteed by a sacrosanct mandate ofnon-interference.     The shifty strategy does not forceself-conscious beings to be sure of things we cannot see, and thereforeindividuals remain at any time unfettered to believe, or not believe ,in questionable matters of faith.   Let us remember that only undernon-coercive   choosing , along with perpetual uncertainty and doubt (just our case on Earth ) , can fructify unbound merit , anall-important corollary of liberty.                    This dreadful scarcity of incontrovertible truth provides, it is a subtle paradox , the crucial privilege of keeping alive ourunrestrained capability to elect , of one´s own accord , amongalternative and contradictory options , all of them equally unconvincing, in regard the First Cause , the whys and wherefores of existence ,good versus evil , and analogous dilemmas from the uncertain domains ofmetaphysics , theology and cosmogony.                       On the contrary , hard sensorial authentication withrespect to the eternal and never answered questions of man , would implyirresistible coercion , without any actual freedom at all for choosing.This slavery situation would be due to the practical impossibility ofrejecting absolute evidence ,   a case of compulsory , forceful adoptionof supraphysical beliefs.                     Let us suppose sideral mentors , under wraps behind thewindow shades of human perception , are responsible for taking ondecisions , of all-inclusive scope and transcendence ,   to devisethe skilful working of the entire omniverse.       On that account ,the queer shifting demeanour of high-rank   non-Terrans would not bean exceptional master plan circumscribed only to the problems of ourunpretentious geoid. Systematic evasiveness could rather represent someinherent pattern prevailing ever since the very dawn of time and spacethroughout cosmocratic infinitude.                In accordance with massive contemporary revelation, quadrillionsof cosmospheric techniques and specialists, consecrated to a synergicoptimization of   The All , would be labouring throughout intangiblepopulated realms , over and above observable nature , kept busy with therational conceiving ,   plan of action , design , creation ,organization , control , care and keeping up of the hypercomplexpluridimensional reality which consolidates the infiniverse , all inconcert and structured by law , order and sapient purpose.              Well , behold the strangest conundrum : no traces at all areleft behind , from so multitudinous an army of farm hands at the Lord´svineyard.     Manyllions of administrators are forever vanishing intothin air , as if executors had never existed and the procedure ofmacrocosmic business were self-made by magic and miracle , per seaside hither from hazard and chaos or intentional energy.                  Indoors unfathomable aggregation of         endlesscoeternal universes , our beloved , low-grade and     long-wide-highcosmos , humbly comprised of nothing but space, time , galaxies , stars, planets , satellites , dark 3-D matter and   -at least here on Earth-flesh and blood personages , is just a mere unimportant storey -ofcompact physical atoms- amongst zillions of further equivalent floors ,each inhabited and composed   by   not   the   same type   ofbuilding bricks. The assemblage of all these coexistent ,interpenetrating stages, erects the metaphorical skyscrapper , byan other name , the infinite-dimensional exosphere.                          COSMOSPHERIC               DISGUISES , LATTICE   WINDOWS   ANDFOLDING   SCREENS     :     APOTHEOSIS       OF     COVERED   –   UPENDEAVOURS                        As said before , extra-dimensional superintendents devotethemselves to engineer the omniversal ensemble , look after the worldsand regulate all kinds of problems and situations affecting galacticaffairs , humanities and even concrete individuals.   Such multifariousgovernmental activities are performed , however , out of sight andwithout leaving any hint of so a big ruling mission.     There is adeliberate intention of wiping out the least vestige of the impliedever-present manipulations in cosmic and human concerns.                     All this blurred ministry of reality´s transactions isbrought into being , as we have pointed out , to make sure that livingsouls hold the unreal impression that the omnisphere self-organizes itself in spontaneous manner , short of law and order ,clever end in view or purposeful goals.     Hence the multi-realityappears to act in a random way , with no need of any holy demiurges ,directing minds or volitive guidance.                  Wherefore , the   massive   and   “personalized”tutorship , government and regulation of   All-That-Exists , becomes certain beyond all questions to the few wide-awaken ones mixedup in life arena , but it results undemonstrable   per se.     In afashion , and under severe restrictions not to sap the sacredfoundations of individual voluntariness , our minds , lives and fatesare somehow manipulated , althou__ , in general and except special cases, for our greatest welfare.   Creatures , of course , are in the leastlivestock in any planetary farm.   Nevertheless , it seems that nobodyfrom above takes care of mundane turn of events.                    The   elusiveness´s   field of influence is so bottomless inscope , that it pervades not only the entire universe , but eventheological convictions.     Supposing that some imaginable specimen ofthe inaccesible   Most High   proclaimed by deists could in factexist , its primordial measure , following the generation of an endlessmulticosmos , would have consisted in whisking itself out of sight ,linked to causing to vanish from the scene its countless exalteddeputies   and   collaborators in the   moulding of some 99 %   fromThe Manifested , those mind-boggling quarters of extradimensionalthings.                  What could be the rational justification of so an ostensiblenot facing up before sons-of-gods perception ?. To steal theparaphysic sector of the unisphere from the incapacious awareness ofhomo sapiens , who , by such an astute trick of hiding sensorialevidence , is never compelled to believe in divine agents , seraphs oraliens.                  The   Great Anonymous Power   AS THE     FIRST     PROTAGONISTOF                 ELUSIVENESS     CANON                  Agnostics act as if they have not any other option thanunavoidable disbelief involved with all that cannot be seen.   Why sobig a distrust ?.     Sceptics prefer to allow themselves thenon-troubling luxury of swallowing the bait of untruthful appearances ,shut their eyes -in an easy-going attitude-     to the suspiciousevading comportment of nature, and make excuses :   “Due to the lackof divine proofs”.                         Doubting Thomases dismiss as pure fantasy , out of anirresponsible exercise of intellectual and noetic abdication , the hugeintangible realms from the infinisphere , which on top of everythingelse , are just the pluriverse´s branches of a greatest import forsentient beings.     Freethinkers are consequent with illusory sanscritmaya , and by a subsconscious choice they agree to be defrauded by theblinders and distorting mirrors put into their heads by the duck andrun masterplan.                  The Pyrrhonist´s travelling companions , atheists, by way ofa legitimate use of the liberty of not believing in what they cannothold in view , acquiesce with arrogant naivité to rise to the rough lure cast to them by the structural appearancelityof the tissue of things.     As it was to be expected by the Puppeterswho control the threads above and beyond the sensorial barrier , thepositivists favour , at an underlying level , to let themselves be ledastray by the frippery purposefully orchestrated by chimerical outwardforms.                And from their subjective logic , nonbelievers arrive at thecomplacent , free from worry conclusion that there is not anything elsethan those thick and obvious objects glimpsed by their retinas , andthat cosmocracy runs fairly well upon the rails of chance and nature´sspontaneity.                The ubiquitous norm of endemic world´s misrepresentations ,veils not only the exobiological subculture but it also beclouds , as wehave just brought to attention , the paraphysic reality and even so theimmaterial homegrounds of religion and theodicy. This omnipresentLaw of Elusive Action   was before now insinuated by philosopherswho called into question   the veil of Isis   as well the infamous ,exasperating and everlasting     “silence of God”.               GROUNDS ,   RAISON   D´ETRE     AND   LEGITIMATION   OF       ELUSIVENESS                        The notable Gallic folklorist   Bertrand Meheust gavewarning about the inner mechanisms of this keystone of government´scosmos by his   1978   book   Science-fiction and flying saucers.And we owe to   Antonio Moya Cerpa , the Sevillian author ofDictionary of the planet Ummo language , the formulation in explicitterms of   elusiveness   law of laws.                      As a facet of Alien´s psychological warfare ,   theuniverse presents to choice , at creature´s free disposal , the verysame amount of both light versus darkness.   The French thinkerBlaise Pascal   ( 1623 – 1662 ) made known the evading haze put intopractice by interdimensional factotums , consisting in meddling our 3-Dtouchable manor while barricading themselves behind some opaquescreen , by means of the following Pensée :                     “If religion boasted that it had a clear sight of God andplain and manifest evidence of His existence ,   it would be aneffective objection to say that there is nothing to be seen in the worldwhich proves Him so obviously.       But since on the contrary itsays that men are in darkness and remote from God , that He hashidden himself from their understanding , that this is the very namewhich He gives to himself in Scripture : Deus absconditus (   thehidden   God ).”   “And , in a word , if it strives equally toestablish these two facts : that God has appointed visible signs inthe Church so that He shall be recognized by those who genuinely seekHim , and that He has none the less hidden them in such a way that Hewill only be perceived by those who seek Him with all their heart[….]”.     “There is sufficient light in the world for those whodesire to see , but also enough darkness to be put into service by menwho prefer not hold certain things in view”.                  The so much quoted   elusiveness   complies with a double rolein its pursuit of blotting out the aftereffects of whichsoever a sort ofintelligence could rule over space/time/matter.     First of all thedodging plot leaves no vestige from any corroboration founded upon thevast non-atomic universes which make up our hyperdimensionalpluricosmos.                At the same time the escaping tactic muffles up the tirelessintentional activity   that , if we give credit to ancestral and modernrevelation , takes place in etheric enclosures ( acts of management onthe part of mysterious hyerarchies of “personal” nature ).     Sobig a theft of non-patent occurrences , sanctioned by the cosmosphericset of laws in command of Totality , is an implement of the mammotheducational program brought into effect over Earth commonalty. Theuniversal system stings evolutive beings on and on through cultivating apermanent doubt , added up to stimulant inquietudes engendered by theexistential uncertainty we suffer , because of our ignorance about thewhys and wherefores of ultrasensorial life.                  In short   :   UFOs-and-elusiveness   is a mere particular casefrom a higher all-inclusive   cosmic postulate of more broad expanse.But , to what purpose might serve to govern reality covered up bythe darkness of night ?. Which powerful underlying reasons do refusea consent to the top executives of cosmocracy to manage themselvesopenly , showing us their secret faces and the veritable work ofpulling the universe´s strings ?.                                 It is plain like a pikestaff that cosmogonicgoal-oriented happenings , joined with the ostentatious alien comedyof intrigue , are mapped out in cold blood and   crystal-cleardeliberation , but leaving no clues.     Why ?. On the understandingthat the directorship of the scheme of things never more give rise toincontrovertible substantiations apropos of the pervasive makings thescene by transplutonian folks , nor ratifications about the goodoffices of bodiless stage players , devoted to put cosmic events backon the right track.                  Secrets of the UFO   , a humble     103-page metaphysicalassets published in 1977 , has gone unnoticed by the general public andeven UFO community , in spite of its being a breathtaking masterpieceadded to a keystone in the profuse worldwide E.T. literature.     Inthe sound judgment of its authors , Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert ,cosmospheric reality does not make known itself in front of creatureswithout cunning subterfuges.                         The omniverse´s commanding entities have paramountreasons to display before human flocks , with stark premeditation , asurreptitious   fifty per cent   of mere   non-conclusive signs thatwould seem to ensure , to a certain but not total extent , thehypothetical actuality of some overwhelming branch of unobservable entia, that is to say : The Potential   or   The Non-Manifested   ( anyexistential mass already conceived and pre-designed , but not yetcoalesced upon the fields of The Manifested ).   All of this inaddition to the fathomless archdimensional infiniverse , except for atiny physical remnant grasped by our faulty 3-D senses ( theparrochial spatial/temporal/atomic   galaxodrome which we areconversant with ).                  But through the very same billiard stroke -in theopinion of Carla Rueckert- , and making use of criteria algebraicallyimpartial and equitable , The All   exhibits too, facing intelligentbeings , as it could not be in any other way, a further equivalent andcompensatory second   half   of     non-decisive hints and loose ends :simple glimmers which insinuate , without never providing anyverification , the probable inexistence of the colossal departments fromthe unisphere qualified   to elude   the   perceptual   machinery ofhomo erectus, , habitats comprising ethereal stuffs , gods , archangels, and of course UFOs plus alienauts.                This balanced   fifty – fifty   ostentation of symbolic butnon-definitive indicators , relative to both blocks of qualities ofnature , represents a democratic opportunity , fair and supremelyequalitarian , open to elections about the whole gamut of ideologies ,opinions , beliefs and volitions , set forth to choice at sentienthominids´ disposal , as regard to their free assumption of personalattitudes and preferences in front of life.                  In the manner of informative posters , The System shoves downcreatures´ throats the subtle inducement of an exhaustive range ofparaphysic vestiges , endowed with multivocal meaning : some ambiguousinklings discard , while their no less two-edged opposite cluesencourage , the antinomic and bipolar options derived from cosmicdualism ( good/evil , positive/negative , ethical/immoral ,heterocentric/egocentric, synergical/anarchic , entropic/unentropic ,etcetera ).                  In a few words : we risk living , that   is , man is compelledto select among a set of   all kinds   of contrasting signals fromnon-tactile domains.   These equivocal tokens are shown ahead people bythe universe , with an helpful intention of casting aside , throughexquisite equanimity , any preconceived bias relative to its offering ofmultifarious cues out of supersensible habitats.                   And at a time , the macrocosm       semi-affirms , as well asit quasi-denies in unison , each of those before mentioned pairs ofantagonistic dual contraries.   Depending upon personal choice on howevery individual , out of his own volition, prefer   to interpretthe ever ambivalent life stimulants , as well as the hypothetical andalways doubtful manifestation, versus its   eventual non-existence, of the out of reach many-dimensional omniverse.             HUMAN   FREEDOM   IN   EXCHANGE   FOR       A       NEBULOUS       WORLD                      The earlier stated remarks deal with a stark cautionarbitrated by cosmocratic power , to guarantee , in whichevercircumstance , a safe-guarding of the top-rank wishes of thinkingfellows.                 To all appearances , we enjoy the highest of privileges : thedesign , working and goals of the whole, infinite multicosmos , aresubservient at all costs under individual liberty.   It is amind-boggling paradox that the boundless , all-inclusive UltimateReality   revolve around no less   than   self-determination ofvital entities.     In witness whereof , we may infer the uttermostimportance and sacred value the omnisphere grants to the freedom of itschildren , wherefrom human sovereignty epitomizes the apex ,cornerstone and crowning point of   All That Is.                    In view of such an endless supply of intentional ambiguity ,with regard to the ontology and intrinsic nature of superphysicalinhabited strata , parallel with macrocosmic demiurges , we may arriveat the conclusion that conscious souls reap the benefits of a veryreal ability to choose sans coercion.   As a basis we take our ownunrestricted predilections , amongst a range of other available ,antithetical and mutually excluding options , like to believe or notbelieve in everything that belongs to the light and shade fromconjectural things we cannot see nor touch.                                       Verbigratia : some examples from these life constituentsalong with indiscernible non-conventional   entities : God ;angelic phalanxes , thrones , powers and dominations ; demonicpresences ; Virgin Mary apparitioners; parallel universes ; indwelledplanets of etheric substance ; dimensional realms ; extraterrestrials( inhabitants from other inconceivable worlds and non-corpuscularlevels of reality ) ; alien abductors ; Men in Black ; Yetis andBigfoots ; phantom animals side by side with lochnessian aquaticmonsters ; elementals ( little nature caretakers ) ; intraterrestrialsfrom the alleged hollow Earth theory ; discarnate spirits of thedead roaming astral planes and committed to tempt unresistant     people; the end in mind & law and order that , why not ? , could be in chargeof the supercosmos occurrences ; synergic along with teleological layoutand blueprint of every feature with the addition of animate or inertelements and beings who throb within the unisphere     bosom   ;etc. , etc..                    Is it imaginable a greater respect for the most unboundelection of favourite attitudes , beliefs and demeanours on the part ofsimple mortals ?.     We have just kept an eye on the more than crucialpostulate of safekeeping human free will any way at all.     Hence ,everything else in the whole aggregate of universes must holdsubordinated to the autonomy of hominid races.                       This golden rule of individual self-government would be sothe   raison d´etre   , judging by outward appearances , of a strangeand disconcerting cosmos beyond human comprehension: a kind of atfirst sight random , unplanned , lawless , disorganized , aimless ,undirected as well haphazard universal system that , in order tolaissez-faire its residents , ought to manifest itself through aconfusing and equivocal course of actions.                    In such a manner , if the self-direction of creatures hasto be preserved one way or another , our galactic/dimensionalenvironment , enclosing its ruling dynasty, must become necessarilyovershadowed and made indistinct by the odd psychological engineering ofelusiveness.     The cost for truth´s seekers , in regard to thisimperative blurring of reality , consists in such logical reactions asbewilderment , chronic doubts , despondency or throwing up the sponge, on account of a lasting for life want of trustworthy answers to themetaphysical questions of man.                  We have brought to one´s notice , as a backcloth, theultradimensional background of our humble space/time   unit ,behind-the-scenes   known only by hearsay.         No supraphysicalelement located within non-material planes , turns out ever to be forus ,       prima facie , clear and well-lit, plain as day nor beyondquestion.                                                                         Taking that cosmic reconditeness into consideration,mortal´s knowledge does not ripen at all for nothing , inautomatic   mode , nor come in ex officio   through the five embryonicsenses.     Quite the opposite , we have to earn understanding all aloneon an individual level , thanks to one´s bare hands.       Thisessential requisite   -to be worthy of wisdom , previous hard personalwork- is a blessed gymnastics to encourage our evolutive unfolding bymeans of meritocratic effort.                  Let us bring up again the advertising campaign on a planetaryscale , shown out of foreign dimensions by the marketeers of   TheTranscendent.     Their tortuous propaganda seems to inculcate intosublunary guys the Hamlet´s epigram : “There are more things inHeaven and Earth , Horatio , than are dreamt of in our philosophy”.             The     ½   +   ½     technique put at stake by reality, tocover up itself ahead of earthborns , was long ago glimpsed by CarlaRueckert.     Such an extremely subtle habit of working , lies inthrusting down the public´s gullet , rigorously alike in proportions , apair of balanced blocks of mere cognitive suspicions , both , at themost , conjectures or guesses endowed by zero certainty.                   On the one hand , a half of affirmatory hints to the followingeffect :   “Look , we are here , the rulers of all things in ourshared universe”.     Compensated by another opposite fifty per centof denying counter-hints in the sense “The cosmos is in no waysuperintended by any planning , intelligent design , law and ordernor etheric commanders-in-chief.   The world rather obeys to flawlesschance along purposeless accident.”                   Thus the first coalition of reality´s tips and traces , pleadsfor the underlying of imperceptible realms and entities who take chargeof cosmic matrix business.     But as another equalizing side of theuniversal picture , a second and complementary league of antagonicsymptoms , seems to advocate that there is nothing else than whatyou see at first sight.   Half cues involved too in the very samescheme of things , and signs only detectable , like the precedentand discrepant half , by those who , of their sovereign attitude andvolition , would prefer to choose them.                        Here is therefrom at our disposal a dual contrasting setsof insinuations about the nature and working of the universe and itscaretakers.     Many-sided proposals expounded amidst the carnival oflife , in order that we may be able to interpret their respectivequotas of ambivalent suggestions , entirely of our own unsubjectdesires.                        We have just dealt with the heaven´s strategy to safeguardfree will , through the subtle expedient of putting to choice , underthe eyes of men , a semisphere of foreshadowings aimed to build up ,within a part of the collective mind , a belief in the actualexistence of metaphysical realms and beings.     Duly counteracted byanother equal but contrary bisection of reverse clues denying invisibleworlds and intentional energies.                          By such left-handed tactics , nobody is forced bysensorial evidence to be certain of alleged impalpable kingdoms.Accordingly , people keep alive their capacity to decide their ownresolution , upon either to put or not put faith in unobserved spheresof existence and their supposed living entities.            REVELATION   :   A   GENTLEMEN´S    AGREEMENT                      In good logic and equity , this extradimensional policy ofplaying hide-and-seek with mankind , requires also to be engineered ,in regard to alien revelatory affairs , by the Machiavellian manoeuvre of inspiring humanity a   50 %   of trueinformation , equilibrated by another   50 %   of lies ,  absurd ,disinformation , inconsistencies and impudent misrepresentations.   Soman-in-the-street is not pressed to trust the faulty   ollathemman-in-the-streetes.                      This is in fact a double-dealing procedure put into practiceby our sideral mentors , with a cold cynicism plentiful enough to driveearthlings lunatic.     It is comprised in the modern project ofunveiling for human society alien knowledge , beside paraphysical data ,through telepathy , trance or automatic writing.   Hence the insolubleproblem of flagrant discordances in the content of revelation.                      A good portion of the many hundreds of books dictated tocontactees in the four corners of the globe ,from indiscernible levelsof vibration , is not transvased into Terra by any single bodylesscommunicant who identifies himself by way of a personal name , as thenaïve flying saucer´s flock takes for granted.                     On the contrary , the otherworldly information comes downfrom a corporate think tank of the etheric dominions. After anegotiated debate , and previous to a consensus among the heterogeneousmembers of a council of experts called together at the broadcastingcommittee , the conveyed discourses, from   many-faceted ideologies ,theoretical tendencies and philosophical opinions , eventuate in the endcarefully concluded in agreement amid “revelatory table”.                  Thereupon the definitive text , worked out in mutual consent ,is delivered into our biosphere not by one and only entity -as abovesaid- but through the synergic intellectual energy of somemultidisciplinar team of specialists dwelling in the astral planes.In spite of everything , the board of revealers , to gild the pill moreeasily to the credulous human herd , feigns a comedy as if the speakerwere one sole and unique celestial mouthpiece.                      One by one , with the help of a sort of collegialtransaction , the successive orators remain instilling into theclairvoyant´s head their multifarious and of course discrepanttheories elucidative of the nature of reality.     The cenacle ofmany-faceted revelators does not mind at all to stay far from being inaccord with each other , nor to conceal the arrogation of fictitiousidentities , provided that this work party of divulgers be successfulselling under mask , to unarmed humankind , their particular points ofview , at variance as hard as it can be ( licit convictions from eachand all contrastive schools of thought , installed in every corner ofalternative dimensions ).                      It deals with a joint and bipolar revealing council ( letus say “the good”   in front of   “the bad” ones ), made up so tospeak by a bizarre melée of both angels versus demons.     AManichean entente between spokesmen from each host of the Light atodds with the Darkness , who upbear diametrically opposed coefficientsof cosmospheric ethics.                      The preachers from the spiritual   “right wing”hemisphere of the multiverse , report truthfully and are determined to“mysticalize” , open the mind and raise the level of consciousness ofEarth population.     Their   “left wing” competitors , heralds ofmoral negativism ( let us remember theocratic   dualism ) , on thecontrary , transfuse unveracious cosmic data , and bring into play theirsharp-witted , seductive intellectual powers to confound , take in andcorrupt the joyful & trusting contactee clientele.                                 These binary broadcasters from such a hen party heldon good terms , make a sectarian speech one after the other,intermingling their antithetical discourses without warning the unawarehuman audience , nor intercalating   -as it should be- any landmark orposter proclaiming the furtive replacements of consecutive lecturers.                      Apropos of the insufferable mystification under way ,such missing red pilot lamps , should put on the alert thoseunsuspecting readers of revelatory bedlam , who take for granted thatone unique monocolour entity expresses itself all the time. But ofcourse not.   Each one of the variegated telepaths from the afterworld, when drawing near its oral turn, insufflates into the sensitive´smind and heart its own personal , subjective and private cosmovision ,in many cases differing 180 degrees from the philosophy of lifesanctioned by the precedent or the following reporter giving word at theentangling process of revelation.                       Then , how could the unarmoured revelationee discernbetween the straighforward against untrustworthy inspired recitals ?.Sorry , but revelation is singly a hopeless trap.   The drug addictconsumers of dictated platitudes from the celestial heights are butunguarded victims of the transcommunication pitfall.     They are zealotenthusiasts of some unsolvable mess , and cannot at all discriminateamong the tenuous shades of the brought to light truths/lies , nor arethey gifted with adequate tools to interspace the damned chaff fromArcadian grain.                        But how can be conceived that macrocosmic czars take heart toauthorize so cyclopean a deceptive manipulation of nicknamed freebeings ?. Well , there is a kind of surreal explanation for thismystery of mysteries.                                         Interdimensional police grants permission to put to choicebefore our brains this intoxicating potpourri of oppugnant ideologies ,so that , as a matter of fact , the postulate of universal dualism mightbe manifested , mapped out indoors the inner core of the most supernaltabernacles of Reality.                   We allude here again to somedynamic interaction, or symbiotic and unifying relatedness , betweencomplementary pairs of seeming opposites , which creatures mustsynthesize into oneness by means of a subtle discriminating soul device, generated through the wisdom decanted by aeons of many-faceted lifeexperiences.     Such presumed antipodal concepts , we do repeat , arecouples of principles tied up in an illusory fight against each other ,a supposed antagonism which conforms the binary quintessence of allcreated     things : honest-wicked, daylight-obscurity ,excellent-lowest ,   above-below , seraphic-diabolical ,best-worst ,             heavenly-infernal…..                    So , from a cosmic point of view , it is quite legitimateand useful that psychographied writings be celestial and demonic at thesame time.     In honor to fairness and equipotent offering of freeevolutionary opportunities , channeled texts must share wheat and darnelwith wonderfully identical 50 % arithmetic percentages.     And todesperation of weaponless revelatory martyrs , the questionabletheories infiltrated in mutual competition , are not trumpeted acrossdimensional layers toward human genre as what they really are , merepersonal opinions or feigned stories from each unseeable speech-maker ,but are loudspoken in clinching terms as indisputable sanctified dogmas, and more than that , in some abhorrent , inextricable mixtureimpossible to disembowel.                      Hence the corpus of mediumistic papers turns out to bescandalously contradictory.     The channeled messages present ahodgepogde of the more disparate archetypes , brought to this planet byetheric counsellors from the whole gamut of ideological tendencies ,levels of wisdom and moral values.                    It is well known by broken-hearted ufologists   that , inregard to the very same concrete subject matter , one inspired volumegives the verdict A , and , on the contrary , whichever else revealedbook dauntless asseverates Z.     And nobody far Above   blushes normakes excuses for such overpowering and blameworthy incongruence.                  If due to this creaking mélange of irreconcilable pronouncementsabout highly important subjects of dispute in life , the unfortunateconsumer of revelatory outputs ends up an inmate at the madhouse , itwould be considered a normal fate , taking into account that derangedasylum nurses ought to earn their livings   somehow .                      As one amid the many sequels from the general pattern ofdissimulation critically examined here , we do bring to the fore againthat the farandole of empyreal agents ruling the cosmos , areconstrained to sneak away as cockroaches surprised by a sudden electriclight , slip off evading the issue , as well as to work in disguisethroughout all their managing interventions , in order to take awaypublic certitude relative to the executive duties of non-humanintelligencies.                      The self-evanescence of those subdivinities who sottovoce bring into play purpose , authority and control regardinguniverse´s particulars , underlies out of necessity. Such a drop fromthe visual stage into the befogged skyline , is coerced by theirobligatory adaptation to the leading astray enticements of the cosmicactors who are pressed to     mise en scène   at the foreground ofpopulation.                                           Here is a thespian art , play-acted with a view to pull thewool of non-obvious phenomena over people´s eyes. And in the same breath , to infiltrate into the heart of society a glazeof dodging antinomies , that is   :   lavish doses of confusedness andpreplanned deception together with shameless disinformation , expoundedin plain sight in addition to copious falsities muddled up by partialverities , quasi-truths , gross exaggerations , cheeky fibs ,strangeness facet plus       large-hearted tips of absurdity.                                 These distorting ingredients , officiate the role ofdistractive features , pervaded into every corner of the social body ,with the shrewd end in mind of casting some slur upon a too muchpristine truth about the nature of things , and therefore excessivelyconvincing and “evident”.                  We are speaking of a sort of statics jumbled in and out ofbackground noises   ; the kind of interferences which screenmeta/reality by means of a deliquescent cloak of hazedcharacterizations.     Roles interpreted in front of human stalls withthe resolve of killing two birds with one stone : to make earthlingsfamiliar with the actual existence of some inhabited, loving andavailable exosphere , and at the same token cautiously to throw themasses somehow off the scent.     A fallacious objective no doubtfulfilled with glittering success by outlandish emissaries.                      We are so immersed in a disturbing situation , wronglydeciphered by unsagacious folk as the dictatorship of arbitrariness ,injustice and chaos throughout the world.     And it is explicable thatsuch a general viewpoint be so , in the light of the cheating publicrelations campaign cooked up by archangelic swindlers.                             Let us indulge for a little while in the reverie thatcosmospheric data banks were plenteous of any imaginable richness ofcomprehensive information , crystal-clear , veracious and more thanthat , accesible to all mortals whenever you like. Without making amove , it would be possible to know everything. But beware of such kind of omniscience , hardly deserved because thisgratuitous class of wisdom would not be earned through direct personalexperience , trial and error nor with one´s bare and meritocratic hands, as it should be done according to natural laws.                       It is beyond question that in the absence of perseveringresearch , intellectual training and undying pursuit of truth , the raceof man would end degenerated , numb and drowsy , resting on its laurelsupon a vital lawn chair , unable to gain by individual effort anyknowledge nor evolutive progress.     But do not worry ; lifeadventurers were born under a lucky star.   Souls take advantage of theuseful opacity conferred to the interstices of reality by the foginterfused from the tortuous elusiveness.                        It is a paradox , but this damned brume is just thestimulus that lazy guys ( almost the total populace of the   globe )need to be spurred onwards , in order to avoid stagnation and keep apermanent challenge encouraging to inquire , investigate the unknownand , in short , learn the laws of life and our responsibilities inregard to optimize the universe we live in.                    In great measure the perennial irresolution which in ashort-term afflicts mortals , a perplexity derivable from not knowingwhat to believe , is the exorbitant but very lucrative price we ought topay , in equitable exchange for the eximious treasure of freedom.                    Creatures thus enjoy the good luck that an intrinsichesitation , stirred up by the deliberate concealment of supraphysiccorporeities , provides , on the opposing tray from the scales , therequired adrenalin which takes charge of goading man to undertake atireless scrutiny looking for the cryptic working of pan-reality.This unceasing inquest is     precisely the locomotive of theevolutionary development of   homo sapiens-sapiens.     Ergo if ourblessed   elusiveness   did not exist , then it should be invented.             UFOS     AND     THEIR     PLAY     AT   HIDE – AND – SEEK                    Let us return to the unintelligible program of aliens , ahundred percent incoherent and saturated by senseless tours de force.If we bear in mind the   elusiveness   syndrome , prevalent throughoutAll That Is   , ufonaut´s course of action could by no means beinconsistent with the more general and utmost commandment of mask andfancy dress.                         Here is the astounding paradox that after five decades ofmillions of sightings , landings , humanoids , contacts , abductions aswell as the never-ending exospheric meddling in Terra affairs , wehave not yet been able to gather even the least bit of unquestionableevidence relative to   super-human perpetrators.     This mind-bogglingimpossibility can only be attributable to the severe restrictionsimposed upon the managerial work of empyrean hyerarchies , by a complotconsisting of behaving unfailingly in some underhand way.                    The first-rate precaution of UFO occupants , therefore ,must be never substantiate , at any cost , their factual existenceunder the nose of general public.     Neither to leave clues in front ofthe dogmatic caste of academia , heartfelt intoxicated by its neuroticobsession with the worshipped scientific method ( open sesame ofimpossible putting into practice through the vast subsensorial worlds ), as well as its morbid passion in regard to the sacrosanct materialproofs   ( pseudo-validations that strictly speaking fade away likephantom entelechies as soon as the studious goes deeply into higherfrequential quarters , subatomic fields , quantic realms andgnoseological epistemology ).                  Scientists are categorical : Earth is the unique inhabitedworld across the staggering galactic squandering     ( about 400billions suns only in the Milky Way , and some 100 billions galaxiesknown by astronomers ) ;   and flying oval models do not exist at allsave in the deliriums of half-baked ufologists.       Because insteadof throwing their arrogance into the wastepaper basket , or to payattention to countryside lilies and make guesses about the underlyingstructure of nature, scholars are happier using blinders made to measure, and at the same time bar their broad-mindeness by way of safetypadlocks. In this fashion men of science are getting with pleasure intotheir favourite muddle.                  So the   ufolks   of energetic     bodies , appointed here tocoordinate the complex agendas of never-identified objects in the blueplanet , are constrained to scrupulously respect the “constitutional”precept of non-intervention in other independent cultures.   And tomanage Earth´s subtle “colonization” at the penumbra , on the fringe ofplain light and shorthand reporters.                  In such a rarified global context , thefourth-dimensional masters , who cannot enforce their civilizingpatterns upon a rearward and feeble-minded humankind , have noalternative but counsel , guide and teach from the sanctum of shadows ,without compelling the will of common chaps.                  Under this inhibiting work plan , our mentors from the starsmust fall back on their last resort : to limit themselves to stage apedagogical docudrama , and theatralize         The Phenomenon   in afully fledged line of action , endeavouring that under nocircumstance anthropomorphic herds be able to ascertain anythingtangible or most reliable , anent the manoeuvres of intruders fromloftier vibratory planes.                             By way of such a sinuous ruse , the tenants from thistroubling orb may suffer/enjoy till doomsday a sort of Cartesian doubtmatched with intellectual curiosity , both capable of thrusting us animpulse to advance up Jacob´s ladder.                    Any versed saucerian buff knows that exospheric manipulatorsshow up in front of our eyes , from global hyperphysical environment ,only a few scraps of total     reality , in comparison with thevast cosmic assets the Puppeters steal to our avid thirst ofknowledge.     Moreover this minimum supersensible manna isunfurled before one´s brains by the string-pullers in thefalse-hearted way of six of one and half a dozen of the other.That is to say , the bags of wheat wilyly intermingled with gruesomesacks of chaff.                    Owing to so a phenomenal jumble , man-in-the-street isharassed year after year by insidious hesitancy.   Not knowing what tothink , the commonplace townsman has no other alternative than fallingin a distrusting mood , and gets along solitary in his own way.     Thenthe average fellow is obliged to undertake a lifelong effort of untiringquest , up to the time of recomposing by himself , if ever , and with noterrenal assistance , the pieces from the hermetic jigsaw of universaltruth.                  The poor ignorant , if he/she yearns for arriving intosoul-stirring discoveries , must carry out , along his entire lifespan, a phantasmagoric reconnaisance of other immaterial “mansions” ,partnered with the opulent metaphysics from subsensorial realms ,besides that inscrutable kingdom of The Unmanifested.     Thetruth-seeker ought to nourish his search from nothing but someexasperating handful of mere disconnected hints , often incompatiblewith each other.                                             To make matters worse , the hunter in unexplored groundssuffers for ever a shortage of the sweet consolation of a singleevidence beyond question about indescribable cosmic arcana.   Thisoverall view hardly justifies the praising of heaven in regard tonon-conformists , the kind of free-thinkers who seldom consent to becheated by social ambient or their own defrauding senses.       Thoseunorthodox outsiders , square pegs in a round hole, crave for drillingthe perceptual barrier , in order to see , feel and live by themselves ,through the unfathomable wonders which throb in other vibratoryprecincts , beyond their five treacherous organic periscopes.             ATTITUDINAL     THERAPY     IN     THE   MATTER           OF           ELUSIVENESS                      In summary   :   by the year   2000   we are already awareof the naked truth consisting in a harsh fact :   They are indeed at thereins of this planet , from our dimensional outskirts.   At the sametime , outer space guides manipulate in their own way the whole gamut ofcollective and even individual circumstances , and besides control , attheir foremost convenience , all life predicaments across thehumansphere.                       But man also knows that interdimensional agents neverfulfil their ruling mission by a plain as day approach.   Neither reignover Earth´s knotty points making good use of frankness coupled withlow guards.     A rather frustrating situation for subcelestialdissenters who try not to be teased by life , E.T. nor communalpressure.     And a state of affairs particularly thwarting formetaphysicians , philosophers , theologians and of course the pitiable ,long-suffering ufologists.                     In the midst of such an impasse , and in case humans wouldresolve to put intelligence into effect all through our daily personallives , how do fellows should endure the   post-elusivic trauma at thebounds of III millennium ?.                  We are at last able , just in the blooming of       XXI stcentury , to see through the so called protectors of human species.The planetary tutors , in default of complying to implore our explicitallowance , have forced people for millennia to play their paternalisticblindman´s buff pastime.                     That being so , what reaction should be expected from thenowadays warned victims , the   insulted and the injured by sensorialfraud , in addition to clandestine psychic manipulation from TheBeyond ?.                    Hatred against The Space ?.     Resentment ?.   Childishkicking ?.             To moan as sacrificial lambs of ruthlessextraterrestrials ?.     Self-pity ?.     Yearning for a sweetretaliation in defiance of our evasive neighbours from Above ?.   Orfurther immature complacencies of the sort ?.                    Will it not perhaps be more pragmatic in the brand new 2000 tocentre our full life into the subetheric art of discernment ?.   Maybehas the evolutive season arrived of being able to discriminate , withnear-cherubic intuitive shrewdness, so as to become assuming with wiseequanimity the beneficial outcomes from the   licit , rational andjustified mechanisms of cause and effect , included   UFOs   andelusiveness     technique ?.     In other words , to put one´sconfidence in the efficient operation of the alleged karma law , anatural procedure which it is said would entrust meaning and justiceinto the living cosmic organism and human existence alike.                  “All is well.     The total aggregate of things takes advantagefrom a lawful universal order , considered in deepness, on the whole andin the long run”   , advise us mystics and sages.     Whereas   “Tounderstand everything is to forgive everything”.                      We refer again to the elusory indefinition whichadulterates Totality.     This dulling mist turns inexplicable thenonsensical duties of transdimensional entities not to mention anomalousflying objects.     The insidious   elusiveness permeates theall-inclusive interstices of nature , and in particular the not everidentified fleeting aeroforms.                         That being the case , in want of some kind ofall-encompassing explanation , such as the postulate of   elusiveness´s“non-phenomenology” , the uncluttured view of what is transpiring , insome underhand way , throughout the   non-perceptible sectors from ouromniverse , results dreadfully unintelligible.   Hence if we do nottake into account elusiveness intervention , nothing whatsoeveracquires logical sense , nor tallies with the embryonic discipline ofintruding airships studies.   Neither it suits , strictly speaking ,theology or metaphysics.   The last one , as you know , deals with veryreal existing entia which outwit the shoddy still camera of humanvision.           For those reasons , terrestrial folks come into possession ofno available precedents , nor any earlier collected experience , thatcould teach them how to take with intelligent humanism the blow of theteasing operative of UFOs and angels, plus the foul play involved in ourfalling into the quintuple trap laid by the senses.                    The parascientific workman , disgusted with the ignominy thatboth his raw materials and finished products remain forever doubtful inthe air , culminates his career disappointed by the empty answersendowed by his ever-flowing branch of knowledge , the orthodox ufology.                  In so a depressing deadlock , just at plain standstill andbeing his supplies of explanations at their lowest capacity , thestudious of otherworldly strangenesses who has not yet assimilated theall-unravelling master key of   elusiveness commandment , reaches acrisis point.                      Thereupon the rotten columns from his conceptual templehurl down with sharp pains over his search-oriented soul. Starting fromthe demolition of his obsolete beliefs in the damned UFOs and creaturesfrom inner spheres , our afflicted truth-seeker is pressed to rebuildalone and   ex-nihilo   some alternative corpus of information inreserve , on top of renovated foundations still in potential state.                        Short both of antecedents and tradition , when all issaid and done , the inquirer sets sail to a desolate crossing of desert, his own   St. John of the Cross´ dark night of the soul.     If thetransdimensional explorer brings to a successful end thiscathartic rising upwards to   Mount Analogous , he/she will discover, full of vibrant   wonderment , that paradigmatic interrogations fromconservative ufology :                    [ Where and how do They live , think and love ?. Whatkind of fair/foul play exospheric authorities machinate withearthlings ? ] , coincide at the bottom with the eternal questions ofman   :   [ Which one is the supreme quid of Ultimate Reality ?.What phylum of intentional forcefield does infuse   life , energize andinterpenetrate the whole structure of our beloved infiniverse ?.                     As a humble but indispensable synergic cogwheel , howshould I join power in unison with each and every being from themulticosmos , in order to optimize Totality , so that     All – That -Is   do its utmost as a sort of macrocosmic Rolls-Royce ? ].                  At this delicate stage , the     truth-pilgrim in theprocess of trespassing the far side of space-time , has already comeinto view from the lawless jungle of ufology , to climb anothercontrastive   world , the rarefied   plateau   of The Immanent.                     And now bordering the summit , the hunter ofnon-material goals discovers enraptured in ecstasy that his deep-feltelucidations concerning many dilemmas set forth by supernal vimanas ,open up the tabernacle of spiritual arcana. And this osmosis of sacredunderstanding will lead him along the shortest route to certain keysand reasons that will ascend human ancestry upward to theculminant endpoint of     Alpha and Omega , coequal to Noosphere ,on a par with the   Centre of the Centres.     Neither more nor lessthan any Nirvana or Samadhi yearned by the sons of the universesince the dawn of cosmogonic events.                      In other words : a breathtaking revelation is in store forany “evolved”   truth-explorer fallen in love with alien spaceships andhumanoids : his endmost uncovering of a top-rank paradox ofmindblowing extent : it seems as if the mysteries involved in UFO lorewere the very same conundrums shrouded beyond certain incognizabledominions of metaphysics , coextensive even to theology.                       In consequence of such a glorious inner enlightenment , and byway of conclusion , what expectations one might prognosticate to ourcherished but misleading ufology , considering first and foremost the golden rule of the revered,all-embracing elusiveness ?.                                Arriving at such a crucial juncture , the author does notbuild up thrilling hopes any more.     By dint of lucrative disillusions, the Sevillian elusivenee   feels himself comfortable as a guest inhis private wholeniverse transfused by the annoying incertitude giftedby our precious elusiveness factor.This sight-unseen transaction , a smooth leap into the splendentdarkness , compels the writer to bring closer our daily bread ofknowledge and wisdom by means of a bit of blood, kilotons of sweat ,scarcely any tear to say nothing of sufficient ergs of exultation.                  In the death rattles of XX th century , the undersigned alongwith other companions who left no stone unturned , became qualified todiscriminate , thanks to some powerful weapons for discernment theyalready treasure intra muros their souls   : psychic magnifying glass, supernatural periscope and otherworldly   binoculars , all ones piledup by their burn for learning and accumulated experience.                  That is the question.     All in all , the above clarifiedsituation is not in the least a matter of complaint. To life´s hiddensecrets divers , awaits a future -the only one feasible andcaptivating- pregnant with immanent undefinition , conceptualinsecurity ,   semitruths , ambiguity per se , doubts to the core ,light and shadow by algebraical halves.                  And this frail edge of the razor , although it could sound likeheresy , brings about to humankind fairly more privileges than tragedy.The gods-actors from lofty dimensions were in all ages happy to performtheir redeeming duties in the style of characterizations of higherstanding upon Jacob´s ladder.     UFOs and alien fliers will as usualpersevere engaged in a holy fellowship with their own histrionicoverlords , those holier-than-thou role-players nonsensical enough asto drive one mad.                    The hyperphysical stage troupers will feign , again andagain , their routine dramaturgy as those brumous kinglets from ethericfeuds , end to end Machiavellian.     Our heavenly manipulators willcontinue , of course , their impersonations and mimicry in the opensight of   homo erectus   zoology.                   Elysiac string-pullers of human marionettes keep on sinedie   behaving in the one and only fashion galactic legislation grantspermission to them   :   unattainable ,  blurred like   gorillas in the mist ,   ambivalent , equivocal ,unpredictable , marvellously up in the air , enhearteners offifty-fifty deception versus certainty .The hitherto called to mind stellar hyerarchies no doubt will endureexcruciating mortals from cradle to grave , through a sort ofelectrifying intellectual irresolution to which , for our best , wecannot renounce nor should we abdicate.                      It is a gloriousness that our particular  space/time universe drive forward the so called ufologists to take thestrenuous responsibility of filling with their personal effort andcreative imagination the countless hollows left on our path byelusiveness logistics.       And Terrans are , too , lucky because thescheme of things motivates citizens to disentangle that unsoundablepuzzle representative of   The All, whose decodifying key refuse tobestow on human livestock , free of charge , Their Lordships , ourdearest psychonauts mon amour , whom God save forever.       ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************                             Copyright   Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos